Day 2 embarrassed what I look like

Day 2 embarrassed what I look like


If you feel ok to do it, I fully give you permission to do yard work in your own yard looking like “crap”. I look like “crap”, not booze related THIS time, and I’m about to go out in my crappiest clothes and cut and move a tree that fell. I don’t even plan to brush my hair, hat it is. If your body feels up to it, you can at least take a stroll in it. Congrats on the house. Go smell a few last summer flowers and remind yourself a reason to not be hungover. Sending you good thoughts.


When I quit, I took the advice of some folks here & took pics of myself as I went along my journey. It is CRAZY how much alcohol messes with your looks! I showed my pics to a college aged drinker & he say, whoa, did NOT know that. And I think he actually quit! I mean some days I looked nothing like myself as I slowly morphed back to the slim faced, no droopy eyes, redness going away… When I relapsed on day 83, all that came back with a quickness. I mean in no time at all, back to puffy, red face & swollen eyes. Pics don’t lie. Quit again & it stuck. Yay! You can do it! When you look back at the pics you’ll be astonished. *In the interim, throw on a hat, work clothes, sunglasses & go fix those beautiful gardens! I did that type of thing & thought is was symbolic of my life. I’m weeding a flower garden but I’m also ridding myself of the weeds in my life!! Good luck & IWNDWYT.


That’s amazing, thank you!!! 🌸


Right there with ya! We can’t get immediate satisfaction and results….but we can just do the best we can everyday and it’ll come. I’ve def found that even tho I pretty much look the same on day 5 (weight is down like 2lbs…prob water weight…and eyes do look clearer, but still)….I’m walking with more confidence and feel better about myself than just 6 days ago. I guess knowing I’m doing the right thing everyday brings some confidence all on its own!


2 days almost under my belt and this is the longest I’ve gone in quite some time :) Can’t wait for tomorrow.


WTG on day 2. Every day gets better and better. It is all upside. IWnDWYT