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You should name some examples. It's not quite heavy metal but Our Last Night kinda fits. All of their original music doesn't do anywhere near what the covers do (in views).


Pellek, Tommy Johansson, Dan Vasc, the Brazilian guy who sounds like Bruce Dickinson. Most of the above I do actually like at least some of their stuff, but there's definitely a tried-and-tested formula at this stage. (Except Pellek; talented singer but he throws the kitchen sink at *everything*, even covers of songs that are meant to be simple and chilled-out, plus his original music is pretty shite.)


"obligatory 1 musical theater number (it's always Defying Gravity)" 1. sometimes it's the title track from Phantom Of The Opera, if they have a girl singing with them. 2. I do not understand WHY these (usually men) Metal singers cover DG specifically. Ten times out of ten they sound awful.


[Or sometimes even if there isn't a girl singing with them](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgyR-gjcNbk). (I do love Tommy, though.)


Pellek TITANIC [METAL COVER] NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP [METAL COVER] HOME DEPOT THEME [METAL COVER] The instrumentals they sing over will always be at least twice as fast as the originals, and will have double kicks all over. I love metal covers of pop songs but when they do it out of proper enjoyment/respect of the original rather than mockery, and keep the original tempo at least.


metal covers fucking suck :D


Black Sabbath did God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in their style and I'm pretty sure it's the only good metal cover. Napalm Deaths silent night isn't great, but it's a good meme at least


Some do have actual effort put into them, but the majority don't


Cannot stand the constant use of double kicks. You’re washing out the entire set.


I have no idea where Jonathan Young is from but pretty much yeah


Obligatory 1 Disney Film piece (Usually either 'Be Prepared' or 'Hellfire')