Yeah, Mane and Pao are crazy. Really love Clodsire so far.


It’s weird how clodsire seems to be the only thing keeping paladin from just spamming choice band jet punch at least for me


He poses little threat to my team. I've fast dragons and Dondazo. Especially the later.


Dondozo is so fucking fat, my team struggled so much to get past him until I stamped a Mecha Delibird.


Tera Grass Loaded dice bullet seed Breloom did the trick


I love Dondozo, been using him as a great physical wall with yawn, liquidation, earthquake and rest/chesto.


I haven’t figured out why people run palafin yet. Even in hero form gets outclassed as a choice breaker by roaring moon, great tusk, etc, and as a sweeper it’s a direct downgrade to Quaq.


Jet Punch Double Stab with Tera Water 160 Base Attack Runs Zen to get rid of Clod (what I do) I don't see how Roaring Moon can be better if this can break through what would wall it.


If you have band paladin has 690 base attack


I guess I should say I don’t know why it’s used *so much.* Roaring moon can run zen too, and I’m pretty sure can just take out clod with outrage anyway but I’m too lazy to calc rn. I just feel like its choice sets are way too exploitable and it doesn’t have the setup options it needs to be the dominant mon that some people seem to be treating it as. Feels to me like a niche revenge killer, not an ever-present wall-breaker.


You should try the taunt, bulk up set with jet punch and drain punch. If the opponent doesn’t catch on immediately it just wins. I’m not kidding. Beats Clodsire, Toxapex all those guys 1v1 and then jet punch the whole team.


Extremely strong priority, able to pivot out with flip turn and can nuke things (even if not as well as other mons) Theres also a Bulk Up Taunt set with jet and drain punch with lefties and hp investment (you give up on speed evs) thats lets it easily break past mons that would otherwise counter it like Clodsire Try it out, it is absolutely busted


Stab pivot, I guess


Jett punch is a great revenge killing option


Strong priority and flip turn alongside the always great water typing. 60 BP priority is very dangerous as scizor can attest. Part of it is the coolness factor of course. I’ve found rain teams with him to be quite strong tho when backed by kilowatrel and a clodsire of your own


People are really using Clodsire with water absorb? It seems like the perfect unaware user with that awesome bulk and immunity to toxic.


Ultimately yeah, but right now it’s a strong palafin answer. Reminds me of Seimitoad usage at the beginning of SW/SH to stop dracovish


I use sandy shocks as a palafin counter as it outspeeds it without boost and can reliably OHKO with thunderbolt


It's also a perfect water absorber. Nothing makes the good brain chemicals like turning a weakness into an immunity.


I definently see Unaware as most common but Water Absorb isn't never used. With Water Absorb it walls Palafin, with Unaware checks a lot of common mons and checks Mutter Mane if it isnt running Psyshock. Both are common enough in my experience.


Water Absorb is also a great ability, and Unaware doesn't seem to be that important in this meta (Roaring Moon still beats Clodsire with Protosynthesis boosted attack I think)


Does unaware not ignore proto attack boost?


you can ask on Smogon forums to confirm but it doesn't afaik


It’s ability to shut down palafin and quaquaval is quite good, especially since once taunt CM flutter mane sets can beat it, normal CMers just get hazed


clodsire with uaware also stops flutter mane easily


Damn even though the new Evo still has a niche play that whole family is so weird


Reminds me of a certain fish...


I did not expect that Lokix would be used a lot


Double priority with tinted lens and a 105 attack stat is pretty strong assuming you can survive hazards to switch in enough. Great for revenge killing


Maybe Joey helped in boosting its popularity.


Tinted lens is a busted ability and Lokix is the first pokemon to really reliably use it on a type that is not bug.


After looking at it I also don't think Dark/Bug is the worst typing in the world


It's pretty closer to the worst typing, but when there is only one pokemon in the game that resists both STABs and when it has double priority a bad type can be passable.


Idk why no one uses garchomp. It's absolutely crazy, tera steel tech to lure the two big menaces and kill them with iron head Lead with double hazard eq has been doing wonders


I use Chomp! A LOT. It's definitely gonna be OU, I think it's the best HO lead atm since Glimmora can't really deal direct damage and all of it's setup gets cucked by a single defog or Spin, forcing you to run Gholdengo, which I haven't found particularly helpful. I use Tera Fire instead of Tera Steel though, as it also lures Corv and SD instead of Rocks as it can get a lot of value with it esp if it's sash is still. A very slept on mon , probably gonna shoot up again after initial wave of bans slows the meta down a notch and new toy syndrome wears off.


Slow down a little, who are the 2 threats hit by steel and fire lures corvinight and who? Sash is still what? Whos sash? Sorry, really hyped for this competitive season and want to learn


Steel lures flutter 'mane and chien pao


It’s definitely one of the best spiker option solely for its bulk and how threatening it is, with meowscarada and glimmora being the ones able to compete, but I think the relevance of flutter mane and roaring moon combined with new toy syndrome hurts it a lot


Roaring moon is hardly a threat when you use mane or unaware dudes to be honest


The proto attack boost doesn't get ignored by Unaware iirc so a couple Defense drops from Crunch can fuck you over. And Tera Steel dunks on Mane.


Game’s only been out 36 hours. The meta will adjust


All this is ripped directly from Pikalytics.


Thank you for citing this!


You can find the detailed usage on the site here, including Tera types! 🙂 https://pikalytics.com/pokedex/gen9ou


Corviknight maintaining such high usage when everybody wants to use all the new Pokemon is impressive. Not even halving its Roost PP can stop it from doing its thing.


There’s not really very many good flying types out there right now, there’s only 2 on this list and the one that’s not corv isn’t exactly a tank. Corv is also a rare defogger (for the above reason) in a meta full of ghosts just waiting to block your spin, and has reliable recovery, the latter of which is somewhat lacking on a lot of otherwise stellar defensive pokemon out there. Having U-turn is also worth mentioning, because sacrificing momentum in this meta can be very punishing, hence why the pex isn’t here - you practically need eject button on it, I feel.


but now the new gholdengo blocks it's defog, so it's like the one counter to hazard removal


Oh that’s actually crazy it is immune/blocks basically everything. Only thing that works against it is tidy up right? Maybe court change too


Court change would work, it blocks defog since it lowers evasion


What having no competition does to a pokemon


Stall is still pretty good. Me and a friend laddered with it and you just have to be more careful when making your plays


They may have halved Roost PP, but they decimated Defog distribution.


I'm not surprised at all. It's like the only thing left with defog when it was already the best defogger last gen and now hazard stacking has gone crazy. It's gonna be goated this gen and I won't be at all surprised if it gets 40%+ usage at some point.


Probably because there’s not many defoggers and not many flying types that are as tanky


I like seeing all these new and recent Pokemon and then suddenly just "Torkoal"


Busted weather abilities need a weather setter, nothing new.


Koraidon and Groudon are gonna be duking it out over who the best Sun setter is when Box Legends are enabled.


Honestly they’re both so good and have such different niches that there’s no reason not to run both on a sun team imo


Especially with groudon getting spikes, bpress and wisp this gen. You just run defensive don and then let koraidon go crazy


Can’t believe iron bundle is so low. That thing is a monster and so difficult to wall. And it’s still relatively bulky


There’s an infinitely better special attacker raining terror and moonblasts on the entire tier, the moment that demon is banned it’ll be Bundlin’ time


Flutter mane is certainly the best mon in the tier but idk if I agree with “infinitely better.” It’s infinitely better than say like gastly though, but not iron bundle


Yeah, that’s a hyperbole on my part. Still outclasses Delibot though and hence the low useage


Funnily enough Bundle actually has better coverage than Flutter. Hydro + Freeze Dry hits every mon in existence iirc. Bigger issue is ETerrain is a lot worse than sun


Proud to be a Maushold gamer


All hail the mouse. It's genuinely one of the most fun mons I've used in a while. Being able to two shot everything (and OHKo most things) is so fucking funny


If Maushold has 1000 users, I’m one of them. If Maushold has 10 users I’m one of them. If Maushold has 1 user that’s me. If it has no users I’m no longer alive. If the world is against Maushold I’m against the world. Until my dying breath I’ll support Maushold.


kings rock population bomb:


Wide lens >>>


Ok but what’s better more hits on average or an absurdly high chance to flinch on an already high damaging move




I liked the part where he said "It's Clodderin' time!" and cloddered all over those guys


Truly one of the Pokémon of all time


He's such an mvp on my team.


Dread it. Run from it. Tyranitar arrives in OU all the same


Shed tail into Tera random type setup sweeper can literally kill half a team off the bat. How can you prepare for this? I've went up against so many teams that go hyper offense this and there's almost nothing you can do.


I've actually been liking hippowdon with whirlwind for this, I also really like the fact that I can cycle thru the opponents paradox mons to use up their booster energy with him as well


I use a hippo with hound stone and it’s so good


Booster energy?


Consumable item that activates a paradox mon’s ability on switch in without sun/electric terrain


So basically gives a +1 to the highest Stat, single use. Nice.


Shed tail will 100% be banned. It's baton pass but even more busted, with the ability to give any setup sweeper a free turn (or more) which is just ridiculous.


There is never any reason to not attack Cyclizar.


Yeah people are saying it’s crazy and def worth a ban but idk. Is it still a 25% sub or is it 50%? If you just attack the lizard it’s just a teleport that takes 50% of your health (but you get regen). Depending on what’s on the field, passing into stuff with lots of immunities like mane is def really good


It's 50%


Then ima shut my mouth 🤐


also shed tail don't pass negative status drops... idk about perish song yet




I had a guy use draginite set up dragon dance after she'd tail, then tera'd into a steel type behind a sub. Swept my whole team. You cant predict for these things. Saying to bring a niche mon like cloyster proves how stupid broken shed tail and Tera is. Either one or both should be banned. It's a one turn set up than can swing a game.


Shed Tail's gotta go asap. Tera I think we can still give a chance... But it's still up in air if it's broken or not. I think most people thought it would be broken because of three stabs, but from what I've seen it most gets used to tera to a type something already is for boosted stab or used "defensively" like Dragonite tera-ing to steel but not running a steel move. To me I can't tell if either of those are fully broken themselves or not.


It's definitely pretty toxic that you can pick a defensive type that resists your mon's main checks (like, say, T-Fire Flutter Mane so it resists Bullet Punch) and there's basically no way of preparing for that.


At the moment, no. But if tera sticks around I'm sure many of those changes will become predictable and a part of the meta. Or that's a cope and this shit is just busted lol I really want it to stay tho.


Grafaiai leads rise up. The thing can prankster taubt your shed tail user or run no item + unburden to superfang cyclizar and prevent the move from working.


Kid named Grimmsnarl (I know he doesn't get super fang, but at least he has decent bulk to annoy it before it could do much)


No item doesn't activate Unburden, you have to actively lose your item for it to activate (and switching out cancels it for the rest of the battle)


Use Maushold. Cyclizar is faster than jolly Maushold, so Tidy Up will remove Shed Tail Sub. After than just pop bomb everything.


I simply lead Banded Scizor, and click Bullet Punch if I see a Cyclizar, and if it's PhysDef Cyc I click X and wait for this dumbass move to get banned, what the fuck were GF thinking???


Why such high useage of Iron Moth? It’s not THAT good afaik. It’s vastly outclassed by the goldfish, Flutter Mane, and even Iron Bundle, plus it loses to Clodsire lol


a scarfed fire blast deals 60% to skedirge, a fire type. it may not be flutter mane but still a great damage dealer


It’s strong and it absorbs t-spikes as a bonus.


T-spike absorbption is very nice, and poison/fire with U-turn makes it a premier choice user to tear into teams


The fish is definitely the better variant of that guy


Sandy Shocks isn’t there 😔 The SandyShockSweep will prevail!!!!


Any usage stats on Ubers? Would be interesting to see how the legendaries change the meta, I've personally been running Clodsire and Amoonguss to deal with them


My man Breloom is up there ❤


It's sporing time. In an HO meta mach punch is always useful and Breloom can do wonderful things.


Especially since many new op stuff is dark type


I love Tera Rock Breloom


Sigma Dragapult


The following Pokemon would be in UU by these rankings: * Volcarona (plus Flutter Wing, although their future compatriot makes OU) * Slowking + Slowbro * Azumarill (hey want a broken terra user? use this thing) * Dragonite (what the fuck people, use this thing) * Blissey/Chansey * Toxapex (!!!!!!!!) * Rotom-Wash * Weavile (lol) * Iron Hands * Magnezone * Hippowdon * Pelipper * Bisharp * Hydreigon * Dondozo * Ting-Lu Looks surprisingly balanced? Lots of really good defensive options. Pex might even be too much for the tier hilariously enough.


I mean, half of the mons from the usage list are having new toy syndrome lol


Yeah looking at what would be UU is incredibly pointless


Yeah, no way Quaquaval stays OU. It's just not fast enough out of the gate. Shocked it's at 9% currently


Because it gets a free speed boost with its signature in turn 1.


Also Garchomp


Holy shit how did I miss that? UU Garchomp, bloody hell


New toy syndrome. It'll come back after initial wave of bans.


UU is last gens OU


the problem here is that most paradox pokemon are so strong that outshines the rest. few of that list can be used against flutter mane, etc also some of the options got nerfed by losing access to some good moves (for example slowbro misses scald, future sight, teleport and slack off/regenerator got nerfed)


Slowking is going to be better than Slowbro because of Chilly Reception being a pivot move, at least if datamine is to be trusted


Poor weavile having everything ripped from it I have had a some success with bulky regular volcarona due to its skillful ability to burn a few common mons, terra letting it beat all might the dolphin and a few other waters, and it still being decently strong. It is a bit inconsistent but fun.


Iron Bundle is slept on, why does Ceruledge have more usage


I’ve found bulky Ceruledge with Bulk Up is surprisingly strong, if you expect a Torkoal switch Ceruledge can come in and start setting up for free, I’ve had multiple times where someone switches in Roaring Moon for the dual STAB resistance just to get OHKO’d by Sun + Flash Fire boosted tera fire +1 Bitter Blade


how did tinkaton get up there, where my man pawmot at


Iirc Revival Blessing is bugged rn so people aren't using Pawmot


Any idea if Leppa Berry works on revival blessing?


it does lmao




Fortunately neither user can learn Recycle


true but that doesn't stop me I just slap a scarf on it works wonders


Tinkaton is there because she saw all those steel and iron mons and wanted a new Hammer /s Actual reasons probably because people like it and dont care bout its middling stats. Give a few weeks and it will likely fall a few tiers.


I seriously don't know what the crackheads at Gamefreak were think. Who went "Alright guys, this Pokémon who has a giant hammer, and whose signature move revolves around swinging said hammer would be perfect for a mixed attacker!"


Tinkaton’s been putting in work for me, honestly. It’s a good rocker that can still hit a lot of threats, and it’s typing means that it can serve as an emergency (or not so emergency) check to a lot of stuff and threaten a KO back. I’ve been running a SpDef tinkaton with protect and lefties and I haven’t had any reason to drop it. T-wave and knock are also really valuable to have.


What are peoples thoughts on Garganacl? I immediately wanted to try it out with a specially defensive assault vest set to counter ghost spam, but it’s movepool is too limited without knock off or other utility. Any usage for it against the likes of flutter mane and houndstone with specific EVs? I expect Flutter Mane won’t be around for too long, but there are plenty of strong ghosts for it to test it’s purifying salts on.


Garganacl is really strong on sand teams with a set of explosion/recover/SR, rock stab, EQ, heavy slam. Max Hp max spdef or max Hp max attack with Tera steel is rediculously bulky and threatening at the same time, stopping a lot of the tier that can hit it for stab super effective while shutting down many shutter mane sets


I like a max SpDef set with Iron Defense, Body Press, Salt Cure/Iron Head, and Recover with Leftovers. It tanks hits super well, especially in sand, and you can kinda just sit on a lot of things even those that hit super effective. It’s a great answer to Flutter Mane, although I’ve found that it can struggle to keep up momentum. If you can get an Iron Defense off on an opposing switch it can threaten sweeps on its own.


Garganacl is one of the best walls in the game, a contender for beefiest boi, and a check for flutter mane. Max spdef, mixed hp and def investment, body press, recover, salt cure, and a move of your choice and you can mess up any ghosts, and most steel types, you want. Ceruldege? More like Ceruldead. Notably wrecks dodongo and goldengo, which are major annoyances with few answers otherwise.


Orthworm is unironically really fun, I been using him in HO and there's some mons that you see in Team Preview and you know you have a free SubPass because they won't be carrying anything to make enough damage to it. Clogsire, Garchomp, Iron Treads, are practically free subpass heaven


Alright a real question, if landorus was still in game would he be top 1 in usage rate still and why


yes, because there's not really many good ground resists around right now, and most ground types struggle to regain momentum when they come in defensively (e.g. hippo coming in on pawmot or iron hands, but then you have to double out of hippo and get that prediction right otherwise you're still down momentum. sure, you might get rocks up but especially at the start of the gen where everything is unbanned and shit is super offensive, rocks aren't worth the amount of momentum the switchin loses) where lando would just be u-turning out on the following turn. ​ corv is one of the good ground resists out right now but it doesn't threaten out either of the new donphans, doesn't threaten clodsire out, only really has space for one move to hit things with (normally brave bird, although with baxcalibur and chiem-pao running around you'd love iron head or body press, etc. you get the idea) and other ground resists are for the most part frail, offensive-oriented mons that just get 2hko'd on the switchin on an EQ anyway. ​ lando does both of these things really well. it's an amazing ground resist and doubles as an electric resist which frees up the additional slot that having an electric resist otherwise has to take up when you use corv. it has intimidate for guys like pawmot and iron hands, so even if they go for cc on the switch to lando it's still not being hit *that* hard by it, and it doesn't get trapped by magnezone like corv does. ​ this isn't to say that corv isn't good, corv is an absolute beast and it's still doing what it was doing in gen 8 but lando is the OU goat for a reason.


I don’t think Lando would be #1 with pien running around and his loss of important moves.


lando's unique typing + ability combination is still extremely valuable and does a lot for a team, it doesn't need knock/toxic/defog to do what its best at. it might not be the best mon in the metagame, but it would definitely top the usage rankings imo. it's too valuable for teambuilding, and opens up slots on a team in a way not even the new offensive guys does.


He’d be top but I don’t think fluttermane can be outed from its dominate #1 slot, maybe number 2 tho


maushold ohkos it probably, zu at best


Even when we get new Pokémon, people still just want to talk about Lando. The grip that genie has on our collective mind.


Love him or hate him, he’s good


Landorus is used because of role compression. It's not a broken mon


and how would they decompress this role?


taking away stuff like stealth Rock, knock off, U-turn, toxic etc


Is Pao really overwhelming or just Gen 7 Weavile/Dragapult level good? I haven't used it yet, but I've played against it, and it just doesn't seem that overbearing. Very good, of course, but it's basically a slightly faster Weavile without Knock, Beat Up, or Triple Axel. Essentially the same bulk, just shifted to physical, and some extra BST wasted on SpA. Everything that wanted to switch in on Weavile was already outsped by it, so the extra speed really only affects potential revengers, but there are plenty of new high-speed threats that can revenge with scarf/booster energy. Do Psychic Fangs and Sacred Sword as coverage put it over the top? Or Sucker Punch?


It gets Ice Shard too. Also it's difficult to wall after Swords Dance


Ability lowers the opponents defence, so it hits a fair bit harder than Weavile.


What kinda of mons are you using? It doesn't really have defensive counterplay beyond maxdef Corv and Dodonzo (who relies on rest and thus is exploitable). Offensive counterplay is limited to scarfers or priority. And it actually has its own priority to best opposing offense. Sucker Punch is ridiculously strong from it due to its ability. Even resists can be picked off shockingly. The other reason could just be your opponent isn't using it right.


Flutter Mane ban when?


Very soon


I’m surprised that Scream Tail is not even on here considering how many HO there’s been running around


Scream tail is excellent support with T-wave and wish, and I’ve found trick flame orb to work well, but it’s otherwise just really passive, and can be set-up fodder for stuff with subsitute, or the two grounds after you trick your orb.


It learns stealth rocks and encore, meaning it has better utility than grimmsnarl and can’t be set up on. Also, Scream Tail (115 99 115) is way bulkier than Grimmsnarl (95 65 75).


True in gen 8, but grim learned partying shot in gen 9 which is massive in its passivity issue. Didn’t realize scream tail got encore tho. It’s still gonna be an OU mon prolly, but it’s not gonna be a top dog


I wouldn’t say that’s bigger than being able to run rocks or have crazy bulk


Interesting that Torkoal is here, but not Pincurchin. I guess Flutter Mane is just that busted that having a sun setter is better than Electric Terrain.


Torkoal is also really physically bulky and Sun boosted Eruption hurts a LOT even with low SpAtk investment. Torkoal can also spin, set rocks, spread burn with Will-o-wisp, and flutter mane/Roaring Moon and Great tusk exist. Pincurchin lost rising voltage, doesn't have bad bulk by any standards, but it's much easier to switch in Torkoal on physical attackers. Pin can Spike, but that eats into precious turns where you want to use your paradox pokemon. Pincurchin is fine as a terrain setter, and still has a decent support move pool but I think torkoals is slightly better, especially with the high physical defence, spinning and then the more broken paradoxes. This is likely to change once Mane etc is banned and the meta evolves, I'm sure some electric terrain teams will appear.


Hope Clodsire usage remains. It would make me so happy. Quagsire has always been in my top 3 favorite Pokemon due to his stupid face and Clodsire is the same lol love the little thing.


Clodsire my beloved


The starter Pokémon effect is insane… gotta try it out tho


Playing week 1 is wild because the meta changes every few hours. Yesterday I saw flutter mane go from scarf sweeper to sun sweeper and then fall off quite a bit, glimmora went from a hazards only lead to running power gem to kill maushold, palafin rose, then fell, then rose again once people remembered that they could use pelipper, and people started frantically slapping scarf ditto on their teams all within a span of like 10 hours




Yay Chien-Pao


Why is Torkoal being so used?


Drought to activate Protosynthesis


Oh yeah lmao I swore it was just electric terrain and booster energy


Yeah, Electric Terrain is just for Quark Drive


The Ancient Paradox ability activates if there's sun or they're holding Booster Energy.


Bro Roaring Moon is insane. Go for Roost, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Night Slash / Crunch / Jaw Lock or Fire Fang. U can go for Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, either 3 dark types I mentioned, and Fire Fang. Baxcalibur is insane. I love to use that pseudo. Use Dragon Dance once and have 409 speed with Admant Nature and if Rock types are there, terasterlize to ground and OHKO earthquake. I haven’t tried Flutter Mane but I bet it’s OP with Base 135 SpA, SpD, and Spe. Edit: Flutter Mane is the #1 Pokémon


Flutter is easily the best mon in the tier, not just cause of those stats and the typing, but because it prolly has the best movepool in the game outside of clef right now. Able to run a multitude of scarf, specs,and CM sets, with enough coverage to deal with just about anything. Gargancl is one of the few answers right now on sand teams, but outside that your best best is opposing fluttermanes if set-up, and clodsire if scarf/specs


Yes bro. U can go for - Calm Mind / Wish - Shadow Ball - Moonblast - Mystical Fire Also I use booster energy.


I use Roaring Mane slightly differently. I don't have Sun so I use Booster Energy. Dragon Dance + Acrobatics + Tera Flying is kinda nuts.




I don't think I'm liking this meta much. There's so many outrageously fast and powerful pokemon that can 2hko your whole team at worst even when accounting for resistances in some cases (e.g Chi Yu). Terastalise makes things even more ridiculous. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing you can do. Gamefreak embraced the "if everything is broken nothing is" mentality which clearly isn't true if you look at stuff like Flutter Mane. I might not play as much until the meta calms down.


this isn't really a meta, its the game trying to figure out what the meta is. No competitive game was ever solved in a single day. a lot of the annoying things here will either be banned, easily countered, or only viable while people don't know what they're doing. it's kind of nuts that ppl come to a solid conclusion about what is or what isnt meta this quickly.


I love this meta




when phemorosa and magearna were in OU i hated also, things tend to calm down and find balance after some time


I will wait some time and look at the wikis some more because some moves or abilities come out of fucking nowhere lmao


Are people really using Loxix over Iron Hands...what has the world come to...


Tinted Lens First Impression go brrrrr


Thank pokeaimMd


It’s actually pretty good at oneshotting half a hyper offends squad


Hits Chien Pao, Flutter Mane for weakness.


No garchomp rip


so what youre saying is scarlet is stronger and picking sprigatito is optimal


Ceruledge is overrated AF and is surfing the electivire/jolteon wave of looking cool and being used just for looks. Garchomp is on the other hand way more useful than I thought. The tankchomp set is great against many physical threats (completely negates mousehold btw) and can set both rocks and spikes while going tera fire to surprise corvi.


Chien-Pao is almost unbeatable once it gets an SD up, unbeatable priority and insane ice damage from ice spinner.


Orthworm walls


Tinkaton having more usage than either Breloom or Scizor is crazy.


Not hating but this is the first gen where for me the mons seriously look like they’re fakemons. And I am hating on this new format of naming


I mean the paradox pokemons are ancient/future versions of already existing pokemons, so they are in some way knock-off versions.


Still too scared to try GEN 9 OU


people are sleeping on wo-chien. thing is really good


I'm really surprised about the lack of iron hands