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I served in the Philippines which is usually the biggest group of volunteers


My homeboy’s sister went to Mongolia. When she found out we checked the weather in Ulan Bataar and the 10 day forecast was “smoke”.


That’s no bluff. I went to Mongolia after I was done with my service. That city is straight up just bumper to bumper cars all day


I'm from Ukraine and a PC volunteer was helping with English lessons in my college, she was great.


Oh hey another Ukrainian! Hi


How are yall doing over there have you guys left already?


Hell no I ain't leavin


удачі, будьте в безпеці.




Got a gun? If not I'll give you the money to buy one. You and homie here. Wish I could ship you mine. I hope your country sends every one of these evil bastards straight to Hell. Слава Україні. 🇺🇦


Putin can go suck a horse cock




Героям Слава!


I'm not Ukrainian but I'll take a free gun


I was a PCV in Ukraine! Where is your college?


Bohuslav, Kyiv oblast


Ah, I was in Dnipropetrovska Oblast. I hope you and your family are safe and well)) Слава Україні


Dude the Peace Corp is one of the few good foreign policy program the US has. It's usually highly educated people going to places and helping out underdeveloped area helping with engineering projects and teaching. Your post is much closer to mission trips than Peace Corp.


Confusing "missionary kid goes on a two-week program to build a house very badly" with "highly trained professional teaching a community valuable skills".


My buddy joined the peace corps with an economics degree never having worked in economics. I wouldn’t call him a highly trained professional. He was 25 and needed a job.


But he still had an economics degree


Fun fact: the peace corps and US intelligence community are insanely strict about not working in the peace corps after US intelligence or vice-versa I discovered that **after**...completing an application for a Peace Corps HQ job


Well it's probably a good thing so that people can't claim that the peace corps is secretly espionage


Yep, that's exactly why- and they take it very seriously. Peace Corps is cool.


I've read that people in intelligence will never pose as journalists or religious figures for the same reason. You don't want to draw any distrust towards certain professions


That's exactly what I believe/believed that it was.


Peace corps isn’t espionage, it’s *cover* for espionage.


It's because foreign governments (especially not so nice ones) would go after you if they found former intelligence operatives in the peace corps.


That may be a concern but that isn't the primary motivation. The prohibition works both ways, e.g. intelligence services will not accept peace corps graduates. It's because they don't want to discredit the PC. After all, prior intelligence officers go on disproportionately to serve in countless other roles overseas - just not the PC.


PCVs can work for intelligence agencies. Rules vary but it’s 5 years blacklist for all intelligence and 10 years for working with the region in which you served. Source: RPCV, know RPCVs who now work in intelligence.


white savior bad


Well it's in the word right there, "savior" is the bad part. Going to preach to people without offering any substantial help or with strings attached is pretty fucked. Let's use Thomas Sankara for example. Sankara, a leader from Brukino Faso, said he didn't want the international community to send food to impoverished countries (specifically his), because this creates a dependency system where the international community can leverage favors to steal natural resources from the country. If they really cared about hunger, they would send tractors. By providing the means to make their own food, (and we can say by extension the knowledge to help develop your own country) the impoverished country is able to provide for itself the means to be self sustaining. Now this seems obvious. That's all positive. Except to the west, who promptly had Sankara assassinated in a coup d'etat because that's commie talk and as a Marxist Leninisy, Sankara was in talks with the USSR to get those tractors. The west wanted to be a white savior and provide the food with the strings attached to syphon as much natural resources as possible. Providing the means and knowledge to undo colonialism is an admirable goal and means, but it's often a more communist talking point that a Western one, where the latter wants to provide help with those strings attached. Source: studied for state department and reviewed this stuff, currently living in 3rd world.


>Going to preach to people without offering any substantial help or with strings attached is pretty fucked That isn't the Peace Corps, though. They don't preach. The build infrastructure, like wells and roads and schools. Those help to create long term sustainability for the area, and to my knowledge, have no strings attached. You're talking about sending food aid and clothing and "goods" that we (the West) don't want. And I agree, there can be no local market growth while that happens. But again, that is NOT the Peace Corps. You cite a lot of specific events, none of which are related to the peace corps.


Oh I agree. The peace corps is the only diplomatic thing the us has done that hasn't been a scheme. But historically, scheming is all the west does. And it heavily outweighs the amount of good the peace corps has done unfortunately




It is also a requirement that one be highly educated. Military one can be a HS dropout and get trained. PC requires a high education before applying. I wish more funding was dropped into PC and that more ppl could get in and get trained


I almost got sent to Moldova in 2015 but had to decline since a lucrative job offer came up. I do kinda regret not going tho


You can still go my sibling! If you decide you want a career change or a break, Peace Corps is a great way to fill the gap. Most of the volunteers are recent grads but we had 3 people over 50 in our cohort of 44, and quite a few people in their 30's.


I like the idea of using sib as a neutral term like bro or dude or something


Dude is gender neutral and I will die on this hill


Dude is absolutely becoming gender neutral but it still has at least a mild masculine connotation. Therefore it can be upsetting and even triggering for transfem people. I'm all for making it gender neutral but it's not there yet.


sibling triggers me, my brother died


Damn bro that sucks


happy cake day 🎂


The people I hear saying dude the most are non-binary or lesbian, referring to everyone as that.


I disagree, I think given the etymology of the word it has always been gender neutral.


Usage is probably a better guide here than etymology, as is usually the case. And I'm pretty sure dude is more masculine in usage.


Damn. Now I'm intrigued.


What's wrong with the peace corps? Other than that OP apparently doesn't like the people?


OP is conflating the Peace Corps (usually a 2+ year stint) to the people who people who do a 2 week voluntourism without making much of an impact


yeah peace corps is serious dedication.


My cousin did a 2 year stint in Lesotho with the PC. Someone in her group was shot and killed in a mugging there. People try to help but some places are just so messed up.


Of all the things wrong in the world, voluntourism feels like a low priority to get upset about. I get there are better ways to help but the people complaining about it tend to be people who don't help period. Like, oh no. Ashley spent a week digging a well in a remote community. What a bastard.


It’s not always helpful busywork. I remember reading about how some voluntourism groups would put up these cheap, shitty structures that the locals just tear down when they leave to sell it because they aren’t actually worth much as a building But yeah in the grand scheme of things it’s really not a big concern imo


plus there’s some where it’s like sold as an “experience” so they’ll volunteer for 4 hours a day and then just visit the country and try different food lol it’s just annoying when they get back and they talk about how much they changed when they coulda just went across town to help out poor folk lol


Don't you know you're a piece of shit statistic if you go help but are not able to singlehandedly solve world hunger


[How to solve world hunger](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Modest_Proposal)


I don't think anyone is upset about it , this is just gently poking fun at a stereotype that exists among Peace Corps volunteers. And isn't poking fun at common patterns among groups of people what this sub is all about?


> And isn’t poking fun at common patterns among groups of people what this sub is all about? Have you been on this sub lately? People are getting so pressed that they’re making counter starter packs. Some people here can’t laugh at themselves anymore I guess


I have not, I left a while ago during a phase when a lot of this /r/starterpacks just started making packs to hate on women/minorities/poor people/religious people/anyone who they didn't like and it became more punching down and mean than fun


Still better than us sitting on our lazy asses


speak for yourself! (I have a standing desk)


Exactly. This starter pack would be very appropriate for those voluntourists. Peace corps isn't quite the same thing.


It's 2 years unless a global pandemic cuts your service short by 16 months >:(


Even a two week voluntourism still makes a small difference. Sure ***that*** person may not see whatever mission/project through, but they are still contributing something. Even if they are overly obnoxious they still took the time to do something, even if it was for personal clout.


I know a woman who started a non profit organization to help raise money to help victims of the widespread sexual violence in the Congo. This was in addition to her full time job. I had always perceived myself as a “pretty good guy” in the world. But when I saw the gulf of positive impact between what she was doing and what I was doing, it made me feel a bit small by comparison. In my case, it prompted me to donate to the cause and ultimately donate my time to redesign their website for them. But I could see other instances where that feeling of smallness could lead to feelings of resentment and narratives about things like “virtue signaling” that seek to recast selfless behavior as something selfish, and therefore relieve the person from the feeling that by not doing more, they may not be as good a person as they want to see themselves as.


Idk what op's opinion is, but nothing in this starterpack says anything inherently bad about peace corps, other than that a stereotype exists. edit: thinking further on it, it's pretty clear to me that op probably has a negative view on these kinds of people, but i think my point still stands that none of these arguments (other than perhaps 'useless degree') are in any way an indication that these people want to do anything but help those in less fotunate situations than them.


its pretty clear this has a pejorative tone


"Useless degree" makes it pretty clear OP has a negative opinion of these people. The quotes also make it clear to me OP thinks these people are shallow and ignorant.


OP is excited to graduate with their business degree and work as a peon in a cube farm and is very angry the people who wouldn't sleep with them in college are posting fulfilling experiences overseas on social media.


Do you know what a “white savior” complex is?


Yes, are you saying that is what the Peace Corps is about?


He's saying that's what the meme is implying


Wow finally someone with executive reasoning.


so do you want white people to help or not?


“We need to help people who have less resources in impoverished countries!!” *White person leaves the comfort of their country and goes to live and work among the people in said impoverished country* “Wow, this asshole just has a white savior complex”


There's "White man's burden" and "White savior complex" being thrown around all over this thread lol Damned if you do, damned if you don't


Assuming you're not mixing up the actual Peace Corp with a 2-week volunteer or a Christian missionary (which is a completely understandable mix-up), what would you want then? In your eyes this is a lose-lose situation. Either white westerners sit on their asses all day posting stuff like #PrayFor[Country] or resharing a GoFundMe with a questionable source, or they go to [underfunded/war-ridden country] and actually try to help which labels them as white saviors for getting off of their ass and actually trying to do something useful. And doesn't the Peace Corp also go to countries that are also majority white? So how would the white savior complex fit in here?


The person I replied to downvoted me but couldn't actually give me a full answer...?


I admittedly had not heard of "white saviortism" before. After a quick google search, I agree with the concept partially. Yes, people should be careful to not force 'help' on people that don't want/need it, but people should also not be discouraged from helping on the basis that they *might* overstep their bounds. Furthermore, people that criticize others for having a "white savior" mentality are ironically engaging in their own form of saviortism by assuming that the people being helped need someone to stand up for them against "white saviors". Also, calling it "white saviortism" is just as racist as any other racial stereotype.


its like certain historically illiterate people calling every case of a White person helping out others in social movement must be saviortism. Like Charles Sumner got caned in the Senate because of his ego. Not because he genuinely believed in the cause of abolitionism.


What about “recognizing your privilege and giving back”?


There is no winning with some people. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


OP just had a typo, this is about the Peace Corp, Lawrence Peace's corporation. They drill for oil in gorilla habitats.


We’re going to test poisons on you now!


The problem with the peace corps are the kind of people who make up the majority of the peace corps


What would those people be like? I'm assuming they make you feel morally bad (but really it's because you are a wage slave while they don't have to be) so instead you make them categorically bad.


So, you just don't like them.lol Reminds me the attitude people have toward vegans. You're doing something good that I'm not? Fuck you.


Like who exactly? I’m just curious.


How many former PC volunteers do you know? The ones I know are smart, had the skills the PC was looking for, and were willing to work on difficult conditions for two years for very low pay. Because these people did have skills, they forewent a lot of income during those two years. One physician friend worked in Indonesia and got the nickname “Dr. Diarrhea” for his work on infant diarrhea there.


I have several friends in the peace corps and they are all earnest hardworking individuals who are trying to make the world a better place. What’s so shitty about that?


Dude no matter what their reasons for doing it, the fact that they chose to do it when they could have also done nothing at all, is good in and of itself. It’s like that line from Batman Begins, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” I could be a selfish prick of a doctor who’s only in it for the money but if I save lives, the end result is that those lives were still saved no matter how I really feel on the inside about it.


...OP, I honestly think you might be confusing the actual Peace Corp with Christian missionaries.


Add pictures of them building some structure up from scratch and yeah it’s basically a missionary starter pack lol


Do you know what the Peace Corps is? It's a nearly 2.5 year commitment to live and work and subsist in a place that is often in very, very bad shape. It's not some 2 week trip to Thailand. People that do the Peace Corps are super committed. Also lol to "worthless degree", Google and a lot of big tech are about to fire a shit ton of "worthwhile degree" people.


Yeah this one is definitely someone who thinks the peace corp is a missionary trip. How many missionary trips require me to learn Swahili so I can teach children (who don’t even know how to read) the fundamentals of arithmetic and physics?? Edit: I forgot to add that I got rejected my first attempt at joining up because I ONLY HAD A BACHELORS. Imagine a missionary rejecting applicants of any educational background…


Thank you!! For decades the Peace Corps has recruited and only accepted volunteers who had skills and knowledge relevant to what was needed on the ground. Think physicians and nurses and groundwater geologists and people with technical skills.


They didn't even use the knowledge of "worthwhile" computer engineers to Google what the Peace Corps is.


OP is just very excited to work in a gray cube farm for the next several decades with their MBA and needs an outlet for their anger over seeing fulfilling experiences posted on social media by the people who would not sleep with them in college.


Is it possible you’re confusing the peace corps w missionaries?


Yeah, I went to grad school with a few former peace corps folks, and they were nothing like this. Genuinely a bunch of really smart, hard working people with some interesting experiences. This post is more of the “voluntourism” stuff where people with a savior complex get to larp as aid workers for a week and then fly back to post a bunch of photos on social. Peace corps volunteers legit live in rural villages for years to work with the local people on enhancing their agriculture or teaching kids math in places where there aren’t enough qualified teachers.


This is more like the Christian evangelists version of the peace corps.


Yeah, from what I know of the Peace Corps, they're actually really a good group.




Yeah, like, you get paid almost nothing to spend two years of your life living in a remote and sometimes dangerous area and helping the locals... the people I've known who did peace corps are some of the most selfless people I've ever met.


Because they're a raging dickhead


Ripping on people who try to help others? Wow, much edgy.


I guess according to OP people shouldn’t help other people in need? What a weird take


Insecurity and guilt. Making fun of people trying to make a difference just because they're insecure about themselves.


All these keyboard warriors love to call out these people with supposed “white savior” complexes while they sit on their phone/computer in their air conditioned living room


If you look at OPs history for two seconds you can see easily why they think this way lmao. They need some help


>*skin tone* Do you think black people aren't allowed to join Peace Corps or something?


Do they actually get sent places based on skin tone? We get peace corps missions in my little third world shithole, and a disproportionate number of them are black (or at least, those that go out to the bars I see them at lol)


I don't think so. We had a pretty broad rainbow in our cohort in Georgia (the country not the state). However, I believe I've heard black PCV's are generally more inclined to apply for African posts or posts in countries with a significant black population, which makes sense. The ability to blend into a crowd is something you don't realize you have until you lose it, and as a PCV you're already so much in the spotlight it's easy to see why someone wouldn't want to add an obvious physical difference with the locals on top of that.


That was my first thought. I don’t think the Peace Corps is only white people and nobody is slapping applications out of everyone else’s hands.


Very little of this pack applies to my former cohort in Mongolia. We all had teaching degrees or years of comparable experience, and about half the cohort identified as POC. Some of us had pretty bad experiences, and I’d even argue one among us did more harm than good, but I don’t think that justifies this starter pack


yeah saving people voluntarily is so cringe and only for white people or smth am I right


Wow. That's some moron grade pabulum.


>Useless degree Like forestry, agriculture, nursing, civil engineering, science education... ​ >Serves here or here Like Moldova, Philippines, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia...


The two people I knew in the peace corp had some respectable degrees, entomology and some agriculture degree. Seems pretty useful for teaching people effective farming techniques. I don’t get ops take either.




The PC won’t accept you if you don’t have skills and knowledge they need.


Look at OP's account. I'm gonna be honest, they're a dumbass.


OP do you know what the peace corps is?


I was in the Peace Corps and this starter pack could not be more off-base lol


OK, so i'm from a developing nation and there definitely is something unsavoury about these "white saviors" who come here to do volunteer work. But the fact is they are actually working towards bettering the lives of others. sure they may be doing it just to boost their egos or to have an adventure in an "exotic" land, but like whatever - at the end of the day they are making a positive change in the world, however small, and we shouldn't bash them for that.


Op got their heart broken by a peace core member


This is the correct take in this thread.


you spelled “Christian missionaries” wrong.


That's immediately what my mind jumped to


Still better then sitting on your ass going on about how Satan will suck your toes if you don't donate to the church Unlees their the type to go on about satanic toe sucking to the people their missioning to I do hope most missionary's actually do have a genuine intent of helping out though I don't much tbh


OP’s account is a month old and reads like one of those vehicles on r/schizophreniarides or r/infowarriorrides


The skin tone though is blatantly false, because I know many Peace Corps volunteers who are poc.


I served in the Peace Corps and a good amount of my cohort were poc. Two of the most important staff members were latino along with a large portion of the volunteers. This was the group of volunteers that organized inter-service training where I served: https://imgur.com/a/OOXAJFU Three asian, one black, one white/latino, and one white. While the Peace Corps was largely dominated by whites in the past, representation of poc has increased substantially over the past 20 years.


Served in Cambodia for a year and a half. I'd say maybe a quarter to a third of our volunteers are POCs. As an example, we had literally 3 black people in a group of 70+. While I agree that it's blatantly false, it's silly to pretend that a majority of volunteers *aren't* whiter than wonderbread.


My classmate as a child was a peace corp baby. Her dad was serving in Paraguay and he got a local woman pregnant and he proposed to her and married her. I don’t recall if my classmate was born in Paraguay or the United States, but I believe it was Paraguay. She and her son from a previous relationship moved with him to the USA. His wife became an accountant and has a tax prep firm, and she’s very successful. They’ve been married around 27 or 28 years and had another child a few years later and they seem happy, but I’m unsure of the ethics of that. I know my classmate has returned to Paraguay and has visited relatives. Her mom was from the Gurani tribe, but also spoke Spanish.


OP is a degenerate and can’t process people adding value to society so assumes they’re assholes.


Film is not a useless degree of you put in the work. People try to tell you not to pursue creative fields but it's to stop future competition


White people: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


I went to an event once that had a Peace Corps recruitment booth. The folks there were very nice and raved about the program, but I definitely got the feeling they weren't telling me the whole story.


I had a friend in college who volunteered with the PC. It's a program with good intentions but sometimes poor execution. They don't always take into account what the volunteers academic or technical background is during the assignment process. So Joe schmoe with a philosophy degree and no civil engineering or agricultural background gets sent to a 3rd world community that Probably needs more than just English lessons. The end result is cultural enrichment for the volunteer, but really no improvement to the community's quality of life.


>So Joe schmoe with a philosophy degree and no civil engineering or agricultural background I get that that's a problem but...more kids with BAs are looking to join the PC than civil engineers or farmers.


I don't love that my friend who was in the peace corps I In the US was paid so little she had to go on food stamps. This was a decade ago but if that hasn't changed, seems like poor execution.


You think anyone has told you the whole story- ever? About anything?


Mate are you alright?


Sure. How's you? Everything okay?


Yes my friend, I was just wondering as you seemed a bit irritated and antagonistic in your previous nessage


Irritated and antagonistic? Not at all. I think the world is a very big place and unless a person has experienced something firsthand, they're going to project their beliefs into what they're saying. If they have experienced it firsthand, they're going to emphasize whatever reinforces the point they're trying to make. Either way, heyve got an agenda and qant to persuade you, so nobody is gonna give you a complete and transparent picture about anything they're invested in. This isn't upsetting, it's just why it's important to build consensus from several views and not leap to conclusions.


Not even purposefully, memory is a lot more decieving than people would like to believe


Weird flex to shit on folks that try to make people’s lives better but you do you bby.


Why do you think it’s white people that try to help? I mean at least SOMEONE is TRYING to help?


>white people don't help - they are privileged colonizers reaping the benefits >white people do help - white saviors think they are better than the natives There's no winning this one.


One of my moms ex boyfriends had recently returned from 3 years in peace corp when they started dating. I found his perspective and awareness really distinct and he was a wonderful inspiration in my life. He is a working class guy through and through, did hard ass construction work when he got back and is now an electrician, married and has a kid.


My guess is OP has never done anything as selfless (and sometimes dangerous) like this and is low-key jealous of these people.


It must be a good feeling helping the people who are in needs


I hate the words "useless degree"


I could understand Christian missionaries because fuck you I don't need you pushing your religion on other people. Piece corp though does some good stuff.


“I went there to help them, but they ended up helping me”


It's a cringe way to say it but it makes a lot of sense.


They’re probably just doing good things to build their resume. Unlike myself, who by doing nothing at all has demonstrated obvious moral superiority.


My understanding was that the Peace Corps was actually a really great organization? Either way, it has to be better than church "mission trips" that are basically just crowdfunded vacations


Average Redditor: does nothing and has no degree, makes fun of those who do interesting things and get an education I don't get it Also, this isn't the peace corps


Every people in Africa are busy so they need American volunteers to work.


Everything looks good but I get the impression that I'm supposed to disapprove somehow


What’s relevant about where they serve are they comparatively nice places or smth?


As the holder of the same education from the same institution mentioned, oof.


There's AmeriCorps for those who wanna do Peace Corps but also don't wanna leave the US.


99% Serve in Detroit


I feel like this should be the “high school mission trip” starter pack. Everyone I know that joined the peace corps is pretty great. It’s intense work


Is the degree useless if it allowed you to join the peace corps and make a difference in someone’s life?


meanwhile op doesnt do shit most likely and could never commit themselves to something like this


My girlfriend went to Cal State Long Beach, she laughed when I showed her this meme 😅


*Useless degree for making money* doesn’t mean it’s useless though. A lot of help comes from this type if stuff, am I wrong? Should people not help out? Should 100% of us focus on mathematics and physics, humanities be damned I guess.


Add missionary work and you’ve got my little cousin.


This is pretty funny, but to keep it real for a second. I didn't do peace corps, but former peace corps folks I've run into are, as a rule, scrappy, resourceful and results-focused. They don't complain, and they get shit done. It's like they went through so much shit, nothing fazes them. Most of them go on to do significant things in their lives. If you're a young person looking for what's next in your life, give Peace Corps a long look.


Way to call out the guy whose degree that is... Names visible and everything


Some people shouldn’t be allowed to make starter packs


Fucking White people and.... volunteering for nothing but self fulfillment and personal satisfaction..?


There are more than just white people who want to help...


White saviour backlash is stupid. At least they’re helping people in need, what are you doing to help?


You might be just thinking of regular old mission trips or volunteers. From what I can tell seems like the peace corps is educated people doing good work


OP must be a 49er...


Don't shit on other's degrees, they're at least doing something instead of farting in a couch


You really shitting on the peace corps ?


Damn you white people for being more prone to help others


Lol someone didn't get accepted into the peace corps.


op is racist👍🏻


I have an Econ degree and seriously considered joining to do emergent economy assistance in places like Africa specifically. There are a lot of skilled, smart, and innovative people who could gain better standards of living if they had just a bit of business development help.


I was offered a PC placement in Georgia in 2008, however, I declined after receiving a teaching job offer. Good thing I did because Russia invaded Georgia and all PC had to be evacuated. Still kind of wished I had gone. The people I met that were PC were awesome.


Yeah, wow. What a bunch of assholes volunteering their time to help people! When was the last time you dedicated years of your life to serve others? This take and starterpack is corny as hell. Sorry OP.


Useless degree, check...


I’m curious, what do they major in college?


Can someone fill me in on Kapwing? Why is that on every image I see these days