Sam Naismith suffers another setback in return to senior footy, now facing another knee reconstruction and further 15 months of rehabilitation.

Sam Naismith suffers another setback in return to senior footy, now facing another knee reconstruction and further 15 months of rehabilitation.


Fuck me thats his career gone right there. We're not keeping an injury prone 30+ year old on the list after 4 straight years of injury. Especially now that we've got Hickey, Sinclair, McLean/Armartey pinch hitting and McAndrew as the long term project. You hate to see it.


Yeah he's done I'm afraid. He'll always be a "What if" situation. He's contracted until the end of next season, so he'll get the medical care that he needs, but no way he goes again. His body isn't up to it. We'll move him to the LTI at some point to free up a list spot and then that will be that. Fucking heartbreaking.


Yup, turns out not being named to the VFL squad last week really was a bad sign. Fuck man, what the fuck has Cray done to deserve this shit run of injuries


Unfortunately I think it's time, another 16 months on the sideline and a contract up in 2022. Sad to say but its been too long and with Hickey I was already questioning how he fits in


We're definitely not letting him go until his contract is up at least


Didn't say that but we shouldn't be renewing it


Just speechless, really. This is heartbreaking news. Poor bloke.


How do they go 12 months after surgery before being able to determine the graft hadn't taken? Surely it would have shown up in earlier scans?


This is absolutely horrible man . I remember Alex Johnson in the 2012 GF and how good he was and I remember thinking oh man we have got gem on our hands then boom we all know what happened next. That shit was devastating. And now I feel like history is repeating it self with Cray , such a Great player robbed of greatness by injuries. I really hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel for him. Hopefully we get to see him play again.


Second time now in our swans fb group a particular member has called an injury well before it became public knowledge, hes like Tom Browne except with actual exclusives and likeable.


feel for the poor bloke but re-signing him until 2022 was an unspeakably bad list management decision.


Not really. He'll be on minimum dollars. Even if he was contracted until this year you would expect the club to offer him another year.


and what about the fact he's behind James Bell lmfao


Not sure what you mean there.


Sorry mate I was replying to the wrong comment


Crayfish :(


Fucking hate this, just want the big Cray to play, it's the AJ situation all over again. Good on the club to keep their faith for as long as they have and provide that support but yeah one of the big what ifs


Ugh my stomach sank last week when he wasn’t named in the VFL side, just admit I’d been checking his Instagram for little hints of what was up but even so I was assuming it was some sort of minor setback this is just awful news


Swans players and knees, name a better duo


I find it so hard to understand how some players can have so many injuries and some players don't. Is it luck. Is it good bones, joints or muscle. Is it hereditary. In saying that, probably all the above.


Terrible news for Sam. Are we doing something wrong in terms of knee operations or management for ACL injuries as everyone from recent memory (Malceski, AJ and now Sam) has redone them?