Kinda controversial but imma say it anyways, im fat as hell but “fatphobia” is bs and everyone should be encouraged to loose weight, who agrees.

Kinda controversial but imma say it anyways, im fat as hell but “fatphobia” is bs and everyone should be encouraged to loose weight, who agrees.


yeah but dont dig into the people who r trying to lose weight. their journey needs to be encouraged


Or people who are not trying to lose weight and are just minding their own business. Just don't dig people about it..


Or just dont dig at people at all, the best people are the ones that mind their own business and dont hate on others. Let natural selection do its job


"You judge the sawdust in your friends eye, but fail to see the plank in your own eye"


Where’s that quote from? Its pretty funny


The bible lol, Matthew 7 I believe


Fiction books have the best imagination


You've alerted the horde


Do not judge, or you too will be judged.(B) 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.(C) 3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.


I need to read bible quotes about 7 times to understand them and even them im pretty certain i get it wrong xD


Yeah I agree with you, being obese is not healthy and shouldn’t be Encourage at all, but if you’re an ass to someone just because they’re fat, still makes you an ass tho.


Yo you explained it perfectly


While I do agree that fatphobia is bullshit and that all overweight people should be encouraged to lose weight; there is one very important distinction to make. If you’re already a healthy weight you absolutely shouldn’t lose more weight to look more attractive or something, anorexia is fucked up and surprisingly easy to fall into.




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But anorexia goes highly undiagnosed in people with higher BMIs. They are as at-risk for an eating disorder as anyone else is, and it’s been proven that attempts at dieting can cause weight-cycling which causes more weight gain in the end. Edit: When I said BMI, I didn’t mean to start a discussion on the use of BMI. What I should’ve said is fat bodies. Anorexia goes highly undiagnosed in fat bodies. Eating disorders can happen at any size/weight, they don’t discriminate. It’s unfortunate as a society that we don’t recognize that everyone is at risk for that.


What isn’t taken into account is that BMIs don’t measure body fat percentage, which is the only thing that matters when it comes to health(relative to muscle percentage). A 220lb 5’10 bodybuilder would be considered obese by the BMI standards, when he is obviously not. Thus BMIs should never be taken as a metric when talking about in reference to studies.


Worth noting being overweight can be pretty unhealthy even if it's muscle. If you follow bodybuilding any length of time you'll see that old bodybuilders are usually broken down wrecks, and bodybuilders die young a lot. Mind you, I don't think you can naturally build a physique of pure muscle that's unhealthy that way. Steroids play a substantial role.


Yeah but the vast majority of humanity fits into it so the criticism is unwarranted. Bodybuilders dont have a use for the BMI anyway.


The anorexia bundle is the worst deal in the game lol. Its just portable Africa.


What do you mean portable Africa? I am South African and still fat..../j


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If being an ass to someone who is fat, while being fat …. Does it make you a fat ass ???


My guy Asking the real questions here


Hahahaha you already know ! Give the people the answer they deserve !


To add: please don't assume that people are fat because they overeat or because ""tHey'Re lAzY!"" Health issues, especially thyroid-related ones, can affect metabolism. I have people in my family with such issues, and although they eat super healthy to compensate for it they've always been on the big side. There is also the fact that poor people from urban areas cannot afford proper food because it's expensive for them. When you think about it, a six-pack of ramen noodles is miles cheaper than a pound of fresh veggies and/or meat. Being anti-fatphobia doesn't mean you don't support being healthy. It just means you don't support being an asshole to people without knowing what they're going through. *Edit: Thanks to the people who sparked discussion! Good to know that yall understand the nuance behind this subject :) cheers!*


Also a major one is overeating as a symptom of other mental issues like anxiety, depression etc. Overeating can be formed as a habit like chain smoking or alcoholism as a way to balance dopamine when lacking, and the habits stay even if you get over the original cause.


are you saying that bullying people isn't gonna help them and instead will push them deeper into misery ? unbelievable


Unsolicited diet or exercise advice is also not likely to help. Often the first step is to recognize it as a habit/addiction/form of self harm and treat it similarly with therapy and learning


Ikr, I got into a big argument with somebody the other day about how I shouldn’t respect people’s feelings, I should tell them they are wrong for feeling that way🤦‍♂️


Also the medications for a lot of mental illnesses can cause weight gain too.


That too. In short bullying someone for being fat is equivalent to bullying someone who has depression. You don't know peoples' stories


I grave junk food and soda everytime I'm stressed. It's a great wonder I managed to have self restraint


Look, my family has a hereditary slow metabolism and thyroid conditions. I also have my own can of worms to deal with that placed me 70lbs overweight. Most of my aunts, uncles, and my mom are obese. It really sucks when you live in a cold climate and your fat (because it's an endocrine gland) makes you want to eat. Or when you've gained so much weight and have become so weak that you can't exercise properly. I agree with what you said but I have to make one thing clear, I've still been losing weight. Slowly yes, but I have been. I think the better thing to say here is you don't know how someone became overweight. You don't know if they're working on it or not. I literally can't digest fast food without extreme pain. I can't have large meals for the same reason. Losing weight goes at a different pace for everyone and you have no right to say someone is just a gluton because they've barely shrunk 2 sizes. You work towards goals you don't snap your fingers and wait for them to be done for you.


Very well said, thank you for your input! I know I'm just a random Reddit person, but I hope your weight-loss journey goes well :) wishing you the best!


Thanks, I really appreciate it!




Oh no, I forgot to mention this too. Can sadly confirm that this is true, owing to the fact I was molested :/


Just yesterday I saw a video of 5yo who was obese. She would throw a tantrum of she wasn't given food, and was once found to eat a raw sausage in the kitchen. The mother was desperate and when the usual tests failed, the doctors did some DNA tests. They found that the girl was missing a gene that tells you 'oh I've eaten', and she constantly felt like she hadn't eaten for 2 days.


My uncle has a genatic disfunction that makes it harder to loose weight. He's not able to eat a lot of vegitables or some other healthy food because they contain a componant that collect in his ankles and prevents him from walking for about 2 days.


I'm curious; what happens if someone with thyroid issues eats say a balanced meal and then runs/lifts/swims a fucktonne? Does the body forcibly allocate the resources to the creation of fat cells even though the body is having demands placed upon it for blood sugar and muscle cell repair/growth etc?


Thyroid issues like this create issues with insulin - both creating more insulin and also creating insulin resistance - so yes, the end result of the disordered hormone cascade is that the body prioritises creating fat cells. Thyroid issues cause a lot more than fatness - they cause infertility and other hormone disorders, digestive problems, depression, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc etc Its not enough to say “Oh well cut down your calories by 50% and exercise like a beast to compensate for your slowed metabolism”, because you’ll *still* have all those other health issues. Fatness is the *least* of your problems, even if its the most obvious.


Yup. This is exactly why I went to the doc. Working out and eating right for 6 months and didn't lose a pound. Simple blood test showed hypothyroidism, started synthroid, continued to work out and eat right, lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks.


I was so happy to be diagnosed with Hashimotos, started on Thyroxine. Didn’t lose a gram. In fact gained more, gram by tiny gram. Eventually have lost 12 kilos the last 2 years by diet. I don’t know why this particular regime worked. Still need to drop another 6.


Oh, I actually haven't rly given any thought to that so I'm not quite sure what that would do to someone. However, one of my distant aunts with thyroid issues also has chronic pain so moving around can be tough for her :(


ticktokers do be behind the wrong body positivity


I don’t think it’s that. Being body positive about yourself if you’re fat is ok. This is something my psychologist is trying to teach me. I struggle with feeling good in my body and I don’t have good body positivity because of my weight (I’m not fat but I am chubby, comfort eating doesn’t help it either) and figure. One of the first things she asked me about it was “why do you hate being chubby” and I said “idk”, she asked “what’s wrong with being chubby” and I said “because it makes me ugly and unattractive” Body positivity is ok to have even if you’re fat. If you’re obese, it’s ok to love how you look as long as you don’t encourage others to not loose weight. Loosing weight is good and healthy for you if you’re obese, so as long as they don’t promote NOT loosing weight I’m fine with body positivity content creators. I find body positivity videos really good for me and in all honesty I hate myself and my body, I really really hate it, but I actually feel kinda ok after watching body positivity stuff.


Yeah before I lost weight I always had trouble with shitting because my poop was so massive, it’s a bit better now. People should really try to lose weight if they are overweight.


Dude, I was eating breakfast.....


piece of advice, dont eat breakfast when going to reddit. Learned that by experience and it did not go well


Well we should encourage being healthy, but not shame the people around us. If you know what I'm getting at.


The issue is people feel bad when you try to help them.


True. But we should be helping people anyway.


My family has an obesity issue. And it's hard because I love fitness. I want to help them but whenever I suggest anything they get defensive and emotional. I don't know what you can even do for them.


It's important that we understand that we cannot change people's minds or tell them what to do. Maybe it's better if you leave them alone since they have already shown that they don't want to change.


That's hard to accept. Lots of my family and cousins have been told by doctors that they need to get into shape for their future. they haven't done shit. And they act like it's hard. The only hard thing is being patient. but you're right too. I have zero power over other people and their decisions


I understand what your getting at bro my family is the same way you just have to accept their decision.like my father he has bone and muscle deteration and he canstantly tells us to not cry when hes is gone but to cherishe the memories whe have together and its sooo hard not to cry because i am seriously going to miss him.but i respect his decision and thats all you gotta do and do stuff with your family so when there gone you cane be happy about the stuff you did instead of being sad like me because i had a good relationship with my grandfather and i have memory loss so i dont remember the stuff we did so i sit my room by myself and cry all day


Man that's hard to hear. I only hope things stay as good as they are as long as they can for you.


wdym they act like its hard? working out literally has to be hard to work.


Workout don't have to be intense for you to see results. You just have to do light to mediocre workouts while dieting a low but healthy amount of calories. It's only hard if you're pushing yourself


>It's important that we understand that we cannot change people's minds or tell them what to do. Oh, you are *objectively* wrong. Not even an opinion. You are just wrong. Take Roger Williams. He was once the Grand Dragon of the KKK. The Grand Dragon is a national leader, so he was essentially the CEO of American Racism. He once kicked down a door and murdered two black men in cold blood with a shotgun, just for the color of their skin. And yet, over a few years, a ***black man*** named Daryl Davis managed to convince Roger Williams to step down through calm discussion and questioning. He and Daryl are still good friends, and Williams has since lost his racist ways. You can change *anybody's* mind given enough time. This applies to you as well, u/dray-_.


You may have a point. But I think they just meant people make decisions for themselves. And it's hard to convince them otherwise.


Daryl Davis would 100% say that Roger Williams changed himself and Daryl Davis was just an example/resource.


I get that. I’m chubby, my boyfriend is trying to help me to loose weight (I asked him to encourage me) but sometimes when he mentions it I feel so shit. Usually I have to already be in a bad mindset if it’s with him but if it’s my dad saying it and especially if it’s my mum I immediately feel terrible even if I was feeling amazing before hand. My mum has told me I can’t wear certain things because of my chub, and she’s even taken down my portions of dinner because of it, it feels horrible and isolating. I wanna loose weight but when my mum mentions anything with my weight everything just goes aidnjsosns


I understand helping your family tbh, but for example if your trying to help someone in the comment section of their post I feel like that's when they really get offended and I wouldn't blame them.


Sounds like they have a lot of insecurities surrounding it. And that's okay. The only way to deal with that is to be INCREDIBLY understanding without judgement. Talk with them about the deep why. Only then can you work towards getting them to make a difference, which always starts with acceptance.


Have they asked for your help? Because if not you are kind of being an arse.


I see it as super similar to addiction. Offer the help and provide the example of how great life is healthy. Then when they are ready they'll ask.


Other people are not your project. If they want help, they'll ask for it. Leave people alone you meddling bore.


It depends on whether the help is unsolicited and intrusive, or if it was requested/invited. Like if I am just minding my own business, and someone approaches me and says "hi, I noticed your outfit isn't very well coordinated, I am just trying to help, maybe you could try a different colour of jumper and different accessories", I'd be like "...what the hell?" Same with people offering advice and help to fat people. If you are a medical professional who has been consulted on weight, or a trusted friend or family member who has been asked about weight, then sure, provide the help. But sometimes people give unsolicited advice and help, and this comes across as being judgemental and unncessarily critical.


I guess it depends on how you're "helping". A lot of people online seem to think that saying things loke "you should eat less" "go to the gym" "stop being lazy" "you're fat" to people they don't know is being helpful. It's not.


That's because you shouldn't randomly be like "hey, you're fat, you should work out." That's not helpful to anyone. You're just being an asshole. You don't know what anyone's going through. Publicly yeah, exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be celebrated but unless someone asks for advice about how to lose weight, don't give it.


My dad is an alcoholic and if I didn’t try to help him stop his unhealthy lifestyle he could be dead!


Or people feel good when they "help" an overweight by drawing attention and pointing out all the things they're doing wrong. Which of course only compounds the issue for a person struggling with weight.


Encourage people to be healthy, don't shame their body. There's a very clear difference that many people don't realize.


Exactly, idk why so many people use strawmen as big as building when talking about body positivity. Obviously, only a few extremes won't accept the fact that being extremely too fat or thin isn't healthy, but not being perfect is fine, even more if you don't know the reasons


why do you think they use these strawmen ? they don't care about fat people's health, they just want to be allowed to bully them and are using their health as an excuse to continue


I don’t think the fight against anti-fatness is centered on saying having fat is a good thing or a neutral thing. It just focuses on how fatness is used to dehumanize people or threaten to dehumanize people. It’s easier to market to slimmer people if you scare them with the idea of being fat. Its not a medical critique but rather a social one.


Bit too old to be here these days, and I'm admittedly thin, but wanted to chime in because I think you hit the nail on the head. The goal is, for instance: - have doctors stop telling overweight people that losing weight will solve a completely unrelated problem - have the fashion industry be more inclusive of people who just happen to be bigger, regardless of cause or whether they want to eventually lose weight - generally let society include people who happen to be bigger without shaming them, because due to medication or health issues, their weight may not be controllable... - ...and who even should give a shit if it is? Bodily autonomy is a thing, and there's a point at which a person definitely has a problem, but it's their life and unfortunately you can't force them to fix it. Bullying is pointless and cruel. Unfortunately there are people out there who exploit the above and are proudly unhealthy, but that is self-sabotage and trying to make these people improve their health if *they* don't want to is unproductive. Same logic as a disappointingly large proportion of the population of the United States refusing to drastically cut their risk of a really shitty death by virus. :/


As a fat person, every single health issue is untreated because the doctor will always go complain about losing weight. Even when I slipped on some ice and broke my wrist I was told I shouldn't have been so fat. It's insane how they don't treat anything anymore when you're overweight


Completely agree with the medication thing. I have epilepsy and the meds I take for it can cause appetite fluctuations. Some days I can barely eat anything, some days I could eat a whole leg of lamb like a chicken drumstick. Also, my mental health isn’t doing too great and I’ve turned to food as a coping mechanism. I’m not morbidly obese, but I am overweight. I’m currently trying to lose weight for my epilepsy, but it’s proving to be more of a challenge than I thought, although that could also be due to the fact I’ve torn my calf twice this year and haven’t been able to exercise as much as I should be. But overall, medication can be a huge problem for weight gain and weight loss, and people shouldn’t judge when they don’t know what else is happening there that they can’t see.


You’re absolutely right. There are people who weigh quite a lot who talk about how the pressure to lose weight in their teenage years caused them to gain more weight, especially post-adolescence when it is much harder to lose that weight. Also what you said about doctors starts to get into how the healthcare industry treats fatness and that is a topic that has a critical lack of awareness.


I appreciate you, but this isn't going to work. These fat people hate threads come up on top of reddit at least once a week and the vast majority of people use it as an opportunity to just shit all over fat people. It's the last bastion of acceptable discrimination and it's sickening.


I am slightly overweight and i have been trying my best to change that, anyone got any tips on how to run better?


First of all. Be patient. It takes a lot of time. And that shouldn't discourage you. Second, to get better at running. Find somewhere you can practice. You run a lap and until you start to hurt. Stop wait for 4-10 minutes. Run again. Use music. And remember, your diet matters. Can't lose weight if you're consuming too many calories


DONT RUN WHEN INJURED. I did dance with a bad foot (still slightly hurts and I’m on week 8 of hurt foot) and it only made it worse. Be careful if you’re injured.


this is important. I had to stop running and (even a lot of walking) for almost a year cos of an injury I made worse


Super super important. I tore my calf doing karate at the end of April and was out for 2 months. Finally got back into it in July. I did a few lessons lightly, then August came. My sensei doesn’t run karate in August because a lot of people go on holiday. Started back up in the start of September and then tore my calf again. I’m going to be out for another month, so that’s a third of a year I lost because of an injury that didn’t heal properly. It really sucks but it’s fine lol


If running is hard, walking is good start too. I got better shape and saw results within 3 months by just getting a fitbit setting myself a 10k steps per day. Its about 1-2 hour walk if done straight, but I get 3k done just being at work (office work, lunch break, etc). The remaining 7k is walking home. A few months later i could run short distances without going out of breath. Then I went into winter depression, stopped moving much, and ruined it. Again. But Im trying again, now I know I can do it. Antideppresiva, a sun lamp, and more D vitamins over the winter Im hoping gonna help.


Music. Like, just that. Music. If you can, buy some earbuds, and if not, just play the songs loudly. Never listen to your favorite songs unless you're running, and stop your favorite playlist when you stop running. That'll give you incentive, like 'oh no let's just run another minute, *shape of you* is going on'. And then 'oh shittt, it's *perfect* now, gotta hear this, I love Ed sheeran!' And before you know it, you've run another kilometer because you love Ed Sheeran so much.


My dad listens to “Shape of You” when he is performing surgeries lol


mad respect for real life doctor strange


Calories in calories out that’s it’s burn more in a day then you take in high protein high fat and high fiber foods keep you full longer


Get into a good routine. If you haven’t had a lot of experience with working out I would start with more simple workouts like sit ups, push ups, jogging, etc. at low reps, then move up to weights and maybe get a gym partner or find a good workout channel to explain how to do more complex workouts correctly which is very very important. Diet is also important, try to find at least 6 or 7 healthy meals that are simple and easy to make because working out can raise your appetite but you don’t wanna be eating the wrong things or you’ll feel like trash. The soreness will subside but will come back when you get to the more complex workouts, I take BCAAs and that seems to help a lot, but it’s just something to get used to. Don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll regret it later, but don’t do too little. Hope this helps!!


Don’t take bcaas just eat high protein


Run slow. Breathe through your rose. Breathe in relation to the pace you're running at.


Agreed! Slow down, get a good rhythm, relax!


running won't make you thin, I recommend strength with some elliptical and fitness bike,,, sports are also rly good, tennis was a big reason I look a lot better rn edit I suck at spelling lmfao


What about running and dance. I do two hour dance classes a week (hip hop) but if I throw in some running would that be good? At hip hop we do mild muscle stuff in warm up along with stretching.


r/c25k has great tips! That's where I started, they're very friendly


I was overweight few years ago and trust me, being over-weight is nothing to be proud of. It actually kills people. Body positivity has nothing to do with it. If you want to get healthy, loosing weight is necessary. Yes, telling someone to loose weight isn't fatphobia but bullying them and constantly disturbing them about it is fatphobic. Loose weight for your own betterment not for social acceptance.


It’s good to lose weight. Can lead to loose skin though in extreme cases.


I dont have loose skin, since i started young. But I do have stretch marks all over my shoulders. Ps. I was so fat, that I couldnt see my feet from above


Holy shit, respect that you got out of it. Must have been quite a journey.


I like your subtle way of explaining the difference between lose and loose


Yeah, makes sense, like a little bit overweight is still relatively healthy and isn't always the fault of the person but when people are knowingly eating themselves into an early grave and discouraging those who believe in doing otherwise it becomes a problem.


yeah there's a difference between chubby and nikocado avocado


Nukocado avocado is on another level of fatness, its so sad actually seeing what he was like before. Now he's just crying, screaming and eating


the man is literally being paid a solid living to scream and eat dumpsters of burgers on camera. Crazy world we live in


He's that episode of South Park where Kenny gets paid money to eat literal shit. Or just an episode of Black Mirror in real time




i really love books


i really love boobs


School made me hate reading




I feel like people shouldn't be shamed for being fat since for some people, thats not something they can control, but for the people who can control iit should def be encouraged to loose weight for their health. But still, its never right to shame someone for it


I feel like once you're over a certain size it would help to treat it as an eating/psychological disorder just like anorexia is on the other end of the spectrum. There is a point where functioning day to day is affected by either condition. I mean, I'm not a doctor, but to me a healthy mental state is just as important as finding a healthy diet to lose or gain weight. I say this from experience as well. I went into a depression/destructive eating pattern where I put on 50lbs really quickly (I'm a short person). Luckily it was a type that I was able to resolve myself (life circumstances, not chemical imbalance).


I agree, though, it is very rare that someone's weight is actually out of their control. Many women use PCOS as an excuse, and yeah, true it sucks, it makes weightloss and maintanance a shit ton harder, but definitely not impossible. Source: I have PCOS and hyperinsulinemia and lost about 20 kgs around the age of 11-13.


This is literally the least controversial opinion on reddit, go to r/unpopularopinion


everyone shouldn’t be encouraged to lose weight. personally, i am anorexic, which is danger to my health enough, but alongside that, i also have health conditions that make restricted diets (oops) and exercise dangerous as i risk fainting and seizures, and health conditions (and medications for them) that made me gain weight initially, triggering my eating disorders. i can say that fat people face unnecessary and cruel treatment, but i would not put in on the same level as homophobia, racism, etc. i think people should care for their health (which is ironic), but i also believe we should not be bullying others if they are fat


We should bully people like Tess Holiday though, people who actively encourage being fat


Yes encouraging people to be fat is WRONG. Encouraging people to love themselves and their bodies tho, even if they’re fat, is good. It’s ok to love your body even if you’re fat as long as you acknowledge that it’s a problem and you wanna change it.


I don't anyone should be bullied, that wouldn't actually get anything done.


The issue is, when you look at someone, you have no idea where they once were. To look at someone and assume they’re unhealthy assumes that that’s the heaviest they’ve ever been. You don’t know if they were 100 lbs heavier a year ago, and that they work on themselves and their body every day. You don’t know anything about them really. Overweight people know they’re overweight, and they know it’s unhealthy… y’all aren’t offering a revelation. The problem is people treating fat people like they aren’t worth anything until they lose weight. They still have to exist in their overweight body while they’re losing weight. You can’t judge someone’s routine just by looking at them.


but what if there's reason beyond your control about being fat, like some health issue or something which makes them not loose weight? i mean yes, if you're just sitting all day and eating without any reason that is just generally living an unhealthy lifestyle knowingly and then call other's "fatphobic" as a response to them telling you you should loose weight, that's wrong. but as long as you're healthy AND content with your body type all things are fine, if you're not content with your body type, then work for it as simple as that.


What if you’re unhealthy and content with your body type? I think that’s fine too. Lots of people have chronic illnesses beyond their control.


So controversial, i've only seen a shit ton of people say the exact thing you have said.


Bruh like fr it's always "I'm gonna say something controversial" *proceeds to say the most popular thing that literally %99.9 of the Reddit agrees on*


I mean, fatphobia is real, but its not "hey, you should lose some weight." Fatphobia is "haha lets laugh at the fat fuck and make fun of them." You should always encourage people to lose weight, and telling someone their obese body is the way its supposed to be can be harmful. Telling someone they are worthless for being fat is fatphobia


This. I’ve had so many friends bullied/abused by their parents and friends for their weight. It’s why I’m scared of jogging out in public. I’m just a few pounds overweight, but there are some people who would make fun of my body.


Fatphobia is not "bs", women (to a greater extent than men) are unnecessarily vilified as fat when they're fine. It's like the stick thin craze got a whiff of science, but unfortunately the attitude still stinks. "Fat" doesn't have some objective clinical definition. Healthy body fat mass % for women is up to *30%* of their total mass. This will make some women appear "fat" in the eyes of some, healthy in others. For men it's around 25%. Furthermore "fat" and "obese" are not interchangeable. The idea that weight indicates health is also unhelpful and misleading. Weight is a vague concept that doesn't account lean muscle or body water. Unless you're an athlete, men can aim to be between 20-25% body fat and women 25-30% and be healthy. Our bodies will naturally fluctuate so don't worry too much about the odd comfort food. Another useful indicator of health is blood pressure. Although you can get this checked by your doctor, you can get good blood pressure monitors for home use these days. Get fit enough that your resting pressure (ie sit for five minutes at the dinner table or something similar with little movement) is between 90-120 (systolic) and 60-80 (diastolic). The idea you just "shouldn't be fat" and it's ok like op to tell people that (and that *everyone* should be encouraged to lose weight, like fuck off it's none of your business??) is just some curtain twitching nannying interference crap. You have no idea how healthy someone is just by looking at them. You can't tell their body fat % by looking at them so you can't tell if it's actually harming their health. So get your nose out of other people's lives, you must be incredibly boring that you feel the need to interfere.


You can spell "controversial" but not "lose".




Working out typically won't stop you from being fat. I you want to lose weight do cardio and make sure you're in a calorie deficit




yeah im the opposite i only workout when its a job i need to do like mowing or something like that and i dont eat well but im a little underweight but thats just how the world works i guess ​ edit i dont even workout while doing that anymore since i got a ride on mower bruh


Yes It’s not being “fatphobic” if I just want people to not die of a heart attack and/or total organ failure by age 27


bro I beat up that fat guy and called him a whale because I wanted to help


People will literally tell a fat person to kill themselves for being fat. Pretty sure that person doesn't have someone's best interest at heart.


Turns out some people are assholes


I do understand that, I just feel like its also about how you go about it. Like the difference between encouraging them to do better and just fat shaming people


Exactly this lmao Fatphobia is real, but when it’s against the healthy yet still lightly fat. It IS fatphobic to say someone who’s in a healthy state yet a bit chubby is disgusting, it is not for people who literally weigh 400 pounds. Also, those actively trying to lose their weight.


I mean sure we should definitely not body shame anybody and they can be the way they want , but one should consider choosing a healthier lifestyle for their own good :))


As someone who's about 185 pounds stuffed into 5 feet 4 inches I 100% agree on this, just don't blatantly insult fat people but also don't worship them as an example of "bravery against those fatphobes1!!!1!"


Im have a lot of scars and am around 10 lbs underweight, the underweight part can be fixed with diet and exersize, same with being overweight, but scars wont go away. Why did body positivity stop being about amputees, acid attack victims, burn victims, etc. Genuinely why did that stop.


I think body positivity is good for all people insecure about their bodies. I agree that there needs to be more positivity about those who’ve suffered physical trauma like there used to be, but I also think body positivity about chubbiness, genetic things like height, figure, features etc is also important. All body positivity is important


it’s easy to cross the line though. someone could actively be working on themselves and be put off their journey by someone making a snide comment on them. just try to be relatively subtle about it.


You should not inject yourself into someone's life without invitation weight discussions should be between Dr and patient. I am over weight but loosing weight too fast causes psychosis for me soo it is very dangerous, a person on the street will not know this and for them to force their views onto me could be a massive risk


I feel like people confuse, being fat, unhealthy and fitness There's many factors to being fat, not just the food we intake. Being fat doesn't necessarily mean you're unhealthy, genetics and metabolism are notable factors we have to consider. I mean, I feel like there are people on the fatter side who have much heathier lifestyles compared to other skinny or average people. It all boils down to routine, diet, genetics and of course how you take care of your body Yeah, losing weight and having a decent BMI has its benefits and it's highly encouraged to work towards that. But I feel like, as long as you are making an effort and keeping yourself healthy, that's good as well. Not everyone has the time to work out and fully commit to like, a solid routine.


The way I see it "fat-phobia" is making fun of someone because they're fat or generally being rude about it, that's just being an ass. But saying that being very overweight is unhealthy isn't fat-phobia, it's health advice and a scientific fact


yes, getting healthy and skinnier should be encouraged but also "fatphobia" is such a dumb word. like as if someone can have an irrational fear of fat or fat people. sounds silly


There's a difference between discouraging obesity and abusing people who are overweight though. Most of the "body positivity" people (yes, I do mean most of them, the internet focuses on the idiots) aren't trying to say "this is healthy, we're fine, you're discriminating if you say otherwise" they're simply saying "hey, we're fat, and we can't just become skinny with the snap of our fingers, so maybe don't treat us like human garbage"


lose* still no reason to bash someone for being fat.. it’s not an excuse to be a shitty person


It’s honestly sad that this is controversial, and it’s sad that many teenagers are more mature than some adults. I 100% agree with the statement that fatphobia is a bs, watered-down mentality. Anyone who is overweight should be encouraged to lose weight, but not harassed. Calling someone fat or other things just to be an asshole is where that line is crossed, and that just makes you a jerk.


Let's just mind our business, why should we care so much about someone's body size? Especially a strangers body size?


everyone should be encouraged to lose weight , yes but they shouldn't be bullied into it, even after losing the weight the mental trauma of bullying leaves an impact.


Dont tell that to a person with anxiety. You will make him feel worse. Like me.


I think the argument for “fatphobia” stems from the discovery that certain genetic traits can make it harder to lose weight. Especially in women. Its still something that can be fixed, (including depression and eating disorders) though, with a little bit of discipline and/or help from others. Yea, bullying fat people is fucked up, but you can’t blame everything on genetics when the real problem is, **most of the time**, your mindset.


People who treat weight like it's not just laziness piss me off. Like I'm fat but atleast I acknowledge it's cause I'm lazy as hell.


Yes definitely But being too harsh while fat shaming can hurt the person really badly


Thank you. Its good to know there are others like me. I used to be fat but the shaming helped me get motivated to become healthier, it works even though its mean


You say that and yet can you imagine the outrage if someone told an anorexic person “get off your lazy arse, stop making excuses and go eat a hamburger you ugly fucking scarecrow”. “All it takes is a bit of discipline and willpower”. “Just open your scrawny mouth hole and eat, you disgusting fk”. They are literally the same eating disorder except on the opposite spectrum.


Just because bullying worked for you doesn't mean it'll work for everyone


Betcha the fat shaming trauma pops up somewhere down the line. Congrats on losing weight you wanted to lose, but I am concerned you seem to think the shaming was positive because you changed your body shape.


I agree. Since this pandemic started I've lost some weight. But some of it was also turned into muscle, I also probably gained muscle mass as well. Since muscle is denser the fat. Who knows. I've lost fat. I did it by just doing a shit load of sit ups


Unless you have an actual medical condition? Yeah. It's simply unhealthy. People should be kind about it but at the end of the day it's not something to be proud about.


I think the only people who think loosing weight is fatphobia are blue checkmarks from twitter


Yes. Encouraged not bullied


It depends, if you're so fat that is unhealthy, then it would be good to loose some weight. If you're fat but is not that bad, then there's no problem. But fatphobia is not good in any case




I agree, if you're fat and can't bother losing wait then don't but keep it at a level where it isn't affecting you a lot, if you're fat and don't want to be then work hard. Similarly if you're skinny workout or leave it be but don't let it affect you negatively, every body type should workout.


yeah but bullying someone because they are fat is not going to make a difference it would just make them more insecure


just to add to that, we also need to make this distinction , if you are underweight, or normal weight, you shouldn't be encouraged to loose weight at all, that could lead into eating disorders


Everyone should agree on how to spell lose correctly


It's fine as long as you're not overweight and being fat does not affect your health. People who are overweight news to be encouraged to loose weight and not bullied. If you are healthy but still a bit chubby, then no one should force you to loose weight. It's all upto you.


This is one of the most popular opinions on reddit


Anyone who mixes up lose and loose should be made to learn the difference. Also, not knowing the difference is fatphobic in itself.


I feel like you should be able to eat what you want, but you have to exercise. This "fatphobic" thing sounds like a lazy person's excuse not to have to run on a treadmill. I'm not sorry I'd prefer you to be healthy.


Fatphobia should be about people treating you as less than human for being fat Not an excuse to be unhealthy


Me. I strongly agree to this


Yeah I fucking hate fat people.


What is important is being healthy.


Agreed, the entire concept of seeing whether places are “plus-sized friendly” is pretty obnoxious and selfish. I mean we can excuse those who are unable to lose weight due to genetic issues and things like that. Being overweight voluntarily is 1. unhealthy and 2. inconsiderate


I'm fine with people being fat, I draw the line at fat people saying it's healthy. It isn't. In what world is a body type which you're more likely to get cancer from or heart failure or diabetes healthy?


The fine line is you shouldn’t be complimented on being fat, be encouraged to lose it but never be shit on because you’re fat. This is how I see things


Kinda controversial but imma say it anyways, I’m a terrible speller but using the word “loose” instead of “lose” is bad and everyone should be encour-


I agree. Like I’m sure you are a great person but I’m not attracted to people who are overweight. That tells me you don’t care about yourself enough to be healthy and take care of your body.


*except anorexics.


As a fat kid, I concur


Being encouraged to loose weight, and being told that being fat isn't healthy is perfectly fine. People who are randomly mean to fat people are just jerks.


That's not controversial with anyone other than the crazy people


Fatphobia is bad. But so is fat positivity. Hating ppl cause they are fat is bad. Wanting people to lose fat is good. Its not fucking hard


I agree I am fat too and am trying to lose weight.


Yes. Lose weight. It’s good for you.