Master Chief. Who better to finish the ultimate fight?


He would definitely be a zoner. You realize that, right?


With a gravity hammer? What’s your hypothetical move set for Chief? Mine is: Neutral B: Plasma Grenade Side B: Spartan Laser Up B: Grenade Jump (With a frag grenade) Down B: Bubble Shield Final Smash: Crazy Thinking (A cinematic final smash like Captain Falcon or King K. Rool, etc. He drops a covenant bomb on an assault carrier, with his targets on the hull.) Regular attacks use the butt or blade of the gravity hammer, while forward smash attacks use the gravity effect. Up Smash and Down Smash attacks are similar to Ganondorf’s, using the blade for the former and the blade and butt for the latter. That’s just my take. What’s yours?


Give him an energy sword and make him another swordie. We could definitely use more of those in smash


I was thinking more varied weapons like Byleth does but I really like your idea


Definitely doom slayer. Would have been cool seeing steve and the doom slayer in the same game


Vergil cus we need the motivation


Waluigi he deserves a spot and has since Brawl


you stole my comment you rapscallion (i’m joking btw)


I’m sorry friend it’s just great minds think alike


I’d like to see some rep for Indie games, whether that be the Knight from Hollow Knight, Sans Undertale, or Freddy Fazbear. Just throw in an indie rep. I doubt it’d be hard to find an indie dev willing to put their characters in the game.


Viewtiful Joe




Proto Man, only cause Knuckles is an assist trophy


1. Crash Bandicoot 2. Master Chief 3. Dr. Eggman 4. Doomguy 5. Kratos 6. Waluigi (would be such a hype way to close out the DLC)


Also me unrealistically wanting all Western IP’s lmao




My favorite franchise but no I don’t I love it like crazy tho


Bandana Dee


Bandana Dee or a walde Dee with lots of the copy ability powers named Wadles.


Either Dante from DMC, Shadow the Hedgehog, or Bandanna Dee. Or Hector from fire emblem since the only freaking Fire Emblem characters we get use swords. Except robin. I’m still counting byleth tho.


Noah, Alear, Toad, Dixie Kong, King Boo, Officer Howard, Chibi-Robo, Isaac, Starfy, Ray MK, Qbby, Fossil Fighter, and Advance Wars character, or Scorpion.




Android 21 cause her first official appearance in any media is a game plus it has the potential to troll anyone who wanted goku in smash


Piranha Plant 2 just dropped


Bandana Dee or Shadow, my two most wanted fighters.


I actually have a few ideas, and i also have their move designs, Firstly, bandanna dee, his side special being a spear throw, his up special will be kinda like peaches, up air will be like pits in a way, f-smash will be a little poke kinda like lucina neautral special, just not a sheild pop, down smash will be a little low spear spin, kinda like what king dedede has with his, and thats kinda all the move set ideas i have for him Next is krystal from star fox, her neutral b is gonna be blaster like the others have, it'll be stronger than falcos, but have less knockback than wolfs, and I'd like her to be like a sword fighter with her staff, since the others (fox, falco, wolf) are all mainly air based fighters, The next character i've had in mind is silver from sonic, i know shadow is the more liked character, but i think silver would work, his up special could be a telport, side b could be a command grab which would just be a push forward, and just alot more telepathy things since thats mainly how silver works, Another character idea i have, well, characters, would be more fighting style characters, i know the 4 we have now (ken, ryu, terry, Kazuya) are enough, but what about some others, i dont play many fighting games so i cant give out alot of character choices, The final one i have, would be chesnaught, i love pokemon, but its sad that theres only a few, i think, especially if chesnaught gets added as a heavy, could work, his f-smash could be like a kick, down smash could be burying move like a stomp or an overhead hit (im a k-rool main so i love the bury mechanics) neutral b could be like bullet seed, im down to hear what people think about my character list and what moves or thoughts might be had on them


Mario Kart! and Garchomp or Gengar


i think a character i would like to see is Masahiro Sakurai or possibly mario such an underrated character I think they should add new fire emblem characters obviously there just isn’t enough right now thank you for reading this btw


Yuna from FFX summoning Ifrit, Shiva and Bahamut


I'm trying to see some goofy shit to be honest so probably a Pokemon. Maybe Kecleon or Darmanitan


Waluigi. It’s the right thing to do. And if not him, give us Dovahkiin or something.


I want ONE champ from lol, whoever this is


I want crash and rayman


Cash Banooca


Crash bandicoot would be my only pick




Personally I would've liked to see Chun-Li, Kratos (Norse era), Blaze the Cat (next choice after Shadow and Knuckles since they're assists), Cranky Kong, and an Octoling, but with different weapons.


I have a few. Most will NEVER happen though. Sly Cooper, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Waluigi, Hollowknight rep


Assuming there’s 5 fighters: Doom Slayer, Jonesy, Dr. Eggman, Blastoise, and Sub Zero. I know Jonesy and Blastoise are unrealistic, but a man can dream.


Fulgore, Medusa (Kid Icarus), Shantae, Bandana Dee or Dark Matter, Dusknoir or Serperior, Jill Valentine (these are some of them)


Assuming the pass would have 5 fighters: 1. Doom Guy 2. Cranky Kong 3. Ganon (the blue pig version, yeah I know its not very popular, but come on, its an incredibly iconic version) 4. Waluigi 5. Shovel Knight If characters that are already assist trophies are off limits then you could replace the 4th and 5th spot with Impa and Bandana Dee. But yeah I know that Pig Ganon and Cranky Kong are extremely unlikely, so I don't have high hopes for them.


Raiden, goomba, super macho man, hornet/vessel, dead cells guy, waluwigi




top 7 i want to see 1.Urishifu 2.glover 3.crash bandicoot 4.nintendo dogs 5.dr Eggman 6.k.k. slider 7.vega


Cade from destiny 2 or the whiteness also from destiny 2