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I have naturally high test levels (pcos) and have struggled w/ hair loss since forever (also had really thick hair in my teens). I am currently growing it back w/ natural DHC blockers like saw palmetto etc. Also every time I lower my carbs my hair growth increases. Haven't noticed any additional hair loss with anavar. So perhaps AAS exacerbated your hair loss and not caused it?


Hi sorry to hear about your experience The worst thing you can do know is worry this won’t help take a big deep breath what’s happened has happened Your hair will grow back I use a mix of coconut oil/castor oil/ olive oil/ rosemary essential oil great for stimulating the scalp I heat in a microwave 20-30seconds leave in over night or for a few hours I usually just sleep 💤 on it. Before you wash apply shampoo first don’t wet your hair can’t stress this enough a lot off ppl make this mistake so apply your shampoo to diffuse the oils. And wash like normal Keep an eye what chemicals are in the hair colour also nourish your scalp now And maybe get your bloods Checked as someone mentioned in a comment about the there thyroid having an effect on there hair, hope this helps 💕


Oh no, so sorry to hear this. I had this experience when taking my thyroid meds whiled geared (Var) and come to find out it was my T3 that was through the roof and causing the hair loss. Biotin and a really good collagen supplement will help with hair growth and regrowth. My hair was super thin, breaking near the scalp and shedding like crazy (clumps in the shower). Taking the collagen (liquid, pill or powder - whichever you prefer) coupled with biotin will help. My hair recovered in about two months but you’ve got to me patient. Find a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner too to help maintain integrity, sometimes the minoxidil can help and hurt all at once. Hope this helps.


I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. I’m not sure about supplements for hair growth. But I do know that PRP injections for hair loss could be an option that could work for you. It is a bit expensive but maybe after you try other options like supplements etc and you find they haven’t worked you can possibly look into PRP injections.


I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'll be honest that I've never experienced hair loss and have only used anavar. However I think a person's reaction to different compounds is highly individual and at this point can only speculate what may happen. Maybe take some photos each week so you can really measure if there has been any slow progress? Hopefully the fact you only did one cycle with it will reduce the chances that this is permanent. Could you use some headwear temporarily while you test out how your hair copes without the treatment shampoos? Would you consider posting this question on one of the popular medical subs? I've seen people posting issues related to illicit drug use there and they were still supportive and helpful in their answers. I'm hoping some of the other women here can have experiences to share for you. Keep us updated.


there is a lot of male oriented hair loss info out there and i think it would help you a lot. Beyond minoxidil (and using a nourishing hair mask after), look into generic rogain (i think costco has it) Also, topical black seed oil, derma stamping, supplement zinc picolinate (~ 30mg) and other important micronutrients.


But minox and rogain are the same thing...


My bad. I always confuse minoxidil with nizoral. If op isnt using nizoral /ketoconazol shampoo, a topical dht blocker, i would recommend them to use it as a hair mask applied only to the scalp once per week (not more because it can kill their hair texture :( ) and follow it by a moisturizing hair mask. At least it is what i do.