Where do you go to for legit stocks discussions?

Where do you go to for legit stocks discussions?

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Here, so if you find something that's not legit, report it, and if it's serious then message the mods in modmail. Thanks. We already have so many filters to filter out spam, manipulation, general political bullshit, meme stock bullshit, etc, that a lot of users complain we are "censoring," but we're just protecting the community from crap like I just mentioned. We also tripled the amount of mods who are all into stocks, so we can spot even more manipulation and filter out more crap. If you have feedback to make this sub even better, please share that because we're constantly improving the sub. I want to come here and read analysis or discuss stocks in general because that's what I'm interested in.


IBD. Best analysis out there. Single paper is $3


There's nowhere to go. Smart people don't go on Reddit to talk about investments.


I would really like to think this is not true. I’m not on Reddit to get advice or even dd but I do love discussion. I like hearing about other peoples strategies. And because strategies vary so much across portfolio size, goals, risk tolerance etc it’s not about finding the “right” one. It’s just to enjoy the dialogue, share wisdom of possible and maybe even learn or get a new appreciation for something


I disagree, while there is a lot of trash to filter through, there are also some really good ideas and DD on here. Even with good info here I double check it with my own research before diving into something, but there does appear to be some very wise and successful investors on here sharing good information and lessons learned that have been a great help to myself and friends that I discuss strategies/plays with.




R/TheCorporation Of course.


Not here


20+ years of [www.GorillaTrades.com](https://www.GorillaTrades.com)


Hello! Just got my Charles Schwab account up and running. Don’t have much money, but like the #1 rule says: only invest money you can afford to lose I do have $100 I want to buy some stocks! What stocks should I invest in? Or should I just keep saving (I’m planning to set aside $100 each month) to invest in stocks. What should I do, keep saving $100 and then when I reach (hypothetically speaking $500 or $1,000 invest it) or just invest the $100 now? Also I am extremely new to this! So I’m trying to educate my self by reading articles and information I find online. But i am open to suggestions on programs or books I can read to help me! Please help any suggestions or comments are really appreciated! ❤️


Keep in cash, wait until there is a major market downturn and just about when people think the world might end buy a SP 500 index and forget about it for 2 years, you’ll outperform 90% of professionals myself included. You are in the fortunate position of being able to afford to lose your investment and more importantly in a position to afford not investing, most people need to invest either to fund a pension or as an endowment. Do not buy single stocks unless you are a professional, as a rule of thumb do not buy single stocks if you need or even feel like you want to ask people what stocks to buy. Always take profits when markets are overheated (you’ll know they are overheated because you’ll find people asking questions like you are on the internet) Investing is one of the great tools for wealth creation, speculation is one of the great tools for wealth destruction. Source: professional portfolio manager


I actually think it’s impossible now. I just do my own DD, don’t publish and rely on that. I’ve been in this since the beginning and get called a fucking shill. So I’m over it really. I think many others are.


My input is, start watching the final bar, a very helpful YouTube channel put out by stockcharts.com. It breaks down each days treating and I hope you understand trends.


Motley Fool is designed for people who want to hold for a minimum of five years. This is what they tell their subs every time. Their podcasts come with plenty of information and DD and frequently feature CEOs of various companies like Spotify. Their free articles are more clickbait which actually which is a shame because their paid stuff is not bad. Downvote me if you will but I have made good stock picks with them. For example PINS when it was 15ish. They always follow up their stock recommendations with an in depth look ( see podcasts)


David Gardner and Jason Moser in particular seem to have a nose for getting into good stocks early.


Come up with your own ideas. That’s how you make money. If you get ideas from others you’re already two steps behind.


Reddit subforums , even yahoo finance comment sections are good but you have to have a strong filter. If you filter out what smart people are saying then you are good.




I like Seeking Alpha, even if it has a lot of boomer stock discussions. But there are a lot of private people doing some very good dd. It takes time to find the right authors to follow, but they do have them.


I like that you have a analyst type person writing the article on the stock with all the DD facts then the commenters who mostly seem to be retired boomers with nothing better to do with their time than do the DD.


I pay for multiple paid services (and have dropped others). Amplitrade just emails a list of 10 stocks each month that you're supposed to just invest your portfolio in evenly. The service is good, beats the S&P by a lot, and is simple. Certainly no discussion or anything though, it's his algorithm and the email list, that's it. There's not reasoning or explanation, there's no email in the middle of the month getting out of any position ever, just the list of ten stocks. 7Investing is similar except it's seven stocks and you have to check their website instead of getting an email. I'm still paper trading this one mostly to see how it compares. It's similar to Amplitrade I think, but more likely to have stocks that don't have options or at least options with very low activity (I only trade options 99% of the time). Motley Fool Stock Advisor definitely has a scummy salesman feel, but their stock picks aren't bad. If you can zone out the constant attempts to upsell you, the stocks aren't bad. My best gains last year were from a stock on MF SA that I didn't see mentioned ANYWHERE else. So for the cost, they are worth it to me to at least get a good list to consider even if I won't blindly invest in every recommendation they make. They're also a buy-and-hold style, which to me sounds more like "if I hold long enough, eventually I'm right" which a lot of investors have, but is not my preference. Investors Business Daily Leaderboard is good and the most active of all of these. I think they usually have an eye on certain stocks and then when they move above a certain point it's their trigger to invest. The problem is sometimes this is after a huge move up which makes it look like you've already missed the boat. Between these four, I trust Amplitrade the most. Not only is their style the simplest, but the track record since I've been using them has been the best.


V interesting! Thank you for your insights. So what were they saying about MF SA that convinced you to buy it?


It starts with a "W" and ends with "allstreetbets."


The forum at the corner of Berkshire and fairfax website.


why are the Belgium laws so stupid you cannot trade cfd almost all the good etf only stocks en some etf (i'm using etoro) is there a legal way to get around this?


Imo you came to the right place. It’s a better alternative then wsb or stocktwits. Also they’ll give you good info. I’d suggest checking r/bogleheads


I posted a DD partially due to this post.


I use the same sites seekingalpha, stocktwits, reddit and motley. I use them for sentiment, as I do agree many times it feels like the opportunity to jump on the ship has set sail. I manually look for stocks and do research on them, these days I look for opportunities in small and mid cap. The rest of the market looks pretty expensive right now. I do blog about some of the stocks I'm watching or establish small positions in (to start a position), if you're interested - investorsante.com Definitely check out finviz though, I think their screener is great for helping you research for stocks that might be opportunistic. It's a crap ton of work, but you have to understand what you're investing in.


*Use the force......*


Seeking Alpha is pretty great, they give you a good diversity of opinions and lots of data


When you buy a stock based on recommendations your somewhat sure of. Set a sell limit. I would do 10 percent higher than what you paid for it. So if it gets pumped you will be out before it gets dumped.




I mean, you’re asking people that are already on Reddit on a stock subreddit which of those they use 🤔


Look for CFA books online


Pay for Wall Street journal or Bloomberg Barron’s is also good. Free advice is just that. Reddit has many smart folks who are here because they want to help. However all the meme stocks and 20yr olds wanting to retire in 10 yrs saving 1k a month is daunting.


Seriously. I’m so sick and tired of these idiots just going in circles and repeating what they hear. Every time a stock goes down it’s the hedgies fault. Idiots


At the end of the day revealing any decent source of information just leads to it flooding with trash information. I like to reference multiple sources and when I find one that proves correct more often than not I hold it close.


Umm YouTube influencers. Duh


Yahoo finance (for screening), simply wall st, seeking alpha and google to find related news. Stocktwits and reddit for memes.


Private discord


I saw those same threads! Honestly, I've abandoned Reddit for most serious discussions and have joined some friends in private FB and Telegram groups.


Personally these guys have given a lot of great advice. (at least from my limited perspective.)


Motleyfool has made me a ton of money on their weekly recommendation stock picks. Its 200 a year, so only worth it if you have enough money to invest on a weekly basis


Subreddits and public has a decent community




Find some people who you think are intelligent and enjoy stocks and start a small Whatsapp/Signal group with them. Only way to get serious discussions about stocks without having to filter out 90% of what's said because it's coming from idiots.


Seeking Alpha has some good articles (also some shit ones)


Have to pay for a discord server. Too many idiots in all the aforementioned places. 95% of Reddit is just stock pumping with poor DD


gotta search for em unfortunately. Like you said the stock market is full of people trying to sell their "next big thing" and peoples spewing their own BS (especially the squeezes this year). Pennystocks sub is good but still the DD's can be a guy with 100k shares hoping you jump in with him.


If I had the know-how, I would create the Barstool Sports of stocks. Information in a fun, informative way is missing and easily solvable. Podcasts. Blogs. Events.


Find some stock discord servers


Just buy whatever Cathie Wood buys and sit on your hands




I guess I’m in the minority but I love the Fool. I learned more from then on stock analysis then I did in my studies as a financial advisor (that’s not hyperbole) and the only reason I have a shot at a comfortable retirement is because I’ve been investing with them since the late 90s. As an aside I really happen to be entertained by them as well.


Im affraid of the downvotes but going for it anyways: Most of my MF picks have been very profitable. Don't be a dumbass and buy everything they suggest. But just like reddit, filter out the garbage, and dig for the gems. A broken clock is still right twice a day




I find small subreddits about one particular company can be quite informative


I use them a lot as well. One big drawback: Not always the best for honest discussion as most of the posters will already be invested and may not be super jazzed to have bear-thesis conversations. It can quickly devolve into an echo chamber.


The standard of most stock YouTubers doesn't seem great in general but there does appear to be some decent ones in there.


Private groups.


Agree with what you said Motley Fool. I subscribed. I think it was a total waste. Would be happy to share their info with anyone but they are pushing stocks that are overvalued, analysis is surface, very little useful information, etc. Traderview - ideas section - I make sure to get a general overview, be objective and this is just an addition to my own research. Macroaxis. Steve Van Meter on YouTube - doesn't matter if you agree with him, his weekly roundup (Sunday nights) is a massive help in understanding what is/isn't/or may be going on with the markets in general and why. Investopedia - great, well-expressed content that is really instructive.


I just follow a select value investors / cfa twitter accounts. FinTwit basically. If you're interested i can post them when I return home. Reddit is filled with regular folj who don't know much. Valueinvesting sub is decent. Meetkevin type YT are trash.


dividends reddit is actually really good


Joinzash.com have a great slack channel 👍


I know they say not to trade emotionally but I invest in brands that I want to be successful. Sometimes that isn't the "best financial decision" but it is my philosophical interests that benefit.


The mirror mostly.


SEC filings of investors I trust. Burry, Munger, Buffet.


Discussion nowhere, there's not a lot to discuss about it. The DD is either solid or it's not. I want to see their reasons, I want to see the fundamentals, I'll go look at the historical stock charts and analyze upcoming events that might affect the price, but really I get as much value from stocks as I get from WSB as I get from just about anywhere else. Someone can reply diamond hands to the moon after a DD and it doesn't bother me a bit as long as the DD is solid.


I don't. Never let people sway the way you trade. I just use screeners like Finviz.com and reach my own conclusions


Investor education on tdameritrade isn’t a bad product.


No one can predict the future but people think they can so it seems that people range from astrology to hardcore finance mathy stuff.


I have the place with the good stock info... [CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT MORE THIS ONE WEIRD TRICK THOSE WALL STREET FAT CATS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW WILL MAKE YOU POST SICK GAINZ](https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NYSE/BAC/short-interest/) Edit: Link added lol


You convinced me when you started to type in all caps!!!! where is the link?


I know this is fake, I know the link will take me to something completely ridiculous, but I....must....click


I can hear the music, while looking to that link


For me personally, I started really making money when I starting relying on info from Reddit. Everything else has been a joke.




Specific subreddits


little bit of everything. CNBC BNN [Investing.com](https://Investing.com) etc etc etc. the trick is that get a good knowledge of how to invest and where to invest. also, you need to know what type of an investor you are. are you more into gambling and coin flipping for cash? at the end of the day, it is about some technical analysis, some charts, some back ground knowledge and mostly, your gut feeling. after all, every day, trillions in investments are being bought and sold around the world. who is right and who is wrong? I bought IBM at 113 when everyone else was hating on it. ISRG at 512. personally, I am pretty close to being done with gamble stocks, speculative ones. I still have a couple and once I sell them, it is blue chip all the way. dividends are king for me. gl


Good luck. Wade through 98 percent garbage online or try your own research.




Atlas Trading discord


For Canadian market mainly, there is CEO.ca


Def Stocktwits. Only accurate facts. 100% never a lie , moon, or bot. I swear. Lol


Anywhere that bases posts on upvotes isn't trustworthy because people only vote for what they want to hear


They need an onlyfans with a naked chick giving stonk advice


I think the most valuable information I've gotten from Motley Fool is to invest in 8 to 12 stocks from different industries and plan on holding for at least 5 years. Don't freak out if most of your gains come from just a few of your stocks.




I’ve had the best success just looking for trends in culture and society, figuring out if those trends were investable and then investing. Example WWE when all the hipsters started ironically getting into wrestling. FIZZ when La Croix was just getting started. PYPL when Venmo was getting started. Although I have to admit I missed the boat with SQ and the cash app. MTCH when Tinder was still relatively new. I’ve had some of my biggest failures investing in stuff I heard about on Reddit. If you’re following what other people are talking about you’ve already missed the boat.


Check my substack [salami.substack.com](http://salami.substack.com) Not a whole lot of stocks discussed just yet but I only started a month or so ago


> just have to filter out the garbage and the memes. You're always going to have to do that. People shit on Seeking Alpha but I've found some really good analysis on there. There's shit analysis too but there's some good ones as well




I look at reddit for picks then research them myself, I also just invest in meme stocks because guess what .... they make you a lot of money and thats all that matters to me. Ignoring meme stocks is the dumbest thing you could do when investing imo




I use your strategy, post on Reddit and try to enjoy the good comments. It’s interesting to see what posts or comments bring out garbage, ignorance, good discussion or really insightful comments. My biggest issue with Reddit posting is the community tends to seem very rigid and strongly opinionated to me- even if that opinion doesn’t really seem to be based on much experience or genuine knowledge.


Those that shout the loudest know the least.


My experience is that most of the smartest people keep their mouth shut. ... That rules me out 🤣


Real gangsters don’t talk.


It’s worth also noting that active and new traders spend a lot more time discussing stocks than people with a carefully planned strategy they just stick to, so that kind of talk will always dominate


I totally agree. And I like all types of discussion. But what bothers me is when you see absolute certainty in what appear to be active/new traders. Everyone can have their own strategy but I don’t like stifled discussion because someone or some group is so sure their strategy is absolutely correct


> the community tends to seem very rigid and strongly opinionated to me Looking at a mix of different communities is important! The same major news story posted on r/investing, r/bogleheads, r/thetagang, and r/wallstreetbets will generate *wildly* different discussions. Reviewing several different echo chambers and examining what seems most insightful from each can give good perspectives but you need to have a strong BS filter to sort out the hype. I made a [multireddit](https://www.reddit.com/user/loimprevisto/m/stonks/) with a mix of memes and serious discussion/analysis to help me stay in-the-loop.


I’d also like to add that for some reason, a majority of people in these Investing subs tend to be against the idea of actually making money in general. People tend to be bearish in these subs on stocks they’re not invested in, and when it shoots up at all it’s not because of “fundamentals” like these people have been trading for 50 years and know all there is to know about when a stock goes up/down. These same people will say “there’s no way to possibly predict the market” but then go on a rant about how a decent company with decent financials and PR is destined to fail. It’s crazy.


I agree. I also have found a strange bias against profit taking. Don’t get me wrong I am mostly a buy and hold type, but after seeing a stock price increase of over 50% I think it’s perfectly acceptable to reevaluate and either sell or trim the position. I found this was very unpopular on some of my other posts/comments. The same is true of the meme hype. Lots of sentiment about never selling, but then you can’t even make money from the stock. What good is a 10000% increase if you actually never sell?


This is probably one of those 'internet rules' or whatever, but generally speaking subs that are more niche or focused and are smaller will have a greater feel of community, a lot less memery and more depth. If you're interested in stocks because you want to make a lot of money and you don't care how, then yeah finding legit discussion is gonna be hard. And rightfully so, because if you show up not having done your own research, wheres the meaningful discussion gonna come from? What's to gain for someone sharing his or her insights if what they get in return are memes and uninformed statements. Now I think a lot of people since the initial GME squeeze hopped on the investing train. Myself included. And we don't know shit, and these subs are the easiest to find. But it's like that with all hypes and subs. So what I'll do is once I read up a bit I look for a more specialized approach. Maybe instead of all stocks ever, I look into Pennystocks. Learn a bit there, dig deeper. Maybe I like the idea of investing in Cannabis. Go from Pennystocks to Weedstocks. Discover there's multiple approaches to cannabis investing and move to CannabisMSOs. From there I pick my favorite MSOs and find subs just for those! Of course you're gonna have the same problem in every sub, but my experience with using reddit for anything is use the big ones as an entry point and for fun and giggles, dig a bit further for, well, more depth.




Gonna check her moves. I mean stock picks




Hey your next family will be way better. No worries.




I found a few youtube traders that post DD that I like. I join the subreddits of the stock I buy and your right, every single stock sub is going to the fucking moon. It's tiresome.


To be honest: nobody can predict the future. The ones that can either keep it to themselves or have money on the line. On of the stock analyst reports on TD Ameritrade (I believe it is Research Team) lists analyst consensus history and whether the consensus was correct... and it rarely ever is. Not everyone on Reddit is here to screw everyone over or pump and dump, however a shit-ton of people are. I don’t know what my point is. I have the CNBC, WSJ, and Yahoo Finance apps for news.


reddit lol anything else is cancer


I must say I do love the investing sub headline “Lose money with friends!”




I prefer Reddit. I don't bother to look at the Motley Fool at all. edit: forgot the "I"


Discussion? Like... the exchange of ideas and information to make better informed decisions? It's the stock market - this doesn't really exist.




With my good buddy who is also interested in stocks. We send each other our research and potential plays, text about it throughout the day if we can (we both have other jobs that get in the way of this), encourage each other, laugh at the plays that do the exact opposite of what we predicted, enjoy the gains, and just have fun. More importantly, we keep each other grounded in reality, whereas internet forums oftentimes become giant echo-chambers (or people acting like experts behind anonymous accounts). So I can go to him and say that I might make a play on the latest meme stock, and he can be the final voice of reason that tells me why that is stupid, and vice-versa. I still come to places like Reddit to hear about new stocks and as a means to gauge public sentiment, but most of my research comes from using the scanner on thinkorswim and most of my discussion occurs with my buddy.


To the mooon and back with the moon GameStop till I die


Securities reddit, sort by new to get past all the useless stuff. It's shit in the way that alot of the stuff you'll see is crackhead DD but when the good stuff comes youre the first to know.


make your own personal community assure yourself of the quality


I buy puts on whatever stockwits is pumping




Benzinga Pro is really great for stock research and news.


Each of those can be useful but you have to filter through the noise to get to the good stuff. WSB used to have a bunch of legit DD posted there before the gamestop shit started going down, and hopefully we will return to some of those users coming back. But basically, just curate each of those sites to only users you like/trust. Find and bookmark people posting good DD on subreddits, follow specific authors on seeking alpha or whatever. Every site is going to have noise, but once you filter through you can get some good shit every now and then.


Reddit is just filled with dimwits who are obsessed with GME. Who have unrealistic expectations and really the DD is shaky at best and filled with grossly misunderstood information. So I really feel like I can’t trust too many subreddits right now.


Not Reddit.


r/thetagang , r/Superstonk , r/DeepFuckingValue are some of my favorite places to learn. Motley Fool and Investorplace are scams. I’d research the opposite of whatever they say to see if there’s any merit.


MeetKevin honestly


Half the stocks he picks are overvalued spac companies and really aren’t much better than your average Reddit meme stocks.


Just learn how to read financial statements and do background research on companies and industries. Forget about stock "tips" from randoms on the interwebs.




Reddit can be good for discussion although you have to be careful as Reddit, by design, tends to promote groupthink and you might not get as much insight on the risks/bearish cases of an investment. People making the posts tend to have some sort of stake in the company


I go to yahoo finance "conversations" and just do the opposite of what all the "newest" comments tell you to do for each stock.


Seeking Alpha is my personal favorite, but bottom line, any forum site is going to be “full of idiots” to some extent. In my experience, the trick is to filter WHO you listen to rather than where you listen.


For stock information, one can look at Valueline . It is available for free at several libraries


I was hoping for some good answers to this question, as I'm sure it applies to 99% of the folks, the ones that aren't pumping and dumping stuff, or providing bad/non-researched/opinions etc.. MF was ok when they first started, now they just suck. So much crap on the other platforms (esp. STwits) which I don't even look at anymore , other than maybe a spot check if I'm looking at something. SA has some redeeming qualities, but a LOT of crap their also - too much to week through. The problem is , as with everything now, is that so much of the info is pure BS, poorly researched, just rehashed from somewhere else, or just plain wrong. I have a HUGE folder that I'm going to unleash in the future of TONS of date stamped articles from all these platforms (esp. SA because it's more detailed than say ST) , espousing certain traits of stocks (good and bad). and because I do a HUGE amount of my own fundamental research - I 100% KNEW BS when I read it. Thus, I'll show , with proof, the historic research I have vs. the 'talking boobs' and how they made completely poor analysis and often 100% incorrect. The challenge is that sometimes the best written / sounding stuff is the most BS/wrong and, even for me, can be tantalizing to believe in the author's evaluation.




Reddit, yahoo finance premium (paid), fidelity Active Trader Pro research tools (ATP, I am a fidelity customer), Koyfin (best free resource I stumbled upon), Quiver Quant, fintel, and ortex. Besides SEC Edgar search.. that's about it. I found a great article titled "how to create your own Bloomberg Terminal for Free" or something along those lines that pointed me in the direction of a ton of good sources. I'd recommend checking it out. Edit: here's the link mentioned above. https://www.toptal.com/finance/freelance/bloomberg-terminal-alternative


If you're looking for social features then maybe take a look at CommonStock. There are some serious investors there.


I read stuff online places like here, take it with a HUGE grain of salt, then do some research at my brokerage site. I generally stick with large companies so there's a ton of research and information available.


Nowhere. Its all garbage. I follow 40 stocks and only swing trade them. They’re all S&P components. Everything else is noise to me.


This but with only 5 stocks.


This but one stock


This but only options


This but only ornamental gourd futures.


This except fresh water holding companies. *anxiety attack*


This but only NFTs of ornamental gourds.


This but poor guy is looking for maturity in the thread.


So it's like Tarzan swinging around the same tree. Cool.




Which ones?


Which stocks? You want me to list all 40? Take a look at the top 100 S&P Components by weight and its about 40 of those. I tend to steer clear of health and pharmaceutical with a couple of exceptions. Mix of solid tech (AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, NOW, PYPL) consumer staples / discretionary and Financial (HD, TGT, WMT, KO, PEP, CLX, HSY, COST, LOW, K, DIS, MA, V, AXP) I don’t do meme stocks. Excessive shorting makes them too volatile and unpredictable. These companies generally follow trends more easily. One exception is PLTR which is a hold and never sell for me. And I only swing trade options. Buying calls when im bullish and its hit a low and then selling call spreads OTM when I believe its going to trend down Edit: Wow, gold! Thank you kind anonymous person


Or everywhere argument could be applied :)




Why did you choose those forty stocks? Is it because you know the sector or the companies, is it based on performance?


You are not tactful at all :). This is a stocks forum and not only you come and ask where legit stock discussions are being held. It is like going to an apple store and aking where legit cell phones are being sold.


None of us here are employed by the subreddit and furthermore we aren’t selling anything. Your analogy doesn’t work


[Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/stocks/)? idnk


I come to this sub. My mentor created a small group who met once a month. I am thinking of doing the same pandemic style.