Probably a dumb question/speculation, but would this cause Apple to convert all of them to common charging ports worldwide, or would they produce two different versions for EU and elsewhere to keep selling other cords?


It's called Brussel effect: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brussels_effect


Apple would just do USB C worldwide. Despite the weird implications that’s apple’s grand plan is to keep their coffers loaded with the sweet sweet royalties from cables— the costs from having two different active production models of the same phone for EU and everywhere else would dwarf any possible additional income. Apple already sells expensive USB C cables like hotcakes Apple stance of “this is going to piss off iPhone owners who already have a lot of lighting cables” is probably pretty accurate to why they are actually pushing against this Apple is moving to make wireless charging less objectively terrible with things like MagSafe on iPhones, the tech still has some improvements that need to happen before the public accepts a powerless iPhone


> Apple already sells expensive USB C cables like hotcakes So much of Apple's other gear (non-iPhone) is based on USB-C that I think it's crazy they still use their old one. Like Macbooks use USB-C so much that it's annoying, and I normally have very high opinions of USB-C.


MacBooks don't even have a lightning port. Just USB C. It makes iPhones and the lightning port feel like an afterthought


iPad pros use USB-C too. It’s faster and delivers more power.


The iPad Air and the iPad Mini have also transitioned to USB C


Can confirm, just got an iPad Air and part of the selling-point for me was a USB-C charger. Everything else I have, Quest 2, Phone, MacBook, Switch, etc. Uses USB-C.


at this point I simply refuse to buy any new technology without USB-C (excluding smart watches) because there is no valid reason to not use it anymore


Same. As soon as I find out something STILL uses micro-usb, I instantly stop looking into / researching the product.


Lightning waterproofing is easier to get done correctly, I don’t know how it is with usb-c currently but I’d guess that’s not issue anymore. But benefit of lightning is that when you mess up and your hand/leg/whatever hits the cable and phone is “secured” you end up breaking the cable. With USB-C you end up breaking the port. I’ve broken maybe 5 cables by something like this (iPhone user since 3GS), and 0 usb-c cables. But one usb-c port, and I don’t have many of them. Yes I’m goofy. So as apple fanboy I guess: I welcome usb-c ports. And apple is pretty much guaranteed to push for wireless charging instead of cables a lot.


>MacBooks don't even have a lightning port. Just USB C. > >It makes iPhones and the lightning port feel like an afterthought It's the accessory ecosystem that people bought in to for their phones that take the hit, chargers, docks, speakers, whatever all have worked with the same cable and the phones for a long time. Oh well... off to the e-waste bin just like when they switched from before the lighting connector and used the wide multi pin IPOD style one. Still have a clock radio an Iphone 3 lives due to the connector and it works as a sound machine just fine... Going forward we need the kind of laws the EU is passing to just universally standardize. It will save a lot of headaches and money.


Just get a cheap set of lightning to c sff adapters and then hit the second hand store for free accessories.


Fellow iHome enjoyer?


Their Eco system is pretty weird atm when it comes to connectors. Bet Jobs would roll in his grave if he knew they kept using two standards with the same functionality for seemingly no reason.


Lightning has been around for 10 years now, I think it's reasonable for it to be replaced at this point. It's even older than 30 Pin was when that was discontinued. Lightning was still fairly new as USB-C gained prominence, so that would have definitely been frustrating to replace all of our cables again so soon. But by now most people have at least one other USB-C device laying around so I would expect the transition to be a lot less painful. The bigger issue in my opinion continues to be USB-A to USB-C.


Not sure. Samsung maintains a ton of phones spec'd for different regions and they are an incredibly profitable company. I do agree that they will change the ports worldwide but mostly to keep the whole idea that "an iphone is an iphone" and avoid further confusion.


Apple’s about to invent USB-C


You mean the Apple Lightspeed port, which is 18% faster than the previous port and 35% faster than industry average*. Here's a line graph with no X or Y axis labels showing the Lightspeed port being really far ahead of the industry average* ^*industry ^average ^based ^on ^speeds ^of ^every ^single ^consumer ^device ^made ^since ^1997


I’m impressed you used Apple’s M1 -> M2 comparison numbers from WWDC (18% faster cpu 35% faster gpu)


Recognized it too – they hammered it in, so it stayed top of mind.


USB-C was a joint effort in which Apple contributed, so I mean yeah kind of... I'm interested to see how they spin it though. They don't seem like the type of company to blame a government for business decisions, and instead will make it some sort of environmental thing, everyone already has them in their homes, all their other devices use them, etc.


That’s not a joke, they were pretty active in its development and pushing for it on their macs, even while getting a ton of flak from their fans for it for some time.




They were already a [lead contributor](https://9to5mac.com/2015/03/14/apple-invent-usb-type-c/) to the USB C project


I can see apple just including an adaptor. Can someone verify the law here? Does it say the PHONE itself must have USB-C, or does it just say that Apple must include a way for USB-C to be the end goal?


They will provide a lighting-usbc adapter in the box


I’d guess for cost of manufacturing that one global design will be the way, seems most people are speculating iPhone will become portless.


I have been conscious about shopping for electronics that charge from USB C connections and it's very nice to be able to use the same charger for my laptop, Bluetooth headset, and phone. No longer do I have to grab three chargers to charge everything for a trip. I get Apple wanting a closed ecosystem to have absolute control over their products for quality control and making more money from proprietary wires, but USB c is better in almost every way than lightning. That's why the new laptops can be charged off USB C in addition to magsafe.


What *I* want is for any product that ever has, or ever will use one of those dreadful micro USB chargers to do away with those useless things now and forever.


Exactly!!!! It’s infuriating to use micro and mini USB chargers for my PlayStation controllers


Could someone correct me? I thought I read a similar article sometime ago and apple’s work around was wireless charging as it’s universal charger.


That would be a huge disadvantage for apple when iphones are the only phones on the market that take hours to charge while everything else minutes.


Yep, it's also why I think they wouldn't implement it. It would have been a killer feature a few years ago, but nowdays the focus is on fast charging speeds




Yeah, but many people also charge their phones outside. Either from a powerbank or public power outlet. If only wireless charging would be available, that would be inconvenient if you have to quickly charge your phone outside for any reason.


The charging pad still needs a cable and that cable needs to be usb c


Apple's MagSafe cables use USB-C already, along with all of their iPhone power bricks, so it looks like that'd still comply.


Woo hoo! Now, standardize sizes and lids of plastic leftover containers!


No more lid-less tupperwares!


I just want tupperware that doesnt stain permanently after using it only a handful of times :(. Big Pasta Sauce has serious beef with Big Plastic Food Storage Containers.


Never microwave plastic. That helps.


Yeah, I haven't had issues with this since I stopped microwaving plastic. Slowly moving to all glass Tupperware anyway though. Eff plastic.




The amount of lids I have is too damn high! I could totally get behind this.


Same thing applies for laptops too according to regulation. I am very happy for this, we are finally getting rid of bunch of different charging adapters.




Agreed 100%, in my line of work we deal with the U.S. and EMEA and the GDPR does a pretty great job protecting Europeans’ privacy from everyone, but especially tech companies. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the U.S.


Our government is just incapable of doing these things. They are bought and paid for by the monied interests. For example, our government's grand plan to lower prescription drug prices was to allow Americans to import them from Canada. So i'll take what I can get from the EU.


I suppose that's why it's working in the EU. There are simply too many parties/people they need to discreetly buy off to stop these things. There are so many involved in the EU that tech lobbies might bite off more than they can chew. But perhaps it's a precedent that can flow over into the US indirectly. I mean, why have different chargers for different locations? Then again, Apple is already moving towards wireless recharging anyways, so they'll probably work around this limitation that way. EDIT: TIL there are strict campaign finance laws in place in the EU! Also plays a major part on keeping the integrity of the politicians. Thanks for those insights, guys!


No expert but America has taken bribery....I mean lobbying to a whole new level. There isn't much stopping a corporation/entity from giving unlimited money to a campaign in the form of a super pac. Until there is campaign finance reform in the US there can be no progress on any other issue. All it takes is one person with deep pockets to buy off like 5 senators and suddenly no progress can ever get made on a issue now matter how much the public supports it.


The right-wing SCOTUS has decided that ~~bribery~~ **campaign contribution** is perfectly fine and that forcing disclosure of the sources of "dark money" is smhw a violation of Constitutional rights...


The idea that bribery of officials is protected speech is so batshit crazy I can’t wrap my mind around how they managed to deliver the opinion with a straight face.


What I don’t understand is how they equated money with free speech at all. Doing so kinda implies that, you know, the more money you have the freer your speech is. The wealthier get more free speech. That’s… not how it’s supposed to work. And on that note, this dark money nonsense. Do they think this shit is 4chan, where you can just say whatever bullshit you want because it’s okay, no one knows it’s you?


What the supreme court said was that the government can't use limitations on spending as an end runaround the first amendment. Like, imagine the government passed a law that said that they could regulate spending of newspaper companies on paper, potentially barring particular companies from buying any paper to print on. Or they pass a law that makes it so that you need a discretionary permit to purchase a printing press. These two laws are solely regulating spending, but wouldn't they clearly violate freedom of the press? In the oral arguments for *Citizens United* the government literally claimed that the law the case was about would allow them to ban books, in addition to documentaries like the one at issue.


From my understanding the argument behind citizens united was basically does the government have the authority to stop people from spending their money on "political speech". If a business had billions off dollars, can they use it to make a video against a political entity that does not align with their interests? Can the government step in and prevent them from publishing that video? The CU decision basically said no the government can not. So that means corporations can pool money with other corporations in the form of PACs, who then use that money for political speech. So it's less money=free speech, and more the government can't control how corps spend money politically.


The government decided that bribing the government is not something that the government can do anything about. And then voters just completely ignored that this happened and pretend that any of these politicians care about them personally.


Pretty sure that was a pretty left of center court that decided that. There have always been conservative justices but they were the minority until recently and all major court decisions on that predated the flip, unless you know of a new decision.


5? More like 1


Doesn't even need to be that deep. Weren't some of these senators being brought off with pretty paltry amounts of money?


This is what I've found for the 2022 political cycle: https://www.opensecrets.org/federal-lobbying/top-recipients


Yeah depending on the issue you can buy your own senator for as little as like $5k.


Pretty sure I remember seeing several of them around the $1k point for selling out net neutrality.


Embarrassingly small bribes.


Knowing Apple they will drop the port, but use a proprietary wireless charger that only works on their devices and the charger needs some RFID or wireless communication to verify its a legitimate Apple product or the phone will reject it. I want to say I'm joking but Apple seriously seems to love milking every dime they can out of their products on accessories.


I don't have an apple phone, but I have charging cords for my phone at work, in my car, multiple rooms in my house. I'm sure apple users do the same, and I can't see many being happy being forced to buy wireless chargers for all their locations


You can't realistically get fast charging on a wireless charger, or maintain the efficiency of power banks.


I honestly don't think so. Apple has introduced USB-C in several iPads already and I feel they will do the same for iPhones this year or 2024 by the latest.


The fact they did it in iPads and not in the iPhones which launched at the same/similar time is bonkers. My old man was well pissed off when he bought his new iPad and it was a different charger to his new phone


You could have a point. There are currently seven major groups in the EU parliament (eight if you count the non-inscrit parties), representing the entire political spectrum. Furthermore, these groups are made up of different parties from all 27 EU member states. That's a lot of people you'd need to bribe, and it's also not like you could legally get away with it as easily as in the US, since many EU countries have much stronger anti-corruption regulations.


Well, wireless charging is up next, but still a few years away. They will mostly just bide their time skipping a physical port. See for example: [https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20220413STO27211/eu-closer-to-introducing-a-common-charger](https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20220413STO27211/eu-closer-to-introducing-a-common-charger) ​ (Edit: spelling)


What are the differences? My iPhone, OnePro and my old Galaxy s8+ all use the same wireless chargers interchangeably and I can't see a difference in effects.


I’ve actually experienced this problem with a charging Brick from apple vs a quick charge 3.0 one. Where they were rated for the same wattage but the quick charge didn’t work because they didn’t follow the usb pd standard that apple does for their charging bricks.


California has CCPA which is our GDPR equivalent.


A few years ago the pushed all EU cell phone providers to eliminate roaming charges in all countries. So your original plan / costs are the same in all EU nations. I know lots of people being hit with unexpected phone bills of 100s of euros when they came back from holiday, so this is a thing of the past. Little things like this makes me believe that the EU actually want to protect it's citizens' rights and improve their lives. Thanks EU


Now that the UK has left the EU the major phone providers are now bringing roaming charges back. Thanks Boris you manipulative lying piece of shit.


I told my dad this would happen. He insisted it wouldn't, because why would they bring back charges? Wouldn't they lose customers? Then, they all did it.


> Wouldn't they lose customers? No. Because you have to have a phone, so if they all do it then it doesn't matter because there's nowhere for you to go. >Then, they all did it. Of course they did. I just can't understand how naive people are about business decisions.


"But then they'll lose customers to the companies that didn't" Not if they *all* do it


I mean, an Australian politician just sued Google for defamation because someone on YouTube called him stupid.


To be fair he is pretty stupid


Now he’s gonna sue reddit as well


Sue [spins wheel] this guy.


Aaaaand sued.


And by that, you mean Reddit is sued.


> just sued Google for defamation because someone on YouTube If the shoe fits...


It's the only one that cares enough. US politics mostly seem to revolve around farming the American people like cattle for profit.


They fatten us up pretty good with subsidized corn. So your description is accurate.


Hey the US stands up to tech giants All The Time, when it comes to getting them to give up private user data...


***AND*** EU Agrees to Force Apple Phones ***AND*** Tablets to Use Common Charger Man I hate this headline grammar bullshit where the word and doesn't exist.


If we're really standardizing, can we get ALL small electronics to stop using proprietary chargers? USB-C can support so many things and even if the cost increases slightly as a result, it's of incredible benefit to everyone to have a universal DC power source.


The rule change applies to all new small and medium-sized electronics sold in the EU. They specifically state that it applies to "mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, earbuds, digital cameras, headphones and headsets, handheld videogame consoles and portable speakers that are rechargeable via a wired cable". It also mandates that all devices that support fast charging need to support the same fast charging speed.


Micro USB is officially dead! Also, what devices use a different fast charging standard?


Apparently my initial reply got auto-removed, likely due to the image link I included in it. As I was trying to say… The major fast charging standards are: * USB PD (or USB Power Delivery) * Qualcomm Quick Charge * Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging * Apple Fast Charging * Huawaei SuperCharge * Motorola TurboPower * Oppo VOOC * MediaTek Pump Express * OnePlus Dash Charge * OnePlus Warp Charge And many of those have different versions as well, with the voltage and maximum wattage varying between them (e.g Qualcomm has Quick Charge 1 at 10 watts, Quick Charge 2 at 18 watts, Quick Charge 3 and 3+ at 36 watts, Quick Charge 4 and 4+ at 100 watts, and Quick Charge 5 at >100 watts). *Link to an chart with all the variants and their specs was here.* To clarify, there are two main methods of pulling off fast charging - High Current, and High Voltage. Huawaei and Oppo went the High Current route, and the Oppo method formed the basis for those used by OnePlus and Realme. MediaTek went the High Voltage route, as did Qualcomm, and the Qualcomm version became the basis for Samsung, Motorola, and Xiaomi. As noted earlier, these different types of charging aren't always mutually compatible even if they are similar to each other (honestly not sure if, for instance, Qualcomm and Samsung have compatibility despite the one being based on the other, although glancing at the chart I shared it doesn't look like there's much overlap in specs).


Looking right at you Fitbit. Different proprietary charger for every model.


Watches generally need something other than USB for durability/waterproofness since they're made for swimming, running, hiking, etc. Not familiar with fitbit, but if they're using a new charger each time, they need to plan ahead better. Garmin, for example, has been using the same cable for probably a dozen models at this point.


They seem to all go for wireless charging these days which makes sense for watches


It would be difficult to get _all_ electronics to work that way. For example, flossers and sex toys, or smart watches.


I mean some of my.sex toys have a slick charging port that makes it entirely waterproof. Basically a really thin one that slips through the silicone in a way that when you take it out you can see the hole. Would be pretty tough with USB c


>The plan would force all companies -- most notably Apple Inc. -- to make phones, tablets, e-readers and digital cameras to use the USB-C charger, negotiators announced. > >The plan, unveiled last year, was provisionally approved Tuesday and **will save consumers an estimated 250 million euros ($267 million) each year** according to the European Commission. The European Parliament and 27 EU countries need to sign off on the agreement. Great, another step forward against greedy tech corporations. I'm really thankful for all the pro-consumer laws the EU is giving us.


>will save consumers an estimated 250 million euros ($267 million) each year I think the biggest complaint was the electronic waste. I mean every phone had different cable.... there are millions of phones. That would have been million of cables


Yes, back in the 90s every phone had a proprietary port, and even just going to a new model with the same manufacturer meant new charging systems. They were all one piece so you couldn't just change the cable. IIRC, Blackberry was one of the first to use mini USB, mostly because they were in the software business and didn't need to fool with revenue from chargers. Plus if you were on a business trip, you could share chargers as they stay charged for 3 to 5 days.


> back in the 90s every phone had a proprietary port I still have a drawer filled with cables, a good chunk of which are from some long-gone phone that is incompatible with every piece of technology made in the last 20 years.


Don't you dare throw them away though. What if you need one some day in the future!


The day I throw out my Kyocera and Alcatel charging cables from 2003 is the day before I need them urgently.


I moved house recently and found 4 scart cables and what I believe to be an S video cable from my old Sega master system lol. Obviously they're coming with me to the new house.


Yes! I was glad I had a scart not long ago when my nan wanted help with her VCR - she has loads of old films and recordings and refuses to go digital with them, turns out the cable had degraded but I had one in my drawer of misc bullshit. Similar deal when a friend got his hands on a decent Rode USB dynamic mic for some home recording at an insane second hand price. Didn't come with a cable but an old USB square-end printer cable I held on to did the job. My partner asks me about the cables every time we do a clear out. Another random cable saved her when she started a new remote job and the sound card on the machine they sent her was busted. I had a USB to 3.5mm jack cable from some old project that did the trick. All of these would have been £10 for next day on Amazon or a trek to an electronics supplier during the work day for yet more landfill. Save your cables!


Thank you, forgot the name of my old phone, Alcatel was the one. I dropped it, the back/battery came off and the sim card fell out and down a drain.


> Yes, back in the 90s every phone had a proprietary port, and even just going to a new model with the same manufacturer meant new charging systems. They were all one piece so you couldn't just change the cable. Fuckin' Nokia did that, and they were mostly the barrel type connector, but with a diameter that is most easily compared to that of a syringe, so they broke constantly. My Siemens phones on the other hand all had the same charge port that was similar to what Lightning is now except much (*much*) fatter, and not reversible. But it combined charging and various forms of data and other accessory communication into one plug. They swapped out that charger connector *once* in the time I used Siemens phones, for a thinner version of the same thing. It was required because the old one was too chonky for the newer models of phones.


I still remember when people would ask for a charger and youd have to specify new or old nokia charger?


I loved my S65 at the time.


You could buy multi charging cables with like 7 different ends on them. It was hilarious.


You’d think companies would like this. If everything runs off one cable they can stop including one in every box.


My laptop, phone, battery bank, and tablet all use usb-c. It's great being able to plug anything in to any charger in my house. Then some random product with micro-usb pops up and I have to search for a cord.


Oohf, same. All the things that need regular charging are USB-C so I have cables in every room for them. The occasional thing that might need plugging in every few months always seems to have microUSB though, so I keep one micro cable plugged in on my desk for that exact reason. Scrambling for a cable is a ballache.


They already do this. I just bought a moderatly priced Samsung, and it didn't come with a plug just the cable. Super annoying actually, because it was USB-C to USB-C, and I only have regular USB plugs, so the cable is useless. Might as well just left the cable out. I'm using an old cable now from my headphones. That is the point of a *universal* serial bus cable though, isn't it? That's the idea behind this law


Get the anker high speed charger brick with A and C on it. It's fantastic.


The various USB-C standards will result in many different cables. It's actually even worse, because it's generally not obvious what a USB-C cable does: there are charging-spec cables for various charging speeds and there are data cables for various data speeds (and then there's Thunderbolt over USB-C, which is yet a different cable). Some things to ask when you're holding a USB-C cable: Is it USB 2.0? Or 3.0? Or 3.1 (gen1? gen2?). This determines the data speed. Does it have a charging spec? If so: How many watts? (5/7.5/10/15/etc.) If you pick the wrong cable for data transfers, it will be ridiculously slow to transfer several gigabytes from your phone. If you pick the wrong cable for charging, your phone will take several hours to fully charge. I think I have about half a dozen USB-C cables that all do things slightly differently. The solution? For testing charging cables, I bought a device that can measure the power (voltage and current) of a cable. It's a mess.


Damn, i didn't realize it was in such disarray. What happened? I thought in the past there was a clear path for labeling and future development with USB, but sounds like things went off the rails.


Will there be less waste now though? You are still getting a new cable with everything, just more of the same types.


My only concern is when the tech advances the law won't keep up


The law already has provisions for updates. It doesn't mandate USB-C forever


Can you ELI5 how those provisions work? Switching standards isn’t fast, easy or cheap so it usually takes a long time


Dedicated team working with tech companies to adapt, most likely via the USB consortium which already is where all major tech companies talk through. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_Implementers_Forum They are so aware that the standards will change that they don't want to make the same requirement for laptops because the tech isn't clear and they don't want to fuck it up. And willing to change in less than 10 years. They tried to avoid making a law by asking Apple politely to use the same standard everyone else uses for years so that we would have less e-waste and consumers didn't have to buy different cables but Apple refused so a law has been made *We have also been through this before https://www.reddit.com/r/gadgets/comments/v6rpby/mandatory_usbc_phone_port_edges_closer_after_eu/ibhimhb* ------ https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/7/23156361/european-union-usb-c-wired-charging-iphone-lightning-ewaste **Critics say the new legislation will stifle innovation by de-incentivizing manufacturers from developing improved charging standards. The EU denies this will be the case, and says it will update the legislation as new technology is developed.** **“Don’t think we’re setting something in stone for the next 10 years,” said Breton at the press conference. “We have a standard that is being developed, and we have a dedicated team that will keep a close eye on all this and adapt as time goes by. We will evolve.”** **One aspect of the law that has yet to be settled, though, is a charging standard for laptops. While phone manufacturers will have 24 months after the legislation is adopted this summer to adapt their devices, that deadline is longer for laptop-makers: 40 months. EU lawmakers say this is due to the difficulty in creating a standard charger that applies to laptops with different power requirements.** **“We don’t have that technological certainty on a standard which can cater to laptops between 100 and 240 watts,” said rapporteur Saliba. “Our line of reasoning was to extend the deadline for laptops to have a standard that is clear.”**


What’s wild is that Apple has been the pushing the USB-C move, especially with the adoption on the iPad and MacBook…that glorious window where they both used the same charger… but thank goodness MagSafe is back.


You can charge the new Magsafe MacBook Air on the USB-C Ports. The Magsafe cable is also only a USB-C to Magsafe cable you plug into the USB-C power adapter Apple ships with the MacBook Air.


This is true of the macbook pro as well. I can charge my work laptop either via the magsafe (usually when I'm at home or on the go) or via USB-C (when I'm connected to my dock at my work desk).


Oh wow I actually had no idea. That makes so much sense tbh


Finally having two different chargers is such an inconvenience


I’m a big fan of Apple products but it’s really ridiculous that my iPad and MacBook have one type I’d charger and my iPhone uses another. There’s no way Apple can frame this as consumer friendly.


I'm not in favor of Apple's different chargers, but one thing that USB type c screwed up was making it totally obvious to laymen consumers how much power a type c connection had. It seems like they should have paired the new connection with a baseline about power capacity. There are plenty of type c connections and chargers that provide no more power than predecessors and therefore would be virtually useless at keeping a laptop charged.


And yet, the macbook has usb-c charging while the iPhone does not... There are a lot of problems with USB-C, but crappy cables not supporting enough power for a laptop doesn't really apply to not putting USB-C on their phone.


The issues is how would you do it? You can't change the port shape, and the biggest issues with USB3 is designers hate the blue port, so color is out. The figure issue is that some devices still use regular USB quick charge over type c, and some use Power Delivery. That is entirely on people who build products, as power delivery was part of the OG type C spec. The issue is they wanted to just keep reusing type a chargers and only put c on the device.


>The issues is how would you do it? Have labeling part of the standard. Example: On each USB-C connector there will be 1 to 4 physical dots on one side. 1 dot - 5w. 2 dot - 20w. 3 dot - 60w. 4 dot - 100w. On the other side of the connector, there will be raised lines corresponding to data speeds. Small, works with different designs, and can even work in dark/visually impaired people.


You think people care about labeling? If it fits, it clicks. I'm not saying it's not a good idea but I guarantee the vast majority of people would just use the nearest available plug / power supply.


I really, really like this approach. Is this your idea?


Wattage is only half the battle, you need to know the voltage too. The issue with the OG Switches, was they would do 12V/1A, and would barely charge while playing or not at all. You needed 15V or 9V to get faster than usage charging. 9V was up to 2A, and 15V up to 1.2A, both 18W. Then the new Switch came around and dropped the 9V to 1.8A 16.5W, but raised the 12V to 1.5A 18W. So some 18W and above chargers would charge the new Switch faster, and some would charge the old Switch faster.


Mandatory marking on the cable/charger itself? Just stamp a wattage rating at one or both ends just under the connector. Most of them use injection molded plastic for that little shell you grab, so just put it there and you only have to replace one small part of the tooling Even if you just put PD on the ones that are rated for it then it's better than it is now. I mean, HDMI cables all say HDMI in that area for the most part so the technology definitely exists




>The thin cheap cable wasn’t even recognized by the OS at all, let alone send 95w of charging. In other words, it also did exactly what it was supposed to do.


It also probably popped up a notification saying insufficient charge like my laptop does. USB-C charging was the biggest factor when replacing my MacBook. I was tired of replacing my entire power brick every 2 years because the hardwired MagSafe connector turned yellow and disintegrated.


Yep, worked as intended. USB-C power delivery won't send over 60W through a cable unless it has an electronically readable tag that marks it as compatible with higher powers. I bet the cheap cable would have handled 50W just fine.


> The thin cheap cable wasn’t even recognized by the OS at all, let alone send 95w of charging. People here often take shots at Apple for selling expensive cables, but there is a ton of difference between the cheap Chinese USB cable you buy at the corner store and a licensed, standards-compliant Thunderbolt cable.


I gotta admit, I understand that apple wanted to do its own Lightning connector. But then either go all lightning on all devices or go all USB-C. And not 2 different...


I hate to be that guy but it should be >Finally **,** having two different chargers is such an inconvenience Your original comment sounds like.......you are 20 years behind the rest of us. (aka you are happy you only need 2 cables now instead of 15)


Charger or charger and cable? Most new I-devices have a usb c charger with a usb c to lightning cable




> including laptops Ffs. We just got magnetic charging ports back


Apple's magnetic charger is fine because every laptop that has it also has Thunderbolt ports that can charge the laptop.


This. Microsoft Surface devices are similar now too. Anything with a Thunderbolt can charge the device as well.


Yes. I charge my Surface Go with this fancy magnetic port while using it at desk and with small 45W Anker USB charger everywhere else.


Are you trying to say they will allow Apple to still have a magnetic charger port? Much nicer than a physical connection.


Of course. That’s the nice thing about the regulation. Technically, Apple could keep the lightning connector as long as it’s not the only port that can be used for charging. That would make no sense, but magnetic charging does.




It’s required to accept an usb-c charger, it’s not required to ONLY accept an usb-c charger, or to ship one. Many modern laptops with custom charge cables also support usb-c charging (although usually slower or limited power)


The new macbooks with magsafe can still be charged through USB-C so my guess is they are in compliance. So they might ship the laptop to you with only a USB-C cable in the box and require you to buy a magsafe cable separately if you want it. But I don't imagine Apple would remove the magsafe port entirely just for this regulation.


My iPad uses USB C, not sure why they didn’t make the new phones USB C as well.


> though they will have longer to change over due to higher power needs The USB spec for Type-C currently supports 100W, and there's a draft spec that will support 240W. I wouldn't worry about laptop charging times. In fact, people will probably default to carrying around their laptop's power brick because it's most likely to have the highest output.


Does anyone know if this would apply to stuff like wireless speakers? I still have a bunch of crap with micro-USB ports and it drives me insane. My Garmin watch also has a weird Garmin-specific port, it'd be nice to get rid of that too.


Yes. Apparently, every non-tiny device (tiny like smart fitness bands) must have USB-C


Hell yeah, I'm hootin and hollerin.


Yes, as of now it includes > Hand-held mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, headsets, handheld videogame consoles and portable speakers [source](https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/46755/attachments/4/translations/en/renditions/native#page=2)


First GDPR and now this. Thank you EU for standing up for consumers when the country hosting these companies wouldn't do anything.


GDPR is overall good but the fact that there was no iteration on the law that led to all these cookie notices is insane.


They are at least iterating on mandating a "reject all" button, which is enough for me.


Wasn't that part of it originally? I'm fairly certain there was a clause mandating that opting in should be as easy as opting out, which implies a "reject all" button if there's a button for "accept all". Of course almost nobody implemented that, but still.


It was, but they're enforcing it and that's causing a push in the right direction. Google got fined $170 million USD earlier this year for being in violation. I've slowly seen more and more sites since then complying with it.


I too have noticed the ``Reject all button`` lately and I wasn't aware of the developments you mention. I'm grateful they are enforcing it. I still encounter some sites that are not in compliance.


Reject all as a requirement is nice, but the real issue is having to maneuver through all the steps to get to the desired outcome. Every single site still makes it harder to turn everything off than to simply press the big red "accept all" button, essentially.


The new EU law also bans the so-called "dark patterns", which are the ones which obfuscate accessing to the reject all button.


Does that include making "reject all" a button that close and accept as well? You don't need more friction than one extra button.


That is a case of malicious compliance most of the time though. There is no reason why most sites you only visit once need any cookies at all, other than to steal your data.


“Go ahead and click each individual category to opt out. Or one click to Accept All. Up to you :)”


Can they plz just do this globally for all compatible electronics


This is a good step. What annoys me is that when I google "common charger US" the very first article is "Why the US should OPPOSE the EU's common charger law!" ....It's like we pride ourselves on being stupid and backward.


> Why the US should OPPOSE the EU's common charger law! I found that article and it uses 2019 usb-c usage data to argue that barely anyone uses usb-c . It's laughable.




Yeah, that article didn't democraticly and organic end up as the first result, people paid a lot of money to make sure it got there.


I wish we could standardize a lot more. So much waste is produced for unnecessary customization.


Weird that Apple rails against it. Aren’t they part of the consortium who devised USB-C and it’s standards in the first place? 🤷‍♂️


It's because the transition from 30-pin to Lightning was super painful and a lot of people complained about it, even though Lightning was infinitely better.


They also promised to keep it for 10 years as a part of that. If they’d switched anytime before now, they’d be getting blasted in the headlines for breaking their promise.


Lightning was also infinitely better than the usb standards available at the time. Everyone vilifies Apple but if they hadnt pushed lightning adapter that works both ways we wouldn’t have USB-C.


Lightning was also much more durable. Both the ports and the cables could survive many more use-cycles than micro-usb. Remember how the "teeth" of micro-usb cables would wear out and you'd have to hold the charger plug in your phone at the right angle to get it to charge? My iPhone is in its 6th year of use and the lightning port still works perfectly.


Yeah, and I think this is why they've been so hesitant to move away from Lightning. Consumers hated that transition even when Lightning was a clear upgrade over 30-pin. For most people there's no practical difference between Lightning and USB-C except they have to get a new cable.


Apple has changed the phone port a grand total of one time in 15 years and the running joke somehow is how often they switch up the ports to make you buy new dongles for your phone. Doubt they’re eager to get into that again. Plus the rumors for however long that they’re trying to go portless so they’d rather go from lightning to that than throw C in the middle


Yes but they also sell a lot of expensive adapters ;)


Maybe it's just because I got into this thread early, but holy shit /r/technology is full of a bunch of dumb vocal redditors.


It’s cause this made front page


Forgive me playing devils advocate for a moment. Obviously moving from lightning to USB-C is lateral/ an improvement , but won’t this inhibit launching products in the future with new connectors that exceed USB-C standards?


The only thing I can think of, what's gonna happen when there is a new standard introduced? Do EU Phones still have to have lousy USB-C when USB-X is out?


When those new standards come, the legislation will of course be amended.


Serious question: Why does Apple insist so much on using lightning in iPhones? I could understand it a few years ago. But as of now, I can't think of any good reason


It took 10 years to get to this point so I hope our grandchildren also love USB-C


Do lootboxes next!


Good!!! Fuck apple and their proprietary chargers


What are the steps if someone discovers something better than USB-C? Can it not be sold in the EU until it’s proven itself in other markets?