Suppose a ship with Mixed Armament Synergy would do the trick.


It could but I doubt it would be worth it, another cannon upfront is gonna pull more weight under CSV than the Terran beam I bet, mix armaments synergy screams to slap that morphogenic omni on the back and terran dhcs in the front. Gonna give a bigger boost I'd think


A few things to consider: * As u/Eyesquid47 mentioned, could work well with Mixed Armaments Synergy. * Unless you have Entwined Tactical Matrices, you will want at least two firing modes: One for your DHC and one for your Beam Array. And not all ships have sufficient Tact BOff stations to accommodate that, especially if there is also a torpedo involved. * Having a DHC means your ideal firing arc is 45-90 degrees forward, and in that arc you will probably get more DPS by swapping out the TTF Beam Array with any regular DHC.


What is DHC and is there a place to see the other acronyms because I want to learn how to properly play this game. Been looking for a PS4 fleet that has active players that are willing to help me learn but keep getting nothing lol. I’m an old man and have a full time job, wife and kid and unfortunately in the years I’ve played still have not learned crap cause I have little time to learn and it makes me not really enjoy the game sad face here lol sucks being an old gamer sometimes


>What is DHC and is there a place to see the other acronyms Apologies for the overuse of acronyms, mostly for my own typing convenience there DHC = Dual Heavy Cannons. You can find this and other commonly used acronyms for this game in this page: [https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/wiki/glossary#wiki\_glossary](https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/wiki/glossary#wiki_glossary) ​ >I want to learn how to properly play this game. Been looking for a PS4 fleet that has active players that are willing to help me learn but keep getting nothing lol. Most of my in-game knowledge comes from reading up available resources and asking experienced ship builders in the game, both can be found below: 1. r/stobuilds 2. ["Star Trek Online Builds" Discord](https://discord.gg/TSEaJSUb) ​ > still have not learned crap cause I have little time to learn and it makes me not really enjoy the game Not entirely your fault, STO does absolutely nothing to educate players about its extremely complex under-the-hood mechanics and interactions. Ask questions. On this sub, or the above links, or even to myself.


Thank you


Do it on the Gagarin with Mixed Armament Synergy, excellent weapon combo. Also you can do it on any ship with Commander Intel Seating, run Surgical Strikes. The dps is almost as good as Beam Overload and you can run mixed beam/cannon loadouts.


really? surgical strikes used to be pants.


You can get decent results from SS3, but 1 and 2 are pretty bad.


It also helps if you roll your weapons all CrtD mods as well.


maybe I'm thinking of something else but, isn't Terran Task Force stuff Disruptor damage?


Once you achieve tier 6, different damage types are unlocked for rep weapons. So a phaser becomes available for Terran reps


interesting, i wasn't aware of that. I've only managed to almost get to tier 5


At Rep tier 6 all your rep weapons get a damage boost. And some new damage types open up for each faction. Your faction Traights also gain a level. Which deselects them until you go back in and equip the level 2 version


This is generally not a great idea, because the majority of your damage comes from using Overload/FAW for beams and CSV/CRF for cannons, so putting both means you are more constrained in your Boff options. Going from my logs, in a 93 second long ISA, with Sci captain in a Vengeance with Teran Task Force Phaser DHC (TTFPDHC) the max one-hit with the DHC base is 66k whereas with CSVII up it is up to 112k. Of course the DPS on CSVII is going to be higher because of higher uptime d/t Withering Barrage (23k in CVSII vs. 5k CVSI vs. just 3.75k base). Sidenote: elite kelvin drones deal 33.9k dps just on their own without needing anything else, almost 20% of that run's total dps. I'd like to see some testing to see if adding a TTF phaser beam array will out DPS a sensor-linked DHC if you can fit both your half-dragon CVSI/II and BO/FAW on the ship. Personally I think it'd be a bit tight and it might be a better idea to slot in KEW instead. You *could* mix them with Mixed Armament Synergy (+50% cat2 isn't anything to sneer at), but it only lasts 10s with a 45s CD so your timing has got to be on the spot.


I'm flying a Vengeance, too. I've been doing some TFOs with both the Terran Beam and Terran Cannon equipped and I'm not seeing any improvements over having just the Terran Beam and another with the PEN mod.


Does the game allow equipping TTF Bank + Areay? Or just Beam + Cannon?


There is no TTF DBB. It's BA or DHC. That's what made me try a mixed build on my Gal-X - because that proc and set is too good to pass on. 2 DBB, 2DHC, 1 Torp fore; 2 Omni, 1 Turret aft. I'm not yet fully convinced though. I'm in the phase of experimenting. I like the dual firing mode, especially considering I have all the BOff skills to support them (but that takes four tactical skills ...). But I'll see if it works when I figure out my console configuration. I'm weighing this against a full DBB build, with the exception of the fore replacement of one of these for the TTF BA.


I would have to look at them in game, but I believe both do the same Type damage. Phaser. So consoles and abilities that boost Phaser effect both. It’s not really mixing and matching.


Ohhh, I thought that not only did people recommend not mixing and matching phasers and disruptors for example, but also beams and cannons. But you're right, if they both do phaser damage it isn't really full-on mixing and matching.


The problem with mixing cannons and beams is that basically they have different skills. Scatter Volley for cannons and Beam Overload/Fire At Will for beams. You can mix them, but it's usually worse than picking one or the other. It does work if you have a Miracle Worker ship and can used mixed armament synergy


You only want to go full-cannons if you have an escort/pilot, to make sure the limited firing arcs can be constantly on the target.


I have a full cannon/turret Vengeance. Don't need to worry about limited fire arcs when you kill everything on the first pass :D


alot of cannons and most torps are Kinnetic, so you don’t think of it. But it always pays to check the damage type on some of the Rep weapons. They can surprise you. The Romulan Rep Torpedo’s for example are Plasma.


There might be a few, I honestly can't think of any cannons off the top of my head that do Kinetic damage. Also the Rom Hyper plasma is kinetic it just has a weak plasma dot as typical of plasma weaponry