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They literally snatched up most of Central Asia, thought the Turkic people were dumb savages, and forced their colonization on them


The funny thing about Caleb and his kind, is that because of how little political impact they have, they are just yelling into the void half the time


126 views, this guy is shouting from six feet under the ground


Inside a. Metal coffin


Yeah but they have traction with the anti US crowd on Twitter. They are a disgusting bunch. I'm from Donbas and spent 16 years investigating far right extremism and used Russian clandestine history & strategy. when they can't win an argument, because they don't know a thing about Russia, they call me a NAFO liar. Lol. Of course they send me memes and collages of Nazis from 2014, sometimes even use Russian Nazis in them because they are morons and don't know a damn thing about the movement. Then they give me the senile Russian babushka propaganda Greatest Hits of 14k dead! AZOV! Nuland! Lol


Literally what Russia does to Central Asia, Caucasus and Belarus


Wait, they actually can't parse out the difference between the definition of imperialism and the description of the process that makes advanced capitalist countries imperialist ?


Said people will also be first in line to lecture you to read Lenin.


which is hilarious to me because lenin declared workers wanting equal say in government to be the biggest threat to the Bolesheviks post revolution.


Not as pathetic as Trotsky immense cope I'll give him that.


Its not that they can't it's more that they won't. They're basically kids who think the world operates on a binary model of good and evil, so if the side they decide is "good" does something evil they break their backs finding ways to show that it is still good.


Caleb, if you love Russia so damn much, then do me a favor, pack your bags and move there.


How are these two even related? Outright annexing Ukraine's resource-rich east would have fit the same explanation.


Tankies are brainless, the only thing they respond to is blood


never assume that fascists don't know what they're doing. They know exactly what they're doing.




Annexation obviously isn’t imperialism since then they’re just taking their own resources! /s


I think it's literally the idea that because it's contiguous it's not an empire because what tankies are reacting to are the European empires of the last few hundred years that were overseas from the controlling nation. When wealth from Russia's annexed territory moves it doesn't exactly cross borders, it moves within the Russian empire.


Nah, that doesn't track because they are more than happy to bring up the United States' imperial legacy. The fact is that they don't know about Siberian people groups, they probably just think that land was empty, if they think about it at all.




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worth noting: the US empire isn't contiguous, so that technically would still fit with what quadraspididilis is saying. Guam, Puerto Rico, etc aren't exactly attached to the US.


The US has territories, true. But if you look at the history of the USA, at the *very* least everything west of the Mississippi is the hidden US Empire.


Hawai'i and Alaska aren't part of the contiguous US either. Both are west of the Mississippi.


By that logic, the Austrians never practiced Imperialism. Try telling that to all of the Balkans and Hungarians.


Just wait until they find out about the Romans...


It’s also ignoring that until (relatively) recently, the US had a *very* strong export economy, and still ranks high. So by the same logic, America couldn’t have been imperialist.


Except the actual state of Russia itself is not some homogeneous place, and is in fact an empire that was forged through conquest over centuries with various exploited ethnic groups within its borders. That didn’t somehow change once they no longer had a Tzar. Even if they weren’t currently engaged in imperialism abroad (which they very much are), they’d still be an empire.


The "West" decolonialized after WW2. Soviets were like "We're just going to take Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania... Never let the party die!." Does that sound boring to you?


It loots the 30 or so nations it imprisoned in its 'federation'. Caleb is a moron.


\>Literally have your name be a translation of '*Empire* of the Rus' people'. \>So called 'Leftists' in the 21st century refer to your country as not Imperialist despite the fact you very much committed a lot of Imperialism, considering, y'know, how the fuck you got Siberia in the first place.


To be honest "Russia" is just "Rus", there's nothing about "Empire of Rus". But yeah, Russia is 120% imperialistic given that they claim to be the descendants of "Russian Empire" and all this "historically russian" bullshit.


Russia didn't go into empty land east of the Urals.


“It’s only imperialism if it fits my exact perfect definition of it!!!” - That moron


"Being an import center is the only definition of imperialism, and certainly not when a political entity exerts control over a foreign region in general."


Then why is their country so goddamn large


“Communist” Caleb Maupin


Isn't Maupin a nazbol?


I don't know about the last bit, he may want to check out London.


When my home is rubble, my neighbors dead and rotting beneath it, my cat is on fire and I had to give the last of my bread to a Russian soldier, I can rest easy knowing it isn't Imperialism.


They can’t distinguish between imperialism and economic colonialism?


Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe: am I a joke to you?


borger king


Hey Spankie, the Kuril Islands, how'd the Russians get there?


Hey, Caleb. Where did they get those natural resources?


Not yet Caleb, not yet. If it somehow manages to seize control of Ukraine and prop up a Russia-friendly military government that's totes necessary to "de-nazify" Ukraine it WILL be. Russia isn't doing this out of principled anti-imperialism, it is doing it because it WANTS to be imperialists.


No, Russia *is* an empire. The heart of the Russian culture is mostly around Moscow, but it extends waaay beyond that. The Russians have been an empire for over 700 years, spreading in every direction. Even after the collapse of the USSR they still control lands that were seized through war and held through subjugation of indigenous people groups, especially east of the Ural Mountains.


Us gets shit, as it should, for its subjugation of natives people, and yet Russia and China did the same shit and no one cares


I want to see Maupin go to Kharkhiv and try to just explain this simple fact to Ukrainians so that that they can understand why they have to be shelled to defeat western imperialism.


They occupy 20% of Georgia




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They fucking do, majority of taxes from regions goes directly to Moscow, not to region budget. Tankies can’t comprehend colonialism if it doesn’t happen overseas


He should actually read Lenin (who states unequivocally that not only capitalist stares can be imperialist).