My mom is missing and I just don’t know what to do

My mom is missing and I just don’t know what to do


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How long is ‘come back since’? What’s the time for you?


She left at 6:30 am and it’s now 11:50pm.


any leads?


it’s currently 2 am so we probably won’t learn anything new for a couple of hours


How close do you guys think you are to the hiking places she looked up? And how close is the nearest police station and/or possibly the nearest hospital? (in case anything bad does happen, but let’s hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.)


We’ve called all the nearest mental hospitals but because of their policies they can’t tell us if she’s there or not




Not really. Some people may not want people to know they're getting help


and i think that's perfectly fair in that sense


Abuse victims may also be hiding from their abusers.


Their dependents should absolutely know.


That's not how not wanting people to know works.


Plenty of people need to get away from abusive or negative family members.


My dms are open if u need to talk to someone


What mobile and car has she. By Apple you can look for find my iPhone that wil show de locatian of all iPhones that are conected whit your iPhone like famely and Friends. And maybe a Tesla has the same


Keep us updated and if ever need to talk to Anyone my dm are always open


Mine too


ah so you're in my time zone; keep us updated


I never comment here, and I’m actually not a teenager anymore, but I hope your mom gets back home safe!! If you can, call the cops, and ask for a search, give them the leads you already got, and pray for them to find her. State the urgency for them and tell them to take this seriously. Don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t try to involve yourself too much, the police will take care of it.


Yo hope she's alright bud


I'm sorry to hear about all this bro I cant even start to imagine what you must be goin through but push through you got this fam!


Any leads?


Please tell me there have been some positive results?


She has been found and is currently in the hospital.


I’m so happy to hear that. I hope you can heal and work through everything with ease.


Stay strong OP. It seems that your Mother is in a really bad spot right now but it’s also important to take care of yourself. Incidents like these can have a huge impact on mental health or stress


Did she leave her phone at home? If she went out with her phone, you could try tracking her. One time I got lost in a mall and had to find my parents so I ended up using a tracking app. And don't worry pal, I'm sure you'll find her. Have faith.


I pray that you find her 🙏




how do you know?


No I am saying I hope that they find her alive


Same time as me. Anyway call the police to report the missing person, as well show evidence of what you've found through her search history. Hang in there its not your fault


Call the cops. If you suspect someone is missing every minute counts.


You don’t have to wait 24 hours to report a missing person btw. Just incase someone reads this, please share the info I just said, it is lifesaving.


Check the edit bud


I'm hijacking the comment to point out that Google maps timeline can be really helpful too! May help you see her travel history under her Google account.


Mate Any news yet?


Holy shit. Phone everyone you know who knows her, phone the police, get everyone who can search to. What type of mental illness does she have? Does she have suicidal thoughts? If so you need to be extremely quick, as soon as you find her get an ambulance if it isn't too late.


I second this. I’m only on here because this was on the front page but I lost one of my best high school friends to suicide and time was of the essence we later realized. Do everything you can think of.


Honestly, I've nearly lost my girlfriend and my closest friends to suicide. I don't care who you are no one deserves to go through that pain. I really hope op has found their mum alive and their mum can get any help they need


It's important to do what you can, but also important not to get bogged down in what-ifs and blaming yourself. Mental health is a tricky thing and while it can be helpful to have friends and family looking out for you, no one can "fix" someone else's mental state for them. For OP, it's not your fault and you don't know what might have occurred if you had woken up earlier, or any other combination of variables. None of us has a crystal ball. Getting mired in a thought process of "if I had only done X, this would/wouldn't have happened" is about as useful as saying, "if I had picked the right lottery numbers, I would have been rich." Okay, but you didn't and there's no conceivable way that you ever could have, because you're not omniscient. I like the short saying, "Don't 'should' all over yourself." Whatever you should or could have done is not going to change anything. This situation exists and that's the reality. It is not your fault. Focus on what you CAN do at this current moment and move forward from there. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them, you know...like a human being. We're not robots. It's okay to be human. It's okay not to do things "perfectly," whatever that even means. I sincerely hope things work out okay for you and your family. No matter how things turn out, be compassionate to yourself.


If someone is missing immediately call the police. the 48 hour thing is just a myth edit: the fact that so many of you were denied help within the first 48 hours is very concerning. they are not following protocol, they are being negligent and you should be outraged at them. if someone is missing, you're best chances of finding them are within the first 48 hours, so no police officer should just blow you off. it's their job to ensure safety


exactly, if you have reason to suspect someone is missing even an hour later, call the cops


Honestly the 48 hour thing is more just bullshit. If you wait *that* long to report it in the first place, you probably have next to no chance of finding the missing person. I want the ~~policy~~ myth to be done away with so badly. ​ **EDIT:** Yes, I know it's a myth. I was being a tired dumbass when I typed this comment out during the morning and used the wrong word. I only got to check my inbox like half an hour ago, so you can stop replying to me now with the correction.




Yeah it’s not actually a policy... anywhere


It's not a thing. They use it in movies and TV shows to build the drama. Also, tasers do not knock someone unconscious.


Isn't the only 48 hour thing that matters is that after 48 hours the chances criminals or missing people's being caught or found alive and well tend to decrease significantly? I think somewhere in history someone got it backwards and humans being humans took it and just ran with it.


Yeah, used to be a policy some 50 to 60 years ago in some places in the US, but even back then they wised up quickly and got rid of it country wide.


A myth perpetuated by movies/TV to create more interesting storyline’s. But it’s potentially very damaging for those who believe it.


Not only a myth, but also the first 24 hours is crucial to the search since all the trails are still there, there is a non official saying between cops that before the 48 hour line they are looking for a person, after, they are looking for a body.


Maybe don't say that on a post about someone who's mother is missing?


I guess, but it really drives home the point that you need to contact the police *immediately*


Bullshit. I just dealt with my cousins suicide 2 weeks and 6 days ago. She went "missing" told her son she was leaving an not to worry about her after discussing suicidal ideation. We call the police immediately and they said "adults can choose to leave". She ended her life on Saturday morning. We found her car Monday, hours after they finally allowed us to file a reports. While it may be a myth that you have to wait, the cops don't know or don't care that its a myth. She left behind a 14 year old son.


Jesus man that's so awful. The system failed your family in one of the worst ways imaginable. Sorry and RIP to your cousin.


Contact your mayor’s offices, local congressmen’s office, and a Senator. Elected officials will call down hell on police, and can actually influence their behavior.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I suffer from suicidal ideation so this hits close. The “adults can leave” thing is bullshit. Fucking cops are worthless.


Wait, there's a myth about having to wait forty eight hours? More people should be told that it's a myth. It could save lives.


... thats what people are doing...


Waiting 48 hours is a myth created by lazy Hollywood writers for plot convenience!!


Meanwhile when someone close.to me went missing our local police told us to wait 72 hours before a missing person report could be filed... Is my state just fucked?


If someone I know is missing, I'm reporting within 3 hours. Not even calling, I'm going straight to the police station in person. It's a 5 minute walk from my house. Fuck 24 or 48 hours, I want them home ASAP.


1. Try calling all the drug/medicine stores near you 2. Try calling all the hiking trails near you 3. Call all your relatives (she might have gone to one of your relatives' house before going anywhere else)


How exactly you call a hiking trail, just curious


Some bigger ones have visitor centers that are staffed


In which case park rangers can tell you if the vehicle gets spotted in a parking lot/trail head.




There are also national park services that manage them.


Land line?


I'm sorry I'm super late to this party but WHAT did the "find my phone" query turn up? What did the cops say? What was the last transaction? I'm not sure how much we can help here but it's worth a shot


All it says is “No location found”


OP, I'm 29, I feel weird commenting on r/Teenagers, but I want you to know I am in the exact same situation & if you want to speak, please DM me & I will give you my details. This has happened to me 2 weeks ago. My father physically assaulted me then tried to commit un alive 4 times in the span of 7 days. He was unsuccessful but he went missing for a few days, just got up & left. He is now in a secure homeless unit. But I know exactly what you are going through. I am here for you. Please get in touch if you need an ear. I'm in Scotland so I'm not sure where in the world you are but I want to open myself if you just need to vent.


That’s odd if it’s an Apple product. They’re usually supposed to send out a “last seen” thing before they go off


It only shows the last seen location for 24 hours, she may have turned it off a day before or something.


By the sound of it you seem to be right.


Any leads yet?


this won’t be much help but i genuinely hope you find her. don’t give up. wishing you all the best.


Pretty sure police can find the last cell tower her phone pinged, are your pets safe?


And the cops wouldn't give any info on last tower pinged?


Really hope you have a positive update. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.


HOLY SHIT this snapped me out of my sadness. This is terrifying dude, please contact local authorities right away. I hope things end up being ok


yea man i hope nothing bad happened, i was thinking that being sad because i have to study for an hour extra is very reasonable but this is terrifying.


Please contact the local authorities


Things to do: find a current picture of her and make up a flyer you can email to friends or post locally stating that she’s missing and to contact police or your family if someone has seen her since she’s been missing. Share the flyers at the mental hospitals in case someone there can report seeing her. (Like another patient’s family member) Look through her clothes/shoes/jackets to see if you know what she was wearing when she left. Give the authorities that information. Keep a journal of any info you remember in the days leading up to her disappearance, what you remember about the day of (like what you found in your online search) and also how you’re feeling. Writing things down can help in numerous ways. If you have a pet, get some snuggle time. Let yourself feel all that you’re feeling. (Panicked, Worry, sadness, anger) know that those feelings are normal in this situation and feeling them actually helps you cope and process better than holding them in. Appreciate yourself for having the presence of mind to notice her missing very quickly and activating yourself to find her. What a good son/daughter you are. Clearly she has raised a bright and thoughtful child. Lastly, mental illness is a bitch. And sometimes people can’t cope anymore. If that is the case, know that your mom was looking for relief from an emotional burden she couldn’t carry anymore. That burden existed long before you were born. And if she finds that relief, however she finds it, then someday you will learn to understand it. I’ve had three close friends die by suicide and I have learned to understand that their pain and their escape from it was a powerful choice. I was sad and angry for awhile. And then it passed and I learned to connect with them and appreciate their choice. I know that sounds weird and unbelievable. But I have tremendous peace over their decision and I’d wish that for you too if, she has ended her life. Her disappearance isn’t anyone’s fault. It wasn’t caused by any one thing. And everything you’re feeling is totally understandable. Please be gentle with yourself. And know that you have a community here who cares about you and your family. Sending big hugs sweetheart.


I give my blessings to you op. I hope everything turns out right


Very recently went through this with a friend that had left us no clear message of intent. This comment is the most sobering and healthy approach I can think of. I would also add, even though her phone is off, be sure to call and leave an encouraging voicemail and a text message in case she turns it on. An immediate message of love and understanding could make the world of difference. Please understand though, you’ve done the right steps. None of this is your fault and you wouldn’t have prevented this had your actions been different. It’s confusing, painful and scary but it’s not anyone’s fault.


Reading this made me feel so calm, and I'm not even OP. Sending you lots of love OP, stay safe and we wish you the best of luck.


<<<<< this this one gives the most logical advice out of anything. I rate it..... 9.5 out of 10. good advice.


Dude keep us updated genuinely concerned


Call the cops bro a search party is much needed right now




If you're genuinely concerned for her safety, call 911 or 112 or whatever you use


911 or 112 or 000, ans I'm imaging theres others...


i could be wrong but most of those numbers should work interchangeably. i remember hearing most countries reroute all them to the actual emergency number. in case you’re a foreigner or something like that


Emergency numbers are universal iirc. Dialing 911 in Europe connects you to 112 and vice versa. If I remember correctly that is.


Actually, in most countries you can use either one of them, it will transfer your call to the local one


999 in England






If she has a google account on her phone, you could visit [www.google.com/android/find](http://www.google.com/android/find). My brother passed out on a hiking trail last year and this is how i found his location. Also, my dms are open if you wanna talk


Also if you have access to her account. Google tracks you. You can try going to location history in maps and see where the last days points were.


Please, please get the authorities involved and hopefully a search party can be made. Your mother could be in serious danger.


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I’m so so sorry. I hope you find her and everything is okay. Just know that’s it’s **not** your fault and you couldn’t have stopped her. Don’t blame yourself.


Came here specifically to say this. Whatever the result, remember that you not being home 30 minutes earlier is NOT why this happened. You can’t read anyone’s mind. You are not responsible for someone else’s behaviour or decisions. Of course if you had known something was up you would have tried to help. But you didn’t know, because you *couldn’t*. It’s not your job to know what’s going to happen in the future. You wouldn’t blame another person in your situation, I’d bet. Give yourself a break. Seriously hoping that your mom just went to clear her head and lost track of time. Hang in there, mate. 💜


This. I can't stress how important it is not to blame yourself in a situation like that. So, take my award.


Ok, first of all, it's not your fault. You didn't knew this could happen, you didn't woke up 30mins late intentionally. Secondly, this is the time to stay calm, it's one of times when life is testing you. Staying calm may help you out. Also, maybe call and ask about her where she got her groceries from. Try to get help from multiple people to go to the hiking trails she searched for and look for her. Also give these all people information abt what she wore, and looked like, etc. You can also go to shops nearby which may have pet poison and the insurance company to ask if she contacted them. I'll pray for you.


ALL of my best wishes to you, OP. I know this is terrifying and I hope everything’s okay in the end.


If the police idea didn't work, could you gather a sort of search party? Or at least a group to look for her?


That would be pretty hard when they have no idea where she could be, you would have to search a massive area


The hiking trails could work? People could search those. Idk, just trying to provide input


The last hiking trail she looked at seems like a good start.


this. chances are, if someone stopped looking for something, that means they probably found it.


Something is better than nothing


Hey, this may not help but crosspost this to r/RBI


For a second there, I thought The Reserve Bank of India had its own subreddit.




jesus dude. I know how bad you're probably freaking out right now but you gotta sort things out now. Make sure you and whoever's left are okay with a place to live / food to eat etc.


try calling people who know her and ask them? or maybe go to the place where she should be getting her groceries and see if they report seeing her or smth? hope she turns out safe and sound mate


The best thing to do right now is stay calm. I know it’s hard, but that’s the best thing you can do. Just take deep breaths. Everything is going to be fine and we are here for you. (Also if you haven’t yet call the police.)


No we are not. Kid needs real life support. Not reddit




Post on the local reddit subs, if any, with description. Also local Facebook page, again if any. Other than that, police, family, friends, contacts, and groundwork are what's needed now.


Google Analytics allows you to see ALL of the information Google has on you. That includes stuff like where they pinged your phone, voice searches etc. If you know her Google account details you can log in and see this fairly easily from her account page. This may help as while her phone may be turned off, if she has Google permissions turned on in her phone or searched something before it was turned off her location may have been recorded there.


This aint the type of stuff u wanna see on Mothers Day. I hope it will be resolved quickly. My heart goes out to you and your family.


Fuck man, the mother's day part got me....damn.... I freak out if my parents don't return back home inside 2hrs... This is genuinely scary.... Hope it turns out well..


Don't blame yourself, it's really not your fault.


Oh no! I really hope shes ok!


So sorry to hear this, I hope everything turns out ok for you and your family 💜


>searching about poison for our dogs and chickens If she comes back, DO NOT eat anything she gives you.


Check with your Cell Service provider and the cyber police, they may be able to give u info on the last cell base the phone was connected to before it went dark




SHIT definitely call the police or your local authorities and just don’t try to over think things too much, cause that won’t help. Just try to stay calm and think positive.


Praying for your mom.


Hope you find her soon internet stranger


!remindme 7 days Dude, I hope everything turns out okay.


Please contact the contact the concerned authorities asap!!!




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Try contacting her close friends and ask them


Hey OP, can I ask for details? What was the situation, how did it come about, and did it relate to the thing you said about her search history? Just a few questions and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing what happened that’s ok as well.


So she left at 6:30 for “groceries” (keep in mind the groceries were supposed to be picked up at 9-10 am), then at 10-11 am we started to get worried so we started calling her to no luck, at 12-1pm we start getting serious and looking for any clues as to where she might be, we look through find my iPhone, we contact the phone provider, we check her search history to find her searching up hiking trails and poison for our dogs and chickens. We contact the police at around 2pm and the next day at 4am they find her the town over where the hiking trail was. I’m not 100% sure why she did this but she has depression so maybe she needed to be alone. I’m not sure what the poison thing was about but our dogs and chickens are fine.


Be really careful. Looking up poison may not just be for animals. Be wary of what you are consuming. If she made something before leaving, it's probably best to throw it out. It might be good to throw out any open dog food or feed if you can help it.


Ngl, I been checkin back through the day. I'm so glad to hear she's been found! Hope everything gets better. Hug your mum, OP ❤️


Ok, thank you for clarifying. I really hope that you and your mother will be ok! Rest easy, that must’ve been quite emotionally draining. If you would, could you make an update post once you get more information? Again, completely optional if you don’t want to share any personal information. (Might wanna keep your dogs and chickens close though)


Glad you found her. Hope she gets the help she needs. We all have our downs and some deeper downs than others but it isn't impossible to bounce your life back on track. Take care OP.


OP i am so glad she is okay. please get some rest and keep an eye on her and make sure she knows you care about her so, so much. you are such a loving child and i'm glad this story had a happy ending. sending love <3


that shit scary. hoping the best for you




Oh my god,how the situation now?


sending support, as someone else has said, please remember that this is not your fault. this sounds terrifying, and im so sorry this has gone down, best of luck, op<3


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Please if you find her say it here now im worried too


Please don’t ever think that it is your fault, no matter the situation


to the person who gave an “F” award you deserve a hall of fame menace to society badge💀


I hope your mom and you are both ok!


Thank you for updating! I was checking back hoping for good news.


Bless your heart. I’m a Mom and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Hopefully she’s found and comes home safe and sound. It’s possible her meds need review and she just needed some time. I can’t imagine how worried you must be though- I hope you have other family around to support you.


Just remember it's not your fault


Please call the police, your mother could be a danger to herself/immediate danger (suicide). The poison might or might not be linked.


You can dm if you need I'm a great listener




That sounds illegal, And/or a gold mine for stalkers


Most likely both


If you have a spare car I would say go to the places she was looking at and see if she is there


Oh no, my man. This is so scary, i hope your mom back home safe...


Call the cops. Cars have GPS trackers in them.


Damn I hope she’s okay. People usually do this when they are about to commit suicide, you probably already know that but I really hope what we think is gonna happen hasn’t happened.


Please be calm. Your family members could also be freaking out. Please try to be calm and try to calm them down too. Prayers for your mom to come back soon! Please update us.


good luck in finding your mom man. you seem to be in a terrible position and its not your fault.


you got a drone with a cam?


I thought this was a joke at first(didn’t quite notice the Serious), but I’m disappointed to find that it’s not. Hope this all gets resolved.


I don’t know how it works where you live but have you checked the hospitals?


u/remindme 3 days


You aren't responsible at all. This happening was entirely out of your control, and there's no use in beating yourself up about it.


If there are any city/region-specific subreddits for where you live, make a missing persons post with a recent picture and description of timeline. Ask a mod if they will sticky it for a period of time. Ask the local hospitals if there have been any patients admitted with her description. I hope you are able to find her. My wife's friend from high school recently up-and-left her family (two teenage daughters, two younger children, and her boyfriend) hasn't heard from her in over 2 years.


Fk the 60 people who awarded this with wholesome.


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This is totally gonna get lost but man I wish her a speedy recovery and hope she gets the help she needs. 🙏 x


ngl i was worrying about you all day. i’m so glad your mom is safe.


Omg thank god ur mum is safe, I was so worried for her and you, so glad she’s safe and found now. Best of luck with everything OP


I'm glad she was found :). I hope all is ok :)


Call the police


How do you know their browser history?


She left her laptop here and I know the password to it, we were looking for any trace of her so we decided to look at her browser history.


>ow the password to it, we were looking for any trace of her so we decided to look at her browser history. google maps has a timeline view. You can probably go to that site on her laptop and it should show the most recent places that google maps has recorded, assuming she has google maps on her phone and it's linked to the google account on the laptop, then you can at least find where she's been. [https://www.google.com/maps/timeline](https://www.google.com/maps/timeline) microsoft also has a device last location if she has any microsoft apps installed. ​ Good luck on your search. Hope you find her.