Our justice uses all types of shit that doesn't work, and you can tell they know it because they only use it when it confirms their beliefs. Lie detectors flat out don't work, and eye witness testimony is almost always unreliable. But often it's the only "evidence" so it's presented to juries as infallible


Eye witness testimony is the absolute worse. Not only is it unreliable but it's so vulnerable to police corruption. There has been discussion lately about how homicide clearance rates have [plummeted](https://www.cbsnews.com/baltimore/news/baltimore-homicide-clearance-rate-42-percent-crime-without-punishment/) in recent years. There are many factors people have talked about, but generally people view it as evidence that cops are getting worse at their jobs. I disagree... I think cops have always been bad at their jobs, and when they couldn't solve a murder 50 years ago, they'd just pin it on a random black dude or even a white dude they didn't like and thought was a "criminal". The way they did this was through manufactured eye witness testimony. Works like a charm. You bring in a bunch of "witnesses", feed them a story, threaten them, interrogate them for hours, until they sign statements putting your guy at the scene. Somehow, you can get convictions based solely on this kind of eye witness testimony. I can't even count the number of podcasts I've listened to where this exact thing happened. The worst is when they use jail house snitches. That is transparently fraudulent "evidence". I am confident that cops in the US have put tens of thousands of innocent people in jail this way over the decades. And homicide rates are declining because courts more and more expect actual forensic evidence, not just eye witness testimony, so their old tricks don't work any more.


It was never about justice that is why.


Most forensic "science" just ... isn't.


Vertical Gaze Nystagmus


It's junk science, but they still use it because it allows them to manufacture probably cause.


Here's my surprised face. It looks nothing like my "O" face.


The police abuse every tool that they can get their corrupt hands on


Cops cut corners, news at 11.


US cops are corrupt and dishonest, and dishonestly use technology. Let's blame the technology. /s


I’ve already seen code bias on Netflix. We know


Literally the premise of Watch Dogs