I think this might be why they split. She probably hid that mess from him and he saw it as a 🚩


I bet she was never able to purchase that washer and dryer set 😞


So much for that #generationalwealth!










FFS. How freaking hard is it to multiple a check by a percentage and just set that aside for tax season. These are grown women (and men), not children. There’s nobody to blame but their own ignorance.


I'm glad here in the UK that it's worked out for us via PAYE if employed. Unless you're self employed and then you have to do your own tax returns


Or there are even these crazy people you can pay pretty reasonable amounts to that will actually figure out all of this for you and set you up with a whole plan! For life, even, if you ask them to. Lol. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Zero excuses for this kind of crap from an adult raising three children, who has disposable income. Sorry. Have a good weekend 😊.


Well usually taxes for most people are pretty simple. You go anywhere with a W2 and files taxes. With these women, I can see where it is more difficult. They make decent money but it’s coming from multiple sources that I’m sure many are not tax deducted and they may even be 1099 on a lot of this and on other things being listed as owner/self employed is a different tax. Different forms of income will be taxed a different rates. If she owns any type of business, depending on her state, she may have 2 types of taxes to pay for that. They should hire professionals to keep their books for them, but I can definitely empathize with young and new money people messing up taxes.


Maybe she can get a loan from Germy


By the time this series comes to an end I wonder what the collective debt of these cast members who make almost half a mil each year from this show will be. Like. Imagine making that kind of money and still landing yourself in crippling debt. It's crazy.


This tax lien wasn’t a result of the recent split. Girl needs a CPA before another boyfriend.


They are always with multiple cars and homes. Always moving


Not shocked


Eeek. Can’t leave the show now. Hope it all works out for her.


Here comes an onlyfans!!!!!!


Maybe she could sell foot pics like Charlie’s wife on 90 day fiance


That’s boring. Do the xxx stuff like the fans want 😂😂😂


I’d subscribed to Leah’s Tax Money fundraiser lol


Tits for taxes!


If she’s anything like ray i definitely will. Hope she knows she has to pay taxes on onlyfans too tho 😂😂😂😂 She could pay that $450k in less then a month if she hustled tho


They make enough cash why the fuck are cast members always needed to pay taxes? Anyone know??


It's the way their contracts are set up. They aren't employed by MTV, but are signed as individual/private contractors and their earnings aren't taxed before they get them. It's up to them to handle how their taxes are dealt with. It would make sense in the beginning for the girls to not really understand what they were doing and end up owing a few thousand, but they've been in this for almost 15 years now and there's really no excuse for it at this point. What make it worse is that they make so much now and as a result, owe much more back.


Exactly!! That’s why I’m always so fucking floored when I hear what they owe, also we all know how Leah is with money, I haven’t watched them in a while but I remember Jeremy bitching about it back in the day


Completely agree except I’ll clarify wording on one thing. Their earnings do not have taxes withheld, but they are taxable. It sounds like you understand that, but I just want to clarify for anyone reading. :)


Yes! Sorry if I confused anyone. The girls taxes are not withheld at the time of payment, they are responsible for putting money away for when they file.


The need to have a decent accountant and financial planner. Professionals need to set them up to pay early instead of waiting until later when all the money is tied up in other things like houses, cars, vacations, businesses and friends and family with their hands out constantly


Most likely they are idiots and don’t know how taxes work.


Nah I agree with you that they are idiots but I’m sure everyone learned a hard lesson from Mike the Situation from JS and are all well aware of taxes and consequences!


Mike "the Situation" is the most stupid and cringe name


Stupid but it's made him buku buks and still does. He just had his previous possessions taken away before he went to prison, so right now it doesn't seem like he has as much as before. I'd love to have his house though lol


I don’t disagree with you but that’s how people know him, Sorrentino doesn’t even sound right lol


I’m not surprised and to learn C&T have similar issue… MTV probably doesn’t equip them with financial intelligence. To me most seem like they come from families that may not have a lot of money so throw whatever salaries they’re getting how do they know how to manage sudden wealth. If they are wealthy…


Maci has also owed quite a bit before too.


I don’t think it’s MTVs job to teach them financial responsibility. I completely agree that it stems from how they were raised, but they have to teach themselves.


I dunno man. When you contract out children, I think part of your obligation to them is at least telling them they have to save x% of their money for taxes.


💯it’s not on MTV but they probably have no idea how to manage money let alone real estate, taxes…


Did she sell her home?


That’s what I’m wondering. Because if she did, that should have shown up when they did the title search and they would have either had to pay it through the proceeds (and I doubt her home would have sold for enough to clear it) or they would have had to get the IRS to at the very least relase the lien from that property in order to give the buyer clean title. And getting the feds to agree to that is no easy feat, and takes months to process. And if the buyer had a loan, they for sure had to have it taken care of somehow, because no lender is going to be ok lending on a property that has a Federal tax lien for more than (proably way more) than the home. So either she didn’t sell it, or a title co somewhere (or abstractor) missed a huge ass cloud on title. Same with the state tax lien, but that ones newer, so it’s possible it wasn’t of record yet when/if she sold, so it wouldn’t attach. Source: I’ve dealt with this kind of stuff nationwide 40+ hours a week for 10+years


Just read an article that is the reason the house was in Jaylan's name only....bc of her tax situation. But he signed it over to her if she agreed to sign an NDA not disclosing the reason(s) behind their breakup. 👀 https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2022/11/02/exclusive-more-details-about-the-breakup-of-teen-mom-star-leah-messer-plus-how-she-was-able-to-stay-in-the-home-she-once-shared-with-jaylan/


I used to be an LP, was coming here to say the same thing!


We all saw this coming from a mile away.


C+T have IRS issues too, no?


I think quite a few of these cast members have issues with them.


Could solve the mystery of why the house was in his name only.