Damn, are you sleeping with one of the employees?


Haven’t you seen the newest reward in the app?




Last week the girl in the drive thru gave him extra sauce packets, the rest is history.


Wow, my taco bell can't even be bothered to load up the more expensive burritos.


The weird thing is, it was an outlier. The rest of my food was average, if not subpar sized


yeah we were always told it’s okay to have more but never less than required which to me meant ignoring the pinch measurements and just doing fat whole hand pinches of cheese and lettuce. I would also do fat handfuls Instead of scoops of cheese but they started cracking down on that one lol. Never meant to do it was just bad at my job 💀 When we got orders with onions tomato or guac I’d load those too because they get gross on line fast, unless I’m a rush because I couldn’t be damned to refill them every 5 seconds either.


Don’t even get me started on the potato bites, fried stuff has shorter times and you make a fat tray for rush and then only 2 cars come the whole hour so you use or trash them all (or if you’re the closing team only check them when you get an order with them and realize they’re bad and you need to drop more immediately or serve 4 hour old tatos)


Sometimes I think they load of the items they personally like, because its "how they would make it for themselves." And the spicy potato taco is GOATED.


That amount of cheese is superb




Just needs a side of chipotle sauce and it would be perfection


Stay blessed.


Look, the potatoes are hot. I’m not wasting my time counting them up and lining them up while my hand is burning. I’m grabbing a handful, cramming those motherfuckers on the tortilla, handful of lettuce and cheese to mask my burning pain, and rolling it out. You can feel the cubes protruding out the tortilla. Practically a burrito at this rate. Anyways, these with Diablo sauce 🎉 amazing