My husband's apartment burned down when he was younger because a big group of people lit a BONFIRE ON THE SECOND FLOOR BALCONY! They got scared and left without calling 911 or pulling the fire alarm! Whole place burned down. My husband lost all his belongings because of inconsiderate, self centered imbecils!


When I was a kid, we had a neighbor girl across the street, who was maybe 11 or 12, burn down half her house from leaving a candle lit IN HER CLOSET. She and her mom came running over at 9 pm screaming and my dad called the fire department (before cell phones). The firefighters really laid into them about how dangerous unattended candles were and never ever put them in a closet. They had to live in a hotel for months while their house was repaired. I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if I lived in an apartment and some dumbass neighbor displaced me for god know how long because they were too stupid to pay attention to their burning candles.


She's so lame!


I drove all the way back from work the other day and was late because I couldn’t stop thinking that I left the coffee table candle lit and I was going to burn the house down and kill my dogs. (I did not leave it burning, I’m just forgetful yet also paranoid)


I have a mini blink camera for my dog at home and it’s a lifesaver!


I thought she had a house


For someone who acts like a baller, surprised she is in an apartment


Look up “dumb”, “idiot” and “brainless” in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Farrah as she IS the definition of those words 🤯




That Sophia subscribe group is really creepy I’m shocked Farrah sunk that low… disgusting


Weren’t the peacocks on that patio too? 🤔


She was forced to get rid of them. Not allowed in the apartment.


But they’re therapy peacocks! 🦚🦚🦚




That’s wild because she shared vids of Sophia sleeping right next to a lit candle. People warned her this ain’t safe. Lucky neither of them were hurt.


I'm an Austinite, and I can't find any information about this. Not even the AFD has a report about it. An apartment complex burned down from a possible candle in August, but those weren't luxury apartments. I'm so curious as to where she lives. I wanna know if she's my neighbor. Edit: nevermind. Found them!


Oh! Can you share the deets? My parents are in Austin and I’m there a lot!


Is it luxury lol


Honestly, in Austin, “luxury” is subjective. I’m m from Houston originally and I’ve watched Austin real estate for the past 15 or so years and it’s becoming impossible to get affordable housing there.


Can confirm, Houstonian here and my husband and I always wanted to move to Austin, career wise it never worked out and looking at the housing market now it’s insane.


How do candles just light things on fire? I doubt it just fell over? And she probably didn't have anything hanging over it?


I once left a cheap candle burning on my dresser for a few hours (maybe 2-3 hours) and the glass got so hot it shattered and poured hot wax all over everything. Thankfully the flame went out but it could have been worse.


My mom bought one of those cheap candles from my school fundraiser when I was like 14, and when it got down to the last bit of the candle, the whole thing just *lit up*. Luckily my mom is a quick thinker and was able to extinguish it by simply putting the lid back on. We never burned candles after that lol


When they burn for a long time the flames can get crazy big and big flames get super hot. I’ve heard of the glass the candle is in shattering.


I know I'm mindlessly speculating but I can't help but think this is an insurance scam...


Nah. It was outside. The only exposure she had was to patio furniture—it couldn’t have been worth enough to make it worth it.


She made some attention... that's important to her as well


My firefighter dad says, “every time you light a candle, you are starting a fire in your house.”


I love lighting scented candles but I never leave them unattended. As in, I won’t even leave them lit if I’m chilling in the next room. They’re always on my desk or a table in front of me. Heard too many things about the glass containers exploding, flashbacks to those old “gel” candles where the whole thing would light up, plus I have pets. I can’t imagine a dog toy knocking one over or a cat waving her tail over it too close. Plus what’s the point if you’re not around to enjoy the vibe anyway?


Omg the gel candles! We had one turn into a giant fireball, it was a cheap one from a school fundraiser. Never had a candle after that! I have had them as an adult, but like you, never unattended.


good saying to think about! i never light candles. i drink a lot and am generally forgetful so i just simply do not trust myself. my husband got me some as gifts a few times and i had to ask him not to buy me anymore bc i will never use them. lol.


When I got homeowners insurance for the first time when I bought my house they said the claim they get the most is fired caused by candles. That day I threw them away except a couple. Not worth my life to have a candle burning and forget it or one of my cats walks over.


Wax warmers are better anyway!


do be aware that they can still catch fire when left on for too long. i know people that don’t turn theirs off *ever* and it scares me bc they seem safer but definitely should still be used cautiously


🤔 damn. *tosses candles*


Felt it was best after what my insurance company said.


She is lucky that no one got hurt. Also this is why I tell my boyfriend to blow our candles out.


I guess she can kiss her deposit goodbye


A few more only fans posts


She is lucky nobody got hurt


She’s lucky she didn’t *melt*