I can't believe there are sane 13 year olds. My cousin could learn to be less of a sassy bitch =^=


last time i checked i was pretty sane for the most part i think


Please save your generation from a failed attempt to a life *shivering*


Tbh when I was 13 I spent all of my free time on Minecraft


As you should


Is Far Cry 6 suitable? Just started playing it


Same, but it was ARK: Survival Evolved for me


The Warriors for me, and some mobile games.


This is the way


For me it was Wizards 101


ok easy so i just kill the bad people aight thats gonna take some skill though


i have (nearly) infinite brain power i will help save OUR generation


And quite a lot of time


Nice username. Also please do


Hey I know you


Hey I know you too


We should stay sane so we can keep the others sane, as a 14 y.o I will never let anyone I know turn into a no brainer Twitter user. This is our mission and we shall succeed


im a sane one


me either...glad you exist


Thank god my birthday happened


Oh, you should have seen my friends cousin, she's about 11 years old and she's one of the worst types of people.


Same costumes my brutha


I turned 13 right when covid started in april 2020 and i don’t think i was that bad


*me being a 16 year old seeing people same of my age having sex, doing drugs, going out, and here I am asking my mother can I get ₹10 for a refill lol*


My class mates already smoke and do weed (Weed is illegal here) and one even seels and buys weed... They even laughed at me cuz I didn't get drunk on new year's eve...


Wtf, I don't drink and anyone laughed at me for it If you don't want to drink you shouldn't feel ashamed for it


Well I am not but still feels wierd... They're 14... And have a drinking, smoking and drug addiction... Plus I have a theory someone has sex in our class (15 but still fucking wierd)


Yeah, the good part is that or they will quit this before it getting a crippling addiction, or will just need to fight a lot to get out of it And having sex early is always dangerous as fuck, not only for the obvious reasons of getting ( or getting someone ) pregnant/STDs, but getting groomed by other people, sadly, when we're young as we still are we don't have the wisdom to see clearly this things, you look to have some at least


Everyone tells me it's gonna get better from highschool, but seeing how my generation is at this point in time I very doubt it


Just wait for the next election. We are legit putting this world into the hands of individuals who think with their hearts and merely, “don’t have an opinion.” I’m so scared y’all.


Idk about hs, but I hear that after college people calm down


well eventually they\`ll learn they don\`t like getting raped or killed in their sleep i just hope it doesn\`t come to that


My theory is that the girl is doing it on puprose but I could be very wrong (and I PRAY TO GOD I'M WRONG)


Idk I hate the fact that 14 year old kids they’re still kids this’ll just ruin their lives


Let's be honest hers our generation is so f-ed up these days that's the reason why they called us gen z


Yes I’ll go on a journey to cleanse this planet of the weak would I say weak sure why not


Sometimes I wonder where weed is legal, and then i remember colorado- ​ ​ Also, where I'm from, you can have medical majuana- (MY SPELLING BROo-)


I had two classmates when I was 13-14 that did that and were very open about it. I'm surprised the teachers didn't report them, one of them wasn't even meant to be in our class.


I'm not scared to do any of that stuff but I kinda like just being a teenager for a little while ;-;


I want to have sex but not without consent, just wanna give drugs a try to see what they do for 'scientific' purposes, want to stay out late to experience what it's like yk?


Yeah, that's agreeable. I'd do it carefully cause ya know, don't wanna be a felon.


Yah me too.....but I think I'll give doing drugs a pass


based teenager


You wanna try drugs?






as i said, based af stay safe


I feel like doing drugs would be a thing I'd like to try at least once, just to see what it feels like.


I’m 19. Want an honest recommendation? Avoid that stuff until college.


or just avoid drugs forever


doing drugs is not cool though


*me being 20, same thing*


Cheer up dude you are 1 year away from being able to consume alcohol legally.


*french noises*


\*laughs in Australian\*


bhai u indian, difference hai sadly


I'm dumb is that kroner?


No its [[KROMER]]


I feel you.


Listen I'm 18 I was literally in the same boat as you, shit still mostly am. Moral of the story is do what you want to do. Have fun, enjoy your life hang out with friends. In the end it's about enjoying the time that you had, but if you like having sex and doing drugs then I cant blame you lmak


I would not mind any of that next year


don't do the sex and drugs, it's not worth the risk. You getting a girl preggo even with a condom, and you becoming a drugg addict. It's not worth it. . You can go out, to like mcdonalds.


Wtf is rapesexual


Rapesexual refers to any person sexually attracted to involuntary sex/sexual partners (on the giving side) Officially discovered on the 18th of April 2021, this controversial sexual preference has had trouble in its inauguration to the LGBT+ community but progress is being made by activists to promote the rapesexual equality cause. Synonyms include: Rapist, predator, molester, rapper Bill Cosby: Hey guys I'm rapesexual, wanna do the mexican backflip? Anny Won: No man wtf go die in a hole I'm watching Avatar the Last Airbender Bill Cosby: Too bad


Thia makes me relate to Ultron on a deep spiritual level


Humanity was a mistake.


Our generation is a failure. I pity our ancestors for seeing us become like this and I pity our descendants for the shit they have to deal with that was mostly our fault


This is not entirely true. As though yes it appears that half our generation is brain dead remember these are the ones we see most though our media. If only see stupidity then only think bad of the rest. The rest of our generation will is not dumb we just down see much of them.


Genuinely one of the best comments I have seen on this sub


I didn't get it


Ultron is AI in MCU created by Tony Stark (aka Ironman) that saw the internet and decided to off the humanity by lifting an entire city and using it as makeshift meteor to achieve it's goal.


Don't forget the what if where he got the infinity gauntlet and decided he wanted to off the entire multiverse.


chad ultron


Thanks! Can't see it, but I appreciate it!


People need to realize that fetishes, kinks and specific people aren't sexualities.


Isn't that just like sadism ?


I was just thinking that, sounds like BDSM/rapeplay but with extra steps


I am murdersexual


Somehow better




isnt that just proactive necrophilia


See, the problem here is that you're saying it as though Rapesexual is actually a thing. Like people actually identify as it. Nobody actually identifies as it. Even if there were a community of rapists who did it so much to qualify a label like that, no fucking way they would try to get into LGBT. That's a great way to get arrested. It's a bunch of trolls trying to make LGBT look bad. Think about it from a right wing perspective: LGBT is full of mentally ill people to the point they're starting to include rapists. That's what these trolls want others to think.


it is NOT part of the LGBT community.


As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know for sure that this will not become a thing. Pedos and zoophiles are trying to barge their way into the community and the haven't succeeded, and rapists won't either. LGBTQ+ isn't about molesting people/animals, it's about consented love to other human beings.


so basically someone with rape fetishes


A rape fetish isn’t a sexuality.


Rapesexualty shares its birthday with me, thank you, Twitter...


Let's just make up stuff to smear LGBT people and get outrage upvotes.


This is not a part of the LGBT+ community, who the fuck would want to give rights and be supportive to rapist


I'm dumb does rapesexual mean you want to be raped or does it mean you want to rape?


It means the individual in question wants to rape people


That's fucked


how can you want to be raped? Isn't rape by definition something you don't want?


Someone could have the fantasy of rape but if someone non consensualy forces them to have sex with them that's still rape




What if your like the opposite of this where your just submissive and breedable


So in other words, they're a total piece of shit?


No, they are in no way a POS. They are criminals and douchebags and pieces of bullshit, not regular shit.




>Synonyms include: Rapist, predator, molester, rapper Dude... RAPPER? What are their lyrics like? "Yeah, I fucked her in the ass tho she only 13. The cops are on me, it was worth it cuz the secs was bussin."


raping vs rapping happens way too commonly


Ones a form of music- the other is a felony


It's not that hard, unless you're not that smart


I don't doubt that we have someone calling themselves molester




you know






r/Teenagers doing the "try to spot the obvious satire challenge" (impossible)


(sort by controversial)


As a member of the LGBT community, like an actual member, they make us look bad too and it's not fair


Same, trans and homoflexible, they make us look like a joke.


What is homoflexible


Like bisexual but the ratio is really unbalanced. Like, I'm 99% into guys 1% into girls. My gf is the only girl I've been into. Basically gay with a near impossible chance to be into the opposite gender.


Not to be rude just purely curious but isn't that still just being bisexual? like I'm straight but that doesn't mean I'm into every girl I see.


Bi is an umbrella term. Attracted to two or more genders, not necessarily equally.


What’s the point? That’s just bisexual.


see, you may not get this op, but the sentiment you express in your post is the exact same that ppl will use to invalidate your identity as well. obviously ppl have a hard time understanding all the weird xenogenders and neopronouns that come from people in our age group, and clearly some are not valid or are problematic. but dismissing certain young queer ppl as embarrassing and attention-seeking, makes it a lot easier for others to justify dismissing all young queer ppl as attention-seeking. in this thread ppl are doing the same to the way you identify because they find it weird and distasteful. your frustration is understandable, but it's important to realize that these reactionary attitudes don't make our communities better and only justifies ppls attitudes towards all other queer ppl.


I agree with you as well. Like sometimes people genuinely identify with these things and sometimes they're just attention seeking or whatever but you never know so I guess the only thing you can do is take their word for it. But people focus on these absurd genders like "dreamgender" and assume all of the community is like that and use it as an excuse to make hilarious attack helicopter jokes


exactly. I thinks it's also important to note that a lot of older trans ppl describe having similar experiences during their teenage years where they identify with these wacky subversive genders as a way of experimenting with their gender identity and expression. obviously most of them grew out of that phase, but I think most would agree that it was an important period in forming their identity. regardless of how cringey it was. but if everyone is telling this young queer person they are stupid, attention-seeking, and fake LGBTQ , they won't feel comfortable in the community and will be afraid to express themself in the future. that's why I think it's important that we don't ostracize ppl who identify as cloudgender or dreamgender or whatever, regardless of how valid you believe these identities are. they're still people who deserve a place to express themselves.


Persons also fail to realise they are exploring, they may eventually identify differently when they become older. Also I have never seen someone who used emoji pronouns be angry with people for using a common pronoun set such as fae/faer or they/them in reference to them. I used to use emoji pronouns because it was fun but like others I had other sets.


exactly, most of these xenogenders are a way of experimenting with how they identify and how they express their gender. but people should feel comfortable in the queer community regardless of how they identify or our personal feelings on their identity. also, I was unaware of the emoji pronoun thing before this. it does sound quite fun :)


Its when you're gay but really fucking flexible




How does trans make the community look bad???


See, that's exactly the point. "Trans racial" and "Rapesexual" aren't and were never actual things, they're just trolls trying to make LGBT look bad. Emoji pronouns are just a joke, not even trolls, just bad jokes, and Dreamgender... ...Actually, that's probably a thing, knowing his fanbase. Still, it's probably 8 year olds who "identify" as Dreamgender.


As a member of the the human community, they make humanity in general look bad


agreed, they make people who come out to their parents, friends, etc. seem like they are confused or just trying to get attention when they are valid and an actual member of the LGBTQ+ community. overall, the lesbian does not approve


Oh jeez please tell me no one actually does this


dreamsexual is satire, trans racial is a thing transphobes made up to make fun of transgender people, rapesexual (if it’s a thing, i’ve never heard of it before) would never be accepted by anyone actually in the lgbt+ community, and i’ve never heard of emoji pronouns before, but that seems like some stupid people would do.


Even tho dreamsexual is satire, it’s still mocking gender identity and it really feels invalidating , at least to me :( It feels like the “i identity as an attack helicopter” thing


Completely off topic but I sent a meme to my friend hating the whole "I identify as an attack helicopter" thing and he blocked me :(


> trans racial is a thing transphobes made up to make fun of transgender people What fucking rock were you living under during that entire Oli London bullshit


i’ve never seen that before, maybe it was more famous in the UK. it’s surprising, though it makes sense that was an influencer who did it. transracial isn’t a thing and the only reason anyone would do it is for attention, and therefore money, since he’s an influencer.


out of the 7 billion people that live on earth, there’s always gonna be someone that does something, no matter how stupid it is. trans racial is not a fucking movement, it’s like 5 people max playing a joke on themselves without realizing it because they don’t have the mental capacity to think past slug level


oh no, dreamsexual is not satire, there are genuinely people out there who feel like they are sexually attracted to green mask man


Trans racial isn't a thing? We just gonna act like Oli London doesn't exist...


They do and it's insulting


Most of them are bait let's b real


Key word: most


i know for a fact that dreamsexual and transracial are satire. rapesexual is just rapists trying and failing to squeeze their way into the lgbt community, and i’ve never heard of emojis pronouns, so it might be real.


You're the most relatable 13yo I've ever seen


Kids like that are notorious for being trolls. They'll probably look back and cringe at that behavior. Also all the things that they identify as are very damaging to the LGBTQ communtity, it gives an air of illigitimacy in it. I hope if any of these kids are actually LGBTQ they find labels that fit them instead of that insanity.


Honestly. I want to go back and time to the cowboy era and stay there the rest of my life


I wanna be a caveman so all I'd need to know is unga bunga and how to make a hammer.


You no good cave man you use too big word use small word instead. You try, say “me want be cave man me only need know unga bunga and how make hammer” In all seriousness though as I was typing this the scene from the office where Kevin says why use big word when few word do trick came up and made it like 5 times funnier.


cavemen who made advanced technology so the human race could advance watching present day people identify as rapesexual & dreamgender




You have dysentery


My favorite kind


Y’all have gotta find another joke




Gender chaos


I am apart of the sane side of the lgbtq community they make us look like mentally deficient clowns


Me too


Yeah, just bc 10yo Timmy decided to identify as ✨dreamgender✨, everyone under the age of 14 who identifies as some other gender is now taken as a joke. And the worst part is, there are way too many Timmys


Show me one person genuinely identifying with rapesexual, go on


that is literally nobody dude


This seems like a bit of a strawman. I've never even met anyone who uses neopronouns, let alone anything you described. Don't believe everything people tell you on the internet, there's a lot of trolls. Also they are 13, give them time




I've met people who use neopronouns, and usually it's a pretty normal thing to them, nothing weird about it, I get it. Then we get to the Dreamgenders.


Yeah, stuff like e/eir xe/xer is fine. Then you get to the stupidity


There was this dude who was "trans korean" (wanted to be korean) and pronouns were "kor/ean." They got plastic surgery as well. There are some weird people out there.


Oh yeah, Ollie London, innit?


r/teenagers otw (on their way) to get mad at something literally nobody does to get free internet points (they are pro redditors)


Thx (thanks) for explaining the acronym


Yw (your whale cum) lol (laughing out loud)


usually I'm super against this sub because it's transphobic, homophobic, and honestly sometimes racist. But we don't want them either, so I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe this sub isn't absolutely awful, just has it's groups. And for anyone who's confused on the terms (which are not valid in the slightest): Trans racial: Changing one's own race R\*pesexual: Um.. attracted to r\*pe? I'm not sure the definition. Dreamgender: DSMP, using the youtuber "Dream" as your pronouns (I'm so tired of these stans..) Emoji Pronouns: Pronouns that are emojis, how do you use them irl? No idea. I definitely will support xe/xem but emojis aren't words.


my friend has re/tard in his bio 💀






So that's offensive to 2 groups!


*the human race is fucking doomed*


Dude, you are thirteen and are falling for bullshit All of those dreamgender or whatever accounts are utter bullshit and satire. Your inability to use common sense should not allow you to be an asshole. If you feel you are too young to understand this then don't get involved. Educate yourself or shut


It's a flin joke dude


A lot of these "identities" are made in bad faith to make LGBT people look worse, similar to the whole super straight thing. Also, I feel like emoji pronouns arent like... that bad. There's not really a difference between a smiley face and the word "zir", but I don't personally use them so I cant really speak on the topic.


Oh for the love of fuck. First MAP’s (pedos.) and now R*PISTS are trying to get into lgbtqia+? Come on folks. This is why we get a bad rep.




I honestly think their just looking at as someone who's a bit confused by all the terms that are satire. Their only 13 after all and probably don't fully understand it yet.


hey I think they're referring to the people who make fun of the lgbtq community by saying "Oh Im animesexual because if something as simple to understand as gay people existing then I should be able to be something silly" rather than talking about gender and sexuality labels that came to light in the last few years


i swear to god. The only valid thing is transracial, and not oily laundry kind of transracial (we are not talking about them), but the original uses of transracial, a kid of one race being adopted into a family of another


Honestly given that you're 13 I don't think it's a big surprise you're falling for that stuff. It's made to get a reaction out of you, and by reacting, you're doing what they want


as a trans queer person who uses neopronouns, I definently agree. all those identities are just made to make fun of LGBTQ people.


See, the thing about that is that all of these people aren't serious. Rapesexual is not an actual thing, but made to mock the LGBT community. Trans racial is just trolls, and emoji pronouns are just a joke. Dreamgender is probably a thing, but the people who "Identify" as Dreamgender are at least 5 years younger than 13.


Dreamsexual?? Rapesexual?? Pleaseeee 😭😭😭💀


first one is satire of dream stans and second is rapists trying to fake their way into the lgbt community, just like pedos did a while back


"And its just the beginning" Sun Tzu probably


trans racial is a real thing, but its not when a white girl decides shes black so she can say slurs and wear dreads. its when someone who is adopted by a family that is a different race than them (like a white family adopting a black kid). so sad to see how people have abused this term.


Im trans myself and I'm so tired of this shit. it makes the whole community look bad and people who actually need support and resources can't get it because of this bullshit


Straw man arguments A straw man argument is a misrepresentation of an opinion or viewpoint, designed to be as easy as possible to refute. I get that some people go a little over board but this is like the 0.01% of the 5-10%


Literally nobody unironically identifies with those terms. Like literally. It's all twitter and 4chan trolls


Ya it just makes us ACTUAL trans people have a bad rep


1. This has never happened 2. If so, it was a troll 3.this discredits true gay people




Well this Why I want to return to Africa.


Okay now you’re just making shit up for karma lmao go outside and let people live


twitter and reddit are the exact same site at this point


I’m 15 and was raised by my 50s generation grandparents and my mother with similar views so my outlook towards everything is this is all fucked