It seems super weird that they wouldn't. Tons of big companies have already taken steps to insure women has access to abortions under their employment.


It sounds like they're saying to defer to the health plans they already have through unions rather than expecting the studios themselves to make a separate plan just for that.


Your health plan isn't going to help if you're working in a state that's banned abortions though


Motion picture health plans are starting to cover travel as of June 24. MPI


I mean, they're explicitly claiming that some of the plans already do account for that.


I live about 40 miles from Atlanta and about 20 minutes from that neon mall they filmed stranger things season 3 at. The subsidies given by the state of Georgia to movie studios was a way for Georgia to drive income after they didn’t adopt Obama care. All the red states that refused had to make up major deficits in their state budgets. They made that deficit up by offering subsidies to movie studios to come to Georgia (since everything is green screen and filmed in a warehouse anyway). Part of the problem showrunners have is that studios are accepting these subsidies and funding anti-abortion candidates in Georgia to keep the same people in power who gave them these subsidies. The studios only care about politics through how it affects their bottom line. If they’re saving a ton of money making movies in Georgia, they don’t care about moving to another state to pay more to produce a show/film just because a raging throng of (rightfully) upset consumers said so. So showrunners are saying more than just guarantee the health safety of your employees. Edit: FYI Georgia has its own anti-abortion trigger laws and “don’t say gay” bill in the works.


Those health plans don't provide the *legal assistance and protection* that was asked for. They don;'t shut off funding to anti-women/abortion politicians The Studios are lying about caring. They just dont want to spend money. That's it. They specifically didn't address the points individually. Why? They don't care about their actors or showrunners or crew. This statement makes that crystal clear: >The letter seeks to assure the showrunners that **they share the same concerns**, but does not address the specific demands the showrunners sought. It also **ignores the call to cease donations to anti-choice politicians**. This is flat out, "please dont make the PR worse" bullshit. They genuinely do not care about their employees and talent. Profit is all, dead teenagers aren't important. Dead actresses apparently aren't important to Disney, Universal, Columbia and WB...


I think the weirder part is that Lionsgate refused to sign the letter with the other big studios.