I’d say to stop being scared. But on my first play through, I feared everything that moved


On my first play through I went to the Aurora a few couple of times, without realising there was reapers in that area, it was first when my little brother asked my how to avoid the reapers I learned, I basically went "There's reapers at the Aurora?"


Did you know each reaper and leviathan have names? It's awesome.


They do? The only leviathan I named was the ghost at the LZ mountain entrance. Named him Bob the undead due to play station reviving all leviathans after a while due to a bug


Yes :) https://www.reddit.com/r/subnautica/comments/81dyuf/names_for_all_the_leviathans/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


They do?


Yep! https://www.reddit.com/r/subnautica/comments/81dyuf/names_for_all_the_leviathans/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


My first game, I was leaving the Aurora (after *preventing* the meltdown, thank you very much!) and saw Sammy the Safety Reaper and nearly lost my socks. Happily, there was a bunch of metal between me and Sam, so even though I watched him look RIGHT at me, turn and rush for me, I was able to escape unscathed. So, to the OP, I'll just say: if you have a Seamoth, you'll probably be fine. Even a Seaglide can give you the speed to get away. Usually.


me too but now im going aurora for only killing reapers


It's funny that the first time I actually killed a reaper, was when I was exploring the crash zone with a seaglide, I simply dragged it to the mushroom forest and it got stuck between the trees. Free kill


Same, I finally made a base right in the middle of the 2 leviathan spawns on the back side of the alien island.


i was scared about the green biome with the kelps


Stay close to the side of the ship you are facing, follow it clockwise, turn right when able.


Always used this my first playthrough and did not encounter Sammy even once! When I was exploring the mushroom forestin front I did get noticed by one of it's brothers so we don't go there anymore


So I should go to my left of the ship?


Yeah. Stay close to the ship


Yes, the entrances are on the front end (left in this picture) of the ship. The engines don't have an entrance and are full of reapers. If you hug the structure, and enter when you have enough open space, then you can sneak in. The reapers at the front are much further out. BTW: lore wise the theory is that the ship might have crash landed on one of the reaper feeding/nursing ground.


Don’t forget about swimming on the surface of the water.


first time i ever went i took my sea glide and stayed pretty much on the surface of the water with no incident. the three leviathans located around the ship are fairly easy to avoid. the one that you will need to be careful with is towards the back end so making sure you’re too the left of the ship and then sticking close to the side all the way to the entrance. it’s scary at first but trust the leviathans are less scary when you know where they are. id say take a seamoth and have the perimeter defense upgrade if you want to feel extra safe. like i said staying towards the surface isn’t a bad idea either. good luck i know i was terrified for the longest time but you gotta get there eventually


> ~~Three~~ Leviathans located around the ship 11* Leviathans


bruhhhh i’ve only ever encountered three. personally i think there’s only three to really worry about though when entering the ship because they are sort of in the path unless you know what you’re doing


If you beeline to the entrance you only need to consider one of them. There are 3 behind the aurora's boosters, 1 by the entrance, another slightly past it, and 6 more deeper into the crash zone (southeast of the Aurora) that you will nornally not need to worry about. There are also 8 reapers in the Dunes and 7 in the Mountains.


So are the dunes and mountains basically not explore-able?


They're perfectly explorable if you're careful. I've explored the dunes before, I usually build a base at the edge of the >!Western mushroom forest and the dunes!< And use the scanner room to mark the locations of all the nearby reapers on my hud so I can avoid them. Makes exploring a breeze so long as you keep your wits about you.


My biggest mistake was not creating scanner rooms, I always thought you have to be inside them to see it on the map


By default, yes, but you can craft a HUD chip to be able to see them in person.


I did not know this. I'm going to give it a try tonight!


It's dangerous, but if you have a PRAWN or a Seamoth with the Perimeter Defense upgrade it's usually worth it to check out the dunes. There are a ton of large ore deposits to drill, and the wrecks are pretty useful. There's even a Cuddledish Egg! There isn't much incentrive to check out the mountains, though. There's like 1 wreck and a bunch of shale outcrops, bytnyou can get everything there in less dangerous areas.


that’s also why i stay near the surface. i tend to have less trouble when i’m near the top. me and my sea glide can make that trip no problem. the one by the entrance typically stays lower so as long as you keep to the surface you don’t even need to deal with that one unless you make it angry


Sammy just wants to do his job as safety reaper.


>Unless you make it angry Or you have death run enabled (they can make the "distant roar" sound while actively chasing you, as I recently discovered)


Terrified was my first play through. Had seen no videos, wasn’t in this sub yet, was totally clueless. Went to the back of the ship and saw something, went to investigate and that was the end of that. Good times. Jump scares, scary movies, haunted houses, etc. none of that bothers me even a little, doesn’t even get my pulse up. I screamed like a little girl at that reaper though Lol.


Because subnautica is not horror, it’s primal terror something from a time when we were prey


Put the seamoth defensive shock on your vessel. You'll be fine.


No cost to great


Be not afraid, face your fears head on with a knife


Through the back by the jets, it's super easy


Go left to the front. U turn into the ship and look for a sloping floor that you can walk up. Take fire extinguishers and the repulser cannon/tractor beam thingy. You may or may not encounter the leviathan, sorry.


And laser cutter


I knew I forgot something. Thanks!


I like to be right on the side of it and stay right next to the top of the water, that way when I can see the entrance into the aurora I can pop my head above water and cry and scream hoping that the leviathan decides to have not gone my way. You could just stay underwater to see the leviathan and not be afraid of it being behind you without knowledge but then again the pure terror of skimming the ocean in subnautica with knowledge that there is a leviathan directly under you is really scary. But once you get into the aurora everything is fine. If you don't want to ever have to come back just look up a guide to make sure you get everything. Because the worst part about my aurora strategy is that when you leave the ship you have to basically swim forward with the knowledge that the leviathan could be right Infront of you as you leave. Making it more terrifying leaving then entering. But if you are like me and entering the aurora is scary because of 1 single leviathan then good luck


Everyone so afraid of Sammy. He's pretty cool, not gonna lie. Though he DID mangle my seamoth one time on my way back from the Bulbzone, but he was just inspecting it for safety so I didn't mind. Plus, I WAS kinda playing with him.


Here are all the reaper locations and spots to avoid around the Aurora. Around the back there are loads, don't go there without being ready for conflict. The way in is at the front, and there's only one reaper there. As you get closer to the entrance, the foggy filter on the screen will change to a light blue. This light blue area is where the reaper hangs out. If I recall correctly, it mostly chills at 100m, so it isn't hard to avoid. Hope this was helpful.


you also helped me i don't know where to go in my last world i accidentally saved after my cyclops was destroyed then i jumped in my seamoth it got destroyed then i saved when i was about to leave thank you


If you skim the left side of the aurora there are some holes in the hull you can get through to reach the entrance as well.


Never knew that, thanks!


Fromt but stay close to the edge of aurora


get a propulsion cannon, stand on top of a dropped airbag and fly there by grabbing the airbag with the propulsion cannon.


Go around the back end


Go to the boosters at side of aurora first, then stick to the side of the aurora while going to the cockpit. I mean literally stick.


First of all take out lab equipment on your quick button list LOL


>!Go towards the front of the ship, it's the way to get in. Bring a stasis rifle if you have one, but you probably won't need it. Definitely bring/build a repair tool and cutting laser because you're going to need both!<. Good luck. :)


Through the back.


get in a seamoth and and stay at the surface of the water


I never used the seamoth for this trip. Seaglide all the way on the surface… full of fear of what might be below me… never looking down


Hug the hull of the ship and head north. Turn right as soon as you can. Avoid the engines and don’t go to far north, and you’ll dodge all of the reapers.


The back is the safest, totes believe me. Nothing back there that is scary.


In fact if you go back there you get a secret shadow achievement. And free hard to come by materials!


Enter the front end and stick to the side of the ship, you'll probably spot the reaper, but if you cling to the side you should be fine. Face your fears.


Go up to its side, the path is completely safez then head towards the nose of the ship and turn right as soon as u can, most youll see of the reaper is a sillouete


Just swim on the surface. It won’t get to u


The is a safe path that goes perfectly between the two reapers. From your lifepod, face straight at the spot in the ship where the thrusters taper off into the hull. The line between you and the ship is safe. Underwater, as long as you stay in the general area of that line, taking care not to move too far down the hill on the left, you'll never even hear them, let alone see them. Once you get to the ship, move left along the hull staying close to the ship. You'll see an opening near the front end. Move inside and you're there, reapers evaded.


Collect a lot of titanium and glass and build a path. Can't get attacked if you're in your base.


First of all, Steam will take a nice screenshot for you anytime you press f12.


In the picture provided, the right side is where the engines are, go to the opposite side and bring the propulsion gun if you have it available and a ton of fire extinguishers


Follow the shallows


The exploded but by the front is where you get in. Bring a radiation suit and repair tool tho


Don't forget the propulsion cannon


I personally didn’t need it because I glitched over the boxes


Swim to the middle of the ship, turn left, turn right as soon as there's an opening


By the front with a seamoth


get a Sea Moth and beeline it for the opening in the front. seriously you will see reapers, but they are of little threat unless you intend to road rage them


Swim to that hollow part near the front (stick to the surface of your to scared like me) and then climb onto the collapsed metal (be careful as some areas aren’t considered solid ground and you’ll fall straight through them) I’ve never died once doing this as well plus it’s the only way in


Just go, the reaper at the entrance most of the times is outside. Take the first holes and you'll be sure to not encounter them


I’d say to moth and b line to the nose of the ship and remember that your sea moth can tank a hit.


stick to the walls and go to the front until you find a hole you can fit through


Go from the front. Even if you get attacked, nothing near the Aurora can instant kill, and leviathans will stop being aggressive for a moment if they bite you. So bring a few med kits and explore to your heart's content!


The side you are looking at is actually very very safe where the water is shallow. So swim to that side (and have a good explore, scan anything, etc). When you’re ready to go into the ship, go as close as you can to the ship, hug its hull, and turn left towards the bow (front), at water level, not deep down. Turn in through the first gap that’s big enough. You will probably hear but not see a Reaper that lives in the deep water near that front corner. It’s okay - you’re safe. If you see it in the distance? Don’t hang about, but you’re still okay.


Vroom to the front area of the ship, and there should be a spot where you can get on top of a platform partially in the water, just get there quick, if you have seamoth try not to beach it on that platform while going fast.


Wait till your balls drop


Can't be attacked by a leviathan if you kill the leviathan.


The leviathan has crappy machanics if you’re swimming, so you’ll be fine if you leave your sea moth outside the ship


I was scared to go in aswell but what I found to be the best option (in my opinion) is stick to the side towards the front and go inside the hole leading into the aurora (watch YouTube videos if you need to see what specific hole you need to go into)


Better to get caught when you it’s there than to be caught off guard trying to avoid it.


Build a tunnel from your base to the aurora


Sneak around the opposite side from the rear of the aurora. Go slow its like jurassic park.


Save before you head to Aurora and if you get killed, load that save file🤷🏻‍♂️


They're actually pretty easy to get away from as long as you're paying attention and use the terrain and area around you. And just a warning, reapers are not the scariest part of this game.


Reapers probably are, considering their design and how the other leviathans are in confined spaces


Ghost levis dude. Haunting and gorgeous


Easiest way is to go fast. Bee-line to the left side, don't try to hug the walls or hide, just shoot straight over there and don't look back until you're standing on dry land


All I can offer is go to the Aroura with the seaglide, hug the side and keep going until you see a big enough opening to get through at the front if the ship. Just keep swimming and do not stop for any reason until you are on the ship or back at base.


alright so here is the gameplan, stock up on medkits, swim to the aurora, if you hear a roar use your seaglide to run away, repeat until you are on there, and use medkits if neccesary, also bring a cutter


Also for everyone saying “your not supposed to know” this could be used for other new players who want to know


Seamoth, go the side of the front bow. Bring a reapir tool, fire extinguisher, flashlight.


He 2 shits you and can't reach you if you are at the shallow dunes next to the Arora


Go the front. You can only get in Through the front


I didnt know there was any around the Aurora, but I just stay m8stly at the surface as it looks desolate below


There are only two ways into the aurora and both of them are at the front, they are both as dangerous as each other.


Full send the cyclops and use either the creature decoy or drop out is a seamoth and use vortex torpedoes


Don't take your seamoth and use the seaglide instead! Noise attracts them. And stay on the surface. You can line up your path without entering the crash zone, once you are adjacent to the opening(the part that was opened up during the explosion), quickly swim over with your seaglide.


Do not go to the rear avoid it at all costs just go to the side and stick to it and slowly make your way to the front the top has been blown off so that's your way in if you stay close to the side you shouldn't have any problems but when you get to the front stay close to the aurora don't go too far off. Also if you are going in with the seamoth you don't have to place it right next to the platform as it can get stuck like it did with me dw it won't float away it stays in place.


1. Sea moth 2.don't go to deep near the Aurora


The front part where its completely exploded is I think the only way in, if not its the best. There is one reaper there but as long as you stay far enough away and keep the lights on your seamoth or seaglide off because it can see them. If you’re using a seamoth, park it as close to the ramp where you go up as you can, I’ve had the reaper swim over and eat it a few times, and bring a knife for the crab things


So I do a method where I swim towards the middle of the ship until I hit a point where there’s sand banks, then I swim along the side of the ship until I hit a drop off, there’s a reaper around there but you can easily avoid him


Imo the best thing to do is man up a bit. Then, make a beeline straight towards the middle of the Aurora. Once your there, just hug the wall of it until you reach the blown out section of the nose. Climb up the nose and your there!


i dunno make a base to there its simple


Just swim bro


To be honest, if you just stay on the surface of the water for your whole trip to the Aurora you should be fine. The reapers usually dont see you there because they usually stay down deep.


What item is in your 3rd slot




No i found it in a lifepod and I saw another in the aurora


OH is that the lab equipment non functional




First of all, the reaper at the entrance of the aurora’s entrance’s patrol range is not that big, and it mostly patrols the deeper areas. So if you stay close to the ship you’re fine. Reapers are attracted to light, so if you get the sonar upgrade for your seamoth, you can navigate with that instead of your light (it also lets you see the reaper before it sees you). Once you’re inside the front of the aurora, you are far out of the patrol range of the reaper.


Well bud that sounds like a… #YOU PROBLEM


Same i feard rvrething thr first thing that i have don i went in the back of the ship to meet the leviathan




There is no easy way my friend just hope that the reaper is a lil far