Hell yeah it’s worth it, can’t put a price on protecting your online image


You also can't put a price on being the coolest larper 😎


There less expensive American options. Can buy surplus, but I'd rather trust American, regardless the price tag, then some iffy ebay Chinese "kevlar"




I just wear a boonie hat because im poor


I feel that, I'm wearing a boonie rn too. But I do wanna upgrade to a ballistic helmet. Ik I want an ops core but I'm torn between peltors and amps


Get one if you can afford it, i have no preference because all my money goes to cheap surplus and sometime expensive pieces of plastic


Boonie gang poors/retro aesthetic users rise up


Neither poor nor into a look, but I've worn/wear some iteration of uniformed boonie since 1992. Field boonies are a way of life. Fuck a patrol cap... edit: no shit, you show up with a PC for a boat op and you won't get made fun of...but you'll seriously be ignored and disregarded as some fkn POG. (Time to time you'll ferry non unit folk, be it crypto/comm operators or some zero for a dog/pony show...but still most guys have the self-awareness to borrow or buy one). Yes, bump helmets are SOP now, but they're akin to cruising in a ski boat and life-preservers...just make sure everyone has one handy...


Speaking of expensive pieces of plastic, I just spent 130 on another bakelite 30 rounder


Rip your wallet


I hate this hobby


Hate and love are both 4 letter words, if you feel me. I just spent 500 on a lower and some stuff when i really should've spent it on a plate carrier.


I have one too 😉


When did those get so expensive? Damn I used to have so many I probably just threw my way 15 years ago or some shit I hated them ! They never set well in the wasr


Bro threw away gold, I have a few i bought for 50 dollars that are my main ones, but recently I bought one for a wedding gift for my buddy and thats what I had to pay to get one.


The amps are so worth it.


I run the ops core with amps for SWAT. Super comfortable. Won’t be disappointed if you get it.


fwiw, amps. I’m still saving.


Plebes, the real head covering is a ski mask that will make you overheat and passout


Boonie bros.


“Ways I sees it if I get domed I’ll have no brains to worry about it”


Thats what im sayin


Surplus MSA/Sordin + CVC SOHAH. I wanna say I paid less than $300 for the whole setup. Edit- actually almost $400, including the Lemo to Nato adapter. Still not a bad deal for comms + active heading protection + ballistic helmet.


Are the sordins hard to get on the mounts?


As a man with wife’s accountancy on the home budget, aka poor, I bought one of those tanker helmets, CVC, and converted it with rails. It’s a bit big for me so whoops.


Too busy buying combloc plastic to buy life saving gear


It's worth is how much you are going to use it


Yeah, if you plan on getting shot in the head it’s almost a must.


FAST SF from Rooftop Defense plus connectorized AMPs and the mounting kit from Gentex gets you to total of $2440 (Including tax). This is not a good deal.


Thank you


Helmet can be had for 1500 from rooftop defense. Headset (depending on model) can be had for 900-1200. Not sure how much the PTT is worth but I can’t imagine it fills the 1k gap


I debated getting the comtac 6s rather than the amps but I really like the mounting system for the amps but they're a good bit more expensive.


I have the amp, but think about the PTT you will use. The conectorized costs a lot more and the cables are 100-350 dollars depending on the type. so if there is a fixed down-lead version of the one you need i do recommend getting that one. because you will probably save 300-400 dollars. and that is a lot for just the function of pulling the cable out of the headset. I need to get the AMP - INVISIO cable to work with my issued PTT and i love ops-core but 350 dollars is just a rip of for a cable. I get that the price is for patents and stuff but damn that is a lot.


Thanks for that bit of information, I didn't even think about that yet, thabk you. I was planning on using a silynx.


You can mount comtacs with those arms.. just get the axl adapter. I have comtac 5s mounted to my fast sf that way.




Yeah, I looked into but most people say the amps are a lot more comfortable


I have both and hands down amps are better


The amps are worth the spend over the comtacs


I prefer the amps and have used both


Have a set of comtacs if you’re interested. I have both and prefer the comtacs, I think their comfort, sound reproduction and ecoutremonts are way more worth than amps


I have the amps but I run them on the comtacs mounts. Those amps arms are wack.


I didn’t realize they were so cheap. I can’t believe people fuck around with $800 helmets when they can get an Ops Core for $1,500. I run cheap guns, but when the only thing that stands between my skull and a bullet is the helmet I’m not going to buy some cheap Made in China shit.


My thoughts exactly, even if it stops the bullet if my skull gets caved in due to deformation I'm dead. Might as well not wear a helmet at that point imo


Even if you don’t die that will really fuck up the part in your hair.


what do you think of armor source?


Armorsource makes helmets for Team Wendy and Safariland (Their Delta X), as well as being one of the new defense contractors for the US Army. Midwest Armor sells them.


Get the fixed single downlead AMPS and a cheaper highcut imo


The only reason I wanted the Connectorized is incase the lead breaks but I also prepare often for things unlikely to happen so I might just get the fixed single and the opscore le. Someone here also recommend avon so I might check into their helmets and testing


Fixed downloads have been around for 20+ years in comtacs and such. As far as I know it's never been an issue. I wouldn't worry.


That helps to know, I just overthink things too much. Thank you


Can you justify needing to spend 3.6k on a helmet setup for your use? If you do.. then go nuts.. If you want to save some money get a Opscore FAST MT instead, less protection but its half the price.


Thanks for the recommendation, I hadn't seen the price on the Mt yet


My cheap ass got a atomic defense helmet lol if you can afford it, you can afford it


That’s a highly philosophical question.


Both the AMPs and SF helmet are worth it. But doesn’t mean you can’t get better deals on both of them.


What's the price? I'm not seeing it.


It got lost in the comments, it's 3600 I found out its a bad price


If you're on a budget, I recommend an M8 ACH. They're like 100-200 bucks depending on if you buy local or online and they're damn good helmets. They're not as Gucci as helmet listed above. But they get the job done and it's not a protec.


I'm looking for a high cut, I'm not on much of a budget. Just gotta save for a bit, I decided on a different ops core that's 1000, rather than this set up which was 3600. The one I'm looking at now will be 2400.


High cutting an M8 isn't that hard and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. I did it to one of mine and it took me less than 2 hours and a few power tools. There are dozens of YouTube videos out there to help you.


Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it


My nfmi amps are leagues ahead of anything else


The price is $3610, it comes with the helmet, amps, and a motarola apx ptt adapter




2000 Ranger for $3000, has rust


Just weight reduction


Definitely needs it, runs rich af so i get bout 17mpg


I have a 17 Jetta that gets close to 40 and a 20 tundra that gets 14/15 so not too bad


2004 F250 for $2500 and nothing but rust


An Ops Core/Gentex U94 PTT(OEM for this headset) is $600 iirc for either the monaural mono model with single PTT radio support. I’d imagine a dual-PTT with one of the more exotic audio configurations would coat a lot more. Edit: single-radio monaural is $645, dual-radio binaural is $945. I looked it up to be more accurate since I bought mine two years ago


I think the dual is around 800-900


I grabbed the price off the Gentex website. Might be had for less, but I’m not gonna go digging


Not sure if I'm able to buy them separately for a better price. From what I've seen I don't think I can but figured I'd ask


Hcc tac had the SF shipped for 1301 and I believe I picked up my amps from them for 900 (connectorized nfmi)?


What’s the price?




We've got the AMPs at a pretty aggressive price, looks like a price increase and MAP policy is coming down the line though


Yes, I will only play cod in this


Depends on how good a shot the other gentleman is. There should be plenty of room for practicing ten paces, turn and draw in your moms basement.


JFC. You can get adequate stuff for WAYYYY cheaper. Just do peltors with AXL adapter for the AMP arms. I just set mine up and they create a way better seal than ARC adapters


Paying bills is a chumps game. F**kin send it.


Forget the price. Think about the internet points!!


I'll be the coolest larper in town


But can you clean under your bed while wearing this ?


I live on the cement floor of my mother's basement, so no


Do you have an APX?


I plan to get a xts 2500


You’ll have to get a diff adapter as the APX and xts aren’t compatible


Yeah, I realized that. I ended up deciding on a different setup, different ptt and helmet, and going with the fixed lead amps rather than connectorized


Why not get a cheaper high cut ballistic helmet? They seem widely available for under 1k that does the same thing as the ops core sf.


I'm debating getting the ops core le instead, it's around 1k rather than 2, just know the sf is widely regarded as one of the best. But ops core in general is a great brand so I might go with the le


Avon also makes great helmets that can be had for around $1k or less.


Just checked into. Thanks for the recommendation


Not for good ones.


Seriously, what are you guys doing in the civilian world to justify the price tag of a ballistic helmet w comms? I mean are you guys military contractors or something? I mean over $3k for equipment that you’ll never utilize to it’a full capabilities other than a good helmet for under $750 could provide- Wouldn’t that funding be better spent in NV/Thermal capabilities, nods, dual ir system?


Nobody needs a justification. If you don’t want it or can’t afford it then don’t buy it.


even if you CAN afford it- there’s just limited use to a civilian- unlike the difference between a Honda and. Lamborghini is wow and status: difference between this and 1k helmet- you look like the biggest DB up their w Andrew Tate innstagram commando


You’re up there with the nobody needs an AR-15 crew it seems. Interesting perspective, I just don’t agree


the difference to me is your utilizing the full potential of an ar15 in its capabilities, to me the equivalent is buying a Scar17H only with hand charging rather than semi auto bc your never utilizing the potiential of those comms that’s all


I think you lack some perspective on what some people do for fun in this free country. I know plenty of young people that own and use (to the fullest extent) guns, NVGs, armor and comms. There is no required justification. To say a $750 helmet is equal in capability to the ops core fast SF is objectively false. A ballistic helmet (like all other armor) is not needed until it is. And this guy who trained with high quality equipment with like minded people will reap the benefits. A real world use may never come, but he’ll be ready if it does.


You’re simply wrong. There are plenty of reasons one would want something like this, including but not limited to the fact that the world is slowly going to shit (particularly the western world) and that the potential for an armed civil conflict in the US is rising dramatically. Don’t forget the entire point of the 2A…


The difference is your brains getting splattered across the ground


furthermore let’s be clear op said “is this a good price/ can i buy it cheaper separately?” so to act as if price is irrelevant is bs


Just cause OP can afford 3k+ doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to save some green if he wants to.






Obvious fed is obvious


I don't trust most cheaper helmets tbh, helmet deformation will kill you just as well as a bullet to the dome


He is kinda right tho. Over 3k for comms/ballistic headgear is a retarded way to spend you doe. Highly unlikely you’ll be worries about shrapnel or being hit directly in your noggin (it’d put you out the fight regardless) instead buy a really nice chest rig plate carrier setup, belt setup for medical and your sidearm or as other guy said get a nvg setup. Unless your loaded with money I’d pass on that edit: don’t ask opinions if you can’t take em


tell that to the guys in Ukraine rn, Russians and Ukrainians alike. Helmets are incredibly important in any sort of warfare scenario.


We’re not in Ukraine 💀


And? The point is it can happen anywhere. Not sure if you remember the George Floyd riots but many cities had entire precincts on fire with some spilling outside of major cities and into smaller ones (see Kenosha, WI). Shootings, looting, every major city was a disaster after 6PM for months straight. And, need I remind you of the entire point of the 2A and the individual right to keep and bear arms of both offense and defense? No matter which way you slice it the federal government is obtaining more and more power. It is becoming increasingly difficult to live your life without government interference. Political violence is increasing drastically and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Now is the time to get this stuff, not later.


Not here to argue I simply gave my opinion in which the op was seeking but clearly has already convinced himself he NEEDS it. It’s funny people ask opinions on here about shit they already made their minds up on and get ass hurt when someone takes the time out of there day to help them😂 trash ass community. Akfiles gang


Fairly ignorant to assume, I actually did change my mind. I'm getting a bit cheaper of an ops core after reading some of the comments


Not you specifically.


My bad then


Perhaps you’re on the rooftop of your business attempting to prevent looters from ravaging it or burning it to the ground. Maybe they are angry and throwing things like bricks. Maybe the occasional gunshot rings out and it happens to be in your direction. This happened all across the US for months straight. Tear gas canisters were shot around everywhere. Rubber bullets, pepper balls, etc. Sounds like a pretty good use case for a ballistic helmet to me.


Pro-tip, if you're in the US during a riot, stay the fuck off the roof. The FBI will 100% have you on a drone or Cesena feed if you're up there


I am aware, good advice though.


I have a pretty good chest rig already, just slowing adding to the kit more and more as I get the money


No, just playing in the woods...


Dude look at his profile and other posts... This Clown is either a fed or is trying his fucking hardest to be raided by some tyrannical 3 lettered agency. Either way what a said state our nation is in.


Poorfag detected


this is a fashion sub bro, what’re you doing here?


Worth what price dipshit you didn’t show one


You didn't read clearly


Not the original commenter but your comment isn't top, I had to scroll a bit before I found it.


Yeah, wish I could pin it


Ops core is pretty upper in price not as good as Pelton but pretty close secound tho


Sure, if you’re realistically going to be using comms during whatever scenario you think you’ll need this.


Is there a video of this helmet being tested anywhere?


Both good products. I use a team wendy bump and sordins on unity marks because I’m ballin on a budget :/


Thats nearly 4 times what I spent on my whole setup. If you can justify it sure but I wouldn't class it as needed


No it’s not worth it but it’s your money to blow not ours




You could also save your neck muscles and start with a bump from opscore


If it’s worth it to you. If your just trying to mount stuff for range use not really, but if you want solid ballistic protection send it


Get a bump helmet by a good company unless you really want ballistic protection IMO. Lots of thing to take into consideration. What are you using it for primarily and secondary reasons, maybe using NVG during hunting. Etc etc.


I don’t see a price but I’m sure it’s not cheap




I mean hey if it works and you want it, and especially can afford it, then I’d say go for it. Although there’s probably cheaper alternatives (but that may mean quality goes down too so)


Get an old ACH get it high cut and bam. Cheap ops core helmet


My buddy in group runs these, he says he loves them and they shit on the comtacs for overall comfort.


You really get into call of duty?




Think about it this way OP, $300 for a nice bump to get shot in the face and not having to worry about it after or $3600 for this helmet to get shot in the face and then having to worry about exorbitant US Healthcare costs. I know which one I would choose 😎


I mean if your looking for something cheaper Avon F90s are on sale at RMA Armament and with the RMAPROTECTS code they're like $750. You could piece meal a headset and connector(Doesn't even have to be the same models.) for the ARC rails, then add up the total to see how much money you would save.


Like always it depends.


Connectorized? Lol


It means you can connect the cable, it's not fixed to the earpro


Everyone I've ever known who has used AMPs for duty use has not had positive things to say about them. Evidently they are VERY easy to break.


"Connectorized" is a word?


Helmet and amps are good to go! Love mine.


If you are just regular joe schmoe, absolutely not. Why do you have interest in that item?


Just want a top of the line helmet, from all the recommendations I might just get an opscore le or mt instead


Go with the Ops Core High Cut, the Amps fit under with no rub, its the set up i run


Why do you have interest in that item?


Because it’s America and they can


Why do you have interest in his interest?


Because instead of spending 3k on larping, he could spend 3k on actual training.


If I wanted sound logic and advise I wouldn't be on reddit. Begone sir


How would I train in my mom's basement. Does not compute




Just get a bump helmet dude. It can still hold everything you want, without the price tag or ballistic rating.


its not like helmet ballistic ratings are true anyways, evident from that amount of lvl 3 helmets being defeated by 9mm


Yeah straight shots will penetrate depending on various factors. They are really only good for glancing shots.


We really out here asking the dumbest questions huh