Did none of you see how Andrew left that house that their son lived in


I don't think he was living there like that. That was moveout mess.


No, I didn't. Got a link to pics?


You will have to watch the new episode of teen mom


Right!! Sad!


What do you mean?


She did all of this to herself… she is literally the problem. She’s not a victim.. she was the one running around with a machete.. she definitely should have never had any more children with anyone .. ever.. I feel bad for James his short little life has been so chaotic.


Same! I cannot fathom all the amber enablers online or in this sub. She lost Leah, she abused Gary on national television. Abused Andrew, neglected baby James and she’s still got a job with mtv. Makes sense why mtv is trying so hard to paint Andrew in a horrible light!


So does this mean that Amber hasn’t been able to talk on the phone or facetime with her son over the last few years? And she still skipped most of her visits????


She’ll neglect James just like she neglects Leah.


oh goody. since we know her slob ass is never getting off of the couch to go to cali, at least she can keep in touch to him like he’s an inmate in gel!


I refuse to believe Amber will ever fully change. I'm not even her children and I'm disappointed in her.


I am not a fan of her whatsoever, but these kids deserve their mom. She is TRYING! I can guarantee most of your parents didn’t and that’s why your panda trash internet bullies. Let her have her win 🥇


My parents didn’t have to “try” They weren’t psychotic, machete wielding, abusive parents.


She still has visitation and to me that doesn’t sound like a judge would allow that for someone who they are taking a machete to their kid. Come on. This kid is fucked either way and ya’ll judge mental as hell. You obviously don’t understand what kids go through. You assume your way is the only way and any other way is bullshit. Go worry about your own kids.


Wow. Struck a nerve? It’s not judging when it happened. The judge allowed this child to be moved across the entire country, for a reason. Andrew isn’t ideal either but the judge clearly made a decision against Amber here. And I don’t have kids.


It shows.


We only know what MTV wants us to know. Don’t even play that dude is going to be a good dad. Delusional.


Lol we’ve seen Amber herself be unstable live on IG, that’s not MTV


Seriously. For all of the flaws my parents have at least neither of them ever attempted to murder me or each other!


I feel sorry for her, in my opinion, I don’t think the judge should have let the dad move so far away. Can’t keep bringing up the past. Yes she’s been a horrible mother and person but to only be able to see your child through FaceTime is not a good thing ….In My Opinion


The post-move custody agreement actually gives her more time with him than she had previously


She has the means and time to fly out to see him a couple of times a month. And she was given overnights in California. She does have options.


She has the resources to travel to see him if she wants. The judge increased her parenting time when Andrew was given the go ahead to move. The only reason Andrew was given permission to move was because Amber was constantly ditching out of her scheduled visits. Why should Andrew be tethered to a woman who can't be bothered to show up for their son? If Amber only sees James through facetime it's purely because she's too damn self centered to get on a plane and see him in person, she has literally nothing else going on in her life that prevents her doing that


I said in my opinion….


Yes and this is a discussion forum, people are allowed to respond to your opinions with their own ....


Never said they couldn’t. This doesn’t look like a discussion it looks like a bashing


It's literally just information that has been released to the public through the court records. Andrew was given permission to move with James based on the fact that Amber wasn't keeping to her visitation schedule. It is what it is, we've seen Amber abuse both of her young children on film, we've seen her put herself first without exception, she has a well established history of violence against others and just last week she was publicly threatening violence against Ashley so it's not as if she's no longer a risk. This is serious stuff here, if you think it's "bashing" to talk about the facts of the situation then I don't know what to tell you 🤷 it's weird how nobody says David deserves to have his son in his life but Amber gets a free pass, why is that?


Didn’t never say she deserves a free pass, as for David, that swamp trash deserves nothing but a jail cell as well as his delusional wife. Everyone from teen mom gets bashed, in which I believe Delusionelle deserves it. I don’t comment much on these, just mainly read them, I am entitled to my own opinion as well as everyone else. Don’t like my comment just scroll past it, it’s that easy.


Like I said, this is a discussion forum and that's not how Reddit is meant to work 🤷


Well we’ll just agree to disagree, that’s all I have to say on this subject….


Probably never showed up to her scheduled visitation.


She missed several due to BS reasons..like..it was raining.


I thought when she did have visitation before she didn’t bother to show up?


This woman is no mother of any year but anyone who struggles with mental health and a string of shitty life choices knows how hard surviving each day is. I’m glad she got some good news and i hope she makes the most she can out of it. Fairly certain if any of us judging her were on tv for years discussing their personal issues, we wouldn’t be faring as well either. May she mature and grow a little more each year. Hoping for the best for Amber is not the same thing as hoping for the best for Casey Anthony or something. But snark away, I guess, since that’s what this forum is for, basically.


I agree. I wouldn’t ever wish someone to be miserable. Mental health is a damn struggle and I do hope she can find happiness. That being said, she is so unstable I don’t think children need to be in her presence. She doesn’t have a motherly personality, she’s like a big sister and can’t give a child what they need in so many ways. That’s a lot to handle of course but again that’s her own doing and she needs to just work on herself and be happy that her children are in good hands.


Amber is such a loser.


as much as I feel for a child that will most likely never have a conventional healthy relationship with their mother… I could care less about Amber being granted any time or rights towards her kids. she sucks, point blank period. that little boy probably doesn’t have a clue who she is when he sees or speaks to her on the phone, and that’s no fault but her own.


So does Andrew. He is just as bad as her


Yeah, except most children generally find FaceTiming and video chatting to be super annoying. They don’t want to be forced to sit still and engage in random conversations for hours on end. They want to be playing and socializing in an authentic way. Maybe 5-10 minutes at a time max but anything over that isn’t really developmentally appropriate for a little kid. Maybe when he’s older?


Lmao like Amber would spend over 10 min on the phone w him anyway


Why does she always have that stank face on her? Like she just smelled a rotten egg


My wife says she looks like her face is so fat it’s trying to swallow her eyes.


She could of caught a reflection of herself in the mirror




She will if MTV sets it up and Pays for her to do it


I wouldn't be surprised just so they can film it.


Amber deserves no wins. She is trash.


She won’t utilize it for very long.


Great, the judge gave her more access but will Amber even take advantage of it….. I doubt it


She is just in this for the court battle.