Marvel Studios Scores Its First Emmy With ‘WandaVision’

Marvel Studios Scores Its First Emmy With ‘WandaVision’




Yeah but it’s pretty weird this year. They have 3 ceremonies at 3 different locations spread over today and tomorrow. The whole thing will be recorded and edited into 1 telecast that will air next Saturday. So yeah


And each category for creative arts emmys gave the nominees 4 tickets, so groups with more than 4 nominees for a show (like some of the sound editing teams) had to choose who could go to the ceremony. There’s also the regular emmys next weekend.


That’s how it usually works, though it’s only two ceremonies this weekend with the main ceremony next Sunday.


Legit, how stupid. I have never had any interest in these award shows, but I can't imagine how people that had a passing interest in such award shows would have any interest in watching them presented in such a way, a week after all the awards have been handed out. I'm not sure I can think of a more pointless timeslot on network television. I'm certain there have been bigger wastes on TV, but this has gotta be up there.


It's just the Creative Arts Emmys. They dont usually even air those. The Emmys will air live next weekend, those will be the major categories.


Thanks for clarifying 'cause that was confusing as hell!


yeah, this is the way it has always been... the Oscars have far more awards than most people are aware of. kind of the same with the Nobel prizes. we always think about the Peace Prize but there are four others.


I always forget about literature. I literally just had to look up the fourth one haha. But aren't the prizes in physics, chemistry, and especially medicine pretty well - known, too?


yeah, it is just a comparison.


The creative arts ones are the more interesting ones than the major ones. I'd rather watch a live version of that than the one I'm supposed to like.


It's like this every year though. They do the "creative emmys" and then air the big celebrity emmys a week later. Silly? Absolutely. But not unusual


Hehe spreading..


The big awards are next weekend (Sept 19). This weekend are the “non celebrity” Emmys. Costumes, makeup, special effects and such.


The creative arts emmys. Regular emmys are next weekend.


Am I going crazy or haven't I already seen this exact comment thread about this exact topic about this exact Emmy win for this exact show? Down to the punctuation and capitalization I saw this months ago. Like serious deja vu


Wasn't me. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ But I suppose it's not exactly the most original thought ever, lol. It was just my honest reaction in the moment. Because what is time even, anymore.


This is just for the technical ones. The actual ceremony will be next week.


Who knew? If it was anything like the Olympics, it will be an absolute chore to even find out the schedule.


It just got the second one when I typed this comment. > [#Emmys Winner: Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes – 'WandaVision'](https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/1436877128801275908) Yeah the costumes of this series were very good, especially the first 4-5 episodes, [they put a lot of thought into it](https://variety.com/2021/tv/features/wandavision-costume-designer-scarlet-witch-comic-looks-1234953837/), I enjoyed [this analysis from Mina Le](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ie_0CQAQ6A).


I think the show was overrated, but yeah, the costumes were pretty great. Even the later episodes -- they captured a bit of that comic book feel too, it was great. I could see it win another emmy, but nothing really major. As opposed to Loki... Now Loki, that can compete with real prestige television. Biggest difference: Loki made you care about the characters, Wandavision kind of assumed you already did going in (even though the MCU doesn't really develop them in any kind of depth at all, and even the comics have her as a relatively recent retcon).


Loki *had* to do it - Loki-the-protagonist is a very villainous person at that point (we, the audience, know more about him than the character himself; we have seen his future, but not he). For the audience that the series targets, the character has had a pretty complete arc, and the show must make us care about Loki again - not necessarily from the beginning, but from a place of potential handicap. Now, both WV and FatWS take two main characters from the MCU and they have the space to interact; in that sense they're not as stand-alone as Loki which uses one major character. All the other characters are new; Loki gets to discover them all together with the audience.


Loki's hands were more directly tied, yes. They needed to make us care. But WV and FatWS revealed, at least to me... I didn't care about any of those characters going in. None of them got real characterization in the movies -- most of their screentime is action. Vision got a bit of the "am I alive?" Sci-fi biz, but that's a trope and it's hard to sympathize with. Wanda became a victim of a fictional genocide which, unlike her ex-father's real genocide and subsequent story arc, does nothing to make her interesting. And her brother died, which I think most of us forgot. Yes, she has grief, but we don't know her for anything else. She's kind of like Sansa Stark -- horrible things happen to around her, she survives, she is supposedly very powerful, but she barely ever has agency, and she barely has occasion to make interesting decisions, and even when she's free she finds herself in a situation where she doesn't have multiple options -- fight Thanos, fight Ramsay, fight the Zombies, etc. We do eventually find out about Wanda's mental illness, but it's too late in the series for us to start caring about her.


Loki was bang average. I honestly can't fathom the praise that show seems to get on here. WandaVision was a far more interesting show until the last few episodes, Marvel just can't seem to end anything without bombast these days. Loki had absolutely awful writing, barely any story, and was just a vehicle for Hiddleston and others to completely ham it up. The "romantic" scenes between Loki and his female variant contained some of the most laughably bad writing I've ever heard on anything Marvel related, and that's saying something. Loki may be able to compete on visuals, because let's face it, Disney has the budget for quality effect artists, but compared to all the best shows over the last year, it's no where near the level of quality. There's nothing "prestige" about it.


Could not disagree more. I just did not care about a single thing happening in Loki by the halfway point. Meanwhile even though the ending of Wandavision kinda flubbed and went full Marvel movie, I still cared so much more about the characters and felt it executed its actual premise excellently.


I feel the opposite. I felt Wanda's grief throughout WV. It seemed much more emotional to me than Loki. I enjoyed Owen Wilson in Loki, but overall I felt like the story dragged. That one episode where they were marooned in a planet just felt like it went on forever with no story progression. And the 'romance' felt forced to me.


I think the romance was rather fitting honestly. Who does Loki really love aside from Frigga? Himself of course. I don’t think it was entirely necessary to the story, but I do love the irony of it.


Same 100%


Same here


> even the comics have her as a relatively recent retcon). What do you mean by this? Wanda was a character for a long time with a lot of important contributions to the Marvel universe. True she has had changes made recently, but that's true of all characters that continue to exist after ~60 years of publishing.


Her not being a mutant and not related to Magneto are huge changes.


Not really, she was always mostly disconnected from those, and was pretty firmly part of the Avengers corner of the Marvel universe since joining the team a year after she debuted. Most of the time when she was in a mutant involved storyline she just ended up being reduced to a plot device Her brother was much more involved with the mutants, however


I completely disagree! I was suuuuper annoyed at the idea of a show about Wanda and Vision, they're the most boring, overwrought part of Infinity War and I didn't connect with them at all. WandaVision blew me away. The emotional storytelling blended with truly exceptional acting (do you know how hard it is to act in different TV styles every week?! Elizabeth Olsen is a fucking supernova, pulling all that off) with gorgeous costumes and set pieces, and an uneasy undertone that made the whole thing feel like nothing I'd ever seen before. And then Katherine Hahn! And Monica Rambeau! Man, what a phenomenal show about growth and grief. On the other hand, I was really excited for Loki! He's one of my favorite Marvel characters, huge crush, etc. I felt like the show had some really cool ideas and it didn't really follow through on...any of them. The only character who got much real development was Loki himself, which is great, but everyone else was just kinda there for gags and action. Even Sylvie, who I was intrigued by, ends up in a sort of forced whirlwind romance without developing much backstory. And then it ends the way we all knew it would, which, if Jonathan Majors wasn't such an incredible actor, would have been pretty lame. I felt like Loki had all this rich source material and it told a pretty boring story, while WandaVision was at a deficit of interest and managed to completely lampoon and pay its respects to television storytelling in its format. Loki had all the makings of a masterpiece and kinda blew it.


I'm glad to see someone say this, because I agree. Loki was never really a favorite character of mine, or one I paid a lot of attention to - sort of a constant sidekick - so I was interested to see him take the lead. It seemed odd to me they shoved him into the most boring environment possible, a brown-dominant retro-futuristic bureaucracy, but I enjoyed the chaotic, fun nature of the first 2 episodes. DB Cooper? Time detective buddies at Pompeii? I'm in. And then it fell off, hard. The entire show became about Sylvie, and the show really wanted me to care about her without telling me why, so I couldn't and didn't. But it turned into her mission, and once again, Loki was a sidekick. After episode 2, it seemed like the whole show could have existed without him, like take him right out of it and nothing would change, which was so strange to me since it was *his* show. The "romance" was so bizarre to me and felt so out of place, like it didn't need to exist at all but they insisted on making it a major thing. The big dramatic kiss felt more "wtf" than "yay." By the last episode which was everyone sitting in a chair and talking for an hour, I was pretty checked out. It was an entirely different show from how it started. I was expecting exploring more of the source material either the comics or even mythology, exploring more of his relationships with the people he cried about in Ep 1, him tesseract-ing around the universe or what happened with him and Thanos, but got none of that. I think this show had a strong start, but I agree with you, threw it away.


> if Jonathan Majors wasn't such an incredible actor I have to admit, I didn’t really think of him this way… until I saw him in “Loki”. That made me sit up and go, “Whoa. This guy is special.” I can’t wait to see what comes next for him.


Honestly, if you think about it a bit more, loki wasn't really all that great (was still a fun Marvel ride though). Loki, just that day, had been a crazy warlord bent on taking over earth (this loki did not have all the development that came after the 1st Avengers movie at all), and then what.. Watching a video clip suddenly changes him and that should make us care now? Still, much better than what we got with falcon and winter soldier


Calling Wandavision overrated when your comment makes Loki sound overrated....oh the irony.


I think those first 5 episodes are some of the best tv we got this year. It was flat out fantastic. Then they turned Quicksilver into a dick joke, had a skybeam, and finished the series with not one, but two scenes of people hanging from strings throwing CGI at each other and kinda ruined it. But still, those first 5 deserve the credit it gets.


Congratulations to Disney, the little studio that could.


Real underdog story. You love to see it.


Disney is going to crush the creative Emmys


The Crown and Queens Gambit will mop up. Historical Dramas always do better than Sci-Fi


I think the coolest part about being Queen Elizabeth II is that the most expensive tv show of all time is a critically acclaimed bio of your life.


The crown is the most expensive tv show of all time?


If anything until LOTR comes out. Think they said like 500mil roughly for one season lol. Hopefully it's worth it.


That number includes the 250m they paid JUST for the rights as the Tolkien estate was a bit shy after thr Hobbit films. It also includes a lot of set costume building cost that they plan to reuse for later seasons. It is still absolutely crazy expensive, but the context helps. Future seasons are expected to be closer to the 100-150m mark. Still very expensive, but not that far out of line nowadays. Wandavision cost 225m for one season, Loki and FATWS each cost about 150m.


> Wandavision cost 225m for one season, Loki and FATWS each cost about 150m. All 3 shows probably had about the same budget of ~150m, WV's number is just the absolute maximum derived from a report where they said these shows have a budget of **up to** 25m per episode back in 2020 (25m\*6ep = 150m, 25m\*9ep = 225m, but they definitely didn't use 25m for the first few WV episodes)


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.insider.com/the-crown-facts-2018-10%3famp It appears so. Period pieces are always pricey. They didn't cheap out on talent. And the settings are opulent because they are the royals.


Laughs in Amazon’s LOTR… I wish that was the critically acclaimed bio of my life.


Would you be the gollum or the Aragorn of this bio? ;-)


No offense to mandalorian or wanda vision but queens gambit was amazing.


I love both Elizabeth Olsen and Anya Taylor Joy so either way I win and loose.


Is Mare of Easttown in the running? That was the best show I saw all year despite how hard I will stan for Wandavision.


Mare of Easttown was nominated for 16 Emmys, just two behind Queen’s Gambit. I’m rooting for Mare and The Crown for sure. Two of my favorite things on tv ever!


It’s not because people don’t love sci fi either, it’s just that a lot of sci-fi productions lately have been those really shitty kind that feel like old straight to vhs money laundering garbage that Bruce Willis and frank grillo seem to always be in


The Expanse has been running for 5 seasons and hasn’t gotten a single Emmy nomination. If a show of that quality can’t even pick up a nomination, I’m pretty sure the Emmys hate science fiction.


Lol the expanse was also cancelled and saved by fan petition. I love the show, and the books, and Thomas Jane definitely deserved an award, but it hasn’t always been the best acted show. Altered Carbon, on the other hand, was nominated twice.


With Wandavision, Disney has the bases history and scifi bases both covered


So far The Queen's Gambit is crushing it tonight. Disney has only won two so far (one for WandaVision and one for The Mandalorian). Let's see what happens tomorrow night. EDIT: The Mandalorion just won another one. EDIT 2: WandaVision won the final Emmy of the night. So Disney+ won 4 Emmys in total during night one.


Queen's Gambit was a very enjoyable show and deserves its accolades.


It feels like Schitt’s Creek and the Good Place all over again. I want all my favorites to win!


I wish that Emmy voters didn't just check all the "win" boxes for their favorite show in a row like they seem to do. Those sweeps make it a boring show. And as a huge fan of The Good Place, it's bullshit that it didn't even win one Emmy.


I can't believe The Good Place didn't win a single Emmy.


Obligatory reminder that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for his leading role on the Office. Meanwhile, Jim Parsons has FOUR for Big Bang Theory. The Emmys are a complete fucking joke.


We really live in a world where William Jackson Harper has less Emmys than Sheldon Cooper guy.


Not to forget Bob Odenkirk has 0 for better call saul


And Rhea Seehorn has never even been nominated!


You literally only had to say that TBBT has 4+ emmys and I’ll never consider it in the pros column again


Darcy was robbed


Proof that the Emmys are dumb as fuck and no one should pay any attention to them.


Set design deserved for sure.


Netflix crushed it, not Disney.


Ted Lasso will also clean up the comedy section.


We can actually say that Scarlet Witch costume is award winning now. It’s perfect


Of all the awards Marvel could have won for this show, wardrobe is definitely one of the most well-deserved.


No because they won the Emmy for the first episode, not the finale.


> The Disney Plus limited series that centers on Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) picked up its first Emmy at the Creative Arts ceremony on Saturday for outstanding production design for a narrative program (half-hour). > “WandaVision” was nominated for 23 Emmys overall this year, the most for any limited series. Other Creative Arts categories in which the show saw attention are limited series/TV movie casting, fantasy/sci-fi costumes, period and/or character (non-prosthetic) makeup, period and/or character hairstyling, main title design, main title theme music, music supervision, original music and lyrics, limited series/TV movie/special music composition, limited series/TV movie single-camera picture editing, limited series/TV movie/special sound editing, limited series/TV movie/special sound mixing and series or movie special visual effects. Going to be a fun Emmy’s for Marvel this year, and then they’ll have Loki for next year as well. Might as well reserve those seats for 2022 as well.


Loki isn't quite the narrative achievement that Wandavision is but it should get solid production design and effects noms. Music as well, a stellar soundtrack


I can't see Loki getting anywhere near the accolades of WandaVision. On top of having a cohesive and interesting plot, WandaVision was also an exploration into a history of SitComs with unique costumes and plot mechanisms for every single episode (based on what they're copying). Loki was good.... but most of the sets and costumes were done via CGI.


> “WandaVision” was nominated for 23 Emmys overall this year, the most for any limited series ever? or just this year? i haven't seen it but do people who have think it deserves that kind of title? my passing knowledge seems to suggest it was slightly better than what you'd expect from standard marvel but nothing amazing. edit: apparently i typed with my eyes closed


Production design wise? Sure. Narratively, it suffers from the Marvel-isms that we've come to know - especially when the focus shifts to anything real world (like the S.W.O.R.D investigation). But inside the town, it's a really unique homage to past sitcoms. It seemed like they really cared about being faithful to the times from the set design to the costume design and even the camera setup and color grading.


Marvel nut here so I'm a bit biased, but I do honestly think that everything was top notch and the plot was unique in that it allowed them to tackle so much and do a lot of different things within nine episodes. It's a unique experience even taken outside the context of the MCU and a really enjoyable experience overall imo.


Marvel semi-nut here, and WV's only disappointment was the ending - standard fisticuffs skinned with magic, and I really hate that the show trivializes what Wanda did to the city's inhabitants.


> show trivializes what Wanda did to the city's inhabitants Did they tho? I felt like they made it extremely obvious how painful the experience is for those people.


I don't think it did. Idk anyone who walked away from the show thinking she's still a hero. Maybe you missed it, but this was the process of her becoming the scarlet witch and she's definitely more villain like than anything. It's why Vision couldn't just go along with her anymore.


meanwhile Legion(FX) with no Emmy at all...


Shit got weird


*got* weird? We watched the first maybe 6 episodes and gave up because we were so many levels deep of, "so is this real or was the last reality real, or wait, maybe this next one, and hold on, there's now some ugly guy draining his powers, is that real? Fuck it, I quit." If it got weirder than that....damn.


Musical numbers


Yeah, I had about the same experience. I love a complicated show as much as the next guy. Dark is one of my all time favourites, but it felt like they went overboard with Legion, to the point where I didn't really get what was happening and lost interest.


I mean maybe it’s just not a show for you.


A lot actually gets explained in the 7th episode lol.


I watched the first 2 seasons and stopped then. Reviews for the third and final season don't seem great, and I wasn't able to appreciate the first 2 seasons that much :/


That show was the most pretentious shit I've seen.


My favorite show of all time. I think it's partly why I didn't like WandaVision as much.


Liked the show for the most part. The sitcoms episodes were by far my favorites. That being said, I hope that they plan to address Wandas actions because the whole “muh grief” message at the end was kinda weird. She fucking enslaved people.


I mean they’re definitely going to paint her as a villain going forward. At least as a catalyst for a bigger story arc or something. But she’s very much the tortured character who is too powerful and needs to be “neutralized” because they can’t control their emotions. Someone is going to go too far trying to control her. And she’s going to freak out and turn. Basically Jean Grey in X-men movies.


That or they are going to use her to flip the MCU upside down in a "No More Mutants!" style event, which could be even bigger than using her as the MCU's Phoenix.


That's what I've been thinking, but instead of "no more mutants", it'll be something like' "more 'miracles'", then you'll have the mutants.


Yea, whatever is going to happen, I think she's going to be the catalyst for a major change near the end of Phase 4 or in Phase 5.


Magneto will definitely be interesting since as other people have pointed out, making him a Jewish Holocaust survivor would make him 90+ years old. Will they go with the classic magneto or adjust his timeline and change his genocide, or maybe even change his trauma alogther. Also will his relationship with Wanda be comic-like or different?




*squidward doing situps* Multiverse... Multiverse...


There’s, sadly, no shortage of horrific acts of historical evil that could serve as a new origin for Erik. Updating the character to more recent events is not a bad idea.


I don't know what kind of plans they have for the Xmen but I feel like they could maybe even get away with just not really going into his backstory, or at the very least just not having him be a holocaust survivor.


What if everything we've seen in the MCU thusfar is actually Wanda's revision? In some future movie we find out that Wanda *did* get rid of all the mutants, and that is the reality we have been watching. So then all you need to do is somehow "bring them back".


That is actually, **very** cool to me, but that would require the movie audience to know what House of M even is. Still, with Wanda seeing her "comic-self" or whatever as other people theorize when exposed to the mind stone, maybe they could do a quick recap of M and go from there. Dang, that is a cool idea.


"No. More mutants."


Fuck, now I want to watch the Phoenix fight the Scarlet Witch.


5 more years bb


thEy’Ll nEvEr KnOw wHat yOu SaCriFiCed


Gosh that line was so fucking cringe


There was a lot about the show that doesnt really fit that well together, i mean what exactly did agatha do for example?


Yeah it doesn’t make sense that she just gets away with enslaving people. The message was basically “it was ok because I was sad” Like, ok. I get you were sad. But you don’t just get a pass . You ruined people’s lives. Permanently scarred them. I can understand the ending if she had to fight to escape, and basically become a villain of sorts.


The show ending with Wanda not suffering consequences wasn't a pass, the story isn't over. It's pretty clear at the end she's gone off the deep end and power tripping.


The problem is that ‘they’ll never know what you sacrificed for them’ makes her seem more like the victim. The writers are trying to minimize her actions because it’s a Disney show and we can’t have evil ‘hero’ characters who do fucked up things as the leads because it’s Disney


Wanda can be both victim and villain. It needn’t be a binary.


I don't think Disney believes this well enough. See Kylo Ren.


Thats a character whose lost the most important person to her consoling somebody who sacrificed her husband and children. Plus they initial action itself was involuntary.


And it’s a poorly written line that tries to depict Wanda as being ‘misunderstood’ by the very people she victimized. It’s meant to make you feel empathy for someone that mind raped an entire town for god knows how long, and is literally blaming the victims of her horrific act for not being able to ‘understand’ The ‘meaning’ behind it doesn’t change how illogical it is and how it should’ve been left on the cutting room floor during editing.




Yeah it is clear she didn't just get away with it. They are setting up movies and other shows to continue her story.


Agreed. Also what consequences could she have even suffered? Internally, she went through hell having to essentially kill her husband *again*, and her kids, but externally, it's not like she could be locked up or anything lol


I see her as a villain. Monica shouldn't be giving her a pass, but it seems the rest of the world didn't forgive her. She went into hiding to study dark magic after all.


I must have missed the part where she hugged all the people from the town and they said "NBD you were sad"


I have the same issue with Sandman in Spider-Man 2. Ok, Peter forgave you for killing his uncle. But you still tried to rob an armored truck, endangered countless lives, co-conspired helding a hostage, was partly the reason why uncle Ben died, and he also escaped from prison. No, having a sick daughter does not give you a free pass from your crimes.


Marvel comics has a long history of the main villain being the heroes themselves. Villains and good guys have heel and face turns frequently. On the one hand, it makes them less one dimensional, on the other, letting Magneto become a teacher is kind of messed up when you think about it. Then again...what else are you going to do? Kill them? Put them in super jail (which usually isn't enough to hold them)?


I don't know if you've seen the latest 'What If?' episode but morally grey is kinda Vision/Wanda's thing with what Vision did for Wanda... They just kinda 'forgave' or at least let it slide what Vision did to T'challa as well...


I don't think they forgive him so much as there's really very little chance for them to address it fully. [spoiler](#s "The moment when its revealed what Vision has done and when they need to flee from the camp from zombie Wanda is only a couple minutes, and that's right after Okoye literally attempts to kill him for what he's done.")


My opinion but I thought it started very strong and unique and very quickly devolved into a very boring and predictable storyline.




How about that great message at the end? Sure Wanda may have enslaved a town and tortured it... but it's sad that they'll never know what she did for them. WTF was that? I sure as hell would wanna forget living in some mad woman's insane dream. Randal Park was the only good person doing their duty, to hell with everyone else.


The show was brilliant until the 4th episode where the mystery was mostly gone and everything had to be spelled out in typical Marvel fashion.




I’ll be brief - I thought Agatha’s involvement completely ruined the story at that point. God forbid we have a female superhero who suffers a psychotic break (understandable considering what she’s been through) and performs a villainous act, yet remains a sympathetic character. How does it get resolved? Oh it’s okay, we’ll have an outside force pulling the strings. Bullshit. Once Agatha was revealed, it just deflated all the goodwill and intrigue the show had going for it up to that point.


The decision to pitch a plot twist *directly* into a full flashback episode beggared belief, and the Agatha reveal wasn't them getting on top of corny TV tropes, but just shamelessly using it to move their mediocre plot forward. It was also unfortunate because the rumor mill of Mephisto being involved was massively more interesting than anything that the show was actually doing. The first 2-3 episodes were incredible, not only by far the best shot but alive with mystery, they captured the rare feeling of a great TV show where you want to tune in and see what happens next. Then it turned out that all their ambitions were formulaic and whatever twists or turns the narrative took all served to reinforce that literally everything was about Wanda. It feels like someone had some truly beautiful, creative ambition to launch the show but then the rest was filled in by committee on what would be the most product-friendly, generic story we can tell. In some ways it was a relief, because if it was a good season I would still feel like I have to care about the MCU, and now I really don't.


I actually thought for a while that Agatha was also a creation of Wanda's because it's just *too convenient* for her to show up how and when she does. I thought it was one more ploy to distract from her trauma that would get unravelled, but when she confirmed she was just a random enemy, I was really let down.


One of the things that bothered me the most was the fact that Agatha barely even did anything. She did that "it was me all along" musical number but then they revealed after that most of it was still Wanda anyways.


IMO “predictable” doesn’t mean bad. It means everything was set up well so the conclusion followed where the clues were leading.


> IMO “predictable” doesn’t mean bad. I agree it doesn't mean bad... but I also disagree it means something good. Then again a critique doesn't need to be binary (good vs bad) in its nature. It fits besides words such as unoriginal, lazy, cliche which themselves also don't mean 'bad'. But do mean a story lacked uniqueness that make it special, interesting or stand out. That it could easily be replicated because it was replicating something that's regularly done.


I love this show except the ending. Very fun and creative but also heartbreaking.


“What are Emmy nominations, if not excellence persevering”


I know a lot of people on this subreddit hate wandavision and especially the ending and consider wanda irredeemably evil while I have my issues with the ending and parts of the show in general I overall loved it Wanda is probably one my favourite charcaters in the mcu and I hope she eventually gets her own trilogy one day. I think especially on the production of the show a lot of awards are deserved even if there were probably better shows Not here to debate people who didn't like the show its perfectly fine if you did and I'm sure you have plenty of valid arguments I just want to say i unambiguously liked it and am happy for its success


Wanda’s arc reminds me of Joel in the last of us. Morally wrong, but I can’t say I wouldn’t make the same decisions


Pretty much describes comic Wanda as well. They’re both complicated as characters - more grey than outright good or evil.


I personally think it's good that Marvel is moving towards more grey characters. They make for better stories.


Marvel in the comics has a long history of that. All the villains get face turns (we've already seen that onscreen with Loki and in Fox's last X-Men movie with Magneto). And many of the heroes turn heel, at least for awhile. Remember Wolverine was introduced as a villain to antagonize the Hulk (who himself could be considered a villain at times, or at least has done incredible damage).


When it comes to the Hulk i feel like MCU dropped the ball a bit with him and the entire Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde struggle. I know they resolved the problem in the movies plot wise, but it feels like it takes more from the character than actually develop him, also the split persona is supposed to be a constant burden for Banner.


Yeah, there is definitely untapped stuff with the Hulk. We saw maybe a little of that in Age of Ultron and more in Thor Ragnarok but it feels like the character has now progressed past that struggle and we didn't get to see the best parts of World War Hulk or anything.


I also think while I want to add I don't think everyone who dislikes wanda does this a lot of people put there own moral values onto charcaters like they have hard time liking charcaters who do bad things. Like if a charcater is not morally perfect they just evil I mean I've seen more people judge wanda than Tony and Bruce for creating ultron or even hulk for all the death and destruction theyve caused And just to be clear again you don't have to like wanda or think she is good im not trying to force my opinion on anyone but I do think people are viewing her with least charitable lense possible ignoring all the unambiguously good things she does and just describing her as an evil villain like she wasnt an avenger saving the world for years like she didn't play a major role against the fight against thanos And yes I acknowledge the line moncia said in the finale isn't the greatest but i think people focus so much on that and ignore all else


I feel like Monica’s line really irritated me because it treated me like I was an idiot. Only an idiot would take no issue with Monica’s totally insane conclusion. You can’t just get Wanda off the hook like that. Really felt like Disney just couldn’t lean into Wanda being responsible for horribly shitty things.


But she wasnt left off the hook everyone but Monica looked at her like a monster. She is on the run living in a remote location and omnious music was played in her final moments That said i dont think a single avenger has really paid a cost for doing bad things so it's not unique wanda


And that’s why Joel was a king. He made the choices that made no logical or moral sense, but made the most human sense.


I really think its the best game series of all time for only two games. The technical direction (insane optimization in graphics), design, writing, voice acting were all top of the list of anything made.




That line was sooo stupid, and I don't believe it was a character thing at all, there's nothing to analyse here, it was just stupid writing trying to be touching.


I have kids, and I'm 99% sure they're real. If somebody came to my house and showed me irrefutable proof my children were conjured up by magic, and that that magic was torturing my entire town, I'd still probably tell them to fuck off. Wanda had a full life and memories with these kids, as weird as it was, and they were real to her. She chose to give that up. That's what the line was referencing, and maybe it's something people without kids have a harder time understanding.




Dream logic only starts to fall apart when you stop dreaming.


People got that just fine - to use your scenario it would be the same situation, except you give up your kids, and then expect a pat on the back from your neighbour, whose kids you’ve had locked in your basement for a week whilst you tied them to a chair… The hex in Wandavision starts subconsciously, but part way through Wanda wills it to continue and becomes complicit in the crime


> The hex in Wandavision starts subconsciously, but part way through Wanda wills it to continue and becomes complicit in the crime Yeah and I'm saying that most parents would make the same choice. >and then expect a pat on the back from your neighbour, I never saw anyone patting her on the back.


nor did wanda expect them too she is very well aware how the entire town feels about her


Just because she created them with magic doesn't make them fake. They were clearly conscious beings who could think and feel, and she had to kill them to save the town.


I don't love that line either but it didn't take away from what I enjoyed i understand how it did for some though


Wandavision was my favorite because it was the most out of the box and adventurous with its medium. I really wish that the producers had more faith in the MCU audience and ran with the sitcom spoofs with minimal narrative about the outside world for 6 or 7 straight episodes. Seeing how the first 3 episodes were received by the audience, I would say that the premise is almost entirely wasted on those that were only watching for the mcu spectacle or mxu metanarrative.


I mean how much is it the producers have no faith in the audience and them having a specific vision in mind although I do agree wish the sitcom thing lasted longer honestly I wish it was 12 or 13 episodes


I dont know for sure why the show wa0s structured the way it was, but its fucking odd as hell that they were really strict with the sitcom gimmick for 3 episodes, did a reveal episode leas than halfway to the end of the series, half heartedly played into the gimmick for 3 more episodes, had a secondary reveal with a secondary antagonist, then had a classic mcu blowout with a dark foil of both maim characters. Even keeping all the plot elements intact, I would expect almost all 6 episodes of the sitcom to be played straight with increasing hints that something is wrong as the series progressed. Then you have a reveal episode (ep4) at around episode 6 or 7. Have the flashback episode to round out Wanda's history after that. Then resolve the plot issue between SWORD, Agatha, and the Hex at the last episode.


>I know a lot of people on this subreddit hate wandavision and especially the ending and consider wanda irredeemably evil It's not a lot of people. Most normal people (non-nerds) seem to like it pretty well. I just tagged a few people when noticed it was the same four or five people commenting on every thread shitting on WandaVision. It's really weird lol They are the ones trying to paint Wanda as irredeemably evil.


I'm not a huge fan of the superhero genre these days because everything is too predictable but I loved wandavision because it was different. Going into the show knowing nothing about the universe surrounding it there were so many moments where I had no clue where the story would go. Then the way they tied everything together was super satisfying.


I mean i dont disagree that people like falcon and winter soldier the least but virtually every thread with wandavision is about how medicore it is or something in that sphere Like sometimes i forget it was a well received popular show with how people talk about it I


It's the vocal minority. The people who hate it *really* hate it and want to make sure you know they hate it and how awful it is.


So first show, first Emmy? For a powerhouse Disney-backed studio with 20 years of experience churning out hit movies? That's not terribly surprising.


With Disney money to launch an expensive For Your Consideration campaign, what an underdog!


Normally no gives a shit about the creative Emmys here.


Well deserved. The costume designs were great. Especially in the Halloween episode


If Robert Lopez wins for writing the theme song or writing "Agatha All Along" (he's nominated twice), then it will be his first Primetime Emmy and third Emmy overall. He is already the only double EGOT winner ever and this will bring him 1 Oscar short of a triple EGOT. His wife and writing partner is nominated with him, this will be her first Emmy and she will be only a Tony Award from being an EGOT winner herself. She was already nominated for a Tony for Frozen.


People blow the ending out of proportion. Vision vs Vision ends up in a intelectual fight, and Wanda’s “energy blast” were a clever way to defeat Agatha. It’s not like they’re shooting energy at each other without purpose. The final scenes of Wanda saying goodbye to her family were also quiet nice. Yeah, she didn’t face consequences, but people act like SWORD or regular police officer are gonna be able to stop Wanda just by trying lol I do wish the final episode was a bit longer because it felt kinda rushed. But overall it was nice. Edit: everybody responding with the Monica line. Like Monica is allowed to be her own person lol and she understands Wanda’s grief, that’s a big part of the show. Also, one line doesn’t absolve Wanda, that’s why she runs away to middle of nowhere, she knows her actions were wrong lmao.


Thank you!!


> Yeah, she didn’t face consequences, but people act like SWORD or regular police officer are gonna be able to stop Wanda just by trying lol People also seem to confuse just because she didn't face consequences doesn't mean she will *never* face consequences. The show ends with her flying away as soon as the police show up, so it's not like everyone is just suddenly okay with what she did. This was clearly only part of Wanda's story and not the end of it, and I think people are being foolish if they think the events of the show aren't going to come up again in the future.


I think it is pretty overrated


It didn't feel overrated, more like it proved people were bored of the same old recipes and were excited for something new. I think it's success is warranted. The doesn't make it a masterpiece, but certainly credit is due for a well executed (for the most part), original idea.




This was a really good show. Can't wait to see how Scarlet Witch mixes in the overall universe and especially with being an Avenger. Plus the other Vision.


first marvel tv show did well. The later ones had time to work out more of the details. so there shouldnt be no hate on this show. well deserved enemy.


Rightfully so,


It’s just nice to see the good guys win.


Does regular people even care about the Emmy?


Why do people keep saying she never faced consequences? She literally ran away from Westview at the sound of police sirens and went off the grid at the end of the show. Of course she didn't face consequences.


I still think this shit is so stupid. I mean don’t get me wrong, Wanda vision had its moments but Legion absolutely blows it out of the water with It’s trip of mindbending set pieces and visually creative characters and action unlike anything in Wandavision. If you have time, check out Legion, you won’t be disappointed


I just went ahead a deleted what I said before because I’m getting some nasty PMs in my inbox. You all need to fucking relax. It’s a tv show. I forgot you can’t like anything the Reddit hive mind doesn’t like without getting shit for it. This sub is full of bullies. I’ll stay away from here in the future. You all are entitled to your opinions. To be clear, it wasn’t anyone from the comments below and I’ve already blocked the users I’m speaking of.


Agatha was *not* trying to make Wanda atone. Her whole motivation was to take the chaos magic from Wanda.


Yeah like she is an evil witch who has killed countless people in the search of more power


I don’t think you understand the complaints of the last episode, based on this comment. No one is complaining about Wanda getting away, they’re complaining about the ‘they’ll never know what you sacrificed for them’ line. You’re also forgetting the complaint that a unique, interesting, and different show turns into a generic CGI-fest people throwing lasers at one another. You’re also forgetting how generic the villain was and how she essentially just became ‘evil witch who wants power because she’s evil’. You’re also forgetting the fact that people complained that the secondary villain, Hayward, turns into a cartoonish evil asshole who kills kids. You’re also forgetting about the complaints that Vision is ‘dead but not really dead’, and that Wandas kids are ‘dead but not really dead’. Etc. Your post is a very simplistic view of people’s complaints. It’s not as simple as you’re making it out to be.


>Everyone gets mad about the ending of the show forgetting/not realizing that it’s a prelude to Multiverse of Madness. No... that's a problem. Ragnarok is a prelude, IW is a prelude... most of the MCU is just a prelude for the next thing. Most of the MCU, with the strange exceptions of WandaVision and Loki, do not feel unfinished.


Is it a popular opinion that Elizabeth looks really cute with this hair style?


Don’t surprise me. The show was genius and original . Performances were brilliant . It won’t be the last acclaims that show gets


Katherine Hahn was not the only actress nominated for supporting. So was Kat Dennings.


Kat Dennings? She was cool in the show but award worthy?