34 year old NSW woman dies from blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccination.

34 year old NSW woman dies from blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccination.


Fuck man that sucks. Look I'll just leave this here. Symptoms of TTS - a severe or persistent headache that: - starts at least 4 days after vaccination - doesn’t improve with simple pain-relief medicines such as paracetamol - may be worse when lying down - may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting - blurred vision - difficulty speaking - difficulty breathing - chest pain - drowsiness - seizures - swelling in the leg - persistent abdominal (stomach) pain associated with feeling unwell - tiny blood spots under the skin, away from the site of injection > In Australia, symptoms of TTS have occurred between 4 and 42 days (most commonly 4 to 30 days) after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Source: ://www.healthdirect.gov.au/thrombosis-with-thrombocytopenia-syndrome-tts Just make sure you know about TTS because if you feel there's something wrong, you should seek medical attention and not ignore symptoms thinking like "this won't happen to me" or "it's just a headache".


Thanks for sharing, I got my first AZ dose 2 days ago


I get mine in 11! Did you get any side effects?


I had about 39.5 C fever for 24 hours, head ache and body ache. Few friends had exact same symptoms so I knew it was not something out of ordinary. Took few panadols and rested the entire day and it was all good. I would strongly recommend to take a day off from work and keep enough food in the fridge if you stay alone because it gets a bit hard to even move for few hours.


I had the same side effects after AZ. I'd been warned beforehand by a relative in London who had AZ so I was glad to know when it started setting in that I was going through normal side effects and not dying.


I had basically the same reaction after my second Pfizer. I could barely move. Cooking for myself was out of the question. The next day I was back to 100% with no side effects. It was a bit weird how quick you bounce back


Both my Pfizer doses knocked me on my ass for a 7 & 5 days respectively… I described it as feeling like the wizard of Oz Tinman…I basically had every listed side effect. So f**king glad my history asthma allowed me to get the vax just before this shitstorm 2.0 happend




thanks got mine tomorrow


I keep hearing Mark Zuckerberg’s voice telling me to go to some pizza store, but my friends had the exact same symptoms and tell me that is normal.


You're comment is so deep, i'm still contemplating its meaning 5mins later.


Hi - I(M59) have had both AZ shots, the second last Saturday and the first 12 weeks before that. I had the classic side effects - I had the jab at 10am (both times). After the first jab, I started feeling a bit shit late afternoon. Overnight, starting around midnight, I had a fever, sweaty, tossing and turning in bed. By 10am Sunday, 24 hours after the jab, I was fine. Second jab? Exactly the same, except a lot milder. Take a couple of paracetamol, you'll be fine.


thanks, I've got mine in the morning so this helps


Watch out for insane dreams, I had a fever, chills and aches for most of the night after but when I finally got to sleep I woke right back up cause my brain was spewing out the weirdest stuff imaginable


I got mine yesterday and feel pretty average, headache, aching joints......


been wanting to know this so that I'm aware of what they are if I choose to get AZ.


I got my Az last week, similar age to this person. Does anyone know what the timeline is like. How long do you actually have to seek medical attention if you get for example a headache as a symptom. Additionally, if this is a relatively short time can we just have medication on hand? some kind of blood thinners.


If you are still experiencing moderate side effects past 2 days after your jab you should seek medical advice. That's what the AZ info flyers say. The blood clotting syndrome happens 4-28 days after the jab.


Between 4 -28 days! Dayum, so many days to be anxious :(


No need to be anxious, the risks are still low. Just add a self assessment to your morning routine and be diligent, early intervention is stunningly effective. And remember, every healthcare professional worth their training would rather you seek help and be completely fine a hundred times than dismiss yourself the one time you actually needed help.


That honestly sounds like a typical migraine o.o


Jumping on the end of this: our doctors and hospitals are well aware of TTS. If you feel sick, go to the ED and get checked out. Luckily it’s a well understood side effect and treatments are known and effective if treated in an appropriate time manner.


What’s an appropriate time manner? Are we talking 5 minutes or hours / days from symptoms appearing to it being fatal?


The recommendation from the Australian and new south wales health authorities is to seek treatment immediately after noticing prolonged symptoms, which can come on between 4 days and up to 9 weeks from injection. The actual syndrome has degrees of severity and if clots have formed around critical organs such as the lungs or brain then the mortality risk can climb significantly. Low platelet counts are also a severe risk as they have other effects on the bodies ability to provide clotting factors, so again it’s imperative to get it investigated as soon as possible. TL DR: if you have the symptoms don’t go to the movies first before going to the hospital


Is this something that can be tested anytime after day 4 that it might be / become an issue, or is each set of symptoms treated independently? For example, I feel like I’ve got some leg cramping / pain at the moment, right at the 4 day mark from my first AZ. Could be completely unrelated (and conveniently timed with reading this article) or it could be something. If I were to go to the ED now and got checked and cleared, does that mean I’ll be fine or is there still a risk of developing clots later on?


There can still be a risk so you're best to watch for symptoms for the full period I would also go get checked. I got some weird numbness in my arm about 5 days after my AZ shot. Decided to go to ED to be safe ED nurses were fantastic, checked me out and all was fine. Definitely go and have them look at you My aunt who's a nurse said 'we'd rather see you 10 times and you're fine every time, than not see you the one time when you needed help'


As someone who just puts up with pain instead of feeling like I'm annoying someone, that last line is something I *need* to remember


I would go. Rather look a bit silly for overreacting than the potential alternative. This is so scary.


32M. I had a mild yet persistent headache for about two weeks after my AZ, nothing severe and it didn't impact me while WFH at a computer, but unusual to have such a long headache. I had a phone call with my doctor and she summed it up as "you're probably fine, but let's not be silly. Come and get a blood test so we know and you'll feel better anyway". Took 30 minutes in and out. Turns out I'm fine. Don't hesitate to call and ask for a test. Your health is priority number one.


This my partner was feeling very off 5 days after his first AZ shot. He went to the ER and they took it very seriously and made sure he was well but reassured him to take away any anxiety. They gave him some treatments and he's fine after a month now.


Absolutely. A friends mother went to emergency after getting her vaccine because “her leg felt funny”. They took her seriously, did an ultrasound, and gave her the all-clear. She is not even in one of the at-risk age groups.


for my own education, why have 25% who got TTS from [AZ died then](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-15/covid-vaccines-answered-questions-blood-clots-astrazeneca/100072386)? Are people not going to ED in time or just too small of a sample size? I've had my first AZ shot but I guess stories like this make me hesitant whether to advise friends (particularly female friends in their 20s) to do the same?


Australia’s death rate from TTS has been around 5%. The silver lining of being late to the vaccination party has that this side effect was known before the mass roll out so people know the symptoms to get medical help, and the doctors know exactly what tests to run and how to treat it. The 25% comes from the UK who had to learn about it the hard way.


The info sheet that comes with AZ indicates what to look for and when to look for it. We’re lucky to know how to identify and treat, unlike the UK. Presentation to ED is the best course of action as imaging and pathology is available on site and the doctors are more alert to emergent illnesses.


Does anyone know if a lack of physical activity is a contributing factor, like other forms of thrombosis? With some cities in lockdown, so many people would be sitting around the house 24/7. Should we be making sure we keep our muscles working and our blood flowing to prevent this kind of thing from happening?


Hopefully someone with actual medical training will answer but I understand this clotting disorder is an immune system response and quite different to more common forms of thrombosis so the risk factors and treatments are very different.


I spoke to my GP about it yesterday who said at the moment the only risk factor identified is age and only because statistically it seems to be that way, rather than physiologically.


Weird. I am a driver and 2 seperate doctors have advised me not to have AZ because of the long periods of sitting I do. I think everyone is just making their own shit up and running with it at this stage. No one seems to have any idea of wtf is going on.


Not a doctor, but was meant to get AZ today and have heavily researched the clotting issues. It’s not a sedentary clot so sitting around all day won’t make a difference. Previous history of clots also doesn’t increase your clot risk from AZ.


Do you just call 000? How much will the ambulance cost?


>000 Honestly, they should give anyone that gets AZ one free ambulance ride.




This post should be pinned. Safety first


What's the treatment (provided it's caught early enough)?


I got mine 6hrs ago... this week is going to suck


Yes, a thousand times this! It’s no secret that AZ can cause blood clots. If you’re taking it you should be informed and ready to seek medical attention at the first sign of sustained complications. Do NOT be complacent.


And how you deal with it is if you have these symptoms, hit a hospital emergency department as quickly as you can. Let them know you've recently had the AZ vaccine. They should triage you to the top of the queue, perform a couple of simple, definitive blood tests and if they come back positive they'll start treating you with IGG straight away (I think they might have another drug now on top of tha). I think it's very likely that these deaths are people leaving it for too long.


on an academic level, i know that TTS is etremely rare and im going to be fine but my barely evolved monke brain did not need to see this 12 hours before my AZ shot


Mine is tomorrow at 2.45pm. Why did I go onto Sydney reddit.


Mine is tomorrow too. Do you think there’s anything we can do beforehand to make it easier? Have a Panadol beforehand, a gallon a Gatorade? I’m hoping I can sleep it off on a mega sleep-in Saturday


[the who advises against taking paracetamol before a vaccine](https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/covid-19-vaccines/advice), i think like any vaccine just eat well/stay hydrated and prepare for a day in bed


Everyone obviously has a different reaction but here is how I felt: -got the jab during my lunch break and went back to work, finished a 12h shift, no symptoms -back to work next day 10h shift, no symptoms -7:30pm day 2 and I'm in bed feeling really tired and cold and mild headache -2 Nurofen and a good 10h sleep later and no symptoms at all so back to work


Just be ready to lie around for a day or two. Line up a show to binge.


list of bad decisions ive made in my life: \- my marriage \- going on reddit the day before my vaccine


I had a minor medical procedure last month that required general anaesthetic. My third time going under. For some reason, I had a lot of anxiety this time, which was not helped by the man immediately before me having an adverse reaction and needing to be transferred to hospital. You know the odds, you know you’ll be fine, but anxiety is a bitch.


i’ve literally been googling car accident statistics for the past 20 minutes to remind myself how i take that that exponentially higher risk on the daily without a care in the world. weird how that’s making me less anxious


Meh, I don't think it's weird. I read all about panic attacks every time I have one, just to remind myself that it's incredibly unlikEly I'm having a heart attack from lying in bed and it's far more likely to be yet another panic attack. I think it's totally normal. Human brains are incredible things but they absolutely *suck* at odds. We are too programmed for self survival and our egos are too strong - it's very very very hard to conceptualize odds in a meaningful way most of the time. Your reading is just giving your brain some context to relate the real but very minimal risk to.


Yep, mine is tomorrow at 10... gonna be an anxious month and a half afterwards analysing every headache and symptom.


I know it’s safe, but with my extreme health anxiety I couldn’t have AZ or I’d be going to ED every second day for small side effects thinking I was going to die… I know this because I had Pfizer 2 weeks ago and still ended up having a panic attack and going to the hospital thinking I was dying.


I have pretty extreme health anxiety too and didn't even think about how even with pfizer i'll probably be an anxious mess for a month or two lol


I can sooo relate don’t you worry. The only reason I feel ok about it now is that I know no matter how scared I am of the vaccine, I am 500 x more scared of getting covid. If you need to chat after you get it feel free to message me :)


Thank you that's really sweet! I luckily live a street away from a hospital which will hopefully keep me pretty calm. you're so right, finally being able to relax a bit after a year of being petrified of covid will be so worth whatever increase in anxiety I have after getting vaccinated!


I’m on Day 5. I’m definitely starting to overthink every random ache around my body lol.


A girl I know from school got her first AZ shot today. Kinda concerned a bit, because she does have some serious allergies.




I would prefer that he receives 50 lashes for his every act of corruption




I’m seeing it 3 hours after getting mine!




can you give me examples of vaccines being pulled off the market? just curious




Thanks for linking this, interesting read. The problems I have with it are 1. They seem to totally underestimate Australia’s risk of covid outbreak, relying heavily on our border control policies as protection and using our historically low numbers to date. 2. I didn’t feel they actually explored the adverse events qualitatively or quantitatively of the other vaccines mentioned for comparison, which I thought was the point of the article.


>to put it plainly, young people who are very unlikely to die from covid are taking a personal risk (albeit a small one) to help protect the rest of the community. Don't forget we've had two young people 'who are very unlikely to die from covid' die from COVID in the last two weeks; The 38yo [https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-26/nsw-covid-victim-identified-as-adriana-midori-takara/100322722](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-26/nsw-covid-victim-identified-as-adriana-midori-takara/100322722) \- a week and a half ago And the 27yo [https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-04/sydney-man-aude-alaskar-died-from-covid19/100349184](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-04/sydney-man-aude-alaskar-died-from-covid19/100349184) \- a few days ago


Yeah it's not great getting reminded of the risk. I'm sitting here after 3.5 days and all of a sudden I have some random leg and stomach pain out of nowhere. Funny how the brain works


Only 3 in 100,000 get TTS. Only 3% die from TTS. So 3% of 3 in 100,000…. You’re more likely to get killed walking or driving there than the vaccine itself. If you took a new AZ jab every single day and it was perfectly independent odds of even getting TTS (again, with a 97% survival rate), it would take TEN YEARS before you even had a 10% chance of getting TTS (again, with a 97% survival rate). After 100 years of daily jabs, you’d *still* have a 33% chance or never getting TTS (again, with a 97% survival rate). Monitor your symptoms. Call in or visit with anything out of the ordinary, but you are correct that dirty monkey brain makes this way scarier than it really is. Happy morbid stats, yay! Edit, things more lethal than an AZ jab that leads to TTS and then death: - drowning - choking on food - bike riding - sunstroke - electrical/depressurization accident (watch your pressure cookers!) - sharp objects - cataclysmic storm - insect sting - dog attack - lightning strike - COVID infection (given you’ve contracted it)


probability is really hard for our minds to fathom. thanks for the analogies


What is the treatment for blood clots as a result? My girlfriend has blood clots in her leg a few years ago after a fractured ankle and I had to inject her in the belly everyday, it was awful.


You cannot treat TTS blood clots the same as standard clots (ie. The way your girlfriend did with daily medication) as TTS blood clots are a strange paradox - they come with lowered platelets (which would suggest a difficulty in clotting!),therefore blood thinning medication is contraindicated in their treatment. TTS is much more dangerous than a regular clotting issue and treatment is more difficult - it is treated as an autoimmune disorder.


They're still given blood thinners, just not heparin


Different type of clot. Make sure she gets tested for the genetic clotting diseases. If she was tested already, re test while she isn't taking any anti coagulant medication. The genetic clotting diseases are important to know about, for example it'll help her decide if she wants anti coagulants for air travel etc. Might save her life.


This is so very sad, Rest In Peace to this lady. This also makes me feel very nervous. I’m 28F and had mine tonight. I couldn’t get a Pfizer booking until the end of September, I have an underlying condition which means Covid would probably kill me or make me very sick, my husband works in hospitals/clinics and we live in an LGA where cases are rising quickly. So I felt totally backed into a corner and needed to get vaccinated. I sure hope I don’t develop TTS but feel totally let down by our State and Federal Govt that I’ve essentially had to pick between two potential terrible fates. I do know the risks are low but I would have loved to have been able to get Pfizer.


If you feel any kind of weird pain any where at any stage over the next couple of weeks, go to the hospital.


Thank you, that’s the plan. The GP who administered the shot told me essentially they tell all their patients to call an ambulance if they’re feeling symptoms because the doctors know how to treat TTS and earlier treatment is understandably life saving.


Please read the top post about TTS and what to look out for. Knowing how to treat the condition and what to look out for will decrease your odds of meeting a terrible fate.


I’m with you on feeling totally let down by the Federal and State Governments on this one. It’s a total shit-show. But now that I’ve had my first AZ, I’ve made my peace with it and feel really good about contributing to our collective immunity.


this is not going to bode well with getting more people to use AZ, now more people will wait for Pfizer as they don't want to end up with clots. It's really rare but people are not going to want to take the chance when a 34 year old just died from it


I’m about the same age and after giving it some very serious consideration have decided to wait for Pfizer. I’ve considered how frequently I am being exposed to others (almost non-existent), where I live (no where near an affected LGA), and the number of risk factors for covid (zero).


Interesting stats that I've been looking at while seeing the vaccine rollout. For me the figures speak for themselves: https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-05-08-2021 No clickbait just the actual numbers from the TGA for reported vaccine / vaccination issues


> I’m about the same age and after giving it some very serious consideration have decided to wait for Pfizer. good for you, don't let people bully you into a health decision.


I went and got it the second I found a gp offering. reasoning: covid's going nowhere, the dice roll on that is worse than the jab and we have to rely on the federal govt to manage vaccine rollout and quarantine given their track record? Lose/lose all around so I went with better protection sooner if the outbreak got worse instead of hanging about for pfiz.


Not to mention we won’t be opening back up until we reach high rates of vaccination. I’m right in the risk demographic for TTS, but I know the symptoms to monitor for. Delta travels quickly!


I didn't do it without trepidation... it shits me no end having to make that kind of decision knowing if I were in any other city I could just wait it out, but no, gotta size it up and play this dumb russian roulette. but like the other person said, don't rely on facebook, reddit etc to make serious medical decisions, let your gp do that or let them refer you to a specialist who can. if later on from the az jab anyone feels or sees any of those symptoms in the paperwork you got given, have absolutely no shame in rocking up to a hospital and letting them know your symptoms instead of putting it off. they can administer a test to check for blood clotting. a gp could do it but because the clotting issue is life threatening just go to the hospital, that's what it's there for and you already pay for it through your taxes so make use of it.


I know what you're saying, but... we just had news about a 27-year-old who died from Covid. There was also a 38-year-old a few days back. Not taking the vaccine is not necessarily the safer approach.


I think it depends on the risk of getting covid. For people who don't need to leave home and who live in an area with a low number of cases the risk from AZ would be higher than covid. For an essential worker the risk of covid would be higher, at which point it would be safer to get the vaccine.


That's exactly what made me jump on AZ. Was happy to wait for Pfizer while construction sites were closed but couldn't wait any longer now that I'm back on site with people who don't give a shit about trying to prevent the spread of this bloody virus


My husband works from home and I'm a frontline healthworker currently on maternity leave, so we've been holed up at home for months meaning our risk of covid is relatively low....we still jumped at the AZ, just based on the jackassery we see outside our windows. In suburbia and barely any mask wearing and social distancing, can't even imagine how bad it would be in denser urban areas.


I rarely have been leaving the house, but when I do, I mask up, I don’t touch anything I don’t have to, and always wash my hands when I get the chance. I also live in an area with not all that many people, and most people I see are wearing masks too. This post has made me wary of the vaccine. On top of my fear of needles and the fact that I’m prone to panic attacks post shot (had one after my flu shot last year). So I’m going to hold off as long as I can until I feel confident about getting the vaccine.


1.9 blod clots in 18-29 yr Olds for every 100,000 doses of AZ compared to 5 in the 40-49 age bracket


>as they don't want to end up with clots Then why do they keep getting elected?


That's fucked man. What a poor lady. It's fucked that people get screwed over like this for doing the right thing.


yep its a life and that poor lady is now gone, over a vaccine.. horrible news.


My dad had both of his AZ shots and then had his leg start swelling up a few days after the second one and then they found a massive blood clot, from his groin to his knee, in his right leg which is still swollen like crazy. He already has blood flow issues and thinks he probably had the clot before the shots but thinks it may have exacerbated it. He asked the doctor if it could be related to the shots and apparently he avoided the question. Said he wasn't experiencing any of the other symptoms and they just gave him some blood thinners until his appointment next Wednesday.


If the Federal Government had not failed the vaccination procurement in 2020, we would be in a better position like Canada and the UK. Mass diverse vaccines to accommodate for the medical advice, instead of this manufactured AZ push on under 60's.




Morrison's vaccine bargaining has resulted in deaths, there's no getting around that for him. not to mention cost billions in lockdowns. but I suppose he'll go to church and will be absolved of his lethal penny-pinching.


Canada was able to leap so far ahead so quickly because the USA permitted their domestic manufacturers to export to Canada. Canada and Mexico are the only countries that are in that position. The UK developed their own vaccine. ScoMo's biggest failing, imo, is that he hasn't leveraged our relationship with the USA to get supply from them.


Both Canada and UK procured over 8 different vaccines in 2020, and in excess amount. Morrison basically banked on only two vaccines in 2020. He has shown no hustle or urgency at any stage over the past 2 years.


Can't wait to hear "Next question" tomorrow at 11am


That one response from her has annoyed me more than everything else combined. Just the sheer level of disrespect to fuck up an entire state, and then have the confidence to just not even answer a question addressing the fuck up.


We had one in newcastle in April and it hit so close to home :(




Yes I think so. Younger women are the highest at risk AFAIK.


Yes I think so. Younger women are the highest at risk AFAIK.


Yes I think so. Younger women are the highest at risk AFAIK.


Young people of the country being forced to take another hit for the boomers because of government failures.


And we should have to thank them very, very much for the privilege /s


Everybody saying “this won’t bode well with getting people to get AZ”, they’re just reporting the news. I don’t care what vaccine people get, but, statistically there will probably be a couple more deaths.


Furthermore, everybody had right to information. This is what unbiased news sources provide. You’d be madder if this came out later and had been swept under the rug.


As someone who is around that age and has next to no clue about my family medical history (parents have been deceased since I was young), this is why I’m waiting for Pfizer. Although it’s not an extremely high chance of something going wrong, I rather wait for the vaccine that was meant for my age group.




It's okay. I cancelled my first booking too after being paranoid about it all. Waited a week, rebooked and got it done. Just going to keep an eye out for symptoms and hope for the best xox


Don’t feel bad about cancelling. I am so sick of seeing people here pressuring and shaming strangers into taking AZ. It’s your own choice. I know as a woman in my 20s I’m definitely waiting for Pfizer.




I'd suggest you make an appointment for Pfizer right now even if you don't intend to use it (provided you cancel it and give the slot to someone else). Even if you aren't eligible right now, you will be by September, and you won't be able to get in before September.


I think you’re definitely making the best decision for your health, mental health included. I’m the same as you - hermit life! Just stay safe until October, fingers crossed you get an appointment sooner though! :)




>I live in London where the situation was much worse vs NSW at the moment but had multiple friends get the virus even though they were also hermits. This included one that literally did not leave his house and would wipe down all supermarket and takeaway deliveries with disinfectant spray (he had an autoimmune disease so was hyper careful). Thankfully all have recovered. Yeah, there was a story on ABC this week about someone from Riverwood who caught it either a supermarket or the chemist - [https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-02/sydney-family-describe-battle-with-covid-19/100340758](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-02/sydney-family-describe-battle-with-covid-19/100340758) > NSW Health has narrowed down Mr Mason's likely COVID exposure to two supermarkets and a chemist he visited briefly in the two days before the onset of his symptoms.


Thank you! I come from a family with generational medical history of heart problems, blood clotting problems (my mum has had 6 strokes during my existence, I’m 27, she’s survived all thank fuck but it has caused other issues) etc. I’m waiting for Pfizer because my GP doesn’t want me risking anything as he knows our family medical history. I’m sick of reading the push for AZ. Some people just can’t take it so don’t fucking guilt them about it!


If you can afford to stay locked in, work from home etc. then wait for it. For young people who need to go out and work, it makes absolute sense to get AZ vaccine.


You didn’t disappoint anyone. It’s your body and your choice. The tactics people are using to pressure others into getting shots they are uncomfortable with is getting pretty problematic tbh. I fully encourage people to do what they want in regards to their own health, but when they then turn upon their neighbours demanding they get vaccinated ASAP no matter what, a line has to be drawn. I’ve seen people argue that unvaccinated people shouldn’t be treated at hospitals because “they made a reckless choice” and will be a burden on the healthcare services. Can you imagine if we allow that logic to take root? (Examples of that logic followed across the board: Overweight people suddenly should be excluded from healthcare too because it was their choice not to exercise and obesity is a huge drain in the NHS. Women’s abortion rights should be cut back because they made a choice that led to it. Smokers shouldn’t ever get a hospital bed because they were reckless.) I felt bad even writing those examples out- I can’t imagine how callous the people fear-bashing others into getting AZ are.


All good mate you do you, AZ is readily available and you’ll be able to get it tomorrow if you decide, when your more comfortable with it or have a chat with Dr about it Sending internet hugs


>update: cancelled, sorry to disappoint A valid choice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


You've got this champ!


I'm glad you cancelled bro. it's your body and if you're not comfortable with the AZ don't get it. hop on the wait list of Pfizer.


I think this news reiterates not to get lost in the noise from the media and social media pressure of the AZ vaccine. Talk to your GP and ask yourself is this risk worth it to yourself? Are you likely to get COVID? Are you someone that is out and about in the community? Are you likely to run into other people? Are your family / housemates unvaccinated? Are they likely to run into other people? If you can wait a month, and you're unlikely to get COVID because you manage yourself well, go for it. Vice versa, do otherwise. That's what informed decision making actually is.


You should understand that this is exactly what the pro-vax position is. No one is saying to get vaccinated without confirming with your doctor that it’s safe for you to do so.


Anyone else just book for the AZ this week and seeing this going ‘faaaaaaaaaaaaaaack’ ? (28 SA)


Is that the second death where someone had astra?




Fuck that’s rly not good


Nah there were 3 a couple weeks ago and some before that


> Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 18 July 2021, over 10.1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. The TGA has received and reviewed 399 reports of deaths in people who have recently been vaccinated and found six that were linked to immunisation https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report-22-07-2021


This is a shitty report for a few reasons 1) it talks about all vaccines not just first vaccines which is where deaths have happened 2) it doesn’t talk about AZ it take about all vaccines 3) it doesn’t factor in age - which is one of the key risks with AZ. I’m not saying don’t get it but those stats are not accurate. For what it’s worth I can’t even book an appointment at the moment.


It's just the weekly update from the TGA and it's the best source on deaths I could find. Feel free to post something better.


Media reporting on a rare death in a young person from AZ: bad Media reporting on a rare death in a young person from covid: good


"BeCausE yOu ShoUld ShUt uP and TakE AnY VaCcinE yoU CaN!" - Scott Morrison who's had Pfizer himself


He should have only been offered AZ.


The AZ gaslighting trifecta: Scomo, Gladys & r/sydney


I am extremely sad for this young woman. She should have had the option for phizer but ScoMo fucked up. As an under 40 woman who also got AZ I can relate to the mental gymnastic she went through weighing up the risks to get this shot and she lost the gamble. It’s tragic. She was trying to protect herself and her loved ones and this happened. I’m so sad for her and her family.


Imagine being 34 having soo many more years too live.. and then getting a blood clot and dying from a Vaccine which was meant to save u, I’m going to wait for Pfizer


Yeah I’m going to cancel. Anybody on this sub who wants to shame me for doing so can go fuck themselves. I didn’t create the virus. I didn’t fuck the lockdown. I didn’t fuck the vaccine rollout. I’m not assuming the risk of AZ to benefit a generation that’s done nothing but exploited mine. Suck a dick. This is what happens when you strip a society of its values.


Honestly even I waffle on whether or not I’ll get it, and I cancelled my first appointment only to rebook a week later. This is a big decision (our lives) and we’re pressured to make it with limited information (Will the numbers go down? Will they get out of control over night? Will AZ look sketchier or safer with time? Will Pfizer come faster? Do I have some condition that guarantees I’d be fucked with AZ but not Pfizer… or even COVID?). None of these important questions have clear answers, and each one on their own would rightfully impact your decision.


I’m trained as an economist. I’m having a lot of difficulty with it. I’ve settled with the thought that having AZ is going to cause me too much stress for the 40 days after it… It’s not worth it.


And that’s the true economics of it. The peace of mind for either outcome is really what we’re choosing, because both dire outcomes are actually incredibly rare, but for some of us the anxiety of TTS will outweigh the anxiety of a mass infection.


Canadian here lurking. We completely stopped using AZ after using it for a few months, it’s banned in most provinces, and wasn’t allowed for people under 55 most the time anyway. The risks looked to be closer to 1/50k. It amazes me that young people in Australia are being encouraged to take it, fuck that.


Firstly, go Raptors. I lived over there in 2019. What a year. And yeah. Unfortunately our government is incredibly self interested and corrupt.


Preach fam!!


TTS is extremely rare, with 93 reports assessed as TTS following the AstraZeneca vaccine out of 6.8 million doses.


So is getting killed by Covid at the moment if you're a young person. I think whether you should get AZ is highly dependant on your circumstances. If you're in the 50-59 bracket you're 4x more likely to be killed by the virus than 18-59, if you work in public you're much more likely to be infected. Everyone is acting as if you can lump everyone into the 18-59 category and create a one size fits all approach for everyone in that group. But there's as much variability within that age category as there is between categories. People make decisions for themselves based on their circumstances, then they evangelise to the masses, declaring that everyone else should follow suit. Really they're afraid that they might have made the wrong choice, that's why they're so dogmatic. The only thing worse than making a wrong choice is having to face someone who made right one.


1 in 73k? I thought it was like 1 in 100-200k? And you have two doses so your chance is 2 in 73k?


afik, if you dont get it with your first dose you wont get it from your second dose. so no


6 deaths from 6.8m doses


Worth noting that that's *cases* of TTS, not deaths. Most people who get it don't die.


I guess you've never heard of conditional probabilities before? As TTS is essentially an autoimmune disorder, both the risk and severity greatly depends on age. The Australian data suggests 1 in 50k for 80-89 year olds, 1 in 20k for 40-49 year olds. There's not enough data to predict the rate for those <40, but it should be clearer in a month or so.


She died because she only had one shot - Gladys, probably


She should have just gotten another job that pays more.


This will push us back now :(




Because of positive externalities. I got AZ cause it’s better for society that I am vaccinated ASAP. If you consider other people in your decision making then it’s not a leap at all.


If you could even have your first dose of AZ vaccine tomorrow, you wouldn't be fully protected until mid November. If you have the Pfizer vaccine next month, you would be protected by mid October. Unless the government is lying again.


In NSW Pfizer should only be for people 18-40 while astra should be for everyone over 40. Makes no fucking sense why older people get Pfizer when the young are the ones at risk of clotting.


Ah. I’ve got my first shot tomorrow.


Gladys doesn't need to know this.


It's very difficult and I want to get vaccinated asap but I don't want to put myself at risk because of the government's mismanagement of this whole thing.


Talk to your GP and let them know your concerns. Make an informed decision and as long as you're not exposed to people, don't feel rushed to make a decision. Don't let reddit doctors try to guilt trip you into either decisions


Can't wait to see Gladys blame this death on the 20-40 year olds who ~~couldn't~~ weren't getting vaccinated


ok, you made your point, I'll wait for Pfizer.


Yo I’ve had AZ with no symptoms whatsoever. Nobody writes articles about all of us who haven’t keeled over from the vaccine.


And no one ever writes about potential adverse events from Pfizer. I developed pericarditis after my 2nd vaccination, which the TGA has now added to the product info page as a confirmed risk. It hasn't gone away, either, and now I have to see a cardiologist.


Yeah my friend had to go to emergency with severe chest pains that turned out to be myocarditis that they suspect was caused by the pfizer vaccine as he had his first dose pretty recently and he was very fit and healthy otherwise.


Shhhh. Pfizer good. AZ bad.


Why not both - taco girl probably


I think you mean ‘porky no las dos’ 😜


on that note, no one is writing articles about those who have gotten over covid easily.


Facts man, I had my AZ jab on Tuesday with no symptoms whatsoever and feeling good. Lol hopefully I don’t speak to soon


Had mines yesterday, I feel like fucking death. Like I got hit by a truck.


I had mine weeks ago and felt like I had been injected by some covid omega variant. Gleefully waited while my friends took az to enjoy their suffering. One was 'slightly tired' and the other felt nothing. ​ Dan is right. Nothing about this virus is fair.


my missus who is very healthy (no drugs, limited alcohol, lots of exercise) had intense fever for about 24-36 hours starting about 6 hours after the jab. said it was the sickest she's felt in her entire life. i was sitting next to her in bed when she was shaking and involuntary groaning (which she wasn't aware of) it honestly scared me


Same as that, I was fine until 11pm, then all of a sudden it was like I got hit with a full blown flu. Honest to God I've never felt anything like this. If this is what the vaccine is like, I shudder to think what Covid is like.


We need vaccines for COVID. ATAGI said Pfizer should be preferred for young people. Young people who need vaccines can't all get Pfizer, because we don't have enough of it. A more competent government would have got a larger range of vaccines. Scott Morrison murdered this person.


Obviously she cared more about her family and her community than the small risk, like our firefighters and our soldiers and nurses and doctors. I hope her family know how much she is respected and we stand with them as they grieve this enormous loss.


Ye bra, lets all be soldiers because Gladys couldnt lockdown because of arrogance and not trying to look like VIC. Or better yet we will fight fires for her, when I am an office worker. fuk off


Mate if you think people fight fires for Gladys you’re mistaken.


Lol Australia gives az to young women? Peak Australia, and I hoped people would have learned after what happened around the world


AstraZeneca is banned in a few countries, including Singapore


“Astra-Zeneca is safe for under 60s”


It is now in order to get Gladys and Scott out of the political mess they mismanaged themselves into. Trying to vax their way out of trouble now and cashing in a few lives of other people along the way.


Sad news RIP. This is unfortunate and why I won't touch AZ with a 10ft pole.


Would it be a long bow to draw to pin this death on Gladys? She didn't lockdown soon enough or hard enough and let delta spread to the point where ATAGI was forced to revise their initial recommendation for under 60s to get AZ instead of waiting for Pfizer.