2007 scene kid starter pack

2007 scene kid starter pack


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i would like to go back :(


I wasn't a scene kid but me too, tbh. I had so much optimism back then. Bring back neon colors too.


Didn't think much of this at the time. But I'd like to go back as well.


They were fun times. I never went all out with this look but I definitely had the Beatles haircut which was popular at the time for guys. A lot of my friends looked like this and had those cringe MySpace profile mirror pics. I remember getting all shitty about where I was on other peoples top 8 and adjusting my own depending on where I was on theirs. And I still unashamedly listen to Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, and We Came as Romans.


you could probably adapt the Scene Kid aesthetic now and be way ahead of the curve of when it inevitably comes back in 10-15 years.


Take me back


I was a baby in 2007 but recently my sister and I have tried SpaceHey which is a MySpace clone. I can’t attest to how good it is but there seems to be a lot of people from around that period who really like it. It’s also fairly small and has no ads so get on while it’s still a not mainstream ;-)




I was in high school during this time and I was hink it was the last few years of for youth before smartphones were popular and social media was at people's finger tips at all times. Wanted to share something on your MySpace and/or chat in AIM? you had to wait until you got home to do that stuff on the home computer or in the school computer lab. It's wild how a few years after this time, smart phones and social media apps blew up and immensely changed society and how we interact.


Yeah, I remember having a Sidekick was a requirement for being a scene kid because it was the only phone with a web browser & AIM at the time. If you didn’t have one, you were completely disconnected until you got home and could reach a computer. I think it’s rly interesting, like I think scene kids were the first generation of tweens and teens to grow up online. We constantly had instant messaging and social media in our pockets, even if it was primitive at the time.


Yea that makes sense! I had some random Verizon flip phone and when I got to college I upgraded to a Motorola RAZR. That was a great phone! My AIM and web browsing capabilities were limited, pretty much could only view like the weather. If you wanted to access the web, you'd need to pay per minute of browsing - which is wild to think about now (especially since I am currently typing a message in the internet right now). I was never part of the scene crew. My crew of friends was scene adjacent, we were the punks/skaters. But the scene kids were nice, cool kids. Such a nostalgia trip!


i wanna be like thiiisss


Why? Love, a former scene kid from the mid 2000s


why not? :p


Such a simpler time.


i just realized this post is like borderline incomprehensible to anyone under the age of 20. we're old.


I’m 21 and have only met one person in elementary school that was like this (in the grade 3 years above) I didn’t know jeffree star made music until like 2013 ish when I was in my emo phase.


I'm in my forties, Einstein and it's perfectly "comprehensible" to me. Is English your first language?


She said *under*…


I have a nine year old daughter and it's perfectly "comprehensible" to her. Is English your first language?


they meant scene isn't really around anymore so younger people will not be familiar with the things shown in this meme. is english not your first language, or do you just take everything 100% literally on purpose


"English" should always be capitalized as it is a proper noun. The "English doesn't need to be capitalized if if refers to the language" trend is a trend for morons and is simply wrong, unfortunately for you. Never stop learning, Einstein!


oh, youre just a bored little kid annoying people for fun. sorry, carry on


Sorry to "hurt your feelings", snowflake.


you cant be for real man


I feel like such a boomer but it was amazing. I was in high school then, no social media, no smartphones, just hanging out, no stress, no worry. Being a kid is awesome no matter what generation you were in but this period was great. We would just hang out at skateparks blasting Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence and Enter Shikari on shitty Bluetooth speakers.


these people are still around but now we just call them "hyperpop artists"


ke$ha walked so slayyyter could run


I’d say more like 2004-2009.


I guess it varies by area. Where I’m at the alt culture in 2004-2005 was emo, like neon colors on black backgrounds, Bright Eyes lyrics, fingerless gloves, Xanga, etc. Before that it was (watered down) punk with the rise of Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne and stuff. Then again I guess this is completely anecdotal. This was just the progression of me and my friends so I guess that’s all I can speak to.


Where I live at least it hung on until around 2012-2013. There were scene kids at my high school when I first started, but the last stragglers I knew finally gave it up around 2013. There were local radio stations playing that sort of electropop too. Emos hung on a bit longer, last time I saw anyone dressing "emo" and listening to that music was around 2016. By then I was also juuuuust starting to run into the "emo" SoundCloud rap crowd. I miss scene style a lot though, slowly incorporating it into my mostly punk/goth/vintage rocker aesthetic.


I'm 35. This was 2004-2005 for us up here in Canada.


An interesting time to say the least


My Chemical Romance released a makeup palette last year and it sold out in minutes. The same goes for the comeback tour before covid canceled it. I just bought a new black coat with a military aesthetic that gave me Black Parade nostalgia. We learned to dress better but this wasn't a phase.


I was obsessed with that band in high school. Three Cheers had just come out in sophomore year. Good to see the boys still doing their thing! What a trip down memory lane.


To be fair, I’d much rather be seeing these guys again instead of the sudden surge of redneck culture in my area.


Today thanks to the internet, everything has a standard now which if you do differently you are made fun for it, this eventually end up killing your individuality and creativity


There’s always going to be alt culture. Right now emo/scene is having a resurgence in the form of egirls & eboys. If I wasn’t 30 I’d be joining them.


Screw age, if you wanna do that style, go for it! I've known 30 year old punks, goths, hyperpop fans, and more who completely rock their style. There's no universal rule that you've gotta start dressing all stuffy once you're not 20-something anymore.


But hey Kesha's TiK ToK was fire af, way better than TikTok itself.


My teen years in a nutshell. I miss them. Simpler times.


stretched ears..


Wasn't allowed to dress like I wanted when this was a thing so just had to admire it from afar and listen to the music wishing I could go nuts. Dated a scene girl at the very tail end of it. Really miss this as a whole phenomenon and wish I could've caught a little more of it.


I wasn't quite a scene kid, more all black, studded leather belt and MCR shirt kinda guy. Definitely went through a big emo goth phase circa freshman/sophomore year circa 03 to 04. Looking back, it all seems so distinct. I mean in the span of 4 years I went from emo goth in 03/04 to hippie stoner by 08 till about 11. Then somehow I turned into a preppy banker. Growing up is weird.




As someone who actually had a scene babysitter during this era this is definitely the most accurate "scene starter pack" I've seen (no pun intended). I don't actually remember anyone outside of the weird theater kids listening to stuff like MCR. That's total historical revisionism. All of the scene kids listened to crappy deathcore or proto-hyperpop shit, no in between.


As I 2007 kid I still need an explanation to what this means


Its the version of emo that listens to punk music instead of emo music.


In the early to mid-2000s everything was "extreme" I guess. McDonalds was serving full fat burgers and milkshakes to kids, WWF was airing people getting stapled to the head to 12 year old boys without a care, music was all about partying (see Kesha, early Lady Gaga, 3OH3! and LMFAO) there was no "wokeness" (not saying that changing attitudes is bad, but it was a simpler time), no smartphones or social media, everyone had crazy hair and piercings and was getting through their teen years with "extreme" music that is cringe and bad when looking back, but it was amazing at the time. I bet your generation will look back on Tiktok dances and Fortnite with fondness and will cringe light-heartedly in an endearing way. Being a kid is awesome.


I was a scene kid back in 2008-2009. So much hairspray, angled bangs, big layered hair, neon clothes, black eyeliner and I was always giving myself DIY piercings (please don't do that). The style was horrific. My metalcore band fell through after we recorded one song. Watching other scene kids fight at the mall on fridays. It was a mess but it was fun as hell being a teenager in this "scene".


What a time to be alive.


So… endigo


I don't like a lot of scene kid music, I'm more of an emo music fan. I definitely do like I Set My Friends On Fire, though. They did crunkcore right. I love scene and emo fashion. So cool.


Why are you guys nostalgic of this ?


Why can't they be?


Mobile app/eternal september migrants and zoomers took over reddit. Not the classiest of people.