It can’t be worse than that time they tried to cover GamerGate. “They leveled up.”


What about the episode with fake Ann Coulter and the cops seriously thought about letting her assailants go because they didn't agree with her politics? That was an insane episode, Kim from Better Call Saul played their Coulter.


Or that time they made Cybill Shepherd be Paula Deen in an episode that combined Paula and Trayvon stories?


Is that the one where Ice T shot Logan Paul? That episode was gold for that moment alone.


They had an episode where a girl faked a kidnapping with her music teacher so they could run away together. Only they get caught. And it's realized she's his daughter cause her mother had an affair with the teacher back in the day but didn't say anything.


What wrong with gamer gate


I don't have any strong opinions about the gamergate issue itself like I know some people do/did, but that episode was peak cringe. Logan Paul was the villain and the writers just threw in the most random phrases to make it relevant to gaming. apparently ice t is a gamer IRL so that was probably the only accurate thing they did lol. trust me just watch it, even if it's just the ending. you will see


I don't know, all the dry heaving from having to look at Logan Paul might obscure whatever point you think watching the episode will impart.


there's no point in watching. they were saying it's worth watching to laugh and cringe...or really just to cringe at how bad it is.


Well apart from making it clear they had absolutely no understanding of modern gaming. They simultaneously made the threats come true, yet still ended with them winning. So they were basically saying if the people who made those threats had actually kidnapped, murdered, tortured and raped people, they would have actually won. And somehow no one seemed to notice this implication.


Watching that all unfold in real time was what made me realize just how much media lies, even shit like Wikipedia. There are people to this day that still believes it was an harrasment campaign, wouldn't surprise me if they're the same people that fell for the flat Earth shit. https://youtu.be/5fnRSL3d_xU edit: looks like we got some flat earthers in here, lol. doesn't exactly surprise me that this sub would ignore facts in favor of bullshit


I wouldn't classify it as a "campaign" but it did eventually become a movement when people started organizing their online abuse and targeting people with it. That subreddit still exists as far as I'm aware, and it's just a breeding ground for alt-right politics.


> but it did eventually become a movement when people started organizing their online abuse and targeting people with it. Some trolls did that, sure, but that's not at all what Gamergate was. >That subreddit still exists as far as I'm aware, and it's just a breeding ground for alt-right politics. That's not true at all, it's /r/kotakuinaction and the worst thing they do is complain about woke shit in movies and games. Check it out for yourself. It's just been so demonized by people who want GG to be a boogeyman. This is one of the most popular threads on there at the moment, https://old.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/wkhv45/can_we_have_a_serious_conversation_just_because_a/


Two things. 1. When someone is doxxed, it becomes harassment. 2. Only alt-right people say "woke." It's not a term that left leaning people say often. It's like naming "cancel culture." There's no such thing, it's just holding people accountable to their words and actions.


> It's like naming "cancel culture." There's no such thing Tell that to Hartley Sawyer.


The guy from the Flash who was fired for posting tasteless and insensitive "jokes" on Twitter?


Yes, the guy whose career was ended overnight because people went out their way to get him cancelled for crap jokes he posted before he even got the job. Why the quote marks, did you think his posts were serious?


Are you of the belief that you can write whatever you'd like online and then not be held accountable for that? That's what happened. He wrote offensive stuff on Twitter, didn't delete those tweets, and they were found. Am I supposed to feel bad about that? The Flash features people of colour and women as cast members. Do you think they would feel safe with someone who talked about date rape and racism so casually as a co-star? It doesn't matter if they were "serious" or not, because anything can be retroactively described as a joke.


>1. When someone is doxxed, it becomes harassment. Link to the post where someone got doxxed, I'd love to see it. >2. Only alt-right people say "woke." This is the new disingenuous thing to say. 'Woke' has been used by everyone but all of a sudden when casuals start seeing how insane the woke are, all of a sudden it's only the alt-right that says it. > It's like naming "cancel culture." There's no such thing, it's just holding people accountable to their words and actions. Right. So you're delusional. Could have led off with that so I wouldn't have wasted time replying to you. Thanks for proving my point about you people being like flat earthers though.


Statistically, the people most likely to believe in flat earth theory are the alt-right leaning, so your comeback doesn't actually make sense. Q-Anon absorbed a large contingent of that audience, and Q-Anon was predominantly alt-right. It's not my job to find tweets from five or more years ago for you. You have the power of the internet, I'm sure you can find them easily. There was no shortage of press about it during that time.


It's a major news story so yeah, not surprising.


Ripped from the headlines!


I'd say they were running out ideas, but honestly they've been doing this stuff since season one. I wonder who's side their take? Or will it be ambiguous? And how many murders do you think their manage to squeeze in? Probably at least three right?


its always ambiguous with a twist that doesnt apply to the case at all so that they can claim it had nothing to do with the case. I'm guessing heard or depp wind up dead mid trial


Ah yes that sounds the most plausible. Still give them credit some of those twists are quite imaginative.


I'll tell you my least favorite one, not because it isnt imaginative, actually objectively its a good tv twist, but youll see why i hated it There's an episode where we find out towards the end that these two twins, theyre actually identical despite the fact that one is a boy and one is a girl. but what we find out is that the girl is amab, had a botched circumcision, and a therapist recommended he be raised as a girl for his mental health. so one of the twins murders the therapist, and because both take responsibility, they cant charge. the DNA evidence only shows one of them did it cause theyre identical twins. The reason i hate the twist is the real story. So all this really happened besides the murder. The twin who was forced to transition died by suicide because of the mental toll this took. Despite this, the man is still seen in some places as a pioneer in gender identity. it's disgusting. The twist only serves in my eyes to make it feel like there is a bit of cosmic justice in the world, but the real story proves there isnt. You get this satisfying story only to get gut punched and find out there was no happy ending


Damn, talk about being undercut by reality. I can understand they wouldn't want that to play out, but yeah that is kind of bad taste. Its a sad fact that was common procedure for quite a while if infants had botched circumcisions or damaged genitals. Unfortunately as we didn't discover until later, trying that just leads to psychological distress that can be to much for them. Its disgraceful that he is still well regarded after doing that to someone. It kind of reminds me of all the eugenicists who went onto become respected members Genetics research.


Disgraceful is putting it lightly, honestly.


Yeah it is.


That's pretty horrible what a freaking nightmare that boy went through. If it makes you feel any better even a little, the roman guy who defeated Spartacus, the rebel gladiator slave who freed other slaves. That guy had a gruesome death. You know that episode in Game of Thrones where the guy had had melted gold poured on top of his head. The real life death that inspired that was much much much worth. Marcus Licinius Crassus was his name. i think he was on some island or something. I can't remember. He wanted the natives to give him some gold. So they took him some place and pour molten gold down his throat. That's how he died. That's the price he paid for upholding slavery (if Karma is real)


There was a really great SUV episode, years ago, with Shannon Sossaman, that was a he said/she said. It kept going back and forth about whether or not there was rape, everything got worse and worse for everyone involved, and it ended right on the part where the judge was about to read the verdict.


Ah yes I heard about that. Sounds like a good exploration of both sides of the serious issue. I know this shows reputation had kind of gone downhill over the years (mostly cause of all the silly episodes) but I stand by that during the early days it probably did a lot of good at getting people to start having serious conversations about sexual abuse.


That's the point of the show, though?? That the crimes are based on true stories.


Um, I don't think so. Their inspired by real life events certainly, but their not meant to be dramatizations. To my understanding the original Law and Order was just designed to be a show that tackled the fact that arresting people wasn't the end of the road, their was still the trial. Cause just about every other show in existence ignored that aspect.


Those "this is not based on a real case, seriously" episodes are actually some of the most fun.


my favorite is the time paula dean shot trayvon martin


That sounds like an SNL sketch.


Is this article's writer, like...new? L&O does Ripped-From-The-Headlines stories all the time, and always has. Chris Brown and Rihanna, Jussie Smollett, JT Leroy, Harvey Weinstein, Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Epstein (twice!) - frankly, I'd have been shocked to learn they *weren't* doing a Depp V. Heard episode.


"SVU announces it will not do a Amber Heard v Johnny Depp episode" would have been a real headline


This is Jezebel after all.


I mean look at some of the comments here and in other L&O posts. People will be like "oh they're running out of ideas" or outraged that they're using a recent crime or trial for the basis of the episode even though the show has literally always done that and the whole premise of the show is that it's fictionalized versions of real stories, that was the hook when it first started airing.


hell, im pretty sure theyve done more than a couple episodes about celebrity abusers who rally a passionate fanbase to smear their accuser. there was 1 about james franco, and one about tiktok, and im sure more than that.


It's Jezebel. The point isn't that they adapt real life stories but that it's adapting *this* one.


Are you new to journalism or society at large? This is an extremely normal, straightforward think piece that you could find in basically any publication


L&O has used every NYC actor, writer and plot imaginable. After thirty plus years, everyone has just given up


There's a lot of actors that have popped up multiple times throughout numerous versions of the show as different characters. My favorite is Diane Neal, who plays ADA Casey Novak on SVU, is featured as a female rapist a season or two before she was cast as a regular. I'm sure most people didn't notice that in the pre-streaming years, but it makes you do a helluva double take on a rewatch!


L&O did that a lot. Jerry Orbach appeared as a sleezy attorney before being cast the next season as Detective Lenny Briscoe. Annie Parisse played a stripper prior to becoming the new ADA two seasons later. Stabler's wife appeared as a teenage delinquent who faced the death penalty.


Van Buren was the mother of a victim in season 1. Lupo also played a defense attorney before becoming a detective... and it was in back to back episodes because it was season finale/season premiere. (Which makes for some odd moments in syndication.) And I guess if you want to include the latest season Camryn Mannheim (of The Practice fame) played 3 previous characters before becoming the Lt. in the reboot.


I have never failed to laugh at Jeremy Sisto being in the Season 17 finale and then becoming one of the main detectives in the Season 18 premiere. It's like some from TPTB realized after filming his first scene: "Crap, syndication exists! They are gonna recognize he's the guy from the previous episode. Better shave that beard!"


the best version of this is in SVU season 13, andre braugher guest stars and says that john munch, who jumped over to SVU from Homicide, seemed familiar.


Hayden Panettiere played two different teenage on SVU. One good one bad as a guest star.


Considering how much L&O season 21 ripped straight out of headlines (Gabby Petito, Theranos, just to name two) and how much of a disaster that season generally was, yeah, not even surprised they're going there. I don't think it's even just the unoriginality of the stories, the new L&O's just missed that grittiness that the original run had.


Svu has been horrible for years.


Jumped the shark season 12


Unfortunately? Who gives a shit? They do "ripped from the headlines" episodes all the time and they're not meant to be super accurate. The show is purposely low-brow network BS, there's no reason to put this much consternation into thinking about it.


I hope they re-enact the part where the lawyer objects his own question.


They always mix stories up. So I'm sure it'll be Depp v. Heard and then all of a sudden it'll a wrench will get thrown into the story and now it's Brittney Griner's arrest.


oh that seems like a lay up! depp's lawyer somehow convinces some DA/police from another state or county to arrest heard, preventing her from testifying against him, and it becomes a less international flavor of griner. alternativly, our depp stand in loses at trial, but at the very end pulls strings to get our heard stand in arrested on foreign soil


That's what ripped from the headlines means.....


I’ve never watched Law & Order but if there was a way to not watch them more this would inspire me to do it.


Next is will Smith slapping Chris Rock. They'll probably have to throw in a butthole fingering to justify giving Olivia Benson jurisdiction. It really doesn't matter how good or bad svu gets, because I'm eventually gonna watch it in syndication anyway and nothing will ever change that unless I die or they serialize it.


Of course it is. Anything that's major like this, Dick Wolf can't want to do is own spin on it. Hell the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case was less then five months old when Dick Wolf did his version.


And the Menendez Brothers killings, back in Season 1. Which in his version they *didn't* do it.


Can’t wait for the big reveal- a hot turd in the bed


And ice t giving it a weird name and that all the kids do it


He pulls the sheets back “aww man it’s a dukie” To be continued…


Ah yes. The Portland Punch. You take a shit and blame it on the dog. Cept they know you did it, ain't no teacup dog leaving fist sized feces, think about it. Kids calling it the Sheetzy Steamly.


I wonder how they'll explain the jury coming to the 'wrong" decision.


Get ready for more reddit-esque "Amber was the good guy" takes.


That show is still running? It’s been on since the 90s, fucking cancel it


I don't think anyone is forcing you to watch it, and if it were cancelled it would be replaced by a very similar show. NBC really loves its low effort procedurals.


NBC should go bankrupt instead


One of the least interesting things SVU does is make cases based on real life celeb stories, it’s always cringe as hell


Oh no.