Well of course! Everyone was looking up why it was down. Duh


I think it's also because so many people use facebook as their news site, which is horribly wrong and explains why so many people have the views they have.


Yeah, but we were only using the news sites to find out why we couldn’t access our Facebook news. It’s not like the “researchers” went looking for another source of information.


For sure. They’re not suddenly giving a shit about what MSM has to say.


Can we just shut off Facebook until the pandemic is over? It would have been over so much faster!


In a free society, our freedoms can also be the source of our downfall. There are some things that benefit society like getting rid of shit on Facebook (or FB itself) but is against the law to do so. It would take a benevolent dictator sort of government to make happen.


The problem being of course keeping the benevolence and hoping the next dictator doesn't abuse the power. Democracy isn't great or perfect but it certainly keeps governments in check more so than an unopposed dictator. I guess an alternative is relying on the populace to have the power and ability to revolt and replace a corrupt dictator with another benevolent one. A bit Jeffersonian as I believe he suggested a 20 year revolution and re-constitution cycle.


The Problem is that such a dictator just can‘t exist, at least not for long. In my opinion https://youtu.be/rStL7niR7gs explains this quite well


CGP Grey? Yep knew it, good video and yeah, basically the explanation for why benevolent dictators or revolutionaries cannot stay such. You need to have the interests of those key players align with benevolence towards the people. And sometimes this can happen in some scenarios, like the video points out of nations that rely more on raw resources than human capital birth corrupt rulers, so too can nations that rely on human capital birth benevolent ones. We see this out of Singapore which lacks raw resources but instead has invested heavily in its human capital for its benefit. Or many other city-states throughout history. In order to become richer, they naturally must improve the livelihoods of the only resource they have, humans. Which frankly is the most important part to most. Most people care far more about their quality of life and own wealth rather than what power they have in governance. It's only when those suffer, or perform worse, than elsewhere that people start clamoring about their government in one way or another. Or move to somewhere else. Nations compete just like companies, just on a very long timeline in more abstract ways. Ideally you'd have numerous dictatorships you can freely and easily move between and choose the best and most benevolent out of, which naturally keeps all others in check lest they lose their populace. But of course that's not real life and these things happen slowly and with a ton of confusion and misinformation in between over generations.


All hail, the new emperor! Big thought v3! May His wisdom and Machine learning run longer than his predecessors! To the next 20 epochs!


Which is the inherent problem. It’s almost impossible to have a benevolent authoritarian government. A democratic process moves slower, and sometimes backwards. But it prevents one person from seizing lower and crashing the whole thing.


How are places that don’t have Facebook doing?


You can and should


Agreed. I got off years ago.


Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on the microchips and monkey blood in the vaccines? I’m going back to Foxbook News.


Worked with an idiot on a job today He straight up said he wasn't gonna get the vaccine bc he will die. His aunt just died from it 3 days ago he said. I was so annoyed and am so sick of the stupidity and misinformation that I rudely told him that wasn't real and his aunt probably caught covid and passed away. I asked if she'd been to any public areas or gatherings before... she had gone to a concert and then a wedding the day after. A week later he said she got the shot bc she went to the prompt care with shortness of breath. (This part makes me think he's lieing) and two weeks later she was dead. Ugh. I can't. Dude wasn't even sad. I seriously doubt his aunt died and he just wanted on the scary hype train. He also thinks you need to strap heavy loads to a truck with a criss cross pattern. I'm done.


Uhh maybe but I doubt it. Do you really think that many Facebook users are so addicted to the news of all things that they couldn’t go 7 hrs without getting a fix?


Facebook doesn’t carry actual news, just links that are shareable. If they went to all the sites then went to before, it wouldn’t change what they saw. Kinda wish Facebook would gatekeep news organizations. Too many fake news stories and get get removed from the newsstand.


They were checking to see why it's down, simple as that


What do you mean? Most of the news on my facebook are left leaning, from CNN, NbC to Business Insider or Reuters, algorithm or not.


Yes, this is what made me cringe. Especially since there are calls for FB to censor news as of late. It’s worse than getting news from the onion.


It’s saddening that the news isn’t much better these days. Almost all corporate owned propaganda machines


Lol looks like the rise in google referrers to their sites outweighs the loss from social networks on its own, per those charts. And google trends puts the Facebook search term in the neighborhood of a 10x increase and WhatsApp in the neighborhood of 30x increase during the relevant time period (I’m assuming the reason WhatsApp was up more is because the baseline Facebook search rate is higher from people doing that instead of a book mark.) Unfortunately I don’t see a way to see the actual raw number of searches.


Came here to say this


Honestly tho


This is literally exactly the cause. Nothing to see here folks!


Well, that is pretty funny, and you might be right. But according to the CMO of the group monitoring the traffic shift, and responding to someone asking if what you said was in fact the case, “We're looking into that. We should have the data ready early next week.”


I think it extremely unlikely that ppl addicted to FB are also so addicted to news that they couldn’t got 7 Hrs without a fix. I think it more likely ppl addicted to Facebook used news sites to see when they could use Facebook again… but I guess I could be wrong. I’m glad they r doing two week study to see which answers right.


Lol I only use the comment section of the news on facebook. It’s always a war zone in there.


Probably searching for news articles on when Facebook would be back up


“Dark Social,” sounds interesting…


This is the term used to describe “direct traffic” that doesn’t hit the home page, the assumption being that if someone lands directly on a news article without a referrer they likely clicked on it from an application where the link was shared with them socially, i.e. text message, email, etc.


Not nearly as interesting as social media for criminals.
















Kind of describes FB pretty well






thought they were talking about 4chan lol


I read about him on CBS back in the day


Darn; I was hoping for a rabbit hole


How does that differ from “direct” on the graph?


Direct would be traffic that hits a news website’s homepage or other landing/index pages that doesn’t include any referral information, for example, someone typing “nytimes.com” into their browser.


Uh yeah … people going “why is Facebook down, let me check the news!”


This right here. Nobody was looking for news other than “what happened”.


Well, the FB status page was also down. Not really sure the point of a status page hosted on the same servers, guess they were just really sure it would never go down lol


“This ship is unsinkable!”


So did the traffic to pornhub!


Same activity, just with a different part of the body.


Wtf is Dark Social??


You’re on it now you heathen


All those people who subscribe to FNN ( Facebook News Network) had to actually go to a news site to get information.


When you drench something in water, it is wet


I would love for Facebook to go back to its origins. I’m so tired of being force fed shit I don’t want to see. I click a video to hear the sound and make the screen bigger, and then try to scroll down my feed, but nope it’s just a bunch of videos I have no internet in seeing. Why? Because I have to click back out to my feed because watching a video takes me into another tab full of the one video I wanted to see, and then a feed of force fed shit.


> I’m so tired of being force fed shit I don’t want to see. You **aren’t** being “force fed shit [you] don’t want to see”. **You are consciously deciding to consume shit. If you were tired of consuming the shit that Facebook feeds you, you would delete Facebook**…


Just delete it, I promise you won’t miss it


I want to, but I use it to look for old cars and car parts, and look other peoples cars etc. obviously I do other stuff on there too since I am using it, but not much honestly.


Yeah, how else was everyone going to find out why Facebook was down and when it would be back?


Ohh so it was a plot from “big news”. I knew it!


Wow imagine a world where people’s initial news source isn’t their white supremacist uncle.


Visual confirmation that millions of people use Facebook as their primary “news” source. I wonder if they were surprised by the reality they found.


Clearly not to read actual news, but to see what was going on with Facebook.


Love Facebook when it’s down. I think Facebook should post a website resignation. We can add Facebook to the Forbes Most Influential at #1 and give them the credit they deserve. Now we can focus on the lies told by news stations and the inaccurate portrayal of events.


Most likely people were trying to find out why Facebook was down.


Like, actual news sites? Or “news sites”?


So, can someone explain to me what “dark social” is…. Sounds fun!


Sounds like we should just shut down Facebook for good then


Agreed. FB needs to be broken up, I fear instead they’ll get what they want and have the govt put forth huge regulations which FB can handle, but Zucks competitors might not be able to.


Broken up into and how? Based on its type? Or it's ecosystem? Would you break it up to Facebook, Instagram. Or would it be analytics and social? They have interrogated everything so much it's all one and the same


I mean that’s true but in no world is that a reason not to break up a company that is a modern day monopoly. I would personally make Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp break up and probably allow Facebook to keep Oculus and a few other assets but not very many. But obviously I don’t know the weeds of anti trust laws We broke up Bell Atlantic, and arguably by comparison that shit was a mom and pop startup lmao


I am not sure Facebook has a monopoly in any sense. They are large and maybe the largest in some areas but hardly a monopoly.


There are communities of people who depend on Facebook, without it, it’s as if the internet doesn’t exist. Facebook has made sure of this by being anti competitive. It is literally impossible to be a traditional monopoly on the internet but the word needs to be redefined for the modern day.


Those communities can move somewhere else, there are other options. That is the definition of monopoly, when there are no options. The closing of FB will not destroy the internet or the social media sphere.


So you know some parts of the world are so dependent on Facebook that they would literally have to **move** and join a new community to not have to depend on the company anymore, yet you don’t think they’re anti competitive? Breaking up Facebook doesn’t harm anyone but possibly Facebook’s investors for a few months


Do you have an example? I assume having facebook means they have internet, which is not facebook controlled.


I personally know many many people who use WhatsApp as the primary means of communication with their family overseas. Those are the same people who were buying long distance phone cards a few years ago, but they exist regardless. As a New Yorker who meets many tourists on a regular basis, WhatsApp is the first thing people ask you for when they’re from almost every part of the world except for China and the US. It’s their primary means of communication, not just an alternative to texting like how you might use it. Here’s [a good article](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/facebook-whatsapp-outage-down-latin-america-1635533%3Famp%3D1) that talks about Latin-America specifically. > According to Global Web Index's 2020 Social Media User Trends Report, 93 percent of those aged 16-64 in Argentina use WhatsApp, as well as 92 percent of Colombians in the same age group, and 91 percent of people in Brazil. It’s kind of crazy to me that people don’t see what a huge grasp this 1 company has on the world and how dangerous its combined abilities are. I really thought it was common knowledge but I guess some people don’t leave their immediate area long enough to see the world.


For some people, not being able to use WhatsApp or Facebook would be like you having to ask everyone you want to communicate with to use signal or some obscure messaging app. Imagine if you went on an interview and said you couldn’t text, you could only communicate through signal. That’s what losing WhatsApp is like for some


They just need to make them apply the law and not let them catch and steal our infos


No since that means even more traffic for Faux Knews so they can even further destroy our lives and make all thinking people want to die.


News flash. All big media uses the same tactics as Facebook to build viewership and make money off of it. They’re probably just pissed their not as successful as Facebook


I’d rather Fox News than Facebook, Facebook is a cesspool of idiocy


No shit #DeleteFacebook if ya got it peoples Indicting Zuckerberg & Sandberg would be nice too


And water is wet. Fantastic stuff.


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.


Well then what is water






Water (chemical formula H2O) is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms (in which it acts as a solvent[1]). It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Its chemical formula H2O, indicates that each of its molecules contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, connected by covalent bonds. The hydrogen atoms are attached to the oxygen atom at an angle of 104.45°.[2] "Water" is the name of the liquid state of H2O at standard conditions for temperature and pressure. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water


water sticks to itself better than it sticks to anything else. therefore, water is the wettest. You left out "polar" in your description ;o)


Water is a liquid. Water (the liquid) is a noun. It is a thing. Wet is an adjective or verb. So water makes the sand wet. Wet describes the state or action of the water.


Good bot


And pornhub traffic increased too (I’m not joking)


What is ‘dark social’ is that r/BlackPeopleTwitter




Yeah it was a lame attempt at a joke thanks for taking a guess at the question just like I did


it was a guess? I thought you said it was a joke? anyways why did i get down voted lol. what the hell, this dude gets upvoted for essentially saying the dark web is black people twitter. imma see myself out and just delete my respone.




It was during the congressional hearing so they were probably deleting ish




I mean did we really need a statistic for this. I’d assume this was obvious. People want to know why something isn’t working.


#delete facebook


Spoiler alert: no one knew if these websites were promoting fake news or not because Facebook didn’t fact check it first.


Yeah because people were wondering what the F was going on


Oh so people really do think Facebook spreads news? Interesting, no wonder they’re so adamant in those school board meetings.


No shit


can we deplatform facebook already. who needs it. just shut it down, make a new version of insta that is not all ads and data-collection driven. if you can't find other ways to interact online with friends when there are 1000 other potential platforms, what are we doing here? also just fuck that prick zuckerberg and his misinformationn, youth exploitation atrocities. he can yeet himself to the moon for all i care. also why do the rich sociopaths always have the most dumb fuck haircuts


Is Facebook down?


Why are we as a society so concerned with daily news intake. How much of a change will your life take of 1-4 days of no news. I mean you still have to go to work, Pay your bills, eat, shit, sleep. Especially when there seems to be misinformation all over.


Wtf is dark social


Facebook should be eliminated


Wow, Facebook is a misinformation machine




Wow I wonder why




Sad and horrifying.


Just going from one biased news source to another


Most searched phrase: “why is Facebook not working for me”


What’s dark social?


Define “news” site because That’s kind been another problem altogether


When one popular way of passing the time when you're bored is unavailable, another way of passing time becomes more popular? You don't say. I'm shocked...


And we’re all a little smarter for it.


Fuck Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻


Wow? Really wouldn’t have guessed lol


That’s worrying


Of course it did; everyone googled “what happened to Facebook?” At once and, without Facebook to tell them, all got directed to news sites.


Traffic to ALL other sites probably went up .


TIL: A large part of my traffic is labeled “Dark Social” simply because it often lacks referrer information.


Time to unplug the zug


It makes sense


The USA is dangerously addicted to fear and drama now.


What is “dark social” and how can I make it my entire personality


Execute order 66.


Happened in Aus. FB wasn’t allowed to show news, they lost a lot of traffic to news sites and the national broadcaster became the #1 download in the App Store




I was wondering how many less auto accidents happened on that day?


Most news sites are as honest and reliable as Facebook.


And pornhub




Well that is a scary thought… that many people are getting their news from Facebook.




> dark social I thought FB was down..


Facebook couldn't direct you into its walled gardens instead. Boo hoo.


So from misinformation to sanitized information lol


How tf else were people supposed to find out why the website was down?


Lol. I work during the day and by the time I heard it was down it was back up. Didn’t effect me one bit and I sure didn’t go to any other sites because of it. Step away from your phones folks. Think. Enjoy life. Seriously.


I personally use Facebook to collect as many news source possible (the official pages of the news source), as many national politicians’ official pages, and some cats and dogs meme pages.


You mean it actually forced people to do real research like at a college level? Color me surprised *eye roll*


No brain-er here




If only it went down forever so people would read real news instead of regurgitated conspiracy theories.


What’s dark social?


Facebook must be destroyed. Zuckerberg and Sanders should face trial for Crimes Against Humanity at the Hague. They've created the world's greatest mind control machine and rented it for profit to the destroyers of democracies.


Mark better be sleeping with one eye open, these news companies might try to play king of the hill with him lol


I want to know more about this “dark social”. Is that where the most extreme nut jobs go for their propaganda fix?


According to Jill Nicholson from the article (I was also disappointed): “Dark Social refers to traffic driven by peer-to-peer sharing on private channels: email, text messages, messaging apps. Readers behave exactly like visitors from named social platforms like Facebook, but analytics services don't get info on where exactly the share happened.”


Do yourself a favour and delete your Facebook account.


Sounds like MSM got what they wanted.


Weird how that works


Great. Can’t trust any news outlet.