Great shot, Poe.


Don’t get cocky!


One in a million


Hell of a pilot


And not too hard on the eyes either.


[Double ace in 25 seconds](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikw4mP7-ptQ)? He must have Jedi reflexes




You're all clear, kid! Now let's blow this guy and go home!


I-id blow him 🥺


Never tell me the odds!






“So, I hear you have an opening in the ‘Best Friend’ department”


Hilarious. This got me.


It’s ok, Poe gave him a cool jacket.


Shouldn’t blasters immediately cauterize the wound? Like how we have seen throughout the entire movie saga up until that point?


I guess the argument could be made that it wasn't due to the blaster bolt but due to the pieces of armor that may have penatrated, or blood that came out around the wound? Idk, didn't make much sense to me either.


I was thinking fragmentation yeah but even still, does it make sense the armor would just shatter like that? Idk just a forced scene that felt lazy


The forge lady shatters tf out of some imp armor in the mandolorian


She also used blunt force trauma in the form of a hammer, not a blaster


Don't Mandalorians use kinetic ammo instead of lasers? I believe it's because when a Jedi tries to deflect them it essentially turns it into schrapnel. Unrelated to the stormtrooper in E7


Essentially yes. “Oh you can block lasers? Have fun with this buckshot” They try to deflect it, it just melts and turns into superheated slag that keeps going in the same direction ie towards them


Jedi vs railgun


It used to be in EU. Iirc in the republic commando novels, they use Verpine rifles, and they shoot bullets


How so?


They just shoot bullets like a normal gun


Wouldn't a super heated bolt kinda accomplished the same thing though


Idk man do you have a blaster for demonstration?


I mean Fuck bro I might >->


I don’t like where this is going


This exchange made me giggle. Probably a little too hard.


it would melt the armour not break it. it breaks glasses tho.


I guess the only way for us to figure this out is for me to shoot you square in the chest while you're wearing empire armor. Which basic armor from which era do you choose and how many times do I get to say hi with an E-11. Mind you I have plot armor so the E-11 accuracy is gonna be csgo lvl sweaty


could be different reactions to being superheated or just whichever is easier/cooler on camera


Nahh it would melt through the armor.


I understand.


So does Boba when he shows up on Tython


We still talking about just that scene? Lol


It applies universally here lmao


The armour has only ever been for show. It certainly has never evidenced any protective qualities.


IIRC, the armor supposedly disperses the blast. This knocks down and usually knocks out the trooper, but leaves them alive.


it's probably provides some protection..... against a child punching it


Doubtful, we saw ewoks beating the armour


Ewoks were using flying projectiles and stone weapons, a child's punch may still not be effective


I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.


This is the way


This is the way.


It's possible that stormtrooper armour is really good but blasters are just way more powerful than people give them credit for. I mean, in Mos Eisley we see Han's blaster blowing huge chunks out of the wall.


Which means the armor is useless. Whats the point of the armor if it cant protect?


To project terror, of course.


Modern tank armor is completely useless against modern anti-tank cannons, missiles, and other tanks, in fact most modern designs’ best defense is simply spreading out systems and crew along with making them redundant, so that any one projectile can only do so much damage. Regardless, these tanks still keep their armor around for Molotovs, small arms fire, and adverse environmental conditions among lots more. Most of all though, the Stormtrooper armor does protect. Think of it like airbags, sure you can’t just start driving again thirty seconds later but they sure saved your butt from a much, much worse fate.


Look out, incoming missiles!


Fate sometimes steps in to rescue the wretched.


The armor in tanks protect against the majority of the weapon present in a fight, it is useless against specialized weapons, if the specialized weapon were useless it wouldnt be used. But there isnt a single instance of a Stormtrooper armor protecting against something, they go to extremes with the ewoks and sticks to show that the armor is useless. You are comparing airbags with stormtrooper armor? Airbag save lives. "NHTSA estimates that the combination of an air bag plus a seat belt reduces the risk of death in frontal crashes by 61 percent." "From 1987-2015, frontal air bags saved 44,869 lives." Show me data or examples like this about Stormtrooper armor and then you can compare the two.


I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.


They’re fictional, I could pull a small footnote written by a visual dictionary author at midnight fifteen years after the movie came out and right in the middle of a hiatus between trilogies if you’d really like but then I could also probably find contradicting evidence at an equal canon level just as easily. So regardless of statistics, let’s look at what’s actually shown in the OT. Ewoks, for example. Armor provides protection, it doesn’t defy physics. I don’t remember seeing Ewoks actually break, penetrate, fracture or shatter Stormtrooper armor. The vast majority of damage they did was just keeping Imperial troops distracted and in disarray, with actual fighting pretty much physics-based strikes relegated to catching Stormtroopers off-balance to knock and slow them down. We even see shots of Ewoks trying and failing to injure Stormtroopers with handheld weapons when they do manage to get a couple tackled briefly.


>Whats the point of the armor if it cant protect? There's other lesser threats that troopers will face. Like sand people. I much rather be wearing storm trooper armor getting whacked and stabbed with their crude weapons than not wearing any armor. I play Escape from Tarkov. Most likely you're going to get shot in the head by a big armor piercing bullet. You wear a helmet so the scavengers with a shotgun don't randomly take you out from a hundred meters away.


I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.


Except that every single treat is better than the armor. Sand people? Hit kill on Stormtroopers. Crude weapons? What about stone and stick used by a tribal gummy bears? In Rogue One the blind guy killed Stormtroopers with a staff, the armor is useless against everything


I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.


So it's just a PVC uniform... mystery solved.


So people should stop saying that it is armor and creating conspiracy theories for justifying it


It does make sense. It you read any Star wars comics it happens all the time. The armor is designed to protect the wearer, but alot of the time the Armor will break and shoot fragments into the wearer.


>Just a forced scene that felt lazy The entire sequel trilogy summed up in 1 sentence


So is the rest of the movie


As far as I know (could be wrong) the paper thin plastic armor of the stormtroopers is meant to take the heat energy from the blast and absorb it, melting in the process. In the best case the rest of the energy stunning the trooper rather than killing him


Exactly what it’s supposed to do. It disperses the energy, and I think can only take like 1 heavier laser or a couple small ones, but for this scene to have this dramatic effect, they had to change the game.


If we are talking about real life physics, the armor would just be molten, there will be no shards or penetration, just burns


I always wondered what the hell the point is of outfitting your entire military in full body armor that doesn't even stop a single shot from the most common weapon in the galaxy. It's such a waste of resources, they might as well be fighting naked.


No because blaster bolts don’t actually destroy the armor


I always thought that it cauterized only so much. A center mass injury has a lot of wiggle room. Easily break the cauterized area by the smallest movements. As compared to an arm or leg, can’t contort too much so those stay somewhat clean.


A fresh scab like that is so easy to tear, and if the cauterized wound began to blister, and one of those popped, that could definitely lead to bleeding


What about when Obi-Wan cut of Ponda’s arm in the cantina? There was blood. Every other time their was a lightsaber wound, there wasn’t blood.


I guess Aqualish folks have a gooey center.


It's an "ability" of the species




I mean that trilogy had a lot of things happen that shouldn’t have happened, including that trilogy in it’s entirety.


Burns still bleed, and not from what we see in Return of the Jedi when Leia is blasted, she has blood on her arm


I'm going to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that this kind of projectile has two forms of importance for damage. The first is thermal energy which yes cauterizes the wound but the second energy is the most important one which is kinetic. Think of blasters as shooting a really hot & dense pocket of air at light speed. Yes the thermal energy will cauterize the wound but the kinetic energy will cause blood and all of that because of the fact that the energy isn't thermal but kinetic. The only reason this thing kills is because of the kinetic energy. Edit: You could argue and say that the thermal energy is the byproduct of the blasters not the kinetic energy.


*bad writing*


Well yes, but the thing is that blaster lasers don’t just burn, they explode


It didn’t have to be a human some species bleed after blaster shot


I also thaught that there shouldn't be blood, but then I thought maxbe Disney wanted it to be "dramatic" even though we have never really seen blood in Star Wars (if I remember correctly)


Idk maybe he was coughing up blood or something


Like how in episode 4 ponda baba’s arm bleeds after it gets cut off even though that never happens again with lightsabers?


Maybe, but shock from a bolt of plasma cracking through what's basically a future space magic composite plate at up to supersonic speeds is gonna do some real gnarly stuff to your insides and probably blow a bunch of it out the back of it's "rifle caliber". But I do agree that other than some atomized blood vapor from having a hot stick of plasma lop off body parts, this is oddly the only blood I think in SW lol.


He'd been holding on to that blood for years waiting for a moment to use it!


The next day Finn escapes, and for the rest of the saga he is cheering and whooping louder than anyone when his fellow brainwashed child soldiers die.


I honestly thought that's where this post was going! He is murdering these guys by the dozen with no conflict at all like 2 scenes later lol


Finn had so much potential :(


There was a novel/story that rectified it. That trooper that died was the squad’s fuck-up while Finn was their best trooper. That guy could never do anything right and got bullied by the rest of the squad while Finn quickly realized the FO’s purpose when the simulators started making him shoot civilians. Then the trooper died and when Finn got back all his squad mates (including TR8-T0R) said he deserved it for being weak. It kind of puts in perspective why Finn’s on board with killing Stormtroopers now, since he learned they’re pretty much all assholes anyway.


'You keep what you kill." - Poe Damerian *Disciple of Riddick*


Yet another character point they missed with Finn. He should have been reluctant to free Poe but realized it was his only shot. Then had a small argument as they discussed the escape plan. But no, he was portrayed as someone who was lucky to know which way to point his blaster.


Master Kenobi always said there’s no such thing as luck.






Reply “!ignore” to mute






Did HK-47 make those pages? Lol P.S. - I don't get it.


Yet when they were escaping, Finn was letting loose on the tail gun at his fellow stormtroopers cause it is on a rope


Sure Finn had some horrible writing, but no one was done dirtier than Captain Phasma. Well, maybe how they uneventfully killed Akbar in the back.


How does this have anything to do with the meme?


Why he bleeding tho


Oh fuck


Then Finn turns around and kills his friends while trying to escape with the guy who killed his friend. Such terrible writing.


I don't think Finn ever cared about the other Stormtroopers or considered any of them friends. He was concerned about being used as a death machine to slaughter innocent civilians.


This opening with Finn clearly tries to paint to picture that Finn cares for his fellow stormtroopers as they like him are people behind the armor who aren't just cannon fodder but victims of the first order as they never had the choice to be anything else. This opens up a lot of doors for adding depth to Finn and the Stormtroopers unfortunately the script writers forget and made it not mean anything. It's crazy how the Mandalorian was able to do more with a former story trooper in a 2 minute scene the then sequels did in a trilogy.


He doesn't care about them, at least not in that way. He simply saw himself laying there dying. He was faced with mortality and knew that as a storm trooper he was almost certainly going to die, and no one was going to care. He was a janitor, no one knew him, he had no friends, he was the lowest on the food chain in the troopers. He saw a human die and in that moment saw himself next, so he ran.


Well yes, but problem with that is that he is supposed to be a hero. Complete lack of compassion for those who are stuck in the same state he was in just hours ago paints him in a very negative light.


The others didn't leave, and once he found others who did, he joined them. In fact the others you're discussing only became more passionate about the empire, bolstered by the actions of Finn and singling him out in battle. Please stop sympathizing with empire. It's not cute.


> It's crazy how the Mandalorian was able to do more with a former story trooper in a 2 minute scene the then sequels did in a trilogy. He wasn't a stormtrooper, wiseass.


Are you talking about Finn or Mayfield both were former storm troopers.




My apologies I forgot about this line. Even if hes not a stormtroopers he was still a conscript forced to fight for uncaring leadership and watch his friends die in battle a very similar situation to finn so I think comparison still holds weight. I also wouldn't put it past him to be lying but that's open for interpretation.


I feel like this scene was meant less to convey some relationship between Finn and the downed trooper and more to convey Finn realizing his own mortality. That dying trooper could've been *him*, and Finn quickly realizes this. When, immediately after this, it's revealed that said mortality is for the sake of executing PoWs in cold blood - and immediately after *that* it's revealed that you will face disciplinary action for not actively participating in said execution of PoWs in cold blood - it's no wonder why Finn felt inclined to high-tail it the kriff out of there with Poe.


Definitely agree. The FO probably doesn't even allow Stormtroopers to have "friends", or at least their environment doesn't allow for it. How can you be friends with people whose faces you can't see, where you can't talk freely either because you're being watched or everyone around you is completely brainwashed? A point of Finn as a character/deuteragonist is that he's deeply lonely, like the protagonist and antagonist. Also, I think that's probably why he takes off his helmet after the fight. He wants to take it off because he realizes that he's doomed to die in it.


Well problem with that would be that slaughtering dozens of those stuck in the same situation as you just were after realizing own mortality really doesn't paint Finn in good light. To be fair, it kind of hard to interpret the scene of his and Poem escape in some way that doesn't paint Finn as completely incompassionate individual but still.


He didn't kill anyone who wasn't already trying to kill him, IIRC.


It's less about the action itself and more about his attitude towards that action. It's Star Wars, protagonists slaying stormtroopers by the dozen is inevitable, but you'd kind of expect Finn to at least reminisce and say "damn, I wonder if some of them also had doubts or if I would have been one of them had someone else tried to escape".


Yeah, true. I think that's just how Star Wars is (especially in the movies): more focused on the action and the simple/straightforward good v. evil dichotomy, and less focused on the nuances of whether the "baddies" the heroes just killed by the dozens were more complex than that.


Finn isn’t heartbroken a stormtrooper was shot lol. it’s his first time actually in the field he’s seeing the shit it entails that’s why he’s in horror. But sequels bad lol


If only I had developed an emotional connection to either character, I might have cared


What if that was the dude that bullied Fin every day?


>blasters don’t cause bloody wounds >stormtrooper armor specifically prevents penetration from blasters >shrapnel would be the only explanation >shrapnel didn’t hit that guy >blood is random and makes no sense in lore >movie carries on without anyone questioning this scene >Finn doesn’t even give a fuck about his fellow kidnapped child soldiers Gee, I wonder why people didn’t like the sequels


>blasters don’t cause bloody wounds Neither do lightsabers but when Obi-Wan cuts off Ponda Baba’s arm that mf left blood all over. EDIT: Someone else in this comment section made the really good point that even if the heat were to cauterize the wound, a new scab like that would be incredibly easy to break. Also, stormtrooper armor has never once been shown to be effective against a protagonist.


To your last point, we don’t know, and no one knows. When we see a stormtrooper get hit with a blaster every other time, they get knocked back, but did they actually die or did they take the hit and get knocked out?


I believe with stormtroopers armor, the armor kind of spreads out the impact to only knock out the trooper instead, I could be confusing it with clone armor though


Stormtrooper Armor never blocks blasters lol wtf


This movie feels like every scene was made by a different person. The whole intro of Finn was about the horrors of war, he was a Stormtrooper and he wasnt evil, the universe isnt black vs white, but the next scene he is there shooting every Stormtrooper like if they are droids


Yeah, Finn's character was screwed right out of the gate.




Nah, he just decides to massacre dozens of them in a hangar not two minutes after releasing the man that shot and killed his best friend.


While yelling as cheering aswell. But we need Finn to be the funny man


Is this more horrifying than finn not caring at all about a single storm trooper he kills after this point is my question


He then spends the rest of the films cheering their deaths.


Another potentially interesting storyline thrown away…


I feel like one issue with the sequel trilogy is that the first order fails to establish itself as a country. With the empire you can see every level of it, the low class with the smugglers and those in cahoots with the hutts, the middle class just trying to get by and the upper crust politicians and such. When you interact with OT media, like star wars rebels, the thrawn books, ot the actual ot itself, you get the sense that this is a country, a massive force, it creates this sense that the rebels are a small force trying to take down a juggernaut. It creates this underdog feeling. But the first order fails to establish itself as a country. When i envision the empire i see planets covered in stormtroopers, imperial banners hanging from tall buildings as the oppressed lower class go on with their day under threat of being killed. I see skeezy politicians trying to worm their way up the hierarchy. When i envision the first order i see a ship floating in space with a bunch of stormtroopers on it. Because that's all we were shown of the first order. They failed to establish that it's a juggernaut, a powerful nation that presents a real threat to the resistance.


Also they failed to address that they made illum, the home of the kyber crystals and the location of the Jedi temple where every Jedi gets their lightsaber, into a superweapon. How would that effect Luke? Or Rey? WHERE THE HELL DID SHE GET THE YELLOW CRYSTAL FOR THE NEW LIGHTSABER?


Well I believe it’s also worth to point out how THIS death started his whole story, but he has NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER killing countless other stormtroopers…. SEQUELS!


Everything about Finn seems underdeveloped and badly implemented.


thats what i was thinking about the other day "the resistance killed my best friend! i should join them and kill more people who i probably knew!"


just one of the many little ways sequels suck


To be honest there is way to much stuff in the sequels that breaks already established cannon rules... so no surprise there, I've just decided the sequels aren't cannon for my sanity.


This is the way


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This is the way.


This is the way.


This could've created such a cool character moment between Finn and Poe, and was a great opportunity to highlight the psychology of the First Order troops, but whoops guess JJ forgot


Yeah. But then he immediately pops off after killing his former comrades himself, so


GOD that would have made a better soldier side-villain unlike phasma


Finn: ... Poe: Finn, please don't kill me Finn: ... Poe: Finn...? Finn: Imma kill you Poe: ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Oh shit


I don’t think it was him caring, as much as it was survivors guilt of watching someone wearing identical armor who was standing right next to you getting blasted


Wait! Just because there hasn’t been any survivors before, doesn’t mean there won’t be any this time.


I keep seeing this post. Do people actually not watch the movies they watch?


These movies are terrible


Finn proceeds to start murdering stormtroopers


What is this...weird stormtrooper design? And what star Wars movie is this person talking about?


The star wars trilogy that came about from some money grabbers that they consider Canon. It is in fact not recognized by a majority of the community so I understand how you don't understand what this is from. Its called episode "F star wars at all costs"


Finn is horrified at the death of his comrade and then proceeds to murder every stormtrooper he comes across


They are no longer comrades at that point.... so he doesn't care anymore maybe?


Not to mention that this supposed character development simply dissolves later when they escape in the TIE and finn decides to turn each of his former friends and fellow soldiers into cannon fodder with no remorse


And then Finn goes on to star shooting them too.


And like 5 minutes later he's blowing up his "friends" in a tie fighter whooping and hollering lmao. Absolute boob of a character.


So it gets worst after a rewatch… yep the sequel is literally the anti-prequels


Finn got cheated throughout the sequels man


The blood smears change from shot to shot too because their makeup people were inconsistent and whoever edited the scene gave no fucks about editorial consistency. And that blood doesn't look anything like blood. It looks like Finn had a bottle of Frank's Red Hot explode in his face. Soooo bad


Wow that seems like a really interesting plot thread they could follow with Finn where he goes through the process of realizing what he's done and the friends he's lost, dealing with the trauma of being a Storm Trooper of the first order. Oh that's just for this one scene, never amounting to anything and Finn is effectively useless after the first movie because his entire character arc was "I used to be a Storm Trooper"? Huh.


Aldo he blows up his "friends" after stealing a tie fighter and is suddenly ok with killing them...


It's ok, Finn killed more during the escape without hesitation or remorse


This is not Star Wars.


Can you hear me, stor Trooper with three strikes?


Got popped by the Poe Poe


That’s why they’re bickering all of the next two movies


That time Finn fell for some guy who killed his boyfriend.


Has Disney edited out that gruesome blood on Poe's helmet?


I assumed that Poe had already been caught by the time that guy was shot I thought that some random villager had chosen to fight back


Why are you trying to find continuity or logic in the sequels is my question.


Love how it's almost no time at all until Finn is whooping with joy shooting down his former comrades from the Millennium Falcon's turret.


I'm not sure if Finn was particularly attached to the Stormtrooper who died. I think it was more, "that could have been me." Followed by the execution squad that he couldn't bring himself to participate in. HOWEVER! The fact that Poe was the one to fire the shot that started to snap Finn out of his programming is a huge, "oh shit! You're right!" revelation.


Don't worry. A couple hours later he's blasting other stormtroopers and whooping it up. Don't think too hard about the fact that these stormtroopers are victims of brainwashing like he was.


One thing i love is how finn went from being shaken to the core by the death of a fellow stormtrooper, to relentlessly murdering stormtroopers without hesitation


You’d think a rebel killing his friend would make him more loyal to the first order. But no, because the sequels are allergic to coherent story telling




Also like 15 minutes later Finn is whooping and cheering as he and Poe gun down his former comrades en mass.


Its so sad that they had something interesting going on with him and the other characters in TFA


I still think Finn would have been a more interesting main protagonist than Rey. We have enough chosen ones from the desert, the deserter who made his own non-predestined choice was far more interesting. But noooooo, they turned him into a flat background character.