What's the worst mileage you have gotten on a tank of fuel with your TDI?

What's the worst mileage you have gotten on a tank of fuel with your TDI?


12MPG towing a toy hauler with a CJ5 inside it up to my remote mountain property.


Best tank: 5.72L/100km, worst tank was 8.95L/100km (towing an 1800lb canoe trailer). Average is 6.74L/100km, which isn't bad considering all the emissions stuff on my car coupled with the fact that I drive it like I stole it.


28ish. Bunch of roof rack stuff. City driving. Quick accelerating. Etc.


43 mpg. Lol I am consistently 45-46


That's usually what I make when taking it easier. Around 43, 44 city and 48,49 on the freeway. My dads ALH made 42MPG over the course of a 1000 mile trip while towing a trailer with a 4 wheeler. Without the trailer he was making mid 50s.


nice! mine is an ALH. best I've done was 46.5 on a tank. I don't ever change driving habits to maximize mpg or to be a race car lol.


Thats what makes TDIs so amazing to me... at least the older ALHs... it was not the same experience in my 2011 MK6 TDI.... I could hardly make 40mpg when trying to get good mileage....I've just been spoiled with an easy 40+mpg for over a decade.... lol


yeah makes it really hard to find a better daily. haha. I've come to the point in life where I'd rather have multiple cheaper vehicles I can work on and enjoy than to have one expensive new car.


28 mpg. 2003 Jetta wagon. I'm still trying to sort out fuel economy problems. My average is usually 35 though. My car should be getting between 40 and 50. Hell my 2014 Passat was getting 40 all the time.


I think 7.4l/100km. A particularly cold winter and my thermostat was opening early, so I never got proper operating temp. Otherwise its been rock solid from 5-6.5l/100km depending on ambient. Bone stock BEW Jetta wagon.




Oof. That's abysmal unless you're strictly stuck in city driving. My worst tank ever for my 25 mile mixed commute was 560 miles when the temps were hovering at or below 10* F at the time. I normally pull 670-730 depending on OAT.


it’s weird, i have the same issue. i usually refill right at the redline for the fuel gauge, and on a highway only trip that usually yields me about 440 miles. far, far better than my old car but after reading this forum i’m under the impression that really isn’t too good. 2014 jsw tdi with dsg and the base carrier bars, so there’s a bit of drag but i didn’t have anything on them when i tested it. OAT was about 85°F


Well, a JSW isn't a fair comparison to a Passat because you're talking a 11-12 gallon fill up to a 17-18 gallon fill up on the Passat. 440 isn't too far to the low side though it could be better. How fast are you driving it?


cruise control @75mph pretty much the entire time, fairly flat too (i95 between new hampshire and south florida)


That combo of 75 and cruise will hurt you. I can take my wife's GSW by myself and keep it 65-70 via the foot and it'll go 600 miles on a tank for me. But your CJAA also gives up a little economy compared to the 2015 CRUA in my wife's car too. I think you should expect to see 475-500 at least with smooth all highway driving.


600 miles is 3084996.81 RTX 3090 graphics cards lined up.


32 mpg


Recently had 34 mpg hand calculated tank. Was flogging my mk6 sportwagen hard on the back road twisties a couple of days in a row. Combined I normally get 38 so it's not that bad of a hit for some fun.


On my 04 Jetta with the BEW worst I got was 34 because I accidentally left the mass airflow unplugged. Best was around 48 when I first got it because I was curious if what people said about it’s mileage was true so I drove it like a grandma


Best was 55mpg all highway and worst was 30mpg all city


About 28, highway nearly all the time. 2014 Passat. Average is about 37.