Just curious what was everyone's introduction to Story of Seasons/ Harvest Moon?

Just curious what was everyone's introduction to Story of Seasons/ Harvest Moon?


harvest moon 64 wayyyy back in the day! i hardly remember it but i know i loved it even as a lil kid


I still have my copy that I got for Christmas when it first came out!


wow!! thats such a long time ago, thats amazing that you still have it!


I have my SNES, N64, and PS1 all from when I got them when I was younger. They were all bought brand new in store. I have the PS1 strategy guide as well. I have a bunch of the others but those three will forever be in my heart as favorites


64 was my first one too, been a huge fan ever since! 😊


Mine was Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. It’s still my absolute favorite. I picked it up on a whim at a local movie rental place. It had caught my eye multiple times and I finally picked it up, not expecting to even like it let alone fall in love with it. They wouldn’t let us buy it so my mom told them I “lost it” and that’s how I ended up with it. I still have that same copy and play it often. I own all of them now though. What a fun question!


Mine is actually very similar. I saw A Wonderful Life at Gamestop several times and eventually just bit the bullet and bought it used for $20 and just fell in love with the series. I really regret missing out on some of the entries since then though.


I love how we both saw the same game and had such similar thoughts. I even picked it up and read the back every time I was in that store and thought “This sounds so stupid”. But picked it up anyway when I couldn’t find anything else and I’m so glad I did.


Another wonderful on GameCube for me :) man I loved that game


In 2011 I was 43 and playing FarmVille on Facebook. My kids had played another wonderful life and some other games. They introduced me to magical melody since I liked farming. Then animal parade and tree of tranquility. I love farming and cooking and mining and stuff like that so I have played most 3ds/ds games and switch games. I’m now 53 and am playing rune factory 4 on my switch. Was playing SOS poot but lost interest. Last summer I was really into sos trio of towns and might continue. So close to unlocking the new game plus.


Wow this is amazing! Love hearing of other people who enjoy Harvest Moon and Rune Factory!


For me it was Friends of Mineral town for the gba. It was my birthday and I really wanted an Hamtaro game for my gameboy as a gift. Because my parents found a very cheaply copy of the Hamtaro game, I could pick a cheap second game as a present. I loved the Harvest Moon box, so I picked it. I played it a lot more than the Hamtaro game in the end


^^Ham-ham ^^Heartbreak ^^is ^^a ^^super ^^baller ^^game ^^though ^^even ^^if ^^it ^^is ^^shorter


I absolutely adored ham ham heart break I had to have played through it at least 4 times. Same with the hamtaro olympics. So many hours sunk on that one. Though I was always a little sad you couldn’t be the other teams. Specifically the hams dressed like animals lol


Yup, such a fun game!


Some kid brought A Wonderful Life for the GameCube to school for show and tell back in like 2004. I went home and immediately asked my parents to buy it for me because this guy made it seem soooo fun. Spent hours and hours on that game, and have been a fan of the series ever since!


That kid is a real one bringing it for show and tell haha


Harvest Moon 64 when I was 6-7, rented from the convenience store. I was absolutely delighted that no monsters came out during the night lmao Every game seemed to scare me good as a kid, even the goombas in mario 64 charged far too aggressively for my liking, so HM64 blew my mind. Used to think you fed the chickens by tossing their feed on the floor; needless to say young me had their heart broken with the chicken kill count.


I actually started with the original Harvest Moon on the SNES waaaay back when. Found it delightfully charming in its simplicity, though I disliked the time limit aspect of the game. Even to this day, there's something relaxing in the simplicity of that original game.


I didn't have the SNES game but I remember Nintendo Power did a series of articles about it and I lived vicariously through those. I was totally enamored with the idea of the game. When HM64 came out I got it right away and have been addicted ever since.


Same! It has always and will always be my favorite.


Same! Got it on the GBC, then get FoMT on PSX.... been a love for the genre forever.


I ended up buying it through the Wii and loved playing it too!


Old person here too hahaha. I played through it several times and it still holds, IMO. But my mind was bloown when HM64 came out. Still have my copy.


The GameCube version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I played it when I was 13 and can say it was literally the best one by far. You could grow old and your child actually grew up with a personality.


It was the same for me, though I was younger when I played it. It’s also still my favorite harvest moon. When I play new ones, they all get compared to the old one. They phased out the ability to grow old and your child having a personality and growing older. I also was really disappointed when they took away romantic rivals and, thus, their children as well. I miss the character development of the old games for certain.


Back in the early 2000s. I played a wonderful life on the GameCube and friends of mineral town on my gameboy. I never got married because I didn’t realize as a little kid that I had to give them gifts and if I tried to I always gave them something they didn’t like


Yes! The struggle of playing games pre-internet lol


Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA SP. My brother, aunt and uncle came to visit and my aunt and brother got me hooked on farming sims for the rest of eternity. That and pokemon XD


I used to rent harvest moon 64 once a month from hollywood video💖


Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on the PlayStation. I loved that game, but I remember being an annoyed six year old because I wanted to be a girl main character.


I remembered that I played BtN on my PS1 was either 10 PM until late or 3 AM and then went to school at 6:30.. there was some ‘vibe’ when playing BtN late at night and early in the morning.. good times.


Back then in the Btn days I couldn’t really hang that late haha! But now I definitely get what you mean. I played a lot of later versions of HM and SOS really late at night when I was older. When my cousins spent the night they would comment the next morning saying they heard cows last night for some odd reason.


OG snes. Saw a preview/guide in Nintendo power and made my Mom photocopy the pages so I could mark on them. I remember the cow miracle item, and my step dad just blurting out "thats just bull sperm". The Christmas '64 came out i got earthworm jim instead and was devastated. Begged my mom to exchange it. Didn't happen, but I did get 64 eventually :p


Another Wonderful Life when I was 7! It was at my local movie/game rental store, and I rented it so much that we eventually bought a copy :)


When I was early elementary school age I used to watch a friend play Harvest Moon 2 GBC. Got really into the whole cute animal thing, then around 2002, I got Save the Homeland for myself on the PS2 when I recognized the title/cover art pulled me in. Rest is history.


Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA (\*coughsemulatorcoughs\*). Played it with my little brother a lot. Sparked our interest in gardening. Later played some DS and Animal Parade on the Wii together. Was always a sibling-thing for us :) Later I got a 3DS with A new Beginning and both Story of Seasons and had a blast. Rune factory 4 was nice but I kinda never got into the groove with that one. I bought most DS games one after another over the years and all in all had lots of fun. Still love playing with my bro the most and doing some real life gardening together, even if adult life doesnt allow for that much time anymore.


I always played with my sibling, too! Very often, one of us would be playing the game, while the other would have all the guides open on the Internet to say, "Oh, Chase loves orange cake; give him that!"


Harvest Moon 64, I played at a friend's house that had a 64. At this point the 64 really was not the big console anymore either. I loved the game so much I went all over town to find the game and the console for myself. Hooked ever since. It was actually, along with the original Pokémon Snap, my first real introduction to video games in general. And now I love them.


Harvest Moon SNES. I saw a little box in the q&a section of Nintendo power about how you get married. I told my Dad I really wanted it and we got the last copy available at Toys R Us.


My friend let me borrow Save the Homeland around 10 years ago i think. It was great.


Tree of Tranquility for the Wii. I bought it in 2009 for $30 on a whim and loved it. Used to stay up until 3am playing it, much to my boyfriend’s annoyance, lol. Edit: added year and price


I am pretty sure the first game I played was Harvest Moon GBC but I did not get into it or play very far. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is the first game I was really into! Either that or Friends of Mineral Town... LOL I feel old I don't remember anymore


Harvest moon DS and I played it to death lmao


Got it as a gift after reading a review for Harvest Moon 64 on a nintendo club magazine. I think either I added it to my chrismas present's list or my parents noticed my interest in the game and bought it.


I actually started with the first game on the Super Nintendo, and I bought it on the Virtual Console for the Wii U as well. Next was Back to Nature, and then I missed several games until... I think A Wonderful Life was the next one I played? I actually never officially owned the SNES version until I bought it for the Wii U, though. Back then, I just rented it from Network Video again and again, since it actually has an ending point that can be reached pretty quickly. I think I did try to look for it in stores a few times and just never found it.


Harvest Moon 64. I was about 14-ish. Not long after the game came out, but it was a nightmare to get still. Dad traded a game (complete copy) going for about $200 for just the game.


The original SNES game when it came out on Wii Virtual Console. Granted, I didn't have any money back then so I just emulated it instead (I eventually bought it for realsies) but I was so damn hooked that working my way through the series became my new obsession for like the next two years.


SNES version as a kid. I missed most of the GBC games and came back around for 64. The SNES version was unfairly hard for my childhood self but even as a kid I knew I liked simulation games. I wore the heck out of it and SimCity.


Back when I was like 10 or 11 I played Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town 'cause I was really into farming. My parents, bless their hearts, let me start a "farm" in the front yard. Been hooked every since.


At 10 I got magical melody when it came out in around 2008. I was at game stop and I thought the package was cute lol. Had no clue I’d become obsessed with the franchise. Currently playing through my 3rd run through of MM but have also played ANWL, ToT, AP, SOS POOT, sos fomt, harvest moon DS, tale of two towns, and sunshine islands


Harvest Moon: Back To Nature on the PS1. Got it from Blockbuster and have been obsessed since :)


Back when AWL was on GameCube! I wish they’d bring it back for switch!


Harvest Moon GB, back in the late '90s. It had this annoying system where time would continue while you're not playing the game, and my crops would die while I was busy at school. 10 yo me just ended up restarting the game over and over and over. I was addicted all the same.


I've been playing since Harvest Moon 64 when my cousin gave me his copy. I loved the game so much I played until year 10. It wasn't until Trio of Towns came along that HM64 was knocked out if my number 1 game spot.


Harvest moon 64! It was my graduation present from elementary school. I was 10…I spent hours on that game. My cousins came over and would play too, we’d wake up at the crack of dawn to water the crops lol. I want a remake of that one so bad


Okay, I feel some kind of old now lol My first encounter was with Harvest Moon (without any further title) on Super Nintendo and I instantly fell in love <3 I guess it was in 1999 or 2000 so I must have been around 8 or 9 years old!


My first Harvest moon was friends of mineral town. Back when i had to come up with bs arguments so that my granma would buy me games and i just wanted all the games so i read about it a bit and then delivered a flawless presentation of why farming games are good for me and my education.


Harvest Moon SNES. I fell in love and never looked back!


My first intro to the HM/SOS series was A New Beginning. It was honestly probably a really bad intro for me personally, as I really despise rude characters, and Neil and Allen are the first two bachelors to show up, and you're stuck with them for a while... when Rod showed up I clung onto him for dear life even though I didn't really like him haha. I stayed away from the series after that until I got Trio of Towns and...yeah I love that one so much more.


My friend had a copy of AWL at his house and he would let me and my sister play our own files sometimes. Then eventually we got our own copies of More Friends of Mineral Town, and the rest is history. :D


Friends of Mineral Town and "More" version back on gba. I sucked at it badly, but I adored the concept :) I loved the Switch remake.I don't like much the modern HM, I prefer to play SoS titles since 3DS.


My friend introduced Back to Nature to me on the PSP way back in 2nd grade. My kid brain was so amazed that you have the ability to marry characters in the game.


When i was like 7 my dad got a emulator of snes on the family PC , so it was the first harvest moon


My sister and I were drawn to the cover art of A Wonderful Life as kids when our dad took us to Blockbuster to rent a game. We loved it so much we got it as a gift. We used to play that game together all the time. Her save she would romance Muffy and I went for Celia but mostly we just loved riding around on the horse and checking out the landscape and buildings and listening to the soundtrack. Really great time of my life.


Harvest Moon for the SNES in late 90's


Harvest moon GBC in 1997. My brother got it for me as a Christmas gift.


Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. The only one I've played for over 10 years until now.


Harvest Moon (SNES)! Because I'm old! :(


Harvest Moon on the SNES. I played it through so many times when I was young. It wasn't until many years later, my brother bought me Back to Nature. I got the ones in between later on.


My parents wanted me to learn piano. I did not want to learn piano. My piano teacher used to bribe me with Harvest Moon: DS Cute during lessons so I would be less of a little shit for a bit, lmao.


Harvest Moon 64. I was so in love with Karen. Shit, I’m still in love with her. They did her dirty in future games.


My friend at the time had a PS2 and introduced me to Save The Homeland. I played it for a few hours and loved it. Then I got A Wonderful Life for Gamecube and played it constantly. The rest is history.


It was Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness in 2009 for me. I immediately fell in love with the game and the series and since then have tried to play them all.


In 2013 my husband's family got me into harvest moon by showing me animal parade. I thought that it was so cute and relaxing.


Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar


Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life!! Found it sometime around 2005, absolutely adored it. Played it so much my GameCube broke haha


I was really little when I started playing Harvest Moon. My mom let us play on her GameCube for a little bit every day. I can't remember what the games were called but we had 2 of them on the GameCube. I didn't get very far on either because I was like 5 tho.


Friends of Mineral Town on GBA, think I had it in elementary school. Used to play it at my grandparents house after school while waiting for my parents to get home from work. Soon after I got my GameCube and Magical Melody on GC. Magical Melody is my personal favorite, though I do love the art in FoMT.


I didn't play until A Wonderful Life, it was actually my first GC game I got along with my Gamecube. I got (and loved) FOMT soon after but that's where it started for me, which explains my enduring desire to see it updated/ remade


mine was harvest moon: ds! still one of my favorite games but as a kid all i wanted to do was romance muffy hahaha


Mine was Harvest moon : friends of mineral town on GBA. One of my step-sibling didn’t like it and gave it to me. I grinded that game so hard lol. I didn’t buy any other games of the franchise until I got my 3DS. My forever fav is SoS ToT. I love it so much


Harvest Moon 64. :) I was shopping at GameStop with my grandparents in 1999, saw it on the shelves, and thought, "Wow, this looks so unique". Been in love with Harvest Moon ever since.


My friend owned A Wonderful Life and I watched her playing it and had hardcore envy. 😂 Eventually I got my own GameCube and my parents bought Another Wonderful Life for me. I can't remember if that was before or after I got Mineral Town for GBA though.


DS Cute at 9 years old. Saw it in a book flier, one or the ones they give to kids taht you mail order through the school for. My father bought it for me from Walmart though, since it was WAY cheaper. Then island of happiness (?), then both AWLs.


Back in 2003 with Friends of Mineral Town. The guy my mom was seeing at the time got it for me for my ninth birthday and i got so obsessed with it that whenever i played with my friends, we'd always roleplay it in my backyard and make my dogs be my cows lmao


Harvest moon 64! I was a little kid then though so I don’t think I played it particularly well lol


Harvest Moon 2 on Gameboy


I’m also a fairly new fan! My first game was HM: A New Beginning for the 3DS! I’ve been playing new ones on and off since then and I very much enjoy it. :)


My uncle bought me Harvest moon: Save the homeland for the ps2 when I was 8. I stayed up on weekends and kept my PlayStation running overnight so I could wake up early to play before school. It kicked off an obsession with the series for sure


Back to Nature back in around 2002ish when i bought the playstation. It was recommended by the seller, so i was like okay, since idk anything about current gaming trend at that time. It was probably game that made me study english more diligently. I often checked dictionary or asked my mom what does some dialogues means.


SNES or 64 was the first one I played, I honestly can't remember which. I rented it from my local grocery store. I do know that my first owned game was Harvest Moon 64. I have purchased almost every iteration since!


Olive Town, lol. I did but Mineral Town but didn't get into it at all. But I am liking PoOT despite the flaws.


For me, it was Harvest Mood: Save the Homeland. My brother god it soon after we could buy a PS2. My first console of my own was a Gameboy SP and my aunt took me to a Hastings (dang) and i got really excited seeing that I could get HMFOMT for sale. Most played game ever. And then i got HMAWL and those three remain my top favorite SOS/HM games.


rented ANWL from blockbuster when i was a kid. i remember being so thrilled that i married rock in only 3 days (since i could only play at night after school and homework!!) because then i had another 4 days til i had to return it back to blockbuster lmaooo. eventually begged my parents enough to buy a used copy of it from gamestop, & then the rest was history!


A New Beginning on the 3DS. It was around Christmas 2013 and I think it was newly released (I'm the the UK so we always got the games waaaaaay later). I was already 24, so I have no childhood nostalgia related to the series. I'd always been aware of it, and it was always something I wanted to try playing, but as a kid any new games I got were limited to birthdays and Christmas and there were always other games I wanted more and had to prioritise. This was the first one I remember seeing in the shop as an adult with a job and my own money lol. Tbh, ANB is still my favourite, even though it seems a lot of people don't like it very much :( I love SoS and ToT. I haven't tried playing many of the older games, if I'm honest. I tried Tale of Two Towns but couldn't get into it, and I tried the remake of FoMT and tbh I found it too basic and pretty boring. Maybe if I'd played the original as a kid I'd have the nostalgia factor going for it, but as it is... meh. I've had Animal Parade sitting on my shelf for a few years now as I've heard good things about that one, but I just never get round to digging my old Wii out and setting it up to actually play it lol.


Mine was Sunshine Islands on the DS (although long after it came out lol) . I never finished it but I still miss my boy Vaughn, so I might pick it back up!!


In 2015, I was looking for a game that is endless and I could keep going on and on, then I came across someone asking the same question on reddit, one of the replies was to try a game called Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning. I got myself the game, and I really liked it, I never played a game like that before. I definitely seen the little og farmer boy a few times before through the internet. I then heard about Story of Seasons (the first Story of Seasons on 3DS) being the latest installment under a new name, so i got that one too and loved it. From then I got Trio of Towns, then when I got a Switch, I bought Friends of Mineral Town, and now it's 2021, I got Pioneers of Olive Town. I really love this series, and I'm thankful for the one reply that recommended the franchise for introducing me to this franchise. I really loved the new games so much, i even bought some of the classic Game Boy games that are on the 3DS. At a flea market, i even came across some old Harvest Moon games: Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life for PS2 and Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands for DS and knew I needed them. Since I didn't have much on me, the seller was happy to sell them to me together for $20. The moment I got home, I played A Wonderful Life none stop, and it's become a new favorite of mine. I also have one of those "500 Games In 1" DS cartridges, and I put Harvest Moon DS on there. Before Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town came out on the Switch, I would play Harvest Moon DS a lot on there. It's another one of my favorite Harvest Moon games. Sorry if this is all over the place. I got a little too excited as I was typing this out


The year was 1997, I saw harvest moon for the snes on the Delchamps game rental section. So I tried it. And continued renting the game for so long because I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy. Eventually I got bored After beating it and doing everything several times over and returned it. A few months later I went back to rent it again and they said someone had stolen it (rented and never brought back). I was sad. Been playing ever since. I managed to buy my own copy eventually, sealed in a plastic box with a full instruction book.


I played it on Super Nintendo way back when back when. Ann was my favorite girl was before any gender options and time never went passed like 12 or 2am so with the hot spring you could feasibly work forever in one day.


Technically, Stardew Valley, heh. First in the actual franchise is Trio of Towns.


harvest moon ds was my first game. because i was obsessed with my action replay back then i never played it like you should. maybe thats why it didn‘t really hooked me, same goes for tale of two towns which i bought shortly after that. i got a new beginning years later and i fell in love with it. its still my favorite harvest moon game <3


I was around 8 years old or so, looking at gamecube games in Gamestop. Magical Melody caught my eye because of the art style. I've been hooked ever since!


Mine was FoMT on a gba emu on my phone lol,,,way back in middle school.


Mine was Island of Happiness during elementary school. A friend showed me Harvest Moon DS and we both had to play Island of Happiness together. I fell for the series completely. After that I had to play almost every title that came out after. Such a great series.


My introduction to the whole series? That would be Harvest Moon 64 since I played it at my cousins' home as a kid. But my introduction to the Story of Seasons titles and re-introduction after a few years was just Story of Seasons. xD I got that at GameStop around May 8th, 2015 after I read about it online and learned that I could have twins. That was exciting, so I got it. I don't think I knew any of the bachelors or bachelorettes til I bought it, just that specific detail. I am so grateful to have gotten it since I'd sold multiple titles a few years beforehand and I would have forgotten about the series completely for who knows how long as well. SOS 2015 became my favourite 3DS title and the game my favourite bachelor was from as well. <3


Harvest Moon DS. I got it pre-owned for $35aud (in themid 2000s I think) and I almost didn't get it. So glad I did.


FoMT on the GBA. Played through both versions, then both versions of DS, then fell off for a while, came back with ANB, didn’t like it and fell off again since I felt HM/SoS was no longer for me (I understand that all series will naturally evolve but adjusting to all the changes between HMDS and ANB felt jarring and overly complicated for a series I originally enjoyed for it’s simplicity) and then gave it another chance with PoOT and 3oT, both of which I greatly enjoy.


Harvest Moon 64. It came out when I was 15. I think I beat it about 10 times. I did go back and play the SNES one too though.


Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. One of my friends in middle school had it on the GameCube and I was smitten.


Harvest moon another wonderful life


Kind of a mix of A Wonderful Life and Magical Melody. I was at a friends house and she was showing me this game she had, HM: A Wonderful Life, and as I watched her play it I was ~entranced~ Later at a blockbuster, I believe, I saw a Harvest moon game and my parents let me get it. Didn't pay attention to the name much but realized pretty quickly it was a different one from the one my friend had, but I didn't mind!


My general introduction? Another Wonderful Life. My older sister and her friends would play and I would just watch. My actual first game? Hero of Leaf Valley on PSP. A little bare bones but it was still so much fun.


Harvest moon tale of two towns was my first Harvest moon game.


For me was the snes...


Harvest moon Animal parade! And honestly, still holds a special place in my heart.


Started with Harvest Moon 64, then only other I played was the snes one. On 3ds I picked up Story of Seasons on sale one day and learned it was the original harvest moon creators. 😊


I hung out with a friend almost every day after school because we only lived a few blocks from each other. My friend was playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and I thought it was the prettiest game ever. I was so entranced just watching her play. Eventually I mentioned it to my mom. She managed to get a used game cube and scored Magical Melody off of eBay. So Magical Melody was my true start. I still have my original file on that GameCube at my parents house, I would have started that at age 11 or 12 (just turned 26). I'm due to play it again soon whenever I can get my Wii out of storage.


I read about HM64 in an old magazine and spent yonks as a kid pining I couldnt get it (like... over a year) My parents eventually got their hands on BTN for me and I played it for 12hours straight for a week - literally skipping meals. It was a most excellent time 😊


Harvest moon 64 was my first HM game and also the first game I ever played.


Mineral Town GBA and Wonderful Life. I was too young to understand what I was doing tbh but I really liked farming and having friends. 🥲


Harvest Moon for snes on a emulator, played it on my brothers good old stationary pc wich we brougth with us when staying at my grandmother house in the country for the summer. Late 90s, i remember the frist time i played it so vividly, the calming kosy’ness of it all. Maria was instantly the girl for me 😂❤️


I played it on an emulator too when me and my friend first found out what they were. We thought Harvest Moon was an RPG looking at the list of roms.


Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was my first HM game, I started when I was 7 or 8 years old back in 2002-2003. The game was very unique at the time and probably was the inspiration to Farmville in Facebook. I was very addicted, waking early in the morning (3-4am) just to play the game before I prepared to go to school (7am). My mom would often catch me playing the game and would scold me and hide the PS1 for the rest of the day. Oh, boy how I miss those days


Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life, for GameCube!


My first game was Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I rented it from Blockbuster shortly after I got my GameCube. After asking my dad to rent it for like the 3rd time in a row he just went and bought it for me (along with Another Wonderful Life).


Rune Factory 1 and HM DS Cute! I can’t remember which I played first, but I love both series


Harvest moon 64. I was in a family video (IYKYK), and my dad was hurrying 6/7 year old me to pick a game. I hurriedly picked the one with the cute dog on the front and the rest is history.


Island of Happiness🥰 Still my favorite!


Harvest moon on Snes. On emulator. Got crazy into the series. Harvest Moon 64. One of my first N64 games, and my favorite Harvest Moon to this day.


Harvest Moon DS! Because I thought the name sounded really cool.


Harvest moon on the ps1 ------------------all games since-------branch off to story of seasons ---and still buying both HM &SoS games.


I played A Wonderful Life in fall in love for more , since than i am Fan of the Franchise


When I was a kid and my mom was in college, she visited one of her friends and his roommate was playing 64 when I got there. Years later one of my middle school friends had Wonderful Life, and that was the first one I played!


Harvest Moon a wonderful life, I think for PS2


Played the SNES version on emulator back when I was a teenager in the 90s. The game was much shorter and didn't have as much to it. I think I beat it with marrying all the different girls.


Does anyone here remember Movie Gallery? Cause I was at Movie Gallery with my dad, went to browse the video games. Saw Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, picked it up on a whim, fell in love.


Harvest Moon for the GBC. I honestly have no clue any more what prompted me to pick it up in the first place, but it turned out to be a good choice because I loved it even though I could never get past the first year.


Mom mom bought story of seasons and surprisingly didn’t like it, so she gave it to me and I fell in love :)


Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl for PSP


Some cousins/family friends (i genuinely don't remember, I was like 7 and hadn't seen them since) were visiting us and one had a Gameboy Advance with Friends of Mineral Town on it. I was instantly enamored and it ended up being the first video game I ever owned for myself.


64 I didn't care for it much, but after that I found 3 at a used game store and that sealed my love for the series


SNES, but on PC, bc one of my cousins was super into emulators back in the 90s


Another Wonderful Life on gamecube


Harvest Moon Back to Nature for the Playstation 1 was my first game. I got to play it sometime back in 2000 or 2001 (I don't remember when I got it exactly), and I was about 6/7 that time. My mom bought it for me since she thought it was interesting due to it being about farming. I know I found it fun, since I played it a lot on the PS1, but I guess I really had no idea what I was doing since I ended up getting the credits which showed angry portraits of the villagers lmao!


Does anyone remember Harvest Moon DS: Cute? It was my first Harvest Moon game, such funny memories of being a kid and not knowing what the heck I was supposed to be doing haha. Also it was targeted exclusively for girls!


My very first one was the PSOne Harvest Moon Back to Nature, I remember borrowing it from my neighbor’s kid… though I can’t seem to remember returning it to him or not…


My friend lent me one of the GBC Harvest Moon games, but it was more of a "Oh... cool" from me. Think I spent a few hours and forgot about it. Liked it enough through to be interested in the brand and picked up Friends of Mineral Town. Got super obsessed and spent most of my time on Fogu and printing out their guides. Got HMDS and spent an insane amount of time into that as well. I picked up most HM games after that. Sunshine Islands, Tale of two towns, etc. But for some reason, I couldn't get into them past like Summer or Fall. Nowadays, not really into HM/SoS. The added combat for Rune Factory and Stardew hooked me back into farming games though.


Harvey Moon Friends of Mineral Town. Bought it on a whim, fell in love. Shared the GBA cart with my sister. We low key competes


My first Harvest Moon was Save the Homeland for the PS2. It was amazing to finally get the horse, but it took so long to build a friendship with it that you could only walk with it for a long time.


Mine was Back to Nature. I saw it in some promotional game booklet that either came with the Playstation or another game, and I BEGGED my mother to get it for me. My mom still doesn't understand why a 10-year-old would want to play a farm simulator, but here we are 21 years later.


When harvest moon: save the homeland I remember that as my 1st one


Harvest Moon MFOMT GBA (Emulator) for me & I played back when I was an angst teenager 🤣 Great form of escapism indeed


Harvest moon a wonderful life on GameCube! My younger cousins had the game but they didn’t understand how to play so they never picked it up again.I took it home with me and I’ve been hooked on HM/ SoS ever since


Bought harvest moon 3 for GBC when I was 12!


Harvest Moon 64 for me. Saw it in Nintendo Power magazine and had to have it. Would have been around 9 at the time. Played the hell out of it.


Friends Of Mineral Town on the GBA! My mom bought it for me and it remains my favorite entry in the series to this day. The remake was a disappointment.


Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town on GBA! I picked it on a whim at the game store one day and could not put it down for years in game. Still one of my absolute favorites to this day.


A wonderful Life! Borrowed it from a cousin, had to give it back before christmas. I was really sad I didnt get my own copy. Except I did. My mom hid it so well that she forgot about it until she asked me if I was having fun with it a couple weeks after Christmas!


My was Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. I started playing it about a year and a half ago. I had played Stardew Valley and I was looking for similar games. I picked AP because the idea of rival candidates was interesting to me and I liked some of the other things I heard about it.


When I got Sunshine Islands on my birthday! (Can't remember which one, but it was a good one!)


Friends of Mineral Town (GBA). It was one of my first games for the system.


Cater-cousins of mineral town (gba). T wast one of mine own first games f'r the system *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Harvest Moon 64 back in 7th grade (circa 2003-ish?) Had a friend tell me about it in class & I proceeded to beg my parents to let me buy it off eBay lol.


My mom bought me and my sister used Gameboy Colors in 2008. One of those games was Harvest Moon GB 1 or 2. I couldn't get into in. ​ On a whim I downloaded a Tale of Two Towns on 3DS. I never finished it, but I got hooked on the series, and got every game that came out since.


My mom bought me and my sister friends of mineral town at the flea market where we were like 7 and 8. We used to physically fight each other over playing with the gameboy lol.


Mine is harvest moon Friends of Mineral Town when I was a kid. I didn't understand anything as I cannot speak English at the time so I just walked around doing random stuff and collapsing. But it was fun haha. Then I played Grand Bazaar and fell in love with the series. My other fav is ANB and I still simp for Neil to this day lmao.


The first place I ever heard of the series was waaaay long ago, on the primordial Internet. I was part of a heavily, HEAVILY moderated kids-only video game site, and I saw a "cheat" for Harvest Moon 64 that said you could marry Popuri easily if you gave her Pinkcat Flowers. I had never heard of a game where you could get married before. It was such an intriguing idea to little 10-year-old me that I KNEW I wanted to play it. But I got embarrassed about wanting to play it because I was at that age where I didn't want to be seen doing "kiddie" or "cute" things, and that game sounded "cute," so I never asked for it. The first game in the series I actually got to play was A Wonderful Life on the GameCube. And... I kind of hated it. I thought that maybe I'd been wrong about liking the series... ...but I decided to give it another try by buying a cheap used copy of More Friends of Mineral Town, and THAT one clicked. And I've loved sims ever since!


Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. I lived overseas and went in a youth trip to Italy on a military base. On our last day we went into the stores and I had plenty of leftover money. I looked at the game for maybe ten minutes and then decided to get it. One of the best decisions I’ve made 🥰 I have all HM games from before the company split & now the Story of Seasons games too!


A/Another Wonderful Life for the GameCube. We rented it from a Hollywood Video when I was a kid and I liked it so much that I didn't want to give it back lol. To this day it's still one of my favorites in the series despite how clunky it might be to some people.


The old friends of mineral town, I never actually played it though, but my brother did all the time and I'd watch, it looked like so much fun and the music was great I'd listen to it all the time it's so cozy, but I wanted in on said fun so probably in 2018 or 19 I got skytree village and I loved it and let looked into sos, got trio, got poot and I'm heccin in love with the series c:


Mine was Magical Melody! I was 4 when it was released and I always watched my brother play it.


SNES version. Remember watching older cousins play and enjoyed the sights. For the longest time I thought the mayor daughter was the only marriage candidate since they all married her. Tbf don’t think any of them knew of other ones


I used to watch my best friend play Magical Melody on Game Cube for hours on end in highschool.


BTN on the PS3. I had dropped out of school and the game was super cheap on the PS store. I spent hours upon hours playing it. It was a great distraction from everything else that was happening.


HM for the Gameboy, back in '97 lol


Gonna sound really young but my first game was A New Beginning. I think some family members were like "it's like Animal Crossing maybe she'll like it" even though I wanted Animal Crossing New Leaf so much (I eventually got it in 2014). Ten year old me was disappointed at first, but eventually I got over it and had a lot of fun playing! I liked the premise and the only problem I had was that I was too impatient to get the bachelor I really wanted to go for (Amir), so I would settle for one that I could court earlier on in the game. Been thinking about replaying it recently and actually fulfilling my childhood wish of successfully marrying Amir and complete all the town restoration plans.


Mine was Harvest Moon: Back to nature on the gameboy. I loved it!


I saw my friend playing Back to Nature and then I got A Wonderful Life because I had a GameCube. I liked it so much that I got Friends of Mineral Town shortly after.


TheAmandaFiles on YouTube. I didnt much care for the art style but wanted to spend someone money with my new card and ended up getting addicted to the game


Rune Factory 1 technically but Tree of Tranquility was my first actual BokuMono


Harvest Moon: a wonderful life - GameCube. I saw it in the back of a gaming magazine and saved up all my pocket money for it. Played it to death!


Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl for the PSP. I spent the whole summer vacation with the borrowed game. Unfortunately I was too young and did not understand the rival marriage system. So not only did I walk in to my Cliff marrying Ann but I also promptly got asked to leave town by the mayor for failing to get married to anyone (I never talked to any other bachelor. I knew Cliff was the one as soon as I met him) 😭😭😭 I was so devastated/shocked that I secretly kept the game and pretended that I lost it. I did not even own a PSP but I just could NOT let it go.


Harvest Moon: a wonderful life special edition! It was my first game and my god! I love the game The character around you(especially you) grows and even your children!


Harvest Moon DS! When I was a kid, I really wanted to be into games, but I'd never had a console until the DS and I didn't know what I would like, so I bought a bunch of interesting looking titles from a local store for my birthday. I didn't know what most of them were, but they sure looked cute. I barely touched the other games they bought because I got so absorbed into wooing the Witch Princess that I forgot anything else existed. (Turns out I had one of the glitched versions where you couldn't marry her... My tiny dreams were dashed.) After that, I bought HM DS Cute because I had a crush on Daryl and wanted to be able to marry him instead. ... I ended up marrying Griffin, who I'm still fond of even now. (I eventually married the Witch Princess in A New Beginning, several years later...)


Unfortunately I didn’t even know about harvest moon when I was a kid like a lot of other people, but I saw someone talk about the games on YouTube and they seemed like something I might like. The same person got an early access code for Friends of Mineral Town for the switch, and after watching a stream or two I figured I should buy it so that’s where I got my start.


Magical Melody around 2005ish. Probably put well over 500 hours into that game as a teenager.


My mom got me Save the Homeland for PS2 one year for easter ^^


Harvest Moon Another wonderful life! I fall in live with it, I was like 6 or 7 years old!