So, help me understand… does the LGBTQ tag just indicate gay content is included, or that it is geared towards the LGBTQ community?


I take it as stories about LGBT people and/or the community.


Which is definitely what it is.


According to Netflix, the tag is for content which "celebrates the LGBTQ community". Thus, adding the tag to this show is not really appropriate.


To be fair, the whole show is meant to be about telling the victims stories and they are all gay men/boys who he picked up at gay bars.


As a black person this kinda shit really annoys me. For generations nobody gave two shits about how black people felt and our representation or lack there of, but all of a sudden everybody needs to bend to the needs and demands of the LGBTQ community. The main character is gay, his victims were gay; sounds like the tag is appropriate. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. A wise man once said “I support your right to be whoever you are on the inside; but to what degree do I have to participate in your self image?”


Because this isn't a show to bring light to specific dangers that queer men face in dating. It's meant to be ENJOYED like any other horror story. Dahmer claimed he wasn't a homosexual and became a born again Christian in prison. I guess we could put it under the faith stories.


The Cannibal community would also like to renounce Dahmer for showing remorse for his actions.


I mean like 90 percent of the show is oriented at his interactions within the gay community at the time.. i’d say at the very least it historically shows how predatory he was exclusively on that community. Its not like Mississippi burning is a great representation for african americans, but it sure as hell is important to watch to get an understanding.


Yeah it's not like the tag is meaning dahmer is representative. The show clearly is depicting how Dahmer used societies homophobia and racism to his advantage. It's like being Jewish and ignoring the holocaust. Like a holocaust documentary is meant to educate about hardships of a specific community not glorify Hitler.


I haven't watched yet but wasn't he gay as well?


Yes he is gay. He just wasn’t an “out” gay man, granted he was gay during a time where coming out of the closet was super risky If you want to look into it more, I highly recommend Derf Backderf’s “My Friend Dahmer”, the author was friendly with him in high school and it gives some insight into his earlier years.


Well that is just a ridiculous name


Thanks for the chuckle. Like, I get it they had no control over their family name. But giving them that first name was a choice.


It’s his nickname from high school and nom de plume. His real first name is John.


Knew a guy that went by Max Maxwell, his actual first name was Larry


Had an art teacher in grade school name Harry Head. God's honest truth.


Was he bald?


I’ve convinced myself Derf is a nom-de-plume, pretty sure it’s just the real name spelt backwards.


That makes a lot more sense.


His name is John Backderf. You guys gotta check out Wikipedia sometime


Would you prefer his first name to be Back?


They made a movie off that book too. It was interesting to see.


Then there really is no excuse whatsoever for removing the tag. A person's sexual orientation is independent of their morality, no?


He was only gay when he had sex with other men, but not when he was murdering and eating them.




Username checks out.


gaybe shark do-doo-do-doo 🎶


Their fins don’t lie


Thanks I came to say this. He was definitely not an outsider preying on the gay community. He was very much a member of it who was hurting from within. I know people don’t want to accept it but being lgbtq+ doesn’t make you a good person, only being a good person does that. I’ve known plenty of gay men in my life(I’m bi) that we’re representative of this truth.


I mean they were in his mouth either way.


So if one fucks a cow then eats a steak, they're not a zoophile.


Yeah. He was gay. I don't think he was consciously using societies homophobia to his advantage. I dont think he was that smart. I believe he had some very strong and sick compulsions and sexual desires and eventually succumbed to them. He wanted to create a sex zombie that couldn't leave him because he had deep abandonment issues. He was unable to form any kind of emotional bond with other people but didn't want to be alone and wanted to fulfill his sexual fantasies. He wasn't a very smart person, really. He wasn't a mastermind who manipulated the system to stay hidden. He was a very sick individual who was able to get away with what he did because of how incompetent, racist and homophobic our law enforcement is.


Yes he was living his life as a closeted gay man. If he would have become a [surgeon](https://www.texasobserver.org/rogue-surgeon-red-eric-scheffey-texas/), he likely could have lived out his fantasies without much interference.


I kind of wish I hadn't read this


If he'd gone to culinary school he could've been known as Chefrey Dahmer Edit: I made this joke to some people at work a while back and no one knew who Dahmer was. Australia is weird like that. Thanks for the validation y'all.


Behind you, Jeff.


If he went into sports he could have been Referee Dahmer.


Stay in school, kids!!


Do you think he targeted them because they were gay and black and he knew the cops wouldn't care as much? Or because that was the type of individual he encountered that he could easily prey on? Genuinely curious! It could be that he knew the cops wouldn't care and took advantage, it could also be a number of other things. Maybe white dudes weren't really interested in him? Maybe he found that these people were generally less risk averse and willing to go home to a sketchy situation with him? Who knows man.. such a sick brain he had.


He was gay, but also fetishized corpses so he preferred men that were typically hairless and young. Think the Twink stereotype


Yeah who wants a hairy corpse


That’s the tagline on my dating profile! “Who wants a hairy corpse?”


I don’t know how well he planned things out, I mean he did accidentally drug himself. I think he targeted the people in the neighbourhood he lived in, and he new the promise of money was a good way to lure men back to his place.


Also he lived in black neighborhoods where people generally left him alone and he escaped scrutiny.


His preference was for 'beautiful men' as he saw them. He just happened to live in an area that was predominately african american. You could've dropped him anywhere in the world and he would've preyed on anyone he saw as beautiful. He wasn't a smart man and I don't think he targeted a specific group of people because they were easier to prey on, I don't think he thought that far ahead. He wasn't careful in any other aspect.


Yeah, it seems by pure luck he happened to pray upon a group that society (and police) cared about less. This allowed him to get away with it longer than he should have. But it didn't seem like an intentional choice by him, more a "happy" accident.


Yeah I think we can all agree he's a sick fuck. Tbh he claims he was there because he couldn't afford elsewhere but at the end of the day he was trying to kill people and not get caught. It could have been a conscious decision but we will never for sure know. Regardless if his intent was that, it did help him kill as long as he did due to societies biases especially around the aids epidemic.


He kills a couple white guys and really kills a Laotian kid. Not shown as much. But he did kill some Latinos as well. He’s such a fuck up he has to move into impoverished inner city neighborhood because he says that’s all he can afford. Though a black detective does call him out on that and suggests he was using it as a hunting ground because they patrolled that area less


I’m in no way proud of knowing this but the idea was that non white dudes have less or no hair on their chests and this is what he liked most, a shiny torso. I also have a question if anyone can elaborate... I read or leaned once via podcast that several of his victims were prostitutes. According to this Netflix show it doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Much of the truth is certainly lost I’m sure making these shows.


They weren't. Most of them he lured by saying he was going to pay to photograph them nude.


Netflix made it seem like he purposely targeted black men but if you watch any interview with Dahmer he states race had nothing to do with it. He chose the best looking men he thought he could convince to come home. I'd say it had nothing to do with race but with poverty. He chose to live in an impoverished neighborhood where he knew he could be low key with his crimes since crime was everywhere. Then netflix spun it around that he chose to live in a black neighborhood and specifically chose black men


> He chose to live in an impoverished neighborhood I think he genuinely couldn't afford to live anywhere else.


I have to correct you here: Netflix didn't do anything, Ryan Murphy is the one who created it, the man who directs American Crime Story, Monster is also in my eyes just another season of American Crime Story (it's honestly the same.) He did his own research and portrayed and distorted the facts to fit whatever he wanted the series to be and how he wanted to depict Dahmer. Netflix didn't order him to do it a certain way or push for anything, Ryan Murphy is a big name director who calls his own shots and makes what he wants to make, it's all really on him.


No they don't. They just imply it, but leave it to the viewers to decide. It's is never clear. In fact. One black cop ask Dahmer directly during an interview and Dahmer do not confirm that was the case and point out it was just cheaper there. (I'm only talking about the Netflix show here).


>Do you think he targeted them because they were gay and black and he knew the cops wouldn't care as much? Or because that was the type of individual he encountered that he could easily prey on? Maybe, the thing that gets me with this is that the clown killer guy (i cant remember his name) was active for longer, in the same time period and preyed on young white boys mostly. So i think the police were 1. a little incompetent 2. police just didnt have the tech 3. perhaps there was an element of that


John Wayne Gacy. Most of his friends and associates that were interviewed afterwards said they would’ve never thought it was him since he was such a prominent figure in their community. He also was very close friends with and had a lot of ties to the “higher ups” in his city.


John Wayne Gacy is the clown killer guy


if you say it like that it sounds like he only targeted clowns.


When caught be was pretty open about his crimes and adamant that race wasn't a factor, neither was sexual orientation beyond the fact that that's what he was into. Given his openness, I see no reason to lie about this. Furthermore he said he chose his victims for their body type (psychologists confirmed this, as much as they can). Of course, men who decent from Africa often have athletic builds due to higher generic diversity, so it checks out.


He was also gay so gay men were just going on dates with him. He lived in a predominantly black area so it makes sense that is who he had access to. Unfortunately it did have the effect of police not caring so he could get away with it for longer...


Yeah, but they don't tag Holocaust content as "Jewish".


Do you think that serves the argument youre making or is that more because most shows don't have that tag whatsoever due to there not being a current movement in the US to curate content for that specific group?


Imagine they did. A show about some murderer using the mentality towards Jewish people in Germany at the time to get away with atrocities towards the Jewish community, and they're Jewish too, but they like to commit attrocities so thats how they get away with it. And it's just labeled "Jewish" I understand the label but I can understand the wanting the label removed too.


I always like to say: queer media, and media about queer people aren’t the same. There is overlap, but this is pretty clearly not queer media.


Queer media by queer people for queer people is rare. It was only after like 2010 that not every gay film wasnt Uber depressing with someone getting gay bashed or dying of AIDS


There are movies about slavery that are tagged black. All the time in fact


and that's actually one of the problems with black representation


I guarantee you if they made a show about a *Kapo* and advertised it as "Jewish representation" the ADL would throw a massive fit


That’s kind of what I got from it as well. I mean the way he uses the cops awkwardness about homosexuality to his advantage kind of exposes how the homosexual community was treated. Saying “I’ll grab it, there’s gay stuff in there” after the cop had said something like “I don’t want to catch anything”. Dahmer was a complete monster, but the way that he was overlooked at the time because it involved the homosexual and African American communities is telling of the context at the time. Maybe the issue of tagging it as LGBTQ is that it’s not an empowering depiction of the community and is just a terrible thing that happened to people within the community? I still think it has an underlying statement there that is still important. Down to the detail of when his father is asked if he was aware of Jeff’s homosexuality and he pauses and nervously takes a sip of coffee to avoid answering the question…


I think it’s important historically and currently because Bruce McArthur showed that non-white gay men are still extremely vulnerable to serial killers because of community and law enforcement bias.


To my mind, the LGBT tag on Netflix is more of a genre than an identity. It could be jarring finding Dahmer in the same category as Queer Eye and lesbian romance movies. It is definitely a movie about an LGBT man, and important to that community for his impact on it, but he is first and foremost a Serial killer, that is what the general public associates with him


I feel like this is Netflix overreacting to like 3 tweets.


Regardless everyone should just ignore what happens on Twitter.


This advice is good for every situation ever. Ignore Twitter it's a gd cesspool


Why should we believe a guy that has donkey brains?


Do you have a certificate stating you don’t have Donkey Brains?




I rest my case!


I always heard Reddit was the cesspool, but clearly whoever said that hasn't experienced Twitter.


Netflix removed the D&D episode of community because Chang wears drow makeup that pokes fun at how socially unobservant he is in not recognizing it as blackface. Overreact is what they do.


there wasn't even backlash to that, it was just a pre-emptive move


And that wasn't even the worst sitcom episode they removed for blackface-that-wasn't, the Golden Girls episode they did the same thing to had the "blackface" be literal mud face masks


Women literally do that shit all the time to this day…


I'm a guy and put a mask on at least once a month


I guess you’re a racist too then! 😉


Have they removed the mad men episode with blackface also?


It wasn’t even just Netflix. Hulu removed episodes of Always Sunny that contained black face around the same time.


RIP Lethal Weapon 5 and 6


Unless its Dave Chappelle, in those instances Netflix was more than happy to tell everyone to go to hell and fuck right off.


Netflix reacting to like three tweets, headlines blowing it up, people taking the rage bait, etc etc. you know how it goes


Well, now I know there's a Dahmer show on Netflix lol


Yep. Literally no one knew anyone complained about this until Netflix decided to remove the tag because people "complained" about it.. People complain about everything. There are billions of people in the world and five times as many bots and bullshit clickbait stories. Netflix seems to have the most idiotic people running their company over the past several years.


If companies would give a damn about Internet comments and not their real metrics they'd think Call of Duty and Fortnite are total failures. In reality they're constantly breaking records. People act very negative towards anything. Netflix is run by dumb Twitter guys that get panic attacks on everything they read, I assume.


Seeking out social media controversy to exploit for publicity is the new hot marketing move. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney are all doing it as a way to draw attention to their content.


I worked in development/talent in Hollywood for nearly a decade and this boggled my mind at first until I remembered exactly how removed they are emotionally from the rest of the world outside of the “😁” expression permanently planted on their faces


I will forever loathe Netflix's decision to remove one of the funniest episodes of Community for something I have never heard anybody have an issue with. Always Sunny too, though I'm sure some people were probably offended by that one a little more. They're still wrong though.


I think it’s so odd that some show makers like Tina Fey are getting sensitive about blackface they included in their sitcoms from like, 2013. Did the concept get more offensive since then? What changed since they wrote and happily aired it?


That's literally how all corporations work nowadays. CEOs live on a separate plane of existence to the rest of us, so they use social media to try to see what the real world is like. But Twitter is the same six people arguing, amplified by an algorithm, and a bunch of bots.


Considering he targeted gay men specifically and was gay himself, the series is definitely LGBTQ relevant. His victims were targeted because of their sexuality and lifestyle. Also, I think Tony Hughes was a very admirable representative of the gay community. The series highlights this pretty well.


I totally agree and thought the episode about Tony was artfully done.


I just watched this episode last night. I found him to be so beautifully portrayed. It was an intimate glimpse into his world and I thought did a really great job (from my outside perspective) of showing the intersectionality of two worlds it must have been challenging to thrive in.


It also made the actual killing so much more upsetting than the ones from the earlier episodes. I think that was intentional, too -- showing the viewer a jarring contrast. Good reminder that every victim was a Tony of their own.


It was the first time in the series they made you really care about a victim and feel strongly for him. Before that it felt kind of distanced but after seeing this episode tonight the real scope of Dahmer’s depravity hit home. I’m glad they did an episode highlighting the humanity of his victims and adding some much needed context.


After some googling it seemed that there wasn't any relationship between them. It seems a bit of an odd choice to portray it that way if you know it isn't true. Perhaps that's the only way they could find to show him as a person whilst keeping Dahmer on the screen.


Not to mention the societal neglect that enabled him to do this.


Gays and blacks, a double reason for the cops not to give a fuck.


Holy fuck those cops sucked. I had no idea. SPOILER BELOW (I know it's weird to put spoiler but whatever) Those two dipshit cops that brought the 14yo kid back to his apartment were suspended and then awarded **Police officers of the year????!!** when they came back? Edit: glad to hear that the award ceremony was fictionalized for added drama. Wish they hadn't done that - so much of the show was word for word how shit went down. Pretty lame to add that in, it was enraging. How the flying fuck do the other cops/ union reps think those two idiots are in any way shape or form good at their jobor worthy of their support? The kid could barely walk, couldn't talk, had no ID, and was 14!!! They took Dahmers word for it over the Cleveland lady and her daughters(s?) and escorted him back into the apartment he had just miraculously escaped from so he could get murdered instead?? Man that shit made my blood boil. But hey when her daughter broke the camera of some disrespectful turd they showed right the fuck up and arrested her. Those cops can rot in hell along with Dahmer.


Let's get that blood pressure rising a little bit more. [One of the shitbag officer](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Balcerzak) was elected president of the Union in 2005-09 before he retired only 5 years ago.


Does that officer feel no guilt, like he can’t be living under a rock. If I found out I had “missed” the signs of a serial killer and left a victim in his care I’d have lots of issues living with myself.


The full story is even worse. The 14 year was bleeding from his anus and Dahmer drilled a hole in his head and poured hydrochloric acid in him. Those cops are completely worthless.


Pretty sure the them winning officer of the year awards was made up for the show which is weird since it's not like them being rehired wasn't already ridiculous


It's funny in a way that there are spoiler tags for a real life person and the crimes they committed. I get that a lot of people don't know the full, gory details but still.


I can’t get his story in particular out of my head these last few days.


We do, however, stand by them marking The Babadook as LGBTQ+ though. A gay icon, truly.


Tbf, he *did* come out of the closet.


Do people think all gay people are murderous psychopaths? No. Is this technically LGBTQ related? Yes.


I got into an argument once with a girl who said the author of a book was a transphobe because a character in his super shitty novel was a murderer who was also trans. Apparently using LGBTQ characters in anything but positive ways is anti-LGBTQ. Edit: For anyone curious, no, it wasn't J.K. Rowling, or anyone else who people guessed. It was this [super shitty book](https://www.amazon.com/Supernaturals-David-L-Golemon/dp/1250105234).


I hear that sentiment a lot and i’ve never once heard a good argument on its behalf. You can’t ask authors to go out of their way to use more minority characters and then tightly restrict their representation to only nice awesome people that only good things happen to. There is no narrative without conflict and there is no conflict without some amount of pain. Its totally fair to not want minorities to be exclusively portrayed as monsters or victims of tragedy, but if the story the author wants to tell is about monsters and victims of tragedy you can’t just expect them to detour the entire plot and tone for a segment about how awesome a particular minority character is.


*He plunged the knife again and again into the increasingly liquifying abdomen of the addict. The blade jarring against concrete through such an emaciated figure. He stopped to catch his breath, and to watch blood pool towards the walls of the alley. His most gratifying kill yet.* *Next door, oblivious to all this, there lived a trans woman who was beloved by everyone she knew. She was generous and kind, and just an all around great gal.*


I’d say the story is very much lgbtq related. It shows what a dangerous time that was to be a gay man. It’s another example where if allowed to people will express an ability to completely devalue another human being simply because they are different.


You might be surprised the sheer amount of people who still view *all* LGBT people as camouflaged violent sexual predators


Not surprised at all.. they have banned it in many red state schools to even discuss the fact that gay/trans people exist. As well as removing books that have gay characters.. because they see it as grooming and giving kids ideas. So Its not a stretch at all based on what I'm seeing online and in hyper religious communities that this movie is somehow proof of that.


Because... ALL gay people are good?


The take away from that show should be somewhat of a cautionary tale for the community because of who his victims were - and that ppl in charge there never made a memorial to remember his victims- they sensationalized the killer and didn’t give proper attention to the victims or their families and that is absolutely horrible and sad- those city officials deserve a kick in the ass!!


Gay man kills 17 gay people, but don’t call it gay.


Seems a little gay!


I mean sure the gay sex was gay. But the murder was totally straight.


Dahmer is exiled from the gayhood. He's the wrong kind of gay. Therefore not LGBT because LGBT is a brand.


Like Spacey?


Hitler ain't the representation Germany is looking for. Still, nobody cares.


Do you get to pick and choose representation now?




No tall gay cannibals?


You can be a tall cannibal or a gay cannibal but not both


What about tall and gay but not a cannibal?


Allowed. Encouraged, even, in some circumstances.


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Shady nastys?




Actually accurate because Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal exists


Lol exactly, I thought representing diversity was about breaking stereotypes. Picking and choosing only positive representation doesn't portray the grey area. Anyone, any gender, sexual orientation, can be evil lol.


As a black man, I wish.


Why? He is a representation of a LGBTQ person. Is he not? I had a male friend that got raped by another male. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, and painting it as such lowers people’s instincts and protective barriers. A lot of vulnerable LGBTQ teens are drawn to gay areas and there are bad actors in those areas too.


This is just dumb. I’m a bisexual man, the people whining about this are idiots and make us look like babies. The tag alone is find any content with LGBTQ related content. Dahmers entire story revolves around the gay experience of the time. He was shamed for being gay, felt shameful for being gay, had to hide and repress it and when he lashed out with his awful urges he targeted gay men. The show dives into gay lifestyles of the time with the bathhouses and how these people were forgotten by society because they were considered lesser than. Especially his black victims. It’s an important case to understand, especially for gay history. It’s a perfect example of what can happen when society marginalizes an entire demographic. Put the tag back. It’s as gay a horror story as you can get. A real one. Just because the subject matter is horrific, doesn’t mean it’s not an LGBTQ show. It’s 100% is.


One of the major points of representation is to call attention to our shared humanity with marginalized communities. And a big part of our shared humanity is that we’re all capable of being shitty people.


Also not all media needs to portray only the good people of a community. Even if we’re talking about someone who isn’t Dahmer, but a morally grey queer person is still going to be compelling story telling. Writing a story to check a box on representation is a disservice to that community as it shows you’re still not seeing them as complex people, it’s tokenism.


100% agree.


I mean, he was gay. Him being a cannibal doesn't change that




i laughed waaaay too hard at this


found the cannibal.


Hannibal is a cooking show if you're interested in that. Plus it's gay




“OJ is black again”


This gave me an idea though, maybe if we whine a bunch as a latino community, we can kick out George Lopez once and for all. The whites can have his lame ass.


There was a Chappelle skit on this lol


We need a new racial draft


lmao I was gonna say they want have a gay or straight draft sort of like the racial draft on Chappell Show.


As a white man who doesn't follow George Lopez, why do yall hate him?


My issue with this whole thing is that I'm seeing a lot of fabgirls treating this show more like a weird slash fic than a show about a real life serial killer.




I meant fangirls but I sort of like this spelling mistake.


Netflix has tags? The only ones I've seen are nonsensical content warnings, like "Sex, Fear" for Star Trek.


Does that mean that the LGBTQ community only wants to be associated with the positives about their community and not the negatives?


Being part of that community does not immediately make you a good person. Take the good with the bad. If anything this displays a crime against your community from within it. I get the movement is still early and you don’t want people to think all gay people are like this. Honestly, you’d have to be pretty dumb to think that. But wouldnt you want a crime against your community reported? It doesn’t exclude him from the community just because he killed mad people. You can be gay and also a terrible person.


If that’s the case, can we remove the black tag from every “black” movie. Because every single one of those movies makes us look terrible or is disrespectful or glorifies slavery….


He was gay and only killed men. This is definitely LGBTQ related. Sorry friends, ALL the publicity can't be good publicity.


almost like true acceptance for a group is accepting that there are both good and bad members of that group, like every other group of people


It's weird how representation for the LGBT community has to be cherry picked. You wanted equality, this is part of it.


Unfortunately whether people like it or not this is lgbtq++++ history and should be tagged as such. You cannot just have positives without negatives that is not how the world works. Removing the tag is removing a part of the victims identity away. They were outwardly homosexual during a time that many people would be exiled from family groups and people would call them diseased and avoid them. They were lgbtq+++ their identities matter, their lives mattered. Many people suffered to get you(lgbtq+++) to where society is today in (mostly) wide spread acceptance and accommodation. It is a downright shame to hide the negative ugly parts of a battle that was hard earned.


>“Netflix, I implore you to please reconsider having Dahmer with the LGBTQ tag, especially as one of its tags right when you open the app,” another subscriber wrote on Twitter. I'm not getting the sense there was a great outcry over this. A few people were upset so now the show has less accurate tags as a result.






Lmfao, you don’t get to pick and choose


Why cherry pick?


I'm gay and I'm struggling to see why this fucking mattered in the first place. It screams of slacktivism. So many actual important causes for LGBTQ issues to work on but require a bit more work than just being angry on social media, so they won't do that, but they'll do this and pat themselves on the back pretending that they did something important. How the fuck cares. His victims were gay. It showcased queer culture in the past. Such a silly thing to get upset about.


What about the 99% of the positive gay characters in the series. They had a great supportive community. The club seemed like a cool place. The bathhouse as well. There was literally ONE bad apple. That goofy white guy.


Classic Dahmer! *everyone laughs*


They did WHAT? No. Go fuck yourself, Netflix.


Dark with the Light


One of the dumbest things to remove , it happen...accept it and let the LGBTQ actors have thier work and you don't get to choose representation as long as its true.


Very ironic, not accepting him because he ate people..


We only celebrate the good gays.


Gotta take the good with the bad


All they do is complain




Now that’s funny


Yeah because the LGBT-BBQ community only want representation when it suits them.


Look I am an ally through and through, but representation means *representation*. As a white male myself, I don’t get to deny Dahmer’s whiteness or the fact that he was a man. Cherry picking representation and painting an incomplete picture of any lifestyle is risky-borderline-dangerous. I completely understand that the LGBTQ community has had its fair share of -ahem- bad PR the last several *thousand* years.. but there are bad people of every denomination. No sense in acting like you’re exempt from that truth.


That’s the thing about representation, you don’t get to choose