Everything's made up, n\*\*\*\*. Stay woke. \- Darius


My favorite line from the show


What episode is this from?




I don’t even like apples. - Darius


Why the asterisks? I think Darius would want you to say it.


Darius is not real though


He is made up


> it concludes with an episode that has the potential to change the way viewers consider everything that came before. They’re talking about the show. Not the TV landscape in general. I don’t know why you’d assume they were. It ended with one of those game-changer ambiguous endings that recontextualizes the show like Mr. Robot or Twin Peaks: The Return.


It didnt recontextualise anything for me. When I read the Title of the Episode I thought „Nah, Donald Glover wouldnt do something like this. He wouldnt do something so lazy and uninspired.“ He kept it ambiguous, but tbh. I dont think about if it was all real at all. Its useless question. And if after 4 season he decides out of the blue in the last episode it was all just a dream, it doesnt change anything for me about what came before.


The ending isn’t even remotely the weirdest or unrealistic thing in the show. The creators aren’t trying to say it’s this way or that it’s merely just another surreal thing in the show.


Did I doubt that? I just didnt see the point in it. This is a great episode. But it was very weird choice for a finale for me. I would have preferred their storylines to be fleshed out in the end. I guess the show made their Actors to sucessful for itself. I mean we saw it with S3 being half without relevant actors and S4 being shot back to back. They really wanted to be done with it. They have gotten too big. I appreciate they made an ending. I just dont think it was remotely as brilliant as some people claim it to be. And meta-commentary is not recontextualisation. See the last episodes of Better Call Saul for real Recontextualisation.


I’m sorry but if you think this was a weird choice for the for the finale I don’t think you watched much of the series. I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t more out there and separate from the main storyline. Also I don’t agree with pretty much anything you’ve said. They didn’t get too big, things change and they went the route with the show they wanted. I really don’t think you understand the term “recontextualize” cause better call Saul isn’t a great example.


You are right. I just watch finales of a show. Its a hobby of mine.


You’re missing out on a lot but sure, you do you.


Wow, didnt think the /s was necessary.




Sure, buddy.


Does it turn out that the lead character was experiencing a mental illness and was actually a white guy who thought he was black the whole time?


It turns out that we should've been asking if Judge Judy was thicc or not the entire time


That’s the only way to tell if this is real life


It was just Dave as a 12 year old with hypospadias, dreaming of an alternate reality.


I wouldn’t call it game changing. The show has constantly done strange unrealistic things that completely break the world. This is just another one of those things. I think anyone who’s actually gonna question it is completely missing the point.


Actually I think that is exactly his pointed intention by putting it at the end.


What point? 50% of this show is self aware heightened surrealism. If you’re honestly asking the question of wether or not the ending was trying to say it could be in his head then you’ve taken the show much more literally than you should.


Mr. Robot ending wasn’t ambiguous


Hiro Murai directed some great episodes. Donald Glover too. As time went on, I didn't really know what the show was even about anymore. Season 1 had more of a through line then it just went very random.


I think it's one of those cases where whatever you like about the show, there's a season that's built for you, which means that everyone has a favorite season but no one has the same favorite season. Season one was a great surreal hang out comedy that really built the characters. Season 2 was interconnected and episodic at the same time, using an overarching theme to tell individual stories. Building to the culmination of both the overall seasons theme and the individual stories. Season 3 was all the wildest aspects of the show fully on display with no reservations. Just openly surreal and strange in a lot of interesting ways. Season 4 was a mix of the more openly surreal aspects of season 3 and the character building and more comedic feel of season one. I personally loved season 2 so, so much. And I was bummed they didn't keep that style of storytelling for seasons 3 and 4, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if someone said 3 or 4 was their favorite season.


Season 2 is a masterpiece. So much character study of Alfred and Earn and their relationship. Great comedic episodes, but my favorites of the season were Woods and the ending of Crabs in a Barrel. That scene on the plane where Alfred lays it all out there to Earn has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. Brian Tyree Henry is one of our greatest actors.


It's a show about the black experience with a loose continuity following the core cast as Paper Boi goes from fledgling rapper/weed dealer to superstar. Usually episodes explore a self-contained concept, like in this season one looking at the role of Tyler Perry in black culture.


Yeah, that much was obvious. The show can be pretty blunt on what an episode is supposed to be about. I was more invested in Alfred than anyone. Was eager to see his journey all that but instead it was glossed over and he became a star quick. My favorite episode was probably The Woods where he had to learn to deal with being known and the dangers of it. Robbin Season was pretty solid from what I remember. 3 was where it was hit or miss for me.


This show was straight up art. There’s was nuance and masterful storytelling in every episode, in my opinion. People wanted it to be one thing, but it was something else. I think this turned some people off. The show was self aware and knew exactly what it was doing. It was even spelled out along the way. I’m sure I’ll be downvoted because some people want to hate it for what’s it is, stood for, and it’s impact on others. That’s too bad because there’s a whole lot to like with this show that you can’t find anywhere else.


> People wanted it to be one thing, but it was something else. Read this as Marlo Stanfield.


Same haha, I literally just typed that in a response upthread. "You want it to be one way, but it's other way."




"You want it to be one way but it's the other way"


Well said. I never knew what to expect and I loved every episode. The last season was suprisingly calm imo. Beautiful show, I will miss it very much.


When they started doing one l-offs, I stopped expecting anything and let the show wash over me. I have no higher compliment but to say this show is art.


As a dutch person I found the "Sinterklaas is coming to town" episode very striking. It showed how kind and open to different cultures my people are but also very blind to some of the lesser aspects to our culture. To me it showed how an outsider views us without coming off as attacking my heritage. It is like after they see the kid in black face a mask comes off and they see the true nature and it gets progressivly worse to a point were everyone is against them. Not that it is true that we have any kind of hate for black people just that it is hard to separate certain aspects of a culture, it shifts how we are viewed in the eyes of the ones being ridiculed. I don't know if I explain it very well but the episode had a deep impact on me and gave form to something that I found hard to put into words. A true piece of art that moved me.


I thought you explained it perfectly!


Totally agree and I would also say that it was an unapologetically black show that appealed to a wider audience. Now there have been black shows before of course and I'm not an expert but they were usually cast in a mold of previously established sitcom or soap opera. The Cosby show was ground breaking but it was essentially the standard white family sitcom with a black cast and excellent writing. This was the point, it was transitional, it wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel. It wanted to get America used to black faces during primetime. Atlanta was very unique in both the form it took, you could clearly see influences but it took those touchstones and created something new.


Absolutely. I’m not black, but my wife is. I grew up in a very ethnically diverse city and I see a reality reflected in Atlanta that is an honest and unflinching look at a demographic that is often misrepresented, distilled down into something digestible for the masses, or stereotypes that have been worked over for entertainment value. The storytelling blew me away particularly. There were moments that are just haunting and so emotionally impactful, while remaining entertaining and funny. It really is unlike anything else out there.


Really well put. I think it deals in nuance most shows purposely avoid because they fear alienating their audiences. Atlanta trusts it's audience.


Exactly, and if someone feels alienated from the show, that's on them.


But it says right on the can though...


I honestly liked it more until I read this. I liked it because it was interesting and had perspectives. I don't think it garners some omg it's genius, 'nothing like it praise' it's obvious there was a lot of creative freedom to create unique episodes and stories that the writers wanted to tell. As something cohesive of telling an overarching story? It's kinda janky and when you're at first watching it you're at first thinking what format are they going with? Doubt I'll rewatch it I think it's decent enough but hardly something worth called anything like a classic and maybe hype for atlanta born and raised people. Like someone said, it's on the same level as louie and that other comedian where that one episode where it started following a deaf person was absolutely brilliant. LaKeith episodes are all dope as hell tho.


>that one episode where it started following a deaf person Master of None has one of these as well.


That's the show i was talking about actually. It was an amazing episode. I thought did I mute my speakers or something at first and realized as I kept watching what was going on.


I mean, Louie is considered one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, so literally a classic.


I guess for you? I haven't watched it since the first run through. Dude's got two daughters and thinks it's okay to put women in a position to just hey just stand there while I jerk off in front of you is okay. He might be a funny man, but he's a terrible human being.


That has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the show. I haven't rewatched either but up until his scandal broke Louie was widely heralded as the best sitcom on TV and one of the best ever made. He's a big creep and he also made an incredible show. Both things can be true.


Right I thought I was going to be gangsta rapper makes it in Atlanta and the come up. Then he takes it left field and like the main story is still there but each episode is its own thing. kinda like Louie but not really .


It showed us that this culture borne by Atlanta has just as many diverse characters with thoughts and depth and humor and foibles of life as we all have.


I think if we knew the real details of the actors schedules things would make a lot more sense to. I think there has to be a time consideration considering every main cast member is basically a-list now save maybe zazie


I really like Atlanta. Very interesting show but no it doesn't. Lot of great TV out there.


It depends on what they're talking about. I can't read the article but it would be disingenuous to say that Atlanta wasn't a huge cultural moment and showcase for how interesting and varied a "black" production can be. There's truly not been another show like it. It's not Breaking Bad. It's not The Wire. It's not Mad Men. It's very much its own thing. And the fact that it was allowed to be that while also leaning into black culture so heavily is damned important. I don't think we'll see another show quite like it for a very long time.


It was the show that introduced me to the concept of Florida man


It's very heavily inspired by Louie, the FX show. It's not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last.


Mmmm. I definitely see the Louie influence in the first season. But I feel it took on a way more surreal and cinematic quality as it went on. Especially with its many horror themed episodes. At this point, I don't really think the two shows have a lot in common anymore.


*Louie* got pretty fuckin surreal sometimes.


I can see the influence the show "community" had on atlanta. Theres a sort of harmonesque over analysis of the black community in it with drops of cinephile love


I only watched the first 2 seasons cause my friends all dropped it in season 3. Maybe I'll check out the later seasons after all.


I did the same thing and happened to pick it back up (mid-season 3) today. Keep going- it’s totally worth it. Both episodes I’ve watched have been some of the best TV I’ve seen in years.


Season 3 is… not great. Season 4 is, though.


I personally rank season 3 the lowest only because of the episodes that didn't feature the main cast. They aren't bad they just aren't as interesting to me as the other episodes.


4 is out?!


Show has concluded


You know you’re in a comment section for an article about the show’s finale, right?


The episode about the missing phone was really good imo.


I can’t believe everyone is agreeing with this. I don’t see the Louie comps at all except it’s a 30 minute FX dramedy. The only “influence” I can think of is that Glover got the same deal as Louie, which is the same as Larry David, which is the ability to make a season of the show whenever it struck their fancy and were inspired instead of every year in a strict schedule.


Lol, Atlanta evolved into a totally different beast than Louie in almost no time


Surprised this is a controversial comment. The Louie influences are obvious


> It's very heavily inspired by Louie, the FX show. It's more heavily inspired by twin peaks but I can't get over the disrespect here. Have you actually *watched* Atlanta?


I don't see how that's disrespectful. Louie is a great show


They’re both great shows, but veeery different imo.


The disrespect is that you're saying its's derivative of a show that it isn't.


No one said it's derivative, but it is definitely influenced by Louie which is a good thing because despite the fact that Louis CK is a weirdo, Louie remains one of the best sitcoms ever made.


Influenced and derivative don’t need to be the same thing.


That isn't disrespectful at all. Louie is an all-time sitcom.


Having watched all of Louie and three and a bit seasons of Atlanta, the only vaguely similar thing eunning across both shows is a underlying sense of Ennui and satirical kind of introspection towards the frivolities and randomness of life. The themes, subject matter, style, cinematography, messaging, direction - I mean literally everything else seems to bear no resemblance. But Im interested to hear your take on where you see the inspiration and will happily change my mind of ive missed stuff.


Ya Louie... Not like Brecht or anyone of the other famous absurdist's. Or philosophy. Or satire in general. It was Louie.


It's almost as if Atlanta was inspired by many things that came before it.


I can’t really tell from the article, but I think they are referring to how the finale recontexualizes the entire show…which it does. This sub’s obsession with trying to be contrarian on everything is so weird lol


How does it recontexualize the show? The show has always bordered on surrealism and outlandish shit. The finale is just another episode on that list where I think if you’re having a debate whether everything’s real or not you’re taking the show far too literal


>This sub’s obsession with trying to be contrarian on everything is so weird lol The only show you're allowed to like and talk about on this subreddit is House of the Dragon. All articles about any other shows immediately get accused of being astro-turfed by marketers and people with social agendas.


Did you hear that Andor has finally got Star Wars right?!?!


Then Why Aren't You Watching It?


I hope I find an article taking about this


The article is paywalled for me so I was only able to read the first paragraph or so. Wasn't trying to be contrarian for the sake of it, I do like the show. If it's about the finale(which was definitely a message about the show at large as you said), then maybe NYT could have gone with a different headline.


What would you do


I assume you mean what would I headline the article with. If so, I think I would maybe have a headline that focuses more on its impact in black media/black community. Or a headline that just focuses on Atlanta's uniqueness as a show.






The age of TV shows having a lasting impact is essentially gone. Just way too much content out there. Even some of the most popular quality new shows are only drawing 10 million views on original air date. Use to hit almost 100 million for some TV shows back in the day, although usually for series finales and what not.


Nah, I don't think so. Maybe the days of water cooler shows are mostly behind us, but boundary pushing shows like Atlanta or Fleabag will continue to influence new generations of artists and creatives who will then go on to create the next "newest greatest" and so on.


Are those shows supposed to be influential or something? Never heard of fleabag and I did not find Atlanta to be that good and barely know anyone who watches it.


Yes they are. Not everyone has to like Atlanta but it's definitely an incredible show that will have a lasting impact on tv.


I’ve literally never heard anything about Atlanta other than it exists, it started good and people did not like season 3. Hard to say it’s going to be significant when it isn’t a popular show at all. Show was barely pulling 250K views in season 3. That’s cancelation numbers.


> I’ve literally never heard anything about Atlanta other than it exists, you immediately contradict yourself in the next sentence lolol


No, maybe you didn't read the title correctly. It changes EVERYTHING.


Why couldn't you have actually read the article to know what they were talking about before sharing your opinion?


Twin Peaks changed everything


that's a pretty odd graphic, imo. where'd half his face go? what's up with the dots? errant photoshop brushes no one noticed?


it's a collage motif that Screenland has used for years


ah, i see. i think the designer may have gotten a bit too comfortable with the style guide lol


No it doesn't


Agreed. To me, the finale was a self-reflection about the show and its legacy. The episode dealt with in-betweens. Alfred, Earn, and Van are caught between the high-concept sushi spot they \*should\* support and the low-concept, possibly exploitative Popeye's that they actually want. Darius is caught in the space between dream and reality. These kinds of tensions have been the hallmark of this show and its characters from the very beginning. How to exist in two worlds at once. What you owe your community and family versus what you owe yourself. This finale is an amazing release of so many of those tensions as the core cast learns to literally "just enjoy the ride." I don't think people caught up on "so was the whole thing just Darius's dream in a deprivation tank as he processes the grief of losing his brother?" are misreading anything. It very well could be. But I do think part of the point of the episode is that it doesn't really matter. So no, the finale doesn't change everything, it just reflects on and concludes a masterful four seasons of television. (And, btw, the article isn't really about this anyway. It's just the headline. The article itself has one line about the ending having "the potential to change the way viewers consider everything that came before." Then it moves on to discuss the use of malls as a motif throughout the series...)


Lol why does this subreddit hate Atlanta so much?


I don’t think they hate it - they hate the countless articles saying that it’s “changing tv forever” and while it is a good show, some of the takes people are getting off are so over the top. It’s a great show. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering or game changing or anything to be praised.


But what if they think it's game-changing? For me, I dont know of a lot of other very surrealist TV comedies that really leans into black culture as much as Atlanta does. Whilst still remaining its own thing and not feeling like a bunch of people trying to rip off of Jordan Peele. Apparently, there's tons of shows like this though. Care to name them? I'd love to watch.


I love Atlanta and I think it will have an impact in the minds of its viewers and perhaps have some kind of change in the minds of content producers. But a week after it’s finale it’s odd to say it changes everything, as you can’t really make that statement unless you have a crystal ball looking into the future.


Yeah, that part is absolutely fair. We have no way of knowing its impact on future works. But I do think it will have an impact. We've seen black characters in very interesting situations and contexts we haven't seen them in yet. We already see Jordan Peele clones so it wouldn't shock me seeing the same for Atlanta. Especially the more horror themed episodes.


> We have no way of knowing its impact on future works. I mean we kinda do though. Even though the show ended last week, it’s been on the air for 4 seasons across like 5 years. A number of black creatives have already talked about how it’s influenced their work. Hell, you can even see it’s influence on other TV shows out right now.


I wouldn't say it hates it, it was hugely in to it for the first two seasons, lukewarm but mostly positive on the third, then forgot about it for the fourth. I think what you see as "hate" is just pushback against critics tripping over themselves to find the more over the top praise they can lavish upon it. Something about it tracks as insincere and pandering, like I'd love to see the shit show if some AV club writer came out and said "Atlanta kinda sucked and was up its own ass," 10x if it was a white dude. That isn't criticism of the show, but the conversations surrounding it is nonexistent because it's barely allowed to exist.


I mean, do you think Atlanta sucked?


No, I thought some parts were better than others but it was never boring. Did I say it sucked?


Why does Atlanta ending change everything? Everything is a lot.


they refuse to believe that a Black show could change tv forever smh.


But we all had to sit down and shut up during all the *"Incest Dragon Show is the best TV show of all time!"* articles. Lol.


Because "it's not relatable."


"Any criticism attributed to a black artist or project is simply because that person is racist" same with how if you say you don't like a female character you always get the "you must be sexist" response, its really quite impressive how effective this method of handwaving away criticism is. Not only does it immediately discredit the criticism but it discourages others who might share the opinion to voice it lest they be grouped with the racist sexists.


It's not a fantasy show about white people and dragons and lightsabers.


Cuz this sub doesn't shit all over Star Wars stuff right? Or circa the ending of GoT when people were legit making death threats to the writers of that show.


Black people


I really loved season 1 and 2. Season 3 was not great. 4 was much better.


I wanted to disagree with you. But then I realized that I don't think I finished watching season 3 before the season 4 premiere. So, yeah. I think that's spot on.


It’s not BAD. But it’s bad compared to the other three seasons. Not a big deal. Most shows have bad parts etc.


S3 is the epitome of "I didn't hate any of the episodes, but I missed one one week and then forgot it was on." Downside of the whole "you never know what you're going to get this week" factor.


I honestly couldn’t get through season 3


Season 3 was my favorite by far tbh 🤷‍♀️


Yeah loved it. I feel this show, although highly rated, is still very underappreciated. It's absolutely solid all the way.


I think a lot of it might be what experiences youve had in life and whether its from a black background or not. Season 3 is definitely divisive but i loved it so much


I think most people just didn’t care for the non main character episodes, found them boring


The finale sucked and they ruined van’s characters


How's that


In a way season 3 was good because season 2 came out like 5 years prior so by being non sequential season 3 was easy to jump into and there were a lot of great episodes and some truly superb social commentary but I’m glad season 4 went back to the characters we love.


i think covid really fucked up a lot of the stories they wanted to tell from season 3


(Didn’t read the article cuz there’s a paywall). The biggest thing about Atlanta is that it’s a series that refuses closure and leaves a lot unexplained because it’s one of the only shows I can think that doesn’t think the viewer is dumb. It leaves a lot up in the air, a lot to speculate about and it rarely is predictable. It’s also insane how the payoff is so weak but still you wanna keep watching because the writing is that sharp. The show did a lot of genre blending parodies along the way too. It really was phenomenal.


It was a great show and I enjoyed the subtle ending but I do agree I feel like it sort of got lost in the shuffle with the countless other shows on right now. I do agree there is so much content that it’s practically impossible to make a name for yourself unless you’re on Disney or HBO.


Was it good? Wasn't my cup of tea.


Does it change everything? I know Reddit loves hyperbole but that seems excessive


I feel like the anthological social commentary episodes were the best, but they should’ve been their own show, it just felt out of place besides Alfred and Earns stories.


I'm a *much* older white woman and I fucking LOVED that show. I thought the writing, acting and directing was perfection. Did some of it go over my head? Possibly. Definitely some Mr Robot vibes though. Was I *supposed* to understand it completely? Maybe not. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it.


The show was a bona fide masterpiece.


Overrated critic proof fancy pants long music video


The ending is *unprecedented*


That last episode with all Of the black people being served by white people was basically reverse racism. If you want to change the world, the change can’t be exactly what every black person is mad about and getting “revenge” by reversing the role. It’s just the same racist shit but backwards. Where does that put us? Yeah, the same spot, just different colors. I don’t understand why that is considered “woke” or cool in any way. To end racism, we all have to stop wanting the other color people to go through what they went through so they can feel the pain. Ending the issue only happens if everyone moves on and creates a better world with out the stereotypes and racism. So that the inequality doesn’t exist anymore. Someone, someday, has to move on and create that change or it’s just a vicious cycle of repeating history.


Exactly right!


Glad it's over. Atlanta really fell off.


This could have been the finale episode description ahah


It really could have lol, I'll miss the show fr fr


I have zero intention of ever watching Atlanta but these comments are top tier kino level entertainment lmao


Just curious why you wouldn't try out a show that has so much acclaim from both critics and viewers


A lot of critically acclaimed movies and shows do not appeal to me, personally. This is one of them.


There are some wildly different aesthetics at play which includes: Farce, so-called: Mockumentary, and Parody.






Come down from the tower and continue your education.




That’s profound


and react to this


Ah look a scizo post


> Ditto The Wire. care to share the conservative perspective on how The Wire is bad, actually?


Where did I say The Wire was bad?! I’m explicitly talking about critical reactions to shows/movies, not the product itself. Reading comprehension would be your friend.


What is your ideal reaction that white liberals should have to shows like Atlanta and The Wire then? How would you like them to respond?


I don’t have an “ideal” reaction. However when I see people making claims about media being Important it’s also fine to ask why they think that…


You sound like you have issues outside of the show. You probably use the word woke a lot after a good cry in the shower


“Sound like”. “Probably”. Translated: I can’t successfully argue with this fellow so will replace argument with ungrounded assertion and fantasy that makes me feel good.


That's because I don't know you (Thank God) and I'm simply being condescending. But you're an ass and 'probably' deserve it


So no actual response to my points then. Just fantasies about me that, presumably, help you to get through the day.


Oh I forgot: you're not worth it


You said it was very patronizing and extremely selective. Naturally that's taken that you aren't a fan of the show. So you loved it?


Dismissing praise just because it’s done by white liberals is just as easy and lazy a mistake. It was a terrific show. Best show ever? Of course not. But it was way more interesting and ambitious than most of the other shows currently being made. And it’s not because it was about black people.


You’re an idiot, fuck off with this delusional garbage.


What exactly is “delusional”, ie not real or otherwise imagined, about this? Please elaborate.


So the only reason people love Atlanta is because it’s made by and starring black people? It can’t possibly that good as a result? You do understand that’s incredibly racist lol


Where did I say that? I was explicitly talking about the tenor of media reactions to the show. If you can’t read with precision, that’s a shame, but I would be very, very careful of defaming people with accusations of racism.


So it’s not possible for the show to have that many glowing reviews? You think the media only hyped it up because it was made by black people? How is that not racist?


Of course it can have glowing reviews. However if the tenor of those review has a particular tendency, it is also perfectly fine to point this out. You call people racist but lack the most rudimentary critical thinking ability.


What’s the particular tendency? That they think highly of the show? What’s the difference between that and the “particular tendency” people had towards sopranos or breaking bad? Lol I’m challenging you bud, I’m fine thinking critically, I just think it’s racist to think that this show is only acclaimed because it’s made by black people, which is what I gather from your comment.


If you gather that from my comment then you lack advanced reading comprehension. And the differences are obvious unless you are being deliberately disingenuous. Coverage of The Sopranos or Breaking Bad was not racialised or otherwise ideological.


Atlanta is inherently about black culture- how can you discuss it and avoid race, if it’s one of the central tenets of the show? Instead of insulting me, maybe explain why you think Atlanta is only universally praised because it’s made by black people, and how that idea isn’t racist? And how breaking bad had plenty of think pieces about it’s commentary on American healthcare and capitalism, yet that’s not ideological? I’m engaging you critically, you have an opportunity to actually walk the walk lol


You keep saying that pointing out the ideological tenor of the coverage is racist. Racist against who? White liberals?


It’s racist because by implying that critics only like the show because it’s made by black people, you are saying that there is no way a black made show could ever be honestly critically acclaimed like that. It’s racist against the creators to imply that their work is not praised for its merits, even though it clearly is. Race is a central theme of the show- you can’t discuss the show critically and ignore race. That does not make the coverage racist. The same way discussing organized crime when discussing the sopranos did not make that coverage anti-Italian.


This bitch says "tenor of the media" a lot, lol.


Casually abusing people by referring to them as “bitch” is very telling about you. Very telling.


I'm sure it is!


Paywall, sad, very sad


Insane episode ✅


Wait… what’s happening in Atlanta GA???


I roll up to a bitch like ‘Yoo-hoo!’


Subscribe to read 😤💩


Can we just watch a show and appreciate it as a work of art/performance without psychoanalyzing every aspect of it? It was a great show and I enjoyed it, end of my commentary.


The last episode of the season was very reminiscent to the end scene in Belly.