In case anyone else is wondering it comes out on Friday


I try to recommend this show to as many people as possible


Is this the final season? I've been really enjoying the show for being what feels like an idealized memory of what old 80s high school movies felt like (or how we remember them feeling) - Cobra Kai is good at that too. They're obviously their own thing, and working out very different ideas, but the way they reference and tie back to the remembered FEELING of how those movies worked on people gives it that extra oomph. I also know that people get turned off by the fact Devi can sometimes be the most unlikeable person in her own show but that's partially what I dig about it: Teenagers can be real assholes, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose, and watching genuinely decent people vacillate between their best and their worst selves as they try to find the balance that will let them move forward into adulthood is FASCINATING.


No, next season is the final season


Thanks for the heads up!


Reminds me of the show Awkward