That is amazing !!! I want that🥺


Sameee.. But I wonder if it's going to look the same after it's washed..


Haha, thanks so much!


Got these in the mail, they were a nice off-white, cream colour but like an idiot I put them in my laundry with stain remover and the colour washed out. So decided to buy some fabric pens and see if I could do something - seeing as I wasn’t going to wear them as bright white. This is a first draft, they’re for me as a kind of homage to some of my favourite artists on Instagram, though some of the pieces are mine. I’ll get a second pair and do a full original set soon because I love how the colours look on them. Let me know what you think!


Amazing work! I love the comic book feel with all the different panels. The texture and style of the artwork is stunning! The eyes remind me of VelvetMush on Instagram! If you've never seen her work, definitely check her stuff out, her artwork is so eerie, dainty and dark!


Ah sick, thank you! The eyes are actually from a piece by Emilio Vilalba. He’s gone through a few phases in his style, but a while ago he had this sleek, oil paint eyes ‘phase’, I recommend checking it out! I’ll take a look at VelvetMush, sounds similar:)


This looks really dope dude


Thank you my man <3


Dope piece but the acab bit is unnecessary, acab being slapped on everything and every bio etc. takes away from the meaning imo, its starting to just become an aesthetic rather than something that has meaning.


I get what you mean, stuff like this can lose its traction if it’s forced into everything. Although I feel like the more it’s said the better because I don’t think you can communicate an important message “too much”, you know what I mean?


This is really amazing! Would buy these asap


That means a lot, cheers :)




Hella unique!


This is phenomenal work! Really love the storytelling aspect of it and it totally inspires me to try working with fabric pens. Could you link me to some??


Of course! The ones I used are the Faber-Castell textile markers and a black “Laundry-permanent” sharpie. Both are on Amazon but it won’t let me link them. Thank you so much!


That's amazing man, do you take commisions or have a shop?


I’d definitely be open to taking commissions, but still very much deciding where I want to go with this and how I would price it all. I’m sorry, I don’t have a shop my dude, just starting out and wanted some feedback and stuff


Man you got something really unique, honestly amazing stuff. If you do make a brand I'd be really interested to see the progression.


Thanks man, there are definitely things I would change, I think there’s a style in there somewhere that I can refine. Once that’s figured out I’ll definitely think strongly about merchandising fully.


Of course, I reckon you could start straight away you already have a standout piece and are more unique than a lot of brands at the moment.


Goddamn, these are heat 🥵


You’re too kind! Thank ya




Which fabric pens did you use? Looks sick


I used Faber-Castell textile markers and a black “Laundry-permanent” sharpie. Think you can find both on Amazon


looks awesome !!


You realize these are insane right? Your tone, it’s off. This is balls to the wall babe!!!


These are dope!!! To me, the random "acab" doesnt really fit with the images but other than that these are top tier 🔥🙏🏻


Yeah I feel that. Think it got to the point where I realised I was just having fun wit it, so decided to just chuck it in


Nah I like that part. Ig everyone’s different.


I’ve wanted a piece of clothing referencing one of my favorite movies, Stalker, for so long. Just rewatched it yesterday too! Great pants! If you have any other Tarkovsky related designs or other foreign films I’d love to add them to my wardrobe.


Of course man! Cinema is kind of a hobby for me so I’d be happy to recommend! A few that come to mind are Burning, The Handmaiden and Paprika


I love The Handmaiden, top 5 for me. I’ve seen Burning but it’s in need of a rewatch and Paprika I’m yet to see, although I’ve seen Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent by the same director. I’ve tried making my own digital designs for Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Mirror (my favorite of his, and of all time) before, but nothing worth printing yet. Now that I’ve seen this I’m excited to work on those designs some more. Thanks a lot!


extremely cool


This so beautiful I would totally buy a pair!!💴


These are really cool! Great work


I thought this was crazy, then I’m like yeah this is fucking crazy (love it)


I hope this gets to you and I hope I’m not just explaining something you already know. Iron the pants for a good while with some parchment paper as a buffer between the ink and the iron. It will help promote longevity of the art and further bind it to the pants. These are insanely sick, very inspiring, and I hope to see more stuff like this.


Will do ! Thank you


Yo you make fabric pens look like grade A vinyl print or a heat press or sublimation print. This is dope and I’ll purchase on spot. I design and create some things of my own and have done trail and error with fabric markers and have some ups and downs with them but my work didn’t translate as yours does here. I believe I need to master the technique in using fabric markers as you did with shading, tinting & highlighting using only the basic set blue, red, yellow & black. There was definitely a paint control issue with the markers, at times not much coming out And other times it poured. I’m curious as to the brand you used for fabric markers. It may have a lot to do with that when it comes to my attempts.


Thanks a lot man, you’re too kind. I used Fabre Castell fabric pens and a special “Laundry safe” sharpie. Hope you achieve what you’re trying to.


Do you have a link for the pants you used as your base?


[here you go my man ](https://www.routeone.co.uk/products/route-one-beach-pants-off-white?fbclid=PAAaYGjLWYrzsTDelBSuk5Ic8VOKTf7DOJFTfUuu2d-pNuS3Ug-AXlubsjDAg)


Thank you!


This is amazing!! Loved the artwork and mood


Absolutely brilliant work. Totally refreshing to see something like this. Do you have an IG that I can follow?


I have an art insta but it’s not for clothing I’m afraid, this is something I’ve just properly gotten into. But if you wanna give it a follow regardless it’s @_pellian :)


I’ll give you a follow! This is not something I’d wear myself(I am pretty boring and minimalist) but I do collect prints like this.


Looks incredible. Hope you decide to do more


Sorry not to be rude just checking, the anime girl on the top right looks like art I have seen. Did you copy it? If not the pants are INCREDIBLE!


No don’t worry about it! Like I said in my comment somewhere in here, these are mostly a homage to some of my favourite Instagram artists and pieces, with a mixture of stuff by me and by them. That one is by @ukairuu on Instagram! If you need to know any of the other artists I’d be happy to provide their @‘s. Thanks!


Really really great! Love thisnaork


This is cool...can you wash these or is it dry clean only?


On the pens I used it said either iron on to make it permanent or leave for 24 hours. Although I’m pretty skeptical it’ll work.. fingers crossed.


Hope it works too


Does fabric pen really stays on the clothes ? Like will those drawings still be intact after like 50 washes ?


It says so, but I’m not confident. Might be worth doing more research for supplies that will stay permanent.


Really cool drawings btw !


👀 dude




These are fire, I would definitely cop a pair


This is insanely good


This is fire


If you could do this with denim and some distressing I would 110% interested in this. Looks fuckin sick dude


Yeah denim is something I’ve been thinking of working with, difficult to get colours through though, would have to be monochrome


White on black denim?


Not sure white permanent fabric markers exist. I could use acrylic which sets pretty well. Would work better on white denim, then I could use any fabric markers. I thought you meant on like blue jeans


Sorry for the confusion, I was meaning any type of jeans:P. But yeah white denims would be sick. It's the eye that does it for me, amazing design


Sick af. Would cop for 50 and below.


This is all hand drawn. If it was printed I think ~50 would be a fair price, but this is one of a kind and I plan to do more one off pieces. If I end up selling other designs like this, it would cost a fair amount more I’m afraid!


Fs man, custom pieces deserve the higher price tag. You could definitely sell these for a lot more, I’m just a cheap bloke haha.


So cool!


I NEED these omg how can I grab a pair?!


Will hopefully be doing more of these in the future. Still figuring the style I’m trying to achieve! Who knows, I might set up a depop or something, we’ll see


What’s acab?


All Cops Are Bastards 🙌🏼


Oh wait I should’ve know that lol I was thinking of some streetwear shit lol


Also what’s that Russian thing say? Looks cool


Glad someone asked! That’s Cyrillic for “Stalker”, it’s a film by Andrei Tarkovsky. That lettering appears on the screen at some point near the beginning of the movie.


It's a book. Was later turned into a movie.


I need these


This are amazing and so inspiring!


Uhh get these one a website I want a pair so so bad




Dude , that Eye !!! Your skills are sharp !


If you ever decide to make more of these or similair pieces, please contact me. I would cop for sure 🤩




Amazing work


you’re super talented , keep up the creativity !


holy shit, this is fucking beautiful


This is pretty sick! Steady hand






bro i want some of these so bad




by saying "fabric pen", did you really paint them on clothes directly on your first try - yeah bc I don't think you have the second chance lol. If that's the case then wow you have such awesome talent! XD


Yeah it doesn’t come out after you draw it on, but you gotta forget about that pressure when you do something like this, otherwise you’re bound to mess up somehow. Thanks for your words, means a lot :)


dope bro!


awesome piece but the acab is cringe


I’m sorry you feel that way about cops my man, thanks though:)


What did you mean by this? Seems like OP thinks you don’t believe in ACAB. I believe ACAB, but agree that it’s kinda cringe when it’s put on clothes as almost a fashion statement. It’s like the whole “Hello Kitty says ACAB” meme. It dilutes the meaning IMO to just a word that is cool to sport.




It doesn’t literally mean All Cop are Bastards, though. It’s talking about police as an institution, not as individuals. The examples you gave would be racism. You can’t be racist towards the police institution.