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Log in, do endeavors, hit the Dil button, maybe fly a random TFO or something until you get bored, log out and play Reddit: STO edition.




This, but also add in to hit the buttons to work up your R&D and duty officer ranks as well as your reputations. Then when you start getting the meta-gear, start upping the difficulty. Get more gear, work it up. Eventually you can get to the point you're soloing elite content. Then play for 3 more years to Max out your endeavors.


Space Barbie and DPS chasing while grinding reps and events.


Welcome to the life of an Admiral. Duty assignments, ship assignments for Admiralty, paperwork on top of paperwork on top of more paperwork. It's no wonder Kirk did everything possible to get back in the chair.


OMG.... how can I get demoted?


Steal a ship. Might be a fun optional mission, end up demoted.


You have to steal a ship AND save the Federation. If you just steal a ship, your career options are now limited to Federation Rura Penthe Inmate and Space Pirate.


We need a new game + option like in the old chrono trigger where your busted back to captain and have to replay everything at elite difficulty with variable win/loss endings to arcs and all content restored. Don't like j'ula just have the option to shoot her early in the arc and see what changes. Let the hurq win and the gamma quadrant becomes a battle zone with side quests.


That sort of thing works better in a single-player game. MMO stories, by their very nature, tend to be either railroaded and awful, or hallucinogenic. Or both. For instance, did you know that the Tilly you encounter in the Disco captain's tutorial arc is actually your crazy captain's imaginary friend? Tilly isn't actually there. Ask anyone else to stand where Tilly is to show you and they will tell you something different. And if you're all seeing things that lack any objective reality to them, you're hallucinating. Yes, Starfleet is putting crazy people with imaginary friends in charge of spaceships. I would laugh if we actually ever got an episode where our warcrimes catch up with us and it turns out the game has scrupulously remembered every single incident we've ever caused and it is cited back to us in our trial, though. Starfleet characters that play through that episode get demoted officially back to Captain. Klingons don't have this episode, obviously, and besides, Dahar Master isn't even an actual rank, you're still a General.


Truthfully at that point would in game continuity even matter. If so, every time a new arc drops just add cut scene of quinn pulling you out of the holodeck to go back to work.


Quinn: "No more Holodeck for you, T'ket has returned! Go save the Federation again!"


At this point, I'm wondering that myself. I mean we were framed in the destruction of a major planet, and then took an active and prominent part in a Klingon Civil War. Worf had to leave Starfleet completely just to run a couple of missions for the Klingons.


Yup, start a new themed char, like borg captain, full gorn crew, full orion girls pirate crew, etc.


I'm surprised more admirals don't get fed up with the routine and go start a revolt somewhere just to have something interesting to do.


I don't think we've been watching the same Star Trek. This show is infamous for its evil admirals who do exactly that over and over and over again.


I meant in the game.


We're already Badmirals, have you seen the list of atrocities committed by the average STO player? Just watch how many times someone fires the Warcrime Cannon in the average STF.


I mean we turned the Genesis device into a weapon … the Terran Empire should be shitting bricks the more they learn about us …


For some people it turns to Dps chasing. But that can be a scary and expensive road. But my engineer has put out 112k as his max dps... I personally am an alt-aholic. I make new themed characters and run through missions writing in character log entries for them in the journal's captain's log. And even if you aren't super crazy about alts, you are still going to want to make a TOS, romulan, and Kdf for their unique story stuff. (I have lots of themes: TOS dirty temporal agent, merchant marine freighter captain, Cardassian traveling through time on behalf of the prophets with his Bajoran fiancé, kdf commando, literally Mary Sue in Wok era, TNG Liberated Borg, Mirror captain who is fraternal twin of my main, ENT captain...if they ever let us get risan forehead tattoos in making a risan...) I should probably look into actually RP, but I still don't really understand what they do besides elaborately describe having drinks at quarks despite people actually attempting to explain it to me in the past. I also treat TFOs like timetrials sometimes. I don't actually keep track of time though, just try to get through as fast as I can with good performance.


That's when you do the multi-player stf matches and events. It's called the endgame grins for mmo games. Then you just wait until new missions and events are added.


Is there specific reps I should be aiming for? Edit: how'd this get downvoted?


Look for space gear and weapons that would help your ship build. Or if you get bored with your current build, try a new one.


Generally, try to do as many reps concurrently as you can manage. They're all on 20h cooldowns, and each rep mark reward (usually from TFOs) gives bonus marks with a 20h cooldown. When choosing your next activity, try to make it one that'll give you a bonus (you can see your cooldown timers via a button on the PvE queues window). Prioritize getting 20h projects going. The 1h projects consume a lot of marks for the small progress they provide, so are only worth it if you have a large excess of marks. I'd suggest starting with: * Discovery (several good/best-in-slot items + crit trait) * Romulan (crit passive traits at T1 and T2) * Dyson (crit passive traits at T1 and T2) Beyond that it gets a bit more build-specific. It's worth getting them all to T5 as you get a large dilithium reward for each one. T6 is a grind, but it buffs the passives and unlocks new energy type variants for the rep weapons, so can be well worth it.


there's no reason not to finish all reps to T6. at least, it didn't seem to be a big chore for me.


It really depends on your build, as each rep has sets that boost certain stats or are good for specific builds. Generally speaking, Omega, Discovery and Competitive have the most stuff that's just generally good for most builds. I'd suggest levelling up all the reps to T6 though, in case you want to change your build in the future and you want gear from said reps. It also makes doing reputations on other characters in the future much easier.


People creates these discussions every 4 to 7 days, every 4 to 7 days someone new ask what else is to do after lv 65 or what they should do when they played so much and sort of burned up. There is a lot you can and a lot doesn't have tutorials beside youtubers trying to explain stuff, you can also look for different games and casually only play for fun, clan and events. Most people don't wanna force themselves into endavour because that's a 3 to 5 months of work to get those maxed out. When you play look for new skill, new traits, new ways to do damage and have fun. With decent gear you can do everything in this game besides PvP wich is totally different from PvE


> into endavour because that's a 3 to 5 months of work * years.


Barbie. In space.


Now you play the game.


Have you done the story for all 6 factions?


Lol no I have not but that seems counterintuitive to the mmo experience. Although I plan on playing through on federation side at least once, and I heard the dominion stuff is cool.


The faction-specific missions give more insight into the back story and you'll get answers to questions you had on other characters. It's like one of those TV episodes where they show the same story from different points of view.


I have reached the endgame with only one of my mains. I do Doff and Admiralty missions with her. But, the next thing I do is, "Sometimes my genius is, it's almost frightening." I have made all recruits, so I play one mission and several patrols everyday, get marks and then grind up reputation and dilithium. For every story arc, I use faction specific reputation gears, for example, during Romulan storyline, I use gears from the Romulan reputation, for Cardassian struggle story, I use Terran reputation gears. It's all roleplay. It takes time, but it is like sipping your favourite wine instead of downing with one gulp. Suffice to say, it prevents me from burnout and keeps the fun of the game intact.


Once you finish the story missions you have to decide what else you enjoy doing. It could be making more alts, building a pve or pvp ship, or like in my case I like to spend time taking great screenshots of my ships for desktops. I try to pass on what I have learned even if I'm not the top player, and I don't mind helping others with leveling or missions or whatever. I once spent more than an hour helping someone who wanted to power level by doing elite patrols. If anytime you aren't liking something though I say log off and put it away for a bit. Either way have fun first.


Sit at DS9 in your coolest ship.


I don't treat this as a game I treat it as dollies (um I mean action figures). Just play to play. Change your costume, figure out your backstory, make your ground crew exactly as you want them, make new alts for new ideas. play as your character. it is an mmo.


If you have finished *all* the episodes, which means everything under the missions tab and the other missions under the available tab. And if you have finished *all* the patrols, including the murder mystery one. And you don’t want to wait for the various events, like Summer, Winter, Anniversary and First Contact. There is dil farming and I hear that you can still buy Zen, but I haven’t experienced that yet in the month I have been back. There is accolade chasing. Some of them are really hard, even with a guide. There is the space Barbie, which to me includes writing biographies for my crew and myself and reading others. And I have heard of people doing role-playing. There is DPS chasing, either alone or in the league. And that can include the crafting part. The other factions do have other content and different POV to the events you might have gone through. Also, if you have the special recruits, Delta, Temporal or Gamma, there is that content to finish. There are a lot of things to parse through. Since 2014, my main has been a Betazoid doctor that learned how to use her telepathy as a weapon thanks to the Dominion occupation of Betazed. I found out about a kit module that does *exactly* that last night. So I have been playing with that. I am debating on getting a Chu Chu shirt now or waiting for the summer. Stuff like that.


Well, and then there are doff chains...


Oooo I forgot the Doff chains and using admiralty for dil farming!


Ive spent two or three hours every day last week to check on all possible spots to get last assignment for caitan diaspora... No luck yet... Thats probably only one thing that makes doff missions fun for me. Treasure hunting with some of them.


Contemplate who to delete so I can make a new character.


should be able to spend some dil/zen to get character slots, right? I don't think I've deleted a captain that got past level 10.


Got 16 slots, and from time to time I delete alts for space to make new ones. Usually recruits also got atleast one recruit of every kind on waiting list just after tutorial. So still have about 10 active alts at time and it takes two hours to just do daily chores for them all... No noone will ever get me to buy one more slot... 😃


Make a new character with a different style and ship and do it all again! (BTW - I'm on 40 characters now). Log in, do the whatever event is on, do reputations, admiralty, duty officers, your science stuff, hit a BZ or do a couple of RTFOs. If you're not bored then keep playing, or switch to another character and do it or move on to another game.


Space Barbie!


when I have time, I do advanced random TFO's. the difficulty changes based on your team's experience and equipment. random because you get extra rewards, and it keeps things fresh (mostly - since you're not always doing ISA). beyond that, I could do elite TFO's for extra challenge, but I've been happy running advanced. even though most times I feel overpowered, there are still times when advanced TFO's manage to blow up my ship.


In addition to all of these, I've been chasing accolades. Just hit 13K. Flying between exploration clusters, building some rep gear sets, and replaying missions for paths less taken.


Space barbie


There’s a part of this game that people don’t like to talk about, and when they do it usually in a negative context. Mostly because it takes a tremendous knowledge of the game mechanics and the skill to fly your build to its maximum potential. PvP is the Mount Everest of STO and most people do not event attempt to reach the summit.


> PvP is the Mount Everest of STO By skill level *and* population ;)


Have you seen any recent pictures of Mount Everest? There's way more people on Everest than play PVP.


Most of them dead. Just like PvP!


probably because PvP is unbalanced as a motherfucker and damn near impossible for a newbie to get into without dumping a SHITLOAD of money into getting all the required traits to even stand a chance against all the veterans, hell some traits arent even available anymore that are super useful for pvp


> PvP is the Mount Everest of STO and most people do not event attempt to reach the summit. Nah, PvP is the Olympus Mons of STO. TopDeeps is Mount Everest. But PvP just plain doesn't even exist on the same planet as the rest of the game.


I run random TFO's, level alts, chase endeavors when they are interesting/doable/time permitting, complete the reputations, run doffing assignments including the silly dilsinks to trade in doffs for rarer ones/sometimes I go maruading with my Klingon, sometimes I run admiralty, hang out in social zones and go make a sandwich and when I come back my canon-accurate ship is surrounded by others and is part of a photoshoot 😅


Work on my alts, do dailies, mundane stuff.


As many have said, login, dailies, event etc. I gave it a break for a month to take a deep breath and started chasing DPS. Not mastered it yet but getting there. I've skipped this last event as console doesn't Interest me, but winters coming! Never miss the summer and winter events. Plenty of role play out there too, something I've yet to look into.


New character different alliance. Then do the story with them. Dominion Starfleet Klingon Defence Force Discovery era TOS Era Romulan Republic.


Fly TFOs. Refine my build to eke out a few more DPS points. Try new builds. Try stupid builds - currently I'm working on a escort tank, using pilot spec to draw all the aggro and be impossible to hit, not quite nailed it yet. Grind dil for zen to get something shiny and new from the store.


Log on, Daily, Endeavors, refine Dilithium, sell items, log off.


I'm LVL 65, iv done everything i can think of mission wise, rep /Admiralty / rnd school / commendations all at max For me My end Game has been, i sign in everyday do the Event tfo that's a 100 percent must / refine my dil / do a patrol as the 1st of the day is worth 1k dil,then the Yellow/purple/blue endeavours if i have time.. i skip the green one, it's usually a wasted of time / not worth it.. and something new i have been up to, adding my 1st alt character as i have built up a lot of unrefined on my first account 800,000 so i won't need to play him for a long while to earn dil now if i can do the same on a second that's me able to refine 16k dil on a daily basis rather than just the 8 so i can convert to Zen use the DIL in a bunch of different ways


You could play the other faction campaigns although the story doesn't change much after the odl halfway point. the first 4 Romulan seasons are unique to them, they are also really good.


Do my endeavours then continue my Tomb Raider gaming marathon.


Do it again, but on a different character in a different sort of ship?


Focus on completing all the reputations and daily endeavours to get better gear for your ship. Duty officer and admiralty assignments. Refine dil (needed for rep gear, convert to zen, or purchase from dil store). I also grind events but only for the 3x ultimate tech upgrades. Join a fleet and contribute to the holdings for fleet credits which can be used to buy gear/upgrades. Get a new ship and build it up. Replay story missions for gear sets Or just log in every day or so to hit the endeavors and improve your stats.


Endeavors, reps, doff assignments, admiralty, TFO/patrols for any marks you might need, and sit in space dock ogling your ship(s).


Roll up a new character and make it theme oriented


I like doing missions again helping on random TFOs game is very fun I love getting all these ships and flying them


Lots of clicking per alt. I log in, click for a hour getting doff assignments, admiralty and reps (on the alts not already maxed), then play a story mission on any alt not yet done and log out.


Rinse and repeat.


Log in for event queues then play something else


I stopped playing for months.


Fair enough I find that happens with a lot of games


Events, all specializations, endeavors, dil, farm sets from missions, max reputation and admiralty, max doff stuff, join a fleet and help there, space barbie, get a ship for each damage type for endeavors, level up all your gear (boffs included)... theres probably a lot of other stuff. Took me a bit to max admiralty and reputation, still working on endeavors and sets (well sets because I'm just a little lazy) and I've been at it for a couple years average or 5-6hrs a day but I also dont go balls to the ever minute so there is that


I play the story missions in a custom order to establish a life story for my main character.


I've been working on a rough headcannon for my alien but I really wish I could get more alien boffs.


That's fair! I've been working on diversifying the crew for my main character. Their daughter is a half-Trill.


Mine character was found as a child as a stowaway on a Romulan vessel, nobody knew where he was from and he was raised by a Romulan family. After working for a bit as an engineer for a vessel that did less than legal cargo work, he found more of his race and figured out his people are almost extinct. The last of them had arrived in the quadrant on an almost derelict barge as refugees. After rising through the ranks with the Romulans he has two more of his species. The hologram containing all of the memories and personality of his long lost but now deceases sister and a girl he's infatuated with but she thinks he's a really cool friend. Then he has Tovan because it just works, and his engineer which I can't remember the race but looks like I imagine shredder does when he takes the mask off, who in my head is from his days as a less than legal ship crew.


Cool! My character is a veteran officer who retired for 17 years after the Undine attack on ESD, and they came back into service for the Delta Quadrant missions.


I really wish you could play factionless or dual faction because my player really feels like the "im just here to get paid and do the right thing most of the time" kind of vibe.


That would be fun!


Log in>Do Events if active>Do Endeavors>Hit Dil Button>Do Reputation>Do TFOs if any said reputations are lacking in currency>repeat until all 20 characters are done for the day>proceed to complain about Cryptics inability to price their ships at decent amounts of money, complain about whales, complain about never finding the Golden Ratio of Dil Sink to empty everyones unrefined Dil on Reddit and STO Discords>Go to bed>Repeat


Screenshots and FFXIV


Can you successfully run advanced and elite TFOs?


I haven't tried yet because I was worried about bringing the rest of the team down


Well jump into an advanced, see how you do. Most people in advanced already know what they're doing and most can carry a team so I wouldn't worry about it. Most people use the borg tfos as dps testing maps, so I wouldn't start there, they won't really give you a good feel if you're ready for it or not. Elites are a different story, I've played since 2012 and still can't hold my own. There is a huge difficulty spike between advanced and elite but not really between normal and advanced.


I'll give it a go and see how it goes, I can't see it being too bad. I still feel a little squishy but part of me feels its because I got too used to my other ship and now this one doesn't have as much self healing. Editv Ended up in an elite one somehow. Didn't do horrible, didn't do good either lol


Also, have you made more than one captain? There's all the other factions, careers and races to play around with.


I've made one dominion, one fed, and one kdf and my main was romulan. However I guess I was referring to the single character motif seeing as a lot of my purchases are not account wide and I don't like the idea of throwing hundreds at the game just for ships. At least while I play on console.


Hmm well that's some projects you can work on, mastering those other races and their different career strengths, mastering budget builds without spending money is an interesting experience as well.


Copy-pasting my reply from another thread: If you have to force yourself to play, it's time to take a break and play another game until the next major content update drops for STO. That said, here are some suggested end-game activities that you could partake in STO: * In-game daily events. Come next month we will have the Winter Event along with a T6 ship that we can earn from participating. * Space barbie. Give your captains, BOffs and starships a fresh new look. * Perfect your ground and space builds to participate in higher difficulty content. In other words: DPS chasing. Peruse [r/stobuilds' guides](https://www.reddit.com/r/stobuilds/wiki/tenforward). You could even challenge yourself by trying to squeeze as much DPS as possible out of a themed build. * Join a fleet, if you have not already. To socialize with like-minded players, and also to access endgame gear and cosmetics. * Reach Tier 6 in all Reputations. Also for access to endgame gear and cosmetics. * Max out R&D in all schools and get access to new personal traits and crafting options. * Got a lockbox ship/vanity shield you fancy but do not want to gamble for it? Play the exchange to earn the EC needed to buy it straight up. * Dilithium grinding. If you have something in the C-store you are eyeing but do not want to spend real money on, put your toons to work on this. * Personal endeavours. Tangentially related to DPS chasing. Make all your toons incrementally more powerful with each completion. * PvP, if that's your jam. The community is small but dedicated. As a result of the low population, you may need to join dedicated groups/Discords to get games going. If all the above sounds more like work rather than fun for you, my initial statement applies.


Log in, do admiralty and R&D. Switch to gamma, do doffs and admiralty. Switch back to main, dil, endeavours, any events then gtfo. When I've got what I want from the gamma recruit, I'm thinking about running through the story again on my delta for the device reward. But I'm not in a rush.


There are some "hidden" episodes you can find in the Available tab. I also join for certain events and replay my favorite episodes.


Login, do the event, maybe one endeavor task (rarely all) and a couple of random TFOs, then refine and shutdown the game while wondering why the plug is not pulled on it yet.


so you play the game but hate the game. weird.


I hate how the game is managed, not the game itself. Please don't confuse the two. The game is frustrating when bugs ruin the fun but still enjoyable in small doses.


You get to buy ships. Lots of variety on the Zen Store! - Cryptic, probably.




so your entire purpose in this sub is to troll?


He is not wrong, though. When you think about it, the endgame actually has been systematically gutted and all gameplay routes of advancement replaced by lootboxes and store purchases.


What, I just gave my opinion, end game in this game is boring as fuck


Everyone saying space barbie, real question that I can't seek to find a straight answer for: Is there more ways to get more clothing options outside of dil/lobi/zen? And is there some sort of long coat option for KDF like there is for Fed? Also I can't seem to find a good way to try and farm for alien buffs. Otherwise thanks everyone for the advice, its all pretty good. I was just dipping my toes into rep (already messed it up but you learn) and I'm running a full gunboat, plasma cannons on a Fleet Zech Escort, working on getting some of the skills that will help me more. Someone in my fleet was talking about making an aggro tank boat, idk what that means but sounds cool, I guess I have a bunch to learn about roles and such.


I actually got fed up with Starfleet and the Federation and joined the Romulans/Klingon Defense Force about a 2 and half years ago and having a lot more fun. In all honesty, STO is what you put into it. Make more characters, skies the limit or better yet. "Second star to the right, and straight on tell morning."


Do endevors daily, farming marks for reputation and xp for levelling masteries, doing a lot of tfo and battlezone and syste patrol mixing up to not get bored. Mix tfo's set up your queue to both ground and space so you don't get bored too quick, take a break sometimes and do admiralty and duty officers and r&d. sell r&d stuff on exchange. And always refine your earned dilithium. One you reach Tier 6 on all reputations you can use your marks to get a heavy load of u rifened dilithium witch you only need to just refine everyday. Build your starship, capitain and your bridge officers get some gears to them go the tailor and give them a new look to feel like in game time passes. Farm energy credits and buy ships or meta gear from exhchange and upgrade via phoenix boxes. 10 years in to the game there is always stuff to do. Welcome on board.


Create more characters. Like 1 tac fed, 1 sci fed and 1 eng fed. Then make 3 kdf and 3 rom characters the same. Also make 1 dom character and only one dom, because jem'hadar only has like 3 unique missions and no real story behind it. Just appear out of the wormhole and join a faction and do the picked faction missions. Well... i've rambled enough.


been playing since beta. I have a ridiculous amount of alts beside my main where they are themed in some way. Currently I'm leveling up an all-Saurian crew for example, but I also have my Dr. Sibak TOS character and his bridge officer clones, and slowly filling up the diff roster with more Dr. Sibaks every time Hearts and Minds is run. You have to make your own fun (and sometimes that means taking a break. This is not your job after all)