I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it also depends on the matchup. If you’re playing like lucian + nami vs like kaisa + thresh, I feel like getting an early kill onto the lucian and starting that snowball is necessary because of kaisa’s scaling. If you’re playing against a nautilus or leona for instance, you definitely have to play more passive, since their lockdown is almost guaranteed. With all that being said, as a nami main, I pretty much always play her aggressively if I can get away with it. She does a lot of damage, has decent AA range, and the W bounce between 2 enemies is just too great not to abuse (at the right tome ofc).


Ranged supports can have great 2v2's in lane, they just have to be a lot smarter about when to take them. For example, try to poke an enemy down and be aggressive when they are low and can't contest your aggression (Lulu and Nami also have really fantastic poke; Lulu with her Q and Nami with whichever ability buff your adc's damage). You can also look to punish when the enemy oversteps, for example as nami throw a bubble to the enemy who walks up and if you hit it your adc can get free damage in on them. Also, try to position aggressively even if you don't want to play aggressively. Don't put yourself in danger of getting hit by spells, but you need to pressure a bit so that your ad can cs and you can try to zone the enemy ad out of cs. Typically this is something that you just have to limit test and will take time for you to master. As you practice being aggressive you'll start to learn which situations call for aggression and which it's bad in. TLDR; no, it's not the worst playstyle, but it often means you aren't making the best use of your champion.


Nobody can say for sure without watching a game of yours. How aggressive you need to be depends on the enemy matchup and on your adc. He who has the advantage needs to play more agressive. If the weaker lane gets through even, then it is actually a win for them.


These are anti carry picks. You survive the pro active gameplay of enemy team and then you heal up and siège. You're an ocean drake against a mountain or infernal drake


You shouldn't afk under turret, but trying to avoid taking damage can be ok in some cases.