Cops Are Using Facebook to Target Line 3 Pipeline Protest Leaders, New Documents Reveal

Cops Are Using Facebook to Target Line 3 Pipeline Protest Leaders, New Documents Reveal


Yeah, that's called Open Source Intelligence in some Intel communities. It's like free real estate when you wanna fuck with someone. Delete Facebook.


Instagram is the REAL threat, at this point.


Besides being owned by FB, what's Instagram doing? I want to be informed


My guess would be location tagging photos


To be fair, if you’ve taken geo-tagged photos with your phone, Facebook will upload the location automatically.


me and a group of people were playing "doxx me" and we found out discord scrubs the geotagging from photos. For now...


Why people don't use upload sites that scrub metadata is beyond me


Probably because 90%+ of the population doesn't know about the existence of metadata. And a similar amount wouldn't care.


Say more on how it hurts us?


You, specifically, as an individual; probably not at all. You are unlikely to ever see a concequence for leaving your metadata. But, in a larger social picture, the ability for metadata to be collected and used by law enforcement or other, more nefarious forces is a major factor in the balance of power between government and corporate interests versus the power of lower-status individuals ('the People, so to speak') to meaningfully resist authority or maintain privacy.


You take a photo, of the sky... seems random, but it has your location encoded in to the file that gives your coordinates. Someone can locate you.... super easy. Your kids, dog, whatever you've taken photos of. No bueno.


Thanks for educating me on this, doing research now


I have a friend who takes photos and then takes a screenshot of the original photo which he then proceeds to post as the screenshot would supposedly not have all the metadata of the original photo. I don’t know how that helps.


Screenshots don't have metadata other than a timestamp as far as I know, so yeah that works


There's apps out there that will remove metadata without compromising image quality like taking a screenshot will do


My point being that organizers are using Insta far more than FB to build support, and that FB owns it. I have no idea if it’s actually worse than FB for any reason other than that. Sorry if I misled you about my knowledge base with my implication.


General (wrong)belief is that insta is far less damaging because it's "just pictures"


Same! Someone please!


I've been doing OSINT professionally for nearly a decade. People really don't realize how much information they leave online, especially scattered across various platforms. There are very few instances where you can immediately come across a comprehensive profile of someone, but for most people, you can build one up using the bits and pieces they leave behind online with some knowhow and elbow grease (and a ton of Google searches).


This is why I lie about shit online all the time or just change details


Yeah, not a bad idea, especially if you put in conflicting information, because it'll look like two different people. Also, protip: never reuse usernames across platforms unless you have a valid reason to have a linked identity across platforms, e.g. influencers. That's a super common fail.


I just maintain the same security rules here and in twitch lol Plus I doubt youd want to scrub past streams for slip ups lol


That's why we have ai to do it for us.


At least they are deleted after a month lol, bit that that helps on a long term sting


Unless you are big enough and people start datahoarding your content.


Use a password generator to generate usernames and secret question answers.


Poisoning the well.


This is why I never ever post my full name online and scrubbed any reference to my real full name from the internet.


You can never truly scrub anything from the internet.


I know but I can try.


I love doing that. I use fake names, locations, and barley have my actual face in pics. Fuck the police.


Have fun tagging other people's faces as your own in pictures! Fucks with the facial recognition algorithms.


That's hilarious and more people should do it


To expand upon this, I use the extension Swordfish for my recruiting work. I can pull up anyone’s social media profile, for example LinkedIn, and it will cross reference their file with the other big social media sites to get me my target’s various personal and work emails, phone numbers, and even their *home address*. It’s insane. This is all “open”, public and free information .


Wait wait, I have so many questions?? Do you use this to find contact info? Or as some sort of deep search on credentials? How long are you doing this per candidate or is it a tool to search folks, those it do automated reports based on parameters or do you have to search manually


Out of curiosity, have you heard of the game Orwell? It's basically a simulator for doing exactly that, although it is kind enough to mark the data you can use to build up the profiles and limit the amount of crap you have to sift through (and you're not the one doing the actual analysis, you just gather data). Freaked my best friend out when he played it, realizing just how much information most of us scatter fairly flippantly and how it can be used not just for identification, but to, for lack of a better term, "build up a narrative" about someone under investigation. Even on sites that *don't* have real names attached.


For the last time, stalking your ex on facebook does not count as OSINT


And yet they couldn't see January 6th coming... smh


Sad but true


Jumping in the top thread here to say that if you need to coordinate, Signal or Mastodon is where it's at people.


Great plug. Just got it.


Done. Three years ago. I couldn't take the bullshit right wing shit from the people I used to go to school with (you know, "friends"), this little nugget just confirmed I made the right decision. All of this shit came from the "Patriot Act" that was pushed through easily right after 9/11 giving away all of our rights to privacy. Alexa, that little bitch, listens in on my conversations all the time and has no problem just piping up and saying something when her name wasn't even mentioned. Fuck this invasion of privacy shit. Big Brother is everywhere. No escape unless you live in the Rainforest.


Facebook is helping people in bad ways.
















But they also use non-public data through “stingray”. And they don’t have to tell you they spied on you.


The records, which include thousands of emails and documents from Enbridge, local law enforcement, and state authorities spanning from 2019 to 2021, show that sheriff’s officers in one Minnesota county at the epicenter of the fight over the pipeline have used social media activity on at least one occasion to target key protesters weeks or months after protests take place with trumped up charges.


There's also this from late 2019... https://theintercept.com/2019/01/30/enbridge-line-3-pipeline-minnesota/


Every single charge brought against anyone by that department and the officers involved should be retried immediately*. If there’s evidence they used these tactics in this instance, you can be sure this isn’t the only time.


if only the so called justice system was actually designed to do good for the world, then maybe things like that could happen. but as they stand... fat chance :(


This is true, however I think we often forget that *we* play a vital part in that system; jury nullification and other tools exist for a reason, and too often juries take officer testimonies at face value even in cases with exonerating physical evidence. I hope that the current shift we’re seeing in the public opinion on officer conduct will reflect as a change in juries, but I’m not holding my breath yet. Of course, that won’t do anything about the conduct itself, corrupt DAs and judges, recidivism rates, etc, but it would help.


The courts work hard to remove people from the jury pool if they want to be more than finders of fact. They don't like when jurors are judging the application and intent of the law instead of just weather or not the defendant broke the law. That's part of why we have voir dire. The other part is to bias the jury as much as possible in your favor (this goes for both prosecutor and defendant).


Oh absolutely, I’m just pointing out that convictions usually require peers to be part of the process and their power in that process, while limited, exists. There are much larger issues with the system that require legislative change.


>usually require peers to be part of the process and it often isn't actually your peers. The prosecution does a good job weeding out people that are likely to be so.


That’s the most annoying part, IMO.


That’s the most ~~annoying~~ **unjust** part, IMO FTFY


I would consider corrupt DAs and judges to be the most unjust part, but to each their own


Having been on a Jury recently for a short 3 day trial I thought they did a good job at picking a representation of peers for the Jury. I would be more concerned about the type of people willing to a apart of a longer trial. Ironically the 2 people on the jury that decided to give a more lenient sentence were late 2 of the 3 days! And the defendant like would have had a harsher sentence had they not shown up. There definitely is a bias that the people with lower income, probably more lenient, and sadly the ones requesting to be excused from jury.


Have you ever gone to jury duty and seen some of the boneheads this society has produced and somehow manages to call your peers?


> I think we often forget that we play a vital part in that system IMO, it's less that "we" forget, it's that people often realize that the amount of change your average citizen can enact is miniscule and requires 1000x the effort of those in power. Consider the strain on an ordinary person when they are wronged by the judicial system compared to someone in power. "You'll have your day in court" means A LOT more to someone barely scraping by than it does to literally any person with any power.


That’s a fair point, more apathy/helplessness than ignorance or forgetfulness. I agree there’s a lot more that needs to be done at a legislative level to change the system, but we do have some power in the process.


I am grateful that people are growing up with a healthy idea of how much cops lie


Yeah or justice system isn't justice for the people. It's a way to suppress and kill the undesirables. Well have work vamos like china etc. Eventually. Maybe a meteor will hit us before then.


Genuine question, what is wrong with these tactics specifically? The article mentions "trumped up charges" and I would certainly agree if the charges are false that's an issue. But the use of social media to show criminal activity doesn't strike me as illegal or wrong. Wasn't the same thing a huge tool in charging the Jan 6th Capitol terrorists? Don't law agencies do this sort of thing in pursuit of pedophile rings? If someone breaking the law is stupid enough to post their exploits on social media, I certainly can't blame law enforcement for using it as a tool to charge them for said crimes.


>Wasn't the same thing a huge tool in charging the Jan 6th Capitol terrorists After the fact as evidence of attendance. Targeting likely protestors ahead of time to try to *find* crimes to charge them with is not the same thing.


Nobody did that, though. They used videos posted on facebook after the fact to charge people.


What crime did Matteson commit on January 9th to be charged?


Probably none. And I'm sure her lawyer pointed that out. If they made a mistake in her case, does that automatically mean that all charges against everyone who was actually there were mistakes? Of course not.


Do you not see the inherent issue with officers charging without requisite evidence of a crime being committed?


If someone posted a video of them trespassing, the police have every right to use that as evidence to arrest. The video is literally the evidence.


There is no video of Matteson trespassing on the 9th. *She was not charged with trespassing on the 9th.* She was charged with a crime at an event she didn’t even attend. *Please RTFA.* Watch the video yourself, it’s in the article.


For one it always assumes the law & government is in the right. The 60’s civil rights movements would not have been possible if today’s technical ability to monitor individuals & map out networks was brought to bear. Being able to surgically remove dissent & dissenting opinions before they even reach the public consciousness is too powerful a tool for any government to hold without becoming corrupted by it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


~~Targeting dissidents for special focus on any *other* wrongdoing is textbook authoritarian.~~ Edit: I misread what they were being charged with. I still think they have a right to protest, but this is a case of enforcing bad laws about assembly, rather than selectively enforcing laws.


[https://www.daplpipelinefacts.com/faq.html](https://www.daplpipelinefacts.com/faq.html) Don't know how credible this info is but it appears that the pipeline is on private property. There is no right to protest on private property. Those who infringe upon property rights are authoritarian. There is an argument that the pipeline might pollute others' property, but to make this one must accept property rights.


Yah, I’m liberal as fuck, but private property means cops have every right to kick you off and prosecute you for trespassing.


Reddit will always knee-jerk defend those they view as the "good person" and refuse to accept that they aren't entitled to do whatever they want. Then they act like giving out their public information and admitting to crimes on Facebook is some sort of 4D law-defying police investigation.


Actually Reddit only defends people who make sweeping overly- general meta declarations about Reddit


You mean like arresting people who stormed the capitol based on videos they posted on social media? There's nothing authoritarian about finding video footage of crimes being committed on social media and using it as evidence.


It's only wrong when you support the people getting arrested. Any other time no one gives a shit.


Yes and I read today 50% of human trafficking happens through fb. If it’s used for crime then that’s a big problem.


The issue isn’t tracking* criminals on social media, it’s using social media to create charges against individuals you want to jail or burden with the broken system.


> it’s using social media to create charges against individuals you want to jail or burden with the broken system. But that isn't what happened. They used video of criminal activity posted on facebook to charge someone. It's no different than what happened to the idiots who stormed the capitol and posted pics/videos online.


> Another summons related to a charge of aiding and abetting trespassing was sent to organizer Shanai Matteson in late May, more than five months later, based on her Facebook activity and a livestreamed video also available on Facebook. Per Matteson’s summons, an officer watched a livestream recording of a separate January 9 event where Matteson encouraged protesters to be arrested “if that’s what it comes to today,” and offered resources for jail support. Matteson told Earther that she did not even attend the January 9 protest at the pipeline site. That’s an individual being charged with a protest-related crime which wasn’t even at the event. She was exercising her First Amendment Rights. Those who stormed the Capitol broke the law, which is why they’re being charged, what law did she break?


>what law did she break? >aiding and abetting trespassing It's literally in the text of your post.


Police are expected to use any and all surveillance as evidence. They are even granted subpoena power (e.g. security cameras adjacent to a robbery.) If they are inventing charges or pressing circumstantial charges, those cases should be thrown out and falce charges is determined to be endemic, the police should get sued. If anyone (police, protestor, worker) did anything criminal and it was caught on film, they need to be prosecuted. Stop pressing charges and vigilantiism from both sides will begin.


is it illegal to use social media data?


"Cops using publicly available info to file charges against criminals!? Fire them all!!!" - Some useless idiot


Would you say the same thing for the charges against the people who stormed The Capital Building? The tactics used to charge both groups of people are identical.


Yes. Yes, I would. "if the constitution will protect an asshole like me, it'll protect you." -- Larry Flint, Pornographer.


it was the capitol building


They also strip searched the protestors which got highlighted when it happened to the actress Shailene Woodley who joined the protest. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/shailene-woodley-strip-searched-dakota-pipeline-arrest/story?id=49677868 iirc from the reports I read back then there were numerous complaints of rape/rapey/inhuman behaviour back then from the cops. Again, iirc, some lady who was arrested for protesting said they forced her to strip naked in front of male and female police. Found the link (i think) : https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/04/dakota-access-pipeline-protest-standing-rock-women-police-abuse


> there were numerous complaints of rape/rapey/inhuman behaviour back then from the cops i wonder how the police conceptualize themselves - they refer to themselves as "law enforcement offices" but are obviously willing to commit and overlook crime, arguably the worst crimes. protesting an oil pipeline, maybe it's a crime in some sense, but the civil disobedience kind which is typically considered part of participation in democracy. sexually assaulting protesters in a police station? this is obviously crime, and obviously orders of magnitude more malicious, damaging, and illegal.


Higher ups just make sure to drive in the "us vs them" mentality at all costs. Othering has been used by assholes as far back as I know to make people do horrible things to other people.


Midwesterners are such nice people.


Did they commit a crime and post it on social media?


Simple solution: ditch Facebook.


I'd also jail those that abuse the public office for personal vendetta, but that's just me.


*We put ourselves in the cells...but we also have the keys...so we let ourselves out.*


It's not personal; [the cops are getting paid by the Canadian pipeline company](https://heated.world/p/police-ask-enbridge-to-pay-for-7500).


Or, at the very least, don't post videos of yourself committing crimes on social media.


That's not a solution that is a bandaid .


I'm against Facebook. But literally billions of people are not. It's not easy to get people to use other platforms. Like, I drone to people around me about reddit and maybe one or two friends started using it because of me. I also told people about Signal, few tried it. Today only one friend still uses it. And his only contacts that use it are his gf and me.








How is this remotely surprising? Social media was the main way law enforcement followed up on January 6 as well.


Jan 6 was crimes committed. pipeline protest is supposed to be a Constitutionally protected legal activity.


Believe it or not trespassing is still illegal even with the first amendment!




Black Bloc is the way to go! No phones, no tech, black clothes over other clothes so you can ditch the look quickly in an alley. Never carry ID at a protest!


There were lots of people trying to bring up this slippery slope at that time, too, but they kept getting shouted down by people who thought they were being pro-Trump.


Facebook is literally publicly available information. If you want to keep things secret, don’t use Facebook.


Seriously, why does this surprise people? Of course cops are going to use your own publicly posted info against you.


Not just cops. Anyone will use your publically posted data to their benefit. The solution? Don't do it! Is it really that hard to grasp?


Most didn't read the article, saw facebook's involvement, and made up the rest of the story in their heads.


Shhh that makes to much sense. Cop bad, government bad is all that is allowed on this bad.


You mean they use information that they made publicly available


Police using public info to file charges against criminals? Scandal of the century.


Per this article: show that sheriff’s officers in one Minnesota county at the epicenter of the fight over the pipeline have used social media activity on at least one occasion to target key protesters weeks or months after protests take place with trumped up charges.


Yea thats called an open case. And when they find the culprit they are charged for it. It's not like the crime never existed just because no one was caught at the time it was documented


I’m not sure why this is even news. If it’s out in the open for them to see, it’s fair game. To be clear, I’m against the pipeline. However, the fact that LE uses open-source information located on social media platforms should not be a surprise.


The article says "trumped up charges" but then says people were arrested for law violations related to the protest (like trespassing) a couple of weeks later. From what I gather people are upset the police looked at publicly available video and arrested people who were violating the law. I don't know the laws of that state off the top of my head but typically misdemeanors have a 2 year statute of limitations. So if they wanted to be real disks they could have waited and arrested them on the 729th day after the protest.


This post is a terrible fit for r/technology honestly. Straight irrelevant trash.


This is also super old news in general. They were using this back during the occupy wall street protests and similar. Both Facebook and Twitter.


Per this article: show that sheriff’s officers in one Minnesota county at the epicenter of the fight over the pipeline have used social media activity on at least one occasion to target key protesters weeks or months after protests take place with trumped up charges.


Love to see some examples of these "trumped up" charges. If you are posting video of yourself in a restricted area, the trespassing charge isn't exactly what one would call trumped up.


More accurate headline: “Police charge people with crime after they post video of themselves committing crime on public forum”


Use signal people.




In 2021, how is this news worthy? No shit the cops use FB and other social media to get at people.


This really isn’t anything new. Open Source INTelligence has been around for a hot minute. It’s a big reason why so many of the Jan 6 treasonists are getting caught. It’s not smart to film yourself committing any type of crime, even as something as small as this type of trespassing. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they came after people with jaywalking charges too


Using publicly available info to charge people with crimes *caught on video*. Congratulations - you played yourself.


Police use OSINT to arrest people I don't like: good. Police use OSINT to arrest people I do like: bad. Apparently you wanted a surveillance state, not sure why Redditors would be bothered by this.


The authorities have been openly tracking down the Jan 6th protesters the same way. The biggest not-a-secret out there is this


I love living in this "democracy"


"Cops will do anything because they can get away with everything" fixed that title for you.


After reading the article, all the cops did was look at videos the protesters had shared on social media and use them as evidence/basis (IANAL) for charges. I don't think it's any different than what was done in the capital riots. The original headline (and your suggestion) make it sound like the cops were using some kind of privileged access to private information stored by Facebook in shady ways, but all they did was watch videos of the event and note chargeworthy offenses. > But summonses Earther [<--media outlet] obtained from the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office show that police used videos streamed and posted to Facebook to charge high-profile leaders in the Line 3 movement with several misdemeanor counts, including harassment, trespass, unlawful assembly, and public nuisance. Summary of charges, all nonviolent crimes. Nobody's saying the protests weren't peaceful. > In an email, [Aitkin County Sheriff] Guida told Earther that [accused protester] Aubid “has apologized to me for attacking me on camera." One of the accused openly admits to attacking a police officer. So I guess one person is saying the protests weren't peaceful. Look, I'm all for the right to organize and protest, but if you're going to break laws and then publish videos of yourself breaking the law, you can't be surprised when that evidence is used against you.




Welcome to reddit where cop bad and people are oppressed no matter what the situation is at all.


Here we are once again. Reddit (in general) *outraged* at the mere thought of being held responsible for their own reckless and/or illegal behavior.


We require outrage shhh


Watch this post be super controversial.


> "Cops look at what was publicly posted" Fixed your faux outrage for you.


Except in this instance, all they did was use publicly available evidence (videos and posts) to charge people with the crimes they committed. That's like me taking a photo in a restricted location, posting it on Facebook, then being shocked when I get a citation or summons for trespassing.... I broke the law....


Why do stupid comments like this from people who clearly didn't read the article always get upvoted so much?


Anybody whose idea of opsec in the present climate is to post what you're going to do publicly on Facebook kinda deserves to be targeted, tbh


right? this is no different than blindly handing out flyers for a speakeasy


Moral of the story. If you commit crimes and want to get away with it don't use social media. People are so very dumb. They use all these things in the background and they never consider some of it is public, and other parts of it can be obtained by subpoena or search warrant. (That is all legal folks happens every day) Then they blast cops for doing what they're paid to do....yup investigate crime.


Imagine the irl version? Citizen: officer! There’s a crime being committed in the alleyway! Cop: well they probably don’t want me to see it so I better not look.


Ignoring the reason why they are doing this for a moment. Why do people feel this is wrong? Is it unreasonable for police to talk to people on the streets to fined out information? Why is browsing publicly available information online any different? Collection of publicly available information is not illigal or immoral. If you have a problem with the information that's available about you perhaps you should not have made that public.


Yeah, personally, I'd say the problem here is that people keep voluntarily handing their private information over to ol' Zuck. They should maybe consider not doing that anymore.


If you are committing a crime or planning to commit one and Post it on any on social media you are a complete idiot. You deserve to get caught and do the time for the crime. Those that stormed the Capital posted pictures afterwards and that’s how they were were caught.


So they’re doing their job.


That’s sucks they are doing that but why is there any expectation that information you share in a Public Forum is off limits to anyone that wants to find it, including the police? If it weren’t so serious how that info is being used by police I would almost think its a joke that by 2016 anyone dumb enough to post any information on FB or any social media would be surprised that that information would be used against them somehow. Wake up people Facebook is a privately owned company that makes money of of you sharing your personal data and interests on their platform. Quit fucking using it and stop being surprised that if you are using it still that shit like this is happening. We’ve all known out loud since at least 2016 that this type of thing is happening. And one more time everyone all together now: Quit 👏using 👏Facebook👏


My favorite part of the article was the lady complaining that she couldn’t go private on Facebook to prevent this because then no one would see her posts


I almost tagged leopards are my face sub in this comment.


I sure wish that when American citizens defended the literal land we live on, that the police wouldn’t prosecute and hunt them down for it.


What exactly did they expect when using Facebook? Clearly they're connected to the internet, so I find it hard to believe not one of them has heard of even just one of the problems about Facebook. Or is it they just think it "doesn't affect them, because I haven't experienced that yet"? Blinders people, fucking take them off.


I guess you should have thought about shit like this when you created an entire folder about yourself and made it freely available to everyone on the internet...


I just don’t understand, people want law enforcement to use social media to find people breaking the law... but not the people breaking the law out of noble causes?


Reddit is full of hypocrites.


Who is this protecting and serving? Do police merely serve the interests of the corporate elite? The answer is yes.


Police are serving the business interests of the communities because the people of the community elected a gov't are asking them to. There's also likely many people who support this project. If projects are approved by the government, and have passed all the cost benefit analysis, and some ragged ass protesters who don't know anything about how to create thriving communities try to illegally blockade a project what are police supposed to do?


It is serving and protecting the people that own that corporation and land. Tresspassing is a crime doesnt matter who its against. And people get arrested for tresspassing on property all the time even when it isnt a corporations land so r/quityourbullshit


The original concept for the police in the US where created by the rich to protect there property. They have been a tool of the elite and the bullshit "to serve and protect" was a marketing campaign.


And? I feel like this isn’t a new development given how much we laugh at the 1/6 clowns posting all their crimes. If you want no problems get off social media


Posting publicly.


When you were all cheering that cellphone metadata from Jan 6 was going to be used to track “insurrectionists”, did it not occur to you for even a second to ask whether it was a good idea to have unaccountable billion dollar tech companies working hand in glove with a government that hates and fears it’s own citizens? Or were you too busy just giggling haha trumpies bad?


These are the same tactics used in order to track and charge those in the capital riots. Why are people surprised by the use of social media in proving a crime is committed (even a controversial one)? These tactics have been used for years.


Reason number gabillion to not use that shit site.


If everything you say, do or write can be used against you, exactly why should I be upset about Police using protesters own public comments against them?


So...? They used social media to target Capitol Hill people as well. Am I missing something here?


Real easy solution. Stop using Facebook.


im using Facebook to stalk hot girls from my neighborhood the whole time, what's the problem?


Big brain time: Maybe try not advertise your crime plans for cops to read?


Literally everyone does this on Facebook. And what do we always say? You’re an idiot if you put things on Facebook.


Thats like saying the police can use the phone number they found taped to a light post… what did you expect?


I hate to be the one to say it, but every line of business that has an investigative aspect to it uses social media to track down people. They may not be able to use it in their final investigation but they use it to target and get leads. This is why using social media is a bad idea and this very reasoning has been told.... several times. At this point, it is hard to get angry about it or even feel bad.


F*** yeah term limits


Was this data on Facebook public? Or was it private communication? If it were posts to a forum...


Posts on their public page. It says it in the article


The fact that these are protesters is kind of irrelevant. The cops are using public social media posts to arrest people for committing crimes. People shouldn't get away with committing crimes.


So strange how local law enforcement protects the giant corporation instead of the local indigenous community... almost like the entire purpose of police is to protect the ruling class. Weird.


Cant wait until next month, for news of militia group being tracked via Facebook by police and it being celebrated


"Who would have thought!" :V


Hey just FYI for you guys Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all in collaboration with the department of justice so any information and intelligence gleaned from social media pertaining to potential crimes will be used accordingly. Maybe they need to use a different platform for organizing.