Buy the dip??!! But which stocks are actually cheap? crowd source shopping list for Monday.

Buy the dip??!! But which stocks are actually cheap? crowd source shopping list for Monday.

  • By - pman6


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There’s a lot of stonks here but I just want to let you know that no one know for sure whether the dip is starting, ending or somewhere in the middle. Once you’ve read all the comments, please make your own assessment, plan and follow through with it. Cheers and good luck!


Just to follow-up, I'd really invest only about 40-60% of it because I think the drop is going to continue (aside from \*maybe\* a dead cat bounce on Monday).


If we get a decent bounce, I'm definitely pulling out of everything that's speculative.


ha ha, problem is there are probably thousands of investors just like you planning the same thing. I'll happily hoover up the shares if they drop low enough.


Trust me, you don't want the shares I'm offloading.


Found the NKLA investor lol


The pain this comment unleashed is indescribable


Hahaha, no. It's not *that* bad.


When you compare its growth rate to its earnings multiple, I think Etsy is cheap. I’m also assessing that Pinterest will post its first full year of profitability in 2021, and that it is currently trading between 40 and 100 times forward earnings depending upon which analyst models you think are most-correct. I personally think it’s somewhere in the middle, but 60-70x earnings for a company growing at +40%/year with improving margins is a good place to go (in my opinion). As far as a traditional “value” investment, Broadmark Realty Capital. Currently trading at 13.5x trailing earnings, no debt, a huge pile of cash (for stocks of similar market cap) and an 8% yield that is well-covered by its FFO. This yield will likely grow significantly in 2021 due to favorable construction trends in Broadmark’s target markets, but any hiccups will be a bump in the road due to its disciplined underwriting and rock-solid balance sheet. Disclosure: I have been buying all three of these over the past six months when the prices are favorable. In my opinion, they are currently favorable for all three, and I am buying more.


Love Pinterest bought back in March 2020. Since then have tried their advertising. Way better value then FB/Insta for us and its not even close. I think they're going to be hitting it out of the park for a while as more advertisers flock to use it and the integration with ecommerce could be huge.


If their revenue per user can get anywhere close to Facebook's in the long run, Pinterest is going to be a ten-bagger or better.


Thank you for sharing you experience with advertising on their platform! This is interesting considering that average revenue per user in the United States is ~1/10th that of Facebook, and 1/15th globally. If the return on investment for Pinterest advertising is that much better, ARPU should continue to expand over the next 3-5 years.


My thoughts exactly - and when you combine that with the strong user growth they've had this year it wouldn't surprise me if future earnings estimates are materially understated.


Bought ETSY at ~$216... down ~7% and suck at timing the market, but I feel like I got a great entry point as a long-term investor after being on the sidelines. Also, EV/EBITDA is a better measure due to high non-cash charges such as SBC, but not too important since I don't need profits now and they have a huge opportunity ahead of them in my view.


Pinterest is definitely a good buy right now




This is a great list — add U, PINs and maybe SE but otherwise awesome growth picks.


Etsy still good you figure?


If you are interested in Fintech some great SPAC companies are: Paysafe, Payoneer, and Sofi. These are honestly trading under $15 and they are all solid value companies unlike other spacs. Paysafe has 1B in volume yearly! You have Payoneer which is in a super niche field and finally Sofi is tacking the banking sector in the US by vertically integrating all the services into one platform...bonus? They own Galileo which IN itself is a chunky source of revenue!




What is going on with cost


Suncor super cheap around 26-28 should go back up to 40 so like pre covid, plus pays a dividend while it gets back. Get in at a steal right now.


I’m definitely planning on buying some on Monday.




I am also in Suncor, green :-) in fact all My reopening bets are green :-)


I bought Suncor last week. You can't lose with oil right now in my opinion. Even if the inflation fears come true, oil should be going up too.


lol you can always lose with oil




AMD is on sale.


Absolutely. I bought in at 89 and ain’t mad it dipped. Though wish I’d waited. It’ll be a triple digit stock in two years.




I like LMT at the 330 range


Yep yep. It's not even bad at 340


Looks like it's on a serious downtrend right now.






I’m a fucking idiot


Great thread!


We're glad you're here, Come and stay awhile


I'm genuinely interested. What makes you think that's a good value or "cheap" right now? It's at around ~$24/share or ~$43.5B market cap. How much room do you think this company has to go over $50B? And what's gonna justify that P/E?


I posted this a couple comments down, but I feel like it applies to what you’re saying. “Idk why people on this sub don’t understand that you don’t want a growth stock to be profitable on paper. If a company is in their growth phase and is turning a profit, they are doing something wrong. All the money they make, in theory, should be getting plowed back into the company. And that is what companies like Palantir are doing, spending all the money they have and operating at a loss to expand their business as as possible. P/E is such a bad metric for companies like palantir. What investors should be focusing on is their growth metrics, not how much money they are making (or failing to make). That is how these companies get “massively overvalued” on certain metrics.” And to add to this, Palantir is doing close to a 1B dollars in revenue mainly from government contracts. They are just now transitioning to serving private companies and US allies. If the US govt is willing to spend that much on what Palantir can offer, imagine what other companies/governments will pay for their services/products.


Wait actually? Ive seen it directly mentioned like 5 times on this sub tonight alone




It takes a year to lose at max 4-5% if inflation somehow goes absolutely crazy. One sitting with cash can make many times that return by buying the dip of this correction than they would lose from inflation.


Stay strong friend, I’m 40% cash, spread throughout five currencies. I just tell people that I am in “short term treasuries” which is basically the same thing given they pay zilch. There’s less spazzing out with that answer.




You are assuming he has been sitting on the sidelines for the last year or something. It’s a good thing they have 66% cash for shopping right now. They will easily outpace any inflationary concerns by using this correction to their advantage.


NVDA on a forward basis trades at 33x next years earnings. Seems quite reasonable to me especially if they get the Arm deal done and when rates are as low as they are.


Is that deal still possible? I thought it got rejected couple weeks ago


Last I heard SEC is investigating the acquisition after all the major tech companies protested, as everyone uses licensed technology from Arm. Deal will most likely go through with the stipulation that Nvda has to continue to license the tech out, but one of the reasons Nvidia is buying Arm is so they can acquire that revenue from licensing anyway.


NVAX, all the way. I bought shares at 150.


NVAX constantly does well & then horribly mismanages late-stage vaccine development, making their efforts worthless. We will see if they repeat that pattern or if this is their breakout. It's a really speculative play. They could go bust. They could do everything right but be too late on production to secure large lucrative contracts. Or they could do really well. They've got what's likeliest the best covid vaccine, and unlike the rest, can be delivered in one shot with a bunch of other vaccines (covid strains & flu). It's still a 2-shot vaccine, but keeps for 2-3 months in a standard fridge. The upside is big, but the odds are slightly set against them. I say this as someone who's bagholding from $250 and didn't sell at $325 (hindsight is 20-20). I do believe that they will surge on good phase 3 results but after that, it's anyone's guess.


AAPL, CRSR, ARKF, ARKG, SQ, DKNG, COST, ICLN, AMD, BABA , and I think TSLA. Im in GME and think it will run a lot but do your own DD


COST is very attractive right now. scooped some shares friday morning in the dip, we don’t see a 20% drop often in costco


I also bought COST. Just because I like the company.


I see cost mentioned a lot here. Why is it better then any other large retailer tgt/wmt/low/hd? It’s growth is the same or lower then all the above and it trades for a significantly higher premium? I get it has a cult following and personally I love how they treat their employees but it doesn’t justify paying so much more. What am I missing? A forward pe of 30 is pretty ridiculous and doesn’t seem sustainable.


A great deal of Costco's profits come from the membership fees that every single customer has to pay, before they buy things. They sell things just above cost, in bulk, with bare bones displays, and only carry a few varieties of any item, and they may only carry them for a short while. They pay living wages to their staff, resulting in long-term dedicated people with a deep knowledge of the store. The other retailers you mentioned have to move product to make money (the markup margin that normal retailers charge) so they tend to charge more for lesser products, and they usually treat their staff poorly (WMT in particular), leading to high turnover costs and lousy customer experience. These retailers also have to deal with all of the overhead of managing umpteen flavors of peanut butter/shampoo/whatever, trying to track was does (not) sell and dealing with whatever the flavor of the month that manufacturers are pushing. In short, unless people end their Costco memberships en masse, the company will be doing well for the part of the future we can forecast.


Would be curious to see if you are putting your money where your mouth is. What % of your portfolio consists of the stocks you mention?


Quick estimate is about 100k so maybe ~20%. Plan on buying more of (some of) these too




I think all ARKs are at a pretty good price point but I am just a bigger believer in the G and F because of the fields over the next decade and those two have also been hit harder i believe


I am in G F and K myself. K is down just as much as them right now. For me to add W would just have too much overlap in their holdings.


Sq and Tsla are cheap loool


Why don't people mention OSTK as well?


I apologize for putting a meme stock here but I got PLTR shortly after IPO for $11 and sold at $30 because I saw the expiration period coming and knew there would be a sell off. But it seems like the dust has settled and the dip has run it's course. Earnings are up YoY and quarterly, just not as much as people hoped. Next earnings (still more than 2 months out) will be massive though. Because of how their payment system works all the contracts they signed last quarter (and there are some massive ones) will be realized this quarter.


It's the most fundamentally sound meme stock


I bought more CRSR Friday before close. Seems very inexpensive.


I think they still may have room to drop, but I think 27-28 might be their floor. This all assumes the market returns to "normal" and that the red days aren't more prolonged than I think they are and that the green isn't sooner and stronger. They could honestly close on Friday at anywhere from 25-35 and I wouldn't be surprised with them.


What let you think they aren't diping lower?


Admittedly novice-level fundamental analysis. For all I know, they could sit at 15 or 45 for months.


I think that when AMZN touched low 2900s, that was a good price.


NEE will be one of the renewables that can come back on top because it has the numbers to back it up.


I’m looking at SHOP, 10% rebound seems reasonable short term


I'm heavy on SHOP. It's been a very painful week lol


Ford ($F) sitting at a PE of 11 rn with revenue higher than their MC. It’s basically an undervalued EV play.


War stocks all look good. BA. LMT. NOC.


OSK as well. Won the USPS bid because they’re already supplying plenty of tactical vehicles to the government.


Gotta love BA.


Why? Real question, not snarky


Apple, Disney are good


Disney is near 52-w high right now for what it’s worth.


100% I just think in the long run they are a good investment. Parks opening up as well they taking over in streams and shows. Good value imo


No stocks are cheap rn 🤣🤣 all of the markets at a premium.


Buy high and sell higher.


Buy high, sell low. So you can avoid the danger of gains.


Cant pay capital gains tax if you don’t have any gains You may be onto something here


Outsmart the IRS with this one simple trick


I think if you do fundamental value analysis, you'll never buy large-cap tech stocks. Especially ones that are innovating in a rapidly automated future.


Exactly. Doesn't work well for assessing tech.


There are a handful of "growth at any price" stocks... Riskier for certain, but remember your buying future earnings. Nvidia is best in breed for what they do, though I do think AMD made big strides with their latest line (and their desktop Ryzen is top notch). Demand is unprecedented and I don't see any sign of that declining, as long as crypto continues to grow.


Hyundai is a great buy at the current price IMO


What's Hyundai's ticker symbol?




I think $aapl might be a good buy at a p/e of 32


while historical P/E for 10y for AAPL, is around 15-18?


But the historical is before they went subscription heavy. Change has to be factored.


You can tell how long people have been watching the stock market by what they consider cheap. And the answer based on a lot of these responses is...not very long. NVDA is cheap because it's back to its price from...August? Before COVID it had peaked at ~50% of where it is now. AAPL is cheap for the same reason? I've held AAPL almost straight for 10 years now. (The first time I sold it since I bought it in 2011 was when the split happened in August. I've since bought and sold it back a few times since and currently own it.) This isn't "cheap" unless you think the COVID-fueled growth is somehow going to continue post-COVID. Don't get me wrong, they're going to grow, but it's not going to be as fast as it was this past year. COVID accelerated tech growth/penetration years ahead of where it would have been otherwise. How much of the COVID growth is going to stick? How many people will now permanently WFH at least a few days a week? The answer is likely that a lot of the stronger tech stocks will never return to the pre-COVID levels (barring a catastrophic market collapse). But that doesn't mean they can't find a happier medium between their COVID prices and pre-COVID prices. Wouldn't surprise me to see the Nasdaq shed another 500-1000 points before recovering. But what's actually a bargain? Who knows. I've been looking for stocks whose technicals are just returning to the lower bound of years-long pre-COVID channels. Largely ignoring the moving averages, since those are currently all COVID-market data. WMT is an example of what I'm talking about. Bought it Thursday. And even that's not raelly cheap, but at least relative to the last ~5 years or so, it's not bad. Costco is in a similar spot, but I'm not sure I want to own both. My idea of "bargains" are the companies that will return to "normal" based off of "moderate" COVID recovery. I think the idea that everyone's going to be hopping on planes and taking cruises immediately is a little overblown, and I wouldn't want to be hopping into stocks that are relying on a sudden boom. I wouldn't want to be chasing the stocks that are counting on everyone "celebrating" the end of COVID. But the stuff that will let people feel like life is at least somewhat back to normal? Like restaurants? That's where I'm bargain hunting.


Sorry as a beginner can you explain why covid has fueled tech specific growth?


Work from home, online shopping, internet based whatever, etc


In addition to this, cloud and cyber security have boomed.


Pretty much what /u/bp___ said. Zoom meetings for work/school, which requires tablets/internet-connected devices, cloud storage, etc. You had a shift away from retail/in-person shopping in favor of Amazon/DoorDash/InstaCart-type things. On top of this is people spending more time at home gaming/watching TV/etc., which fueled the demand for more/upgraded hardware, from computers to TVs to peripherals. Everyone locked down/staying at home shifted much of their disposable income to improving their at-home quality of life since they weren't going places. And a lot of home QoL is technology-based.


Wmt has been pretty much down trend since its earning and I have been dca. Still can't find a reason why


Ummm. SQ.


LMT dipped a bit and I its P/E ratio is fairly low. Obviously not a fan favorite because it isn't a growth stock but I think its undervalued in comparison to other stocks currently.


I, too, just bought LMT. No real in depth analysis, but they didn't seem to really have anything negative enough not to buy at this level. Got a nice divi right now. Do you like GD as well?




Buy NVDA it's a winner


PLT R is on my list!


I was thinking of splitting my cash into Honeywell, DuPont and a little into amd and more into sofi and plantir .. Just stating this as my thoughts , please correct me if I am off basis


Bruh Dark Waters.....


Redfin, Apple, Nymt, Exxon, Wells Fargo, fisker, Disney, krogers, p&g, and GE round up my current mix.


Dis, xom, and ge didn’t dip of the ones I follow in that list.


Those wont, maybe wf will. But all under valued and growing... peep nymt, you’ll like


I can't decide between Redfin and Zillow right now.


Personally, Redfin.... Zillow is great but doesn’t have a growth vision the same as Redfin.... I live in houston and saw 8 Redfin for sale signs today. They are going to upend real estate agents and that’s needed


Thanks for the perspective. It seems like Redfin is more successful so far, but I still wonder about the disruptive potential of Zillow as a service that automatically buys and flips homes.


Kroger? Why?


Safe.... it protects against downturns. They have steady growth and are dominate across a ton of markets. It’s a safety net against a downturn


Steady, staple, the price point and quality between Walmart and Whole Foods. Honestly all my experience shopping in them have been good overall. Growing dividend rate illustrates commitment to shareholder equity. Not a flashy stock at all, but that's half the beauty, they're checking all the boxes for me.


Yessir, great e team. I liked leadership and vision, they will make steady gains and protect all downside. 2020 March didn’t drop and only gained


GE? Why? I'll admit I considered when looking for value but ultimately passed.


GE is a turn around story. It hits 20 easy by end of 2022


Been buying it down into its lows. It’s GE. It will be back


I am also in GE, will be an interesting ride:-)


$MOGO (canadian coinbase) and $EXPI Quality, hyper-growth stocks that’s been been hard last week. Got into it some more.


Buy the ones you have researched and are already dca' into... Not any that people on Reddit tell ya are cheap


SQ imo will continue there massive growth. PLTR I know it's a meme stock but at $21 it's a deal. They are just constantly coming out with new contracts, most recently with Amazon. It's a steal now. And I hate to say it but the Tesla bros will pump that shit back up.


As a long hold investment I really like TTCF. Lots of growth potential and a good experienced CEO. They have like $200m in cash. Earnings report is Wednesday.


YES. TTCF is one of my largest positions and i love this stock


Now, help me understand if you could, is it like Blue Apron?


no its a plant based foods business. they currently have a bunch of frozen foods products for sale at Costco, Sam’s club and Walmart. the brand has been growing like crazy and they have big growth plans for 2021, basically getting into more locations and grocery stores. the company is vertically integrated meaning they grow stuff on their own farms, produce in their own factories and distribute themselves. products are awesome too and from what ive been seeing they fly off the shelves FAST at Costco. Earnings coming up Wednesday


Well now I'm going to have to go to my local store and try some. Thank you for educating me I had a whole different of idea of what I thought the business model was. Speaking of plant based foods, I'm personally not high on BYND and think the stock is a little overpriced. Why do I say that? Just because there are so many alternatives and it's really high sodium. But I'd obviously like to pick your brain on that 1 cuz I've seen some people make good money off it.


i have to agree Beyond’s valuation is high. I’m still invested because they are the only company who keep signing crazy deals with giants like Starbucks, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Pepsi and recently McDonald’s. For these reasons, I think they will be the number 1 plant based meat company. They just keep executing. I believe some day soon the income from all these deals will start reaching the bottom line and valuation will start making more sense. They are also expanding in China this year. The funny thing is all these deals were announced over the past year or so, yet the stock price has gone to the moon and came back down, pretty much at the same levels it was before the deals announcements. I think the valuation is not too bad now. The CEO is a visionary and is very straight to the point, it makes me like listening to conference calls. One big risk in BYND is competition. I’m not too worried about Impossible foods because they use questionable ingredients and that will hurt them long term IMO. I’m more worried about established players in the meat business like Tyson if they eventually wake up


I mean that nicely. Good luck on you other plays




I think ON was a nice buy this week... Semis gonna make a lot of money this year due to shortage.


BABA is below IV


Facebook is a screaming longterm buy right here. Doesn't get a lot of love on these forums, ignore the noise and buy and hold.


I feel gross just thinking of buying fb


Wait till you see what the other companies you hold do!


Well so far they’ve all shit the bed so......


Facebook is a great buy, problem is that I can't bring myself to buy stock in a company that's spreading so much rage, hate, extremism and even genocide.


Hard to disagree with this. On top of this, the amount of “fact checking” and censorship has been pretty bad recently.


It's at basically the ATH, what exactly is cheap about it?


12.9% off ATH, as of Friday's close. Before Friday's rally it's been trading at 15-16% off ATH since stellar earnings on January 27. 12-15% down is not an insignificant or minor amount. Maybe "cheap" is not the right word as per this thread's title, but at worst Facebook is fairly valued. And fairly valued is a better buy than overvalued. And despite sky-is-falling doom and gloom iOS 14 pessimism, revenue and earnings aren't in any danger.


BA, ALLY, SAGE, CVS, SNE, CARR, MO, INTC, RWEOY, FB, BAC, VZ, LDI, EBAY. All very reasonable multiples right now.




Nothing is cheap right now. But no one wants to miss out on a sudden spike as economy improves during recovery. There are some stocks that have had some bad earnings due to Covid and logically their sales are going to go up as the recovery occurs. Price may or may not reflect that. Basically you have to guess.


Pretty much every tech stock is still in the green in the past three months. You'll have to look outside the tech sector if you really want a good deal. And even then a lot of industries have recovered too. I had my eyes on CCL and SAVE but those have had a huge surge since Biden got elected.


NVDA looks very cheap to me right now. You can already compare them to the big 5 in the future


AKAM looks good. BA. MSGS (Madison Square Garden) a true reopening play thats priced well. BRZU if you are risk tolerant. Got into SATS last week, should have more room to run. Kratos has corrected nicely.




NVT, JCI, ETN... all solid industrial and electrical component suppliers with a diverse customer base that are all well positioned to benefit from green energy and investments in our power grid. All did very well during the recent downturn.




FAF.TO (fire and flower) going to be listed on the nasdaq soon, still super cheap get in there before it blows up! NEXE.V / NEXNF (nexe innovations) compostable packaging company... also really cheap right now Check em out! (I have held these for about 6-7 months and they were performing really well.. I just bought 200 more shares of each on Friday hopefully were coming out of this dip)


I would say you need to figure your risk tolerance first. Then you can decide where to put your money in. Like decide on a percentage for super safe, safe, somewhat risk and risky. My second advice is to buy in all at once. I learned my mistake. I kept buying but it turns out the dip had another dip followed by another dip and so on.


ServiceNOW. Just had a killer earnings and sold off ~20% during this tech selloff. Software workflow company in the cloud.




TWOU. I dont know why the whole market is sleeping on this future giant


Wow that's quite an interesting company. I don't know why I've never come across it. Good stuff