Disney CEO Bob Chapek Considering Advertising On Disney+

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Considering Advertising On Disney+


This screams of a scare tactic to justify increased pricing. If they make me watch ads after paying for a subscription I will gladly go back to watching illegal streams/copies of their content.


Chapek will do both. He is that kind of asshole.


Yep. There’s only two types of business leaders, 1. ones who have creative vision to grow a company and grow revenue 2. ones who focus on cutting every corner to squeeze a nickel more profit. Chapek definitely seems like the latter based on the public fight with Scarlett Johansson, what’s been happening in the Parks and this kind of sh!t.


His entire resume seems to be focused on profit management (hawking DVDs, making merch deals, managing theme park investments) rather than anything remotely creative. Iger had at least some background in TV production and so did Eisner before him. Putting a pure-money guy in charge of what is ostensibly a creative enterprise seems like a terrible idea to me, but I guess that's why I'm not on the Disney board...


As nearly everything goes eventually, they are now definitely in the "milk it dry" phase.


That is exactly what I thought when I looked into him. I wonder how long he’ll stay at Disney. I wonder too if it has to do with Covid affecting their theme park sales and he’s under pressure to make cutbacks and charge more where he can. It’s just all around bad managerial skills.


He killed Galaxy’s Edge too


I didn't hear about this, can you elaborate?


[It's a pretty fascinating read](https://www.micechat.com/233418-miceage-disneyland-rumor-update-promising-the-moon/), knowing what was planned and what could have been. Among Disney Parks fans he's known as alternately Bob Cheapek or Bob Paycheck. (And yes that link is to MiceChat which has a somewhat infamous repuatation, but the info covered is pretty well known at this point.)


im not a chapek defender and I think he has made some bad moves but cutting the c-ticket mechanical animal ride was gonna happen regardless. That ride had a terrible hourly capacity and with so many mechanical parts, was certainly gonna be high maintenence for a slow moving ride. Hopefully they go ahead with a phase 2 sooner than later and add missions to Smugglers Run and expand olgas cantina into a full dining experience at the very least.


We could have had a Twi’lek run “dinnershow” restaurant. “There’s too many eateries already.” Fuck you bob, there’s two and both are open air. And before anyone says it, Oga’s doesn’t count. They’re a bar with snacks, no meals.


Cutting the dinner show is inexcusable. It would have been one of the most profitable eateries in the world (not just World).


“According to Disney executives via their own public statements from 2015 to 2017, Disney’s new Star Wars land would be brimming with interactive technology that would have aliens and bounty hunters and resistance fighters roaming the land and allowing park guests to “live their own Star Wars adventure” through role-play and interactive technology. Roaming droids would zip around the land, while a team at WDI was working diligently with the latest flying drone technology to allow space ships to arrive and depart at this outpost on the edge of the galaxy. CM’s staffing the shops and restaurants would already know whether your allegiance was with the scrappy resistance or the militant First Order. Live-action role-play and “immersive” adventure was to be found around every corner, with rooftop stunt shows pitting Stormtroopers and villains against Jedi’s and resistance fighters, and back alleys filled with aliens and suspicious characters who might want your help or just your Galactic Credits. “ Which all got cut. Sounds like westworld in space. I’m so sad now.


As great as that sounds, I can't help but feel like it wouldn't work in practice. Droids going around,the land, and fighters roaming the area with regular battles? All I can think is how dangerous it would be for the actors and guests. I could imagine if it was like Hogwarts at Universal or Mario World, where there's interactive things, just not things you can destroy.


I dunno. I’ve been to ren fest a lot and they’ve got roaming battles, jousts, etc and that works pretty well. They’re good at having cast keep people from getting too close. It would probably be a shit show with all the tourists trying to run up and tackle boba fett, but at least some of this was doable


I mean if they can handle stopping people from tackling princes and princesses they can handle protecting Star Wars characters. All of it was doable, and had they done it the result would have drawn even more people to the parks and provided magical experiences for guests. But Bob Cheapass wanted to reward investors quicker rather than play the not-even-that-long game and chose not to invest enough into the land so it's just really fucking meh.


Droids that are big enough can be controlled by handlers dressed as civilians. Fights can be taken care of with just a few unapproachable barricades. Then you have the people who rope off parades do it in character like "there's trouble brewing best you got around"


[líkely referring to this](https://www.ocregister.com/2021/08/18/disneyland-may-offer-pay-to-ride-option-for-rise-of-the-resistance/)


There isn’t much more than circumstance to support this assertion, BUT: 1. Galaxy’s Edge as announced was far grander than what was built and exists today. This is to be expected for big projects like that, but there were very specific things announced that never happened. (Couple examples: Millennium Falcon ride was supposed to have “customizable missions” and ended up with a single scenario; and early announcements promised full immersion with costumed folks and robots for guests to interact with) 2. Chapek is infamous amongst Disney-folk for cutting costs wherever possible during his tenure as head of the parks. In many folks’ opinions (and I must say I agree) a lot of the stuff that set Disney parks above other amusement parks was limited, priced to exclude swathes of guests, or outright eliminated. The new fastpass system that another commenter referenced is just the most recent and egregious naked cash grab which further cements this opinion in the minds of many. Edited a typo


>This screams of a scare tactic to justify increased pricing. This is exactly what it is. They won't make you watch ads. They will just offer you the *privilege* of paying 5 bucks more a month to not have ads. Other services (e.g., HBOMAX, Hulu, Discovery+) already have a more expensive ad-free version and a basic version with ads. Only a matter of time before they are all this way.


Let the second golden age of piracy begin!


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.


Never see a commercial again, me hearties!


This is why I support Netflix regardless. They've never done this. Sure, their prices go up, but they don't offer some bs ad free version to justify it.


Precisely. They already increased the price a few months ago. Not sure how they can justify increasing it again. It’s bs. If they do introduce ads, it should be a lower tier plan (like HBO Max just did) and not increase pricing on the current plan. Otherwise I have no issues with streaming the content “some other way”.


My national TV streaming service has ads but it's free so I'm fine with that but if someone thinks I'm going to pay and watch ads I'm going to cancel that shit and head out on the high seas, it takes me less time to acquire a show than it does for my PS4 to turn on.


Whats disappointing is that they reached their 4 year subscriber goal in the first year of the streaming service... but still found the excuse to raise the price. Chapek has been the CEO since February 2020 and I really feel like Disney as a whole is making more and more decisions that anger fans of all backgrounds


Shareholders are their main priority.


Jesus Christ when will the streaming companies realize that one of the biggest draw to streaming is NO COMMERCIALS


Listen, they’re onto a great idea here. First let’s separate every channel into its own streaming service. Then, introduce commercials again. Slowly at first, but then ramp it up to large blocks at set times. We can also have some of the shows be “live” and introduce “premium movies” you need to pay extra for. Then, for the sake of convenience, let’s lump a lot of these channel subscriptions into one larger subscription service and up the price some more. You know what? Let’s lump them all together; how convenient! And that’s how the world reintroduced cable television. /s Outside of being able to pick and choose shows, this is essentially how it feels to me.


Maybe cable television should have jumped on the ball earlier and started offering shows this way online anytime you want, but with commercials, instead of stubbornly clinging to having to watch it on tv at specific times


I agree. Those cable packages could have been revamped to fit with the current demands that people expect out of their television providers. Instead, they went with the lack of foresight for the short term profit route. Tale as old as time.


Short term profit route sums up pretty much all of the stuff gone wrong


Wait so I make a lot of money now, piss off a lot of people, and I walk away with the money with no consequences? I’ll get my people right on it.


It could also be that they're tied to contracts and they hadn't thought about negotiating to have the rights for streaming as well.


They used to do this. I remember watching shows on ABC.com, CW.com, etc with commercial breaks in 2007.


Yep, and the original Hulu was amazing because it was joint with Fox, NBC, and ABC, so most shows were available on demand. I couldn't believe it when they started charging to watch Hulu, and it was still with ads.


OG Hulu was how I watched like all of Rescue Me and the first 3 seasons of Breaking Bad, among other stuff. It was much more than just Fox, NBC, and ABC. All I had to do was suffer through a few commercials and watch those at any time.


see i thought old Hulu was a good compromise. I could catch up on TV i missed, just had to watch a couple of ads. Then it went pay only with ads and wtf fuck this shit


On Demand shows, through a cable box, have been available since the early 2000s. At some point after 2010 they realized they could add commercials to on demand content, at which point Hulu became a better user experience.


Fuck Hulu. The first three or so episodes have manageable commercials. Then they figure you are invested and nearly double the load. Yar!


That’s Hulu though, isn’t it?


Hulu ad free costs as much as Disney plus, iirc


This is basically what had happened to YouTube in the past 10 years. While I understand that longing for the YouTube of 2005-12ish is completely unrealistic in today’s world, it’s pretty crazy how YouTube has basically become television, when one of the main points of YouTube was that it WASNT television. Things change I guess


This is kind of the natural progression of profit > product. 1) offer a product that is drastically different from the current product in terms of quality and cost effectiveness, ensuring the value to the consumer far exceeds the cost 2) take over the market with your superior product at a much friendlier price. 3) your competitors had all that bulk garbage because it’s wildly profitable, you’ll want to slowly start tapping into that well. Start by introducing two separate prices, one for advertisements and one without 4) increase the price of your product annually or biannually to ensure it’s a very gradual incline customers will swallow. Boiling frog if you will. 5) slowly morph your company into the very thing you replaced, tapping into that bloated ad market and making sure your prices are no longer better than what you replaced, and the product is no longer superior than what you replaced. Your ratio should go from 20 profit 80 customer satisfaction to 90 profit 10 customer satisfaction. 5) new companies should see #1 Repeat.


I watch a lot of YouTube and it's amazing how gradually over years the length of videos went from ~2min to 5min to 10:01min to now a lot of my recommended stuff is 20-40min. I like it for some things like documentaries, but the whole environment has changed to where nobody even tries uploading less than 10min videos anymore.


Don't forget the first 2 min of asking people to like, subscribe, upboat, follow, and link in.


Yeah it’s crazy that some high profile accounts have to open with a product endorsement. Again, they gotta do what they gotta do, but that in top of regular ads just seems nuts


I’ve made this exact same argument quite a few times. We’re just going in a fucking circle.


Pirates stopped going in circles decades ago. At one point I stopped pirating stuff and just used streaming services, now I'm back to piracy unless it's on Amazon.


No circles on the open seas.


Yep. Streaming eliminated my usage of those sites, but I've found myself going back to them the last year. I'm not going to pay for eight different streaming services, especially if they start showing ads.


I could live with the "turn one off to turn another on" pain. It wasn't ideal but it helped me focus on watching one show start to finish and not pay for a streaming platform I'm not using that month. But then one of them decided to charge extra money for films on their platform that I'm already paying for and then things escalated and I got into a fight with a kraken and there was a dude with a squid for a beard and someone drank all the rum and turns out the pirate life is back.




Aye, Captain! YAR.


Your whole comment is basically Hulu’s service model. You have a live tv option, you have the low tier sub with ads option, and then you have the premium option of no ads. They don’t have the premium movies part yet as far as I know. Won’t be surprised when all the other streaming giants want to get in on that ad revenue though. They don’t give flying fuck what we think, only what comes out of our wallets. It’s never enough for these corporations, when they make billions, they have to then try to make trillions.


Probably because Hulu is a large inspiration for my rage. Maybe the most obnoxious with ads too. If I miss the first few seconds after the 2 minute ad break and try to go back a few seconds Hulu decides “oh you need to watch the same two minutes of the same ads all over again!” No Hulu. NO! I have it because its lumped to Disney plus, but it’s my least favorite child. You’re right though. They don’t care and will continue to care a little less with each passing year.


Aaaaand this is why pirating is making a resurgence


Look at cable. They learned that people were not only willing to pay a premium for more channels but also that watching OTA TV so long had gotten them used to ads.


And take that a step further, they actually convinced people that it was OK for them to play TV shows sped up and cut chunks out of movies to be able to squeeze in more ads....and people actually accepted that.


That’s why I went back to my pirate roots lmao


I’m getting closer to going back to the pirate life every day.


It becomes easy for companies that do stuff like this to milk you. Paramount+ is easy to pirate, Disney is always easy to pirate, but Netflix and HBOmax I'm paying for and happy with.


~$40/year for a quality VPN is much cheaper than multiple subscription services


TIL I'm paying way too much for my VPN.


Alright, anyone have a good recommendation for a VPN? Been trying to get one recently but there's just SO damn many. On that same subject uhh, anyone got any good NAS enclosures? Lmao


They do realize that. It's so silly that people want to believe these businesses are stupid. Generally they're smarter than you. They are just considering the idea that adding ads might bring in more revenue than it would cost them in lost subscribers.


Yeah... If it moves to an ad-supported service I'mma smash that cancel button so fast. I don't mind ads for myself, but I subscribe to Disney+ primarily for my kid, and I don't want him watching that and begging me for McDonalds or some crap plastic toy that he'll play with twice like I did with my parents after watching shows like GI Joe which were themselves just extended commercials with shorter, traditional commercials sprinkled in.


We dropped cabled 20 years ago now. My kids have never had tv service with adds. The weird consequence. Birthdays and Christmas they have no fucking clue what they want.... It has been eye opening to be sure. When I was a kid I had lists of stuff I wanted my kids struggle to come up with anything. It is really bizarre but also kind of great cause we can guide them often to things they need instead of the crap popular toy everyone is getting. This year they need new bikes so Christmas is covered :) The best part they are almost always happy with what they get.


I remember circling the toys I wanted in the Toys R Us holiday book. Simpler times lol


Who didn’t? You are probably in the US, I’m all the way over in Denmark, we did the same here (and the local “BR” store magazine as well, which was eventually bought by the Toys R Us I think). Consumerism is global.


We got rid of our Netflix when Disney+ came out, but if it gets ads we will go back to Netflix just for our kid. There are so few places to get good kids content and not have to worry about ads.


Nope, I refuse to pay for a premium service that also includes ads. If this happens it'll be the last time I renew my subscription. The D+ model is fine at it's current pricing and content but if they toss ads in I'm out.


Imo when it’s a “consideration” and not news of a trial or implementation then this is usually a scare tactic to convince people to accept a price hike in the coming weeks


They recently stated that the number of new subscribers last q was less than expected and the stock dropped. A price hike corrects this, so your logic tracks.


Which is funny cause when it launched subscribers were *massively* above what they expected.


> when it launched subscribers were massively above what they expected. and Disney stock rose the day that news broke... but since then, the stock price takes that fact for granted. Stock prices are a never-ending game of "and NOW what??"


always chasing the dragon


Stocks are a lot like my ex that way


yeah I've dated some chicks like that. Lemme ask you this, would your response be different if I had written this instead: > Stock prices are a never-ending game of "What have you done for me **lately**??"


Bc capitalism demands growth. You can't be comfortable at the new high, you have to keep growing and rising in value.


Or crashing disastrously. Both options are valid


Unless you're too big to fail, then it's time for socialism until the company is back on its feet


And the stock reacted like streaming was the only thing they did, and not one of their smaller segments


Well yeah capitalism means doing well is never good enough it always has to be more than what it was before. Disney+ could have every single person on the planet subscribed to it and if they didn't increase numbers the next quarter it would be considered a scary sign.


Which is funny because if subscription number is lower than expected, raising price would probably lower that count even more.


Depends on consumer POV of price elasticity


Why would they increase the price when they aren't getting the increase in subscribers they want. Wouldn't that decrease the amount if new subscribers who are willing to pay extra.


It's that kind of long term thinking that'll keep you from getting promoted to management.


Sad - but brilliant comment


Because if total revenue goes up they need fewer subscribers to hit targets.


Revenue matters less than subscriber growth. Because you can keep hiking prices but people will leave. Whereas growing subscribers mean more demand for your product.


I’d much prefer a price hike. Tell me what your products is worth to you and I’ll decide if I want it. I don’t like buying your product and then you also turning me into a product.


The quote in the article repeatedly mentions Hulu's advertising model which means he's probably talking about an ad-supported discounted tier, not adding ads to the current plan.


I would be willing to bet that the price of the non add option goes up.


That was there plan from the start pretty sure Disney themselves said when they first introduced D+ it will have a affordable fee but will raise prices year or two after.


It makes sense. They started out cheap and they still increase the price as they have more content. Netflix in 4K is basically twice the price of Disney+ here in the UK.


I WANT to agree with you. The toddler screaming for Raya the Last Dragon suggests otherwise.


Bluey daily is keeping us on Disney+.


Ill be canceling my service, ads inside of media are dead if you are paying for it. The old folks in charge need to understand this, we will not pay for ads. If the service is free with ads, that is fine. If I pay for it no ads.


What you don’t realize is the amount of people who either don’t care or wouldn’t say anything and just keep paying. That’s why they can do this.


What the fuck I shouldn’t have to pay to have your already premium streaming service just to pay for a premium version of the already premium streaming service not to watch some dumb fucks ads


If there are going to be ads, the service should be free to the consumer. If the service costs money, there should be no ads. It's really fucking simple, and how we have let the telecom industry get away with this shit for so long is baffling. I'm about one more stupid fucking greedy cunt decision from just cancelling everything.


Torrenting 📈


Hello my old friend.




All Bob Chapek had to do was maintain what Iger started with modernizing Disney…instead, it seems like he’s content with fucking things up constantly.


I was listening to a theme park journalist on a podcast point out that basically every single week since some time in May or June, there has been some new bad press headline or PR fire that has had to be put out. Every single week. Chapek is stepping in dung every chance he can


At some point with him, they may end up doing a worse job than WB and that is hard to do.


Chapek spearheaded the next level of nickel and diming at the parks, only a matter of time before that expands to everything else (like this).


I finally know the name of the guy that ruined Disney World, thanks! I never really paid attention to this point but did go in late 2019 and it was really underwhelming.


As a Disney fan, I fucking loathe Chapek. Just a giant fucking turd in a skinsuit.


He’s the opposite of the Midas touch. Literally every decision he’s had turns things to shit.


The Merde Touch


Chapek has been doing a really terrible job as CEO so far from a PR standpoint. - This - The awful Genie Pass for parks that asks guests to pay even EVEN more - The botched handling of the Scarlett Johannson situation Iger made Disney a LOT of money, but somehow never made it seem like the nickel-and-diming was too outrageous. I can't imagine investors are happy. Oh wait, can confirm, I am one and I'm not


At this point the only way to get rid of him is if Kevin Feige declares he's had enough and threatens to leave. Like in the conflict with Ike Perlmutter.


Pretty sure someone could just leak a picture of Feige taking a meeting with a Warner's exec with a batman ballcap on and Bobs head would be on a Pike outside the gates to Cinderellas castle by morning.


Don’t forget the new annual pass system Disney World rolled out


Used to be an AP holder but haven’t in years. Dang. www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/walt-disney-world-unveils-new-annual-passes-with-higher-prices-and-fewer-perks-11630415534


This guy is ruining Disney. I just went to Disneyland and the magic is starting to feel lost. Avengers campus is just shows really. They’re being really cheap and just making everything meet n greets. Also changing up everything to be branded. Like the incredicoaster( used to be screaming California). The coaster itself is a good roller coaster but now they just put cheap incredible stuff all over it and called it a day. I missed the Red Hot Chili Peppers songs in your ears


Walt would hate him. Retail people like him suck because they are always trying to cut costs and raise prices instead of investing smart.


Right? It’s like these types of people always think that cutting costs is what got their business to where it’s at. Rather than investing in what makes their customers happy.


I've got this insane business strat that I'm about to blow the world away with. I'm going to get investors, right? Get funding. But instead of spending that money on the business, I'll put it right in the bank. Any money the business makes just goes straight into my account instead of the business. I don't see how nobody else has thought of this before except the pizzeria owner I worked for as a student who would let his wife take money from the register. And his business only went under because people stopped giving him their money for some reason!


Is he the one responsible for getting rid of all the cool little details they had planned for the Star Wars park?


The one in cali wasn't selling enough tickets before the opened the main ride so he proceeded to cut most of the extra entertainment.


That’s his go-to move. Charge people more for less of a service than what they had originally. It’s been textbook what he’s done for the Disney parks and it’s awful. Oh you had the option to book fast passes conveniently form your phone? So sorry, that costs money now. Please subscribe to this service for $10 per person per day to be able to do that. But it doesn’t include the big rides like the ones you really want. That’s an additional $10-15 per person per ride. But nothings going to change because people will still pay it.


[The feeling is mutual](https://i.imgur.com/Wzn3bXL.gif)


I'd cancel my subscription instantly.


Looks like piracy's back on the menu boys!


They need to watch their butts for when the 3 year D23 day 1 subscribers end. You add ads on top of a big price hike coming for this crowd you stand to lose a decent number of them.


Yep, I'm in that boat. Will not renew it they do this.


Bob Chapek came from the parks division right? He just doesn't seem to fit at all as a Disney CEO compared to Bob Iger.




Also it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was a one time charge and you could use it for all the rides, but it’s fucking ridiculous that it’s a pay PER ride PER person. Like it could cost a family upwards of $60 to use the system for one ride.


And they don’t even have that many single-rider lines compared to e.g. Universal.


They will probably try to turn it into a bidding process eventually. That way they get more money and only the rich can take advantage, just like with most things. I remember when I went to Disney World as a teen and was able to optimize the fast pass system to have short waits at almost every ride. We didn't have a ton of money, so it was nice that we could have an advantage normally limited to the rich. This is one step closer to the reality where only the rich can afford access to exclusive experiences.


>They will probably try to turn it into a bidding process eventually. That way they get more money and only the rich can take advantage, just like with most things. I'm just picturing a rollercoaster station with, instead of a ride operator/hyper, an auctioneer, rattling off bids for seats on the ride. Then after a bunch of rich families throwing away ridiculous amounts of money in several rounds of bidding, the kid from the working class family just starts crying because the rich kids' families keep outbidding them. What a hilariously-dystopian vision about the horrors of unchecked capitalism, like the Mountain Dew DRM story.


> Bob Chapek came from the parks division right? Not just that but he's a big reason for why the quality of the parks is tanking. Cheap materials and cheaper gimmicks. Listen, I know reddit has a hate boner for Disney already, I'm not going to argue that. But Chapek is on top of that a terrible move for the company. If you don't like Disney under Iger, you're going to fucking hate it under Chapek. He's going to take what Iger built, and bleed it dry.


He has probably one year left of riding on Igers coattails. He got somewhat "lucky" with COVID because the stock tanked and he could fully blame it on COVID and investors wouldn't question him. Then it's a re-opening stock and has shot up substantially. So much of the recent stock prices hasn't been due to him, but in a year or so, that may be a different story.


>Not just that but he's a big reason for why the quality of the parks is tanking. Cheap materials and cheaper gimmicks. And yet somehow, attendance is booming. Which is kind of depressing. I think they're still riding high on the deep cultural significance "We're going to Disney World!" means to kids (also many adults) and parents willingness to spend an obscene amount of money to make their kids dreams come true. However, at some point as the experience deteriorates I have to wonder if they're risking chipping away at the magic that pulls families back there.


It's not completly unafordable yet but it's going in that direction. They are introducing more and more premium experiences too. Like paying to skip lines, microtransactions on rides and more expensive unique experiences. This is the same direction video game seem to go lately. Instead of providing content the many want to buy they provid a base experience and a premium one more expensive than ever before. Since capacity was groing to the limit, instead of doing like in the past and building another park, they are creating premium experience and pricing out "poor people" who are less likely to make crazy purchases in shops. It's a pretty evil growth tactic and it's in everything lately. I can almost see the unavoidable moment it will fall apart.


Attendance is booming because people have been locked in their homes for a year and a half.


Kind of. He came out of their Consumer Products division originally, and then Disney merged Consumer Products and the Parks divisions into one and put him in charge of it. That division is now Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products.


That explains why he treats the parks like consumer products.




Way to kiss lots of subscribers goodbye.


I’m sure they have (or are about to have) enough data to know exactly how many subscribers they can shed while keeping the platform profitable. They’ll know what pricing tiers, amount and frequency and content of ads that will be ‘sustainable’.


As long as there's a no-ad version people will be OK with it. Also cheaper with ads versions are readily accepted in the industry by consumers and is an easy transition for cable people.


I assume they are looking at the Amazon Prime model and seeing if they could manage that too. The Amazon adverts are just annoying. But the appropriate level of annoying that you can live with them.


The Amazon Prime ads make no sense to me, they only advertise for their own originals...and 90% of the time I have already seen the show I'm getting an ad for. You already have my money Amazon, im already watching these shows, thats why I paid you in the first place.


I like to think it’s because the Amazon UI is so fantastically bad that they have to tell you a show exists.


Amazon Prime beginning of video ads are tolerable. The IMDb tv randomly inserted ads are unbearable. It's worse than cable.


If it’s skippable or just one at the beginning or end then it’s probably okay. Anything more than that and you risk a lot of customers going 🏴‍☠️


The ad-supported version of Hulu is way more popular than ad-free, Hulu has said 70% of its users see ads. I hate ads and Reddit hates them, but the world is not Reddit, and people will take a discount to have to stare at their phone for a bit during an ad.


Honestly I feel like I would be less annoyed at the ads if it wasn’t the literal same ads each break.


Yeah I felt the same when I had ad Hulu. Like if the ads could be background noise like cable TV I might not care and take the discount, but they annoy me more because it's the same one over and over.


And 100% louder.


The current Applebee's commercial is the bane of my existence.


Applebee's ads all remind me that I'm not part of their target market, which is ok with me.


"Why microwave food at home when you can come to our dirty restaurant and eat *our* microwaved food at thrice the price?"


Dude, ~~Bob~~ Chapek straight up *sucks*


He reminds me of Matt the radar technician.


Is bob chapek this determined to cement his reputation as the worst Disney CEO ever?


If he manages to outdo Ron Miller then Disney as people know it is going to be pretty well gone.


Even though Ron Miller’s short era was bad, I’d say he had at least had ambition. Under him, Touchstone was founded so the company could produce mature films outside the family-friendly brand. Disney Channel was also his baby, at a time when cable was still new. I guess you could argue that Eisner would’ve done those things if Miller had not.


Of course he is lol remember that revenue has to increase every year. Eventually companies hit a cap and the only way up is through stupid shit like this.


He is Disney's Dan Snyder. He is going to squeeze the magic out every piece of Disney.


All I heard is "go ahead and pirate even more".


Go ahead. My subscription will be cancelled immediately. Debate as you will. I pay to avoid commercials, even if for the other shit this company sells. I may not have purchasing power like my parents generation, but I will not give money for a product and suffer advertising under the guise of price increases if I don't. I call the shots on this one. Shareholders be damned. Disney, like most large companies have no innovation. Short term profits have seen to that. Resting on their laurels is not a business model, It's an end game.


Messing with the existing tier is one thing, but adding a lower-priced tier with ads seems fine. Of course, at some point, the ads will creep into the higher tiers.


Id imagine the ad free price would go up and the price now would be the ad version


I'm sure the Disney Plus promos, like getting it free thru Verizon, would be ad version.


>Of course, at some point, the ads will creep into the higher tiers. When in the history of streaming has that happened? Hulu ad-free started with some shows with an ad due to contracts, and is now down to just Grey's Anatomy still under that system. All other services (HBO MAX, Paramount+, Discovery+, Peacock) have an ad-free option, or don't have ads at all like Netflix or Apple, and those options are still there without ads. So why "of course"? Yes yes cable cable cable, ok in the 1970s some channels didn't have ads. But by the time cable was widespread, major channels like MTV and CNN launched with ads.


I currently pay for disney+ but if this happens.. Well all i can say is "yo ho a pirates live for me".


I will cancel immediately


Same. The price is well and fair for the content, I have a lot of fun. But if I have to watch ads, why do I even bother to pay?


I will never remain with a premium streaming service that forces me to watch ads. Spotify, YouTube, Disney+, doesn’t matter. I’ll cancel the second it takes effect.


My kids think it's funny how anti-ad I am. I don't want it in my music, YouTube or my TV. So I have YouTube premium, Netflix, Disney+ and HBO I wasted sooo much of my life growing up watching horrible commercials on TV. I absolutely refuse to watch them any longer. I will pay up to a certain price to get no ads and If they want to raise the fee too high or implement ads, I'll cancel and find something else to do.


That will make it really easy to drop Disney +


Bob Chapek needs to get impaled by a swordfish on his next ocean swim if he's gonna go that far.


Hey look what’s on plex …


Whoa Song of the South


Well, Zippity do dah!!


Plex shares are the greatest thing I have found. $8/mth and I have unlimited content - anything that isn't already on the server, I request through discord and it's added almost immediately. I used to run my own Plex server at home, but downloading the programs were just a pain in the butt as I could never figure out how to automate. To pay someone $8/mth to do it and have an unlimited library is amazing to me.


Between just this and the Genie app for the parks he is proving to be nothing but a money hungry ceo who doesn’t care about the actual product being put out


He is willing to piss of guests long term because he can pump the profits and then ride the golden parachute out.


Aaaand unsubscribe.


If they offer an ad supported but lower subscription tier I could see that it may be attractive to some people but if they just introduce ads to the existing tier or introduce a more expensive ad-free tier, then I can see it leading to lost subscriptions.


I will immediately cancel and not come back.


Damn it Bob, doesn't your corporation have enough money?


That's the secret of unchecked capitalism: no, it's never enough. This month needs to be bigger than last month, next month needs to be more than this month, into infinity. This is the mindset that gets our earth destroyed by companies that just chase financial growth and nothing else.


Why would you pay for it if it's free on torrent


What an literal asshat


Disney CEO Bob Chapek can go fuck himself


I’ll cancel my shit, Chapek !


Wow, Chapek is really going for the “kill an unkillable brand” speedrun, isn’t he?


I'll probably drop it if they do, dumped hulu for and didn't want to keep paying the ever increasing amounts to be add free. If I have to watch adds, might as well just watch Pluto TV and not pay a monthly charge at all.