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Or AITA sleeping with my brothers wife while they were on a break?


NTA, if your brother was sitting in a seat on a busy subway and you sat down in that seat to save it for him when he returns he wouldnt be mad, so this is practically the same scenario


Bruh moment


Sounds logical.


Edit: forgot to mention that I was female


Lmao! This made my morning


It’s always either “AITA for calling my husband a bitch after he cheated on me and shot my mother to death?” of “AITA for cheating on my wife and shooting her mother to death?”


**"AITA for cheating on my wife with her own sister?"** "Let me explain..."


Also don't forget "NTA, huge red flag, dump him and move far away" after the partner did a minor fuck-up


NTA. One of the sigma rules to follow is to sleep with ur brothers brothers brothers wife. /s


NTA. your stupid house, you win wife as price.


NTA your brother isn’t magically entitled not to have you fuck his wife


NTA, your house, your rules.


NTA your brother said her lasagna tasted a bit weird. She deserves better than him


Found Ryan Giggs' reddit everyone


I mean, if they were on a break...


The beekeeper one was honestly real tricky.


The solution to every problem with your SO is always breaking up immediately and blocking them everywhere.


Same with family members, "CUT THEM OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!"


My favorite is when the kid is like 14 "NTA!! They're so toxic! You need to move out ASAP!" "I can't im 14" "you're ENABLING them!"




"My favorite is when the kid is like 14"


Its like people on that sub just want everyone to become reclusive mountain men at the first sign of conflict


red flags


Dating subreddits are like that: « Guy I’ve been seeing for 3 months texts me 5 times during the day. What should I think of it? » « If it was me, more than once a day and I’d cut contact. Massive red flag. Bla-bla-bla codependency bla-bla-bla immaturity. » Come on get a life.


Tbh that guy dodged a bullet.


More like an intercontinental ballistic missile


The best dating advice I ever took was to ignore Reddit and to be myself. Especially because I text a LOT. I will just ramble all up in my boyfriends messages, little inane stuff or how my day is going... But I also don't expect a reply, and I tell people that. I felt like such absolute shit when I was super into dating subs, and man it is such a relief to just... Ignore.


“NTA and guuurl you dropped these 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩“


And all the stupid fucking red flag puns "Theres so many flags here you're gonna need Moses to part them hurr durr" ^^please ^^laugh


Though to be fair, if you got into a disagreement with your SO, and your first thought is to ask random strangers on the internet what to do, then you probably shouldn’t have been in a relationship with them to begin with.


I mean, it may not be their *first* thought, but I can imagine things in a relationship that I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with friends and family, so seeking advice (terrible though it often is) from people who don't know you could be an outlet for that (still a bad idea to do it on AITA)


Just as a counter argument, OP doesnt mention their relationship in details about the good things their SO did most of the time (well ofc bcuz the story is all made up). So I guess it kinda make sense that everyone just think of the worst


They spend 5 minutes in the toilet 3 times a week so they're cheating on me and texting other women while in there


To be fair though, there are a lot of posts that describe such enormous fucked up situations, that it's hard to understand they're only "kind of doubting if maybe what that person did was wrong". Gaslighting is one hell of a thing. And having people from the outside point out how fucked up it all is can really open someone's eyes. It's true that a lot of people come to those subs with popcorn in hand, and just spew out some bullshit. But there are also plenty of cases of people helping others out of abusive situations. And that is so important.


Accurate. It's an extremely useless sub most people only use to get free Karma.


I posted on AITA for free kama, AITA?


NTA. Posting on AITA for real advice would be way worse than just doing it for free karma, because the advice they give over there is dogshit.


I love when people make an Update post that boils down to, "thanks for the advice and death threats, but I decided to do the exact opposite of what you all suggested and now we're getting along great!"


NTA. That’s the purpose of the sub.


NTA, your sub your rules.




The sub has become slightly better. Assholes won't get downvoted to oblivion nowadays, so if you sort by top week you find at least a couple asshole stories. I check the sub every now and then and enjoy the asshole stories.


NTA your Reddit account your rules


NTA. take your karma sir


The only post on there I remember seeing where everyone thought OP was the asshole, was the one where OP used a joke conversation about "celebrity hall passes" 3 years before the incident to justify sleeping with the singer of a local band. Basically the whole post was "Yes, you are TA for cheating on your Fiancé." Edit: [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmITheDevil/comments/iwcuzw/i_cheated_on_my_husband_aita/) Edit 2: Fiancé not husband




Or the dude who smelled his neighbor cooking and asked to pay her to cook for him too, that one was hilarious


Send me the link if you find it.


I always felt bad for sub guy. My Labrador is less fixated on food. I have armchair diagnosed AITA sub guy with an eating disorder.


That man is the biggest hero since that guy who made a lawsuit against the Never Ending Story.


Mr. Simpson, I don't use the word 'hero' lightly, but you are the greatest hero in American history.


Got a link to that?


I can try to find it, that whole thread was gold.


The original post was removed, but I found a post with a copy of the original post and a link to the original comments. Edited my comment above to include the link


It's a sub to practice writing creative fiction.


I feel like this is most subs lately.


Bot reposts an old top post and several other bots copypaste the top level comments. Since some dipshits buy used reddit accounts for money, karma farming became somewhat lucrative.


/r/writingprompts fan fiction


I'm tempted to make a post on there to see what kinda shit people would say. Help me make up a story


Make something up like standing up for a gay friend in front of his right-winged trumpist family.


It used to be an interesting and entertaining sub some years back but it's since turned into obvious trolls and writing prompts.


I (22F, single, childfree, big breasts, athletic figure) make 6 figures and live in a mansion I inherited. My mother died from cancer in childbirth because my father cheated on her. He then married "Anne" (35, vegan) who already has 3 children (19M, twins 13F, all autistic). They want to move in my my mansion and expect me to move out and pay them rent. they also want me to put down my rescue dog. AITA?


My mum (82F) told me (12M) to do the dishes (16) but I (12M) was too busy playing Fortnite (3 kills) so I (12M) grabbed my controller (DualShock 4) and threw it at her (138kph). She fucking died, and I (12M) went to prison (18 years). While in prison I (12M) incited several riots (3) and assumed leadership of a gang responsible for smuggling drugs (cocaine) into the country. I (12M) also ordered the assassination of several celebrities (Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Jeffrey Epstein) and planned a terrorist attack (9/11). Reddit, AITA?


NTA, you killed Epstein.


>and threw it at her (138kph) LOL. This is were you got me.


Nice shot!


What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for 4 seconds...


NTA your mom sounds narcissistic and you need to cut her out of your life


Hit the lawyer, gym up.




I've never laughed this hard at a reddit comment. You got me at the Fortnite 3 kills part. The rest is gold


Your mom is toxic, and you dropped a lot of red flag.jpg. Cut all contact, get an attack dog and file a restraining order.


..and all at age 12 lmao


holy shit i can’t breathe


This comment made me crack up during one of my first College classes. Here's an award


NTA: They had it coming.




Info, was there a will reading? Who got what? Also info, are you an affair baby, and just exactly how big are your badonkadonks?


My favorites are ESH posts


Except AITA hates ESH. "Sure you were an asshole but they were asshole first so you are not an asshole. NTA."


Yeah - a solid 50% of posts there really should be ESH. The other 50% are clear one way or the other, but it feels like ESH is never the conclusion. There was one yesterday - some guy who claimed to be "just friends" with a girl he had known for 3 years, but would totally bang her given the chance. Well, she tested the theory and he basically admitted he had feelings for her, which was shitty of her, but also - you pretended to be "just friends" for 3 years while always having an interest. The next day he was going to help her move but ghosted. They said he's NTA. Like, what? Obviously it's all made up anyways, but he hid his feelings for years, which, fair enough, got called out on it, told her they should still be friends, then ghosted her when she needed him specifically as revenge. That's at least ESH, if not YTA, but seemed like everyone agreed he's NTA.


I don't think he's be an ass for hiding his feelings if he really did like her as a friend. Though her testing him doesn't feel right, and neither does the ghosting part. I'd say esh, but more leaning towards nta than yta.


I've also seen 'sure they were an asshole first and then you were kinda passive aggressive about it and then they were an asshole again but since you're not apologetic about not being a doormat like all the other totally real posts here you're a horrible meanie and YTA' Don't ask me how someone complaining about someone throwing a tempter tantrum over being denied being edited into someone's wedding photo that the couple hung up in their own house ended up as being ruled YTA.


My favorite are the ones where the dudes have been/are about to get, dumped by their partners and haven't realized yet. Like the guy who said his girlfriends gymnast routine made her look like a stripper, or the dude who spent $10k of his son's inheritance on a broken truck


I like the obviously lacking important information: >My neighbor's house was on fire so I rushed in and alerted the family. I got everyone out and then ran back in to save the pet hamster. When I got out I passed out on the sidewalk and accidently bumped one of the kids. My neighbors and all my friends have been calling me an asshole for what happened. AITA? INFO: Are you leaving anything out? It seems odd that your friends are against you on this. >Well, the fire was started because I was filming these totally amazing videos in the backyard. And the neighbors had been complaining because they said that the fire I was using for special effects was dangerous and could easily spread. But I don't see what that has to do with anything.


Exactly. I like seeing people realise in real time they are delusional.


Same. It makes me feel like they're real and not some fantasy/validation post.


What’s ESH


"everyone sucks here" meaning they think nobody including OP is right


i think it's extremely stupid homies


English speaking hillbillies


the fuckin social gathering events where everyones tripping balls and drunk af lmao those are the best


Just went there to check, that sub needs medical care immediately.


Don't you mean therapy?


too expensive


Yeah well you know what they say, play stupid games win stupid prizes.


"my imaginary friend thinks I'm petty" LMAO






I’m always amazed by the immense lack of empathy of people there. Person slightly misbehaves—> “NTA he’s basically satan himself never talk to that person again”


Yeah, I noticed that. Cut off your parents, break up with your spouse, your friends are toxic, never talk to them again. They hold others at such impeccable moral standards and are so quick to give a "cut them off" answer. If we all as people behaved how AITA commenters believe we'd all live alone.


I’m amazed that made up stories gets serious answers. I’m like “wait, do people believe that this is true? That this happened?”


"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" is the most annoying saying ever.


Also, "Your house, your rules" does not mean you can't be an asshole.


I remember one post calling a roommate TA because "your house, your rules" when OP didn't want them playing music in their own room at 3PM on a Saturday. Followed by people commenting "in what country is it acceptable to play music at 3PM on a Saturday??" Cancer on that sub once a post gets to a certain upvote level.


Yes thank you. It's a sure-fire way to get karma every time.


Yeah that ladder game at carnivals is exceedingly stupid,but I won a bear the size of the average American it was wicked awesome


"AITA for curing cancer? The imaginary person I created for this thinks I'm being selfish for not giving people the chance of dying from cancer"


YTA. How can you possibly think you're not the ah. You should be in prison for what you did. Now Said person has to LIVE! can you imagine that? You're friend is absolutely right. Get that person cancer and apologize.


YTA! Imagine all those oncologists that lost their jobs because of you!


Title: AITA for kicking a puppy into the river? Description: I accidentally bumped into the dog when I saved the owner's whole family from drowning. Am I the asshole?


“Title sounds bad but hear me out!!”


Nta. Do I need to say more? Tell them to not drown it's not that hard. The dog should of seen it coming. Great that you didn't help them they deserve it


One time there was a post there about someone being pregnant and doing a zoom babyshower, and in that Zoom babyshower, one of the other women and friend of the OP, who had previously struggled getting pregnant, started crying and admitted she had also gotten pregnant and took a lot of the attention from OP. OP then got mad at her friend and asked if she was the asshole. Of course the NTAs were flooding in. I wrote that it wasn't that big of a deal that you didn't get 100% of the attention at one event, and that it's not worth ending a long standing friendship, and holy shit I got flamed so hard. That sub is made for sucking the cocks of people and telling them never to look at the wider picture. Put yourself first always. If someone comments a bit more realistically and pragmatic, you get flamed so fucking hard with people going "OP doesn't *have* to" and *"*OP isn't *obligated* to". Sure, you didn't violate international law when you took the last cookie in front of a child. You weren't obliagted not to do that, but you are kind of a dick.


That sub started off good but it just became a sub for narcissists seeking validation. They might have 5k upvotes stating that OP is NTA for letting his highly pregnant sister, who is visiting OP for a week because OP is too lazy to visit her, sleep on the air mattress in the den instead of his bed. They might feel good about it. But they are all still narcissistic pricks and everyone in the real world will know it.


I remember there were some great early posts. Like that one guy who put spicy peppers on everything so his wife wouldn't take his food. Now THAT is what the sub was meant to be - not some weird and distorted internet therapy session.




> I just did an incredibly selfish and inconsiderate thing. AITA? *Oh fuck that sounds like something I would do. How do I resolve this?* “OP, you are NOT the asshole. Your house, your rules.”


The best part of that sub is when someone posts with an open mind. They have a complex situation and are genuinely wondering if they are the asshole. After reading the replies they admit they are the asshole or that they could've handled things better. Unfortunately that's about the rarest post you'll see on there. 75% are obviously NTA people just seeking attention and most of the other 25% are assholes that will quickly delete their post when commentors tell them they're the asshole.


And in those cases, it’s like “wow! You’ve really opened my eyes. I have a lot of soul searching to do.” 1,200 downvotes.


They made a change a couple years ago, removing the rule against validation posts. That’s when it became really boring and filled with “AITA for calmly standing up for my disabled child as nazis were throwing rocks at him?” People are constantly complaining about it, but the mods have dug in hard. It’s still my guilty pleasure, but not nearly as fun.


There was a thread yesterday about a woman asking if she was an asshole for refusing to adjust her vacation time plans for the holidays so that her coworkers, who wanted the same thing she did (to use vacation time during the holidays), could also take some time off, which they could not do if she took the whole two weeks uninterrupted. I *suggested* that she talk to her coworkers about a compromise and was flamed to fucking hell for it, because "she doesn't have to do anything! they're her days!". AITA consistently refuses to comprehend that someone can be an asshole despite being entitled to do what they did.


This is why I left the sub a long time ago. There's no such thing as a grey area, and no concept of how you can still be an asshole even if you're technically right. The responders are either completely inexperienced with the real world or assholes themselves. Neither of whom I'm going to want judging my situation.


Yes, stuff like that has happened to me a lot on there. They should just rename the sub. Am I The Asshole? is obviously not the question the sub poses. It should be called Am I Legally Obligated?


Someone needed to post a counter story from the coworkers POV. She'd have been TA then.


People on that sub love to respond "you're allowed to" do something as if it not being a literal legal requirement somehow makes you 100% objectively in the right.


The first time I learned such concept, “the spotlight on MY event should only be reserved for ME”, is from that sub. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or just from that sub, but from where I brought up, any event which may seems set up for you is actually for everyone else participating on it. Your wedding? It’s for your friends and family to gather and mingle with each other. Your birthday? Let your friends have a good time together with you by taking them to a restaurant. And it’s totally fine, you can let other people have some fun and attention and not be deprived of anything.


It's an extremely american sub. Really shows how individualistic and self-centered the culture is. I learned many concepts like the one you're describing there. Apparently, wearing white at a wedding when you're not the bride is considered some sort of war crime as well.


The wedding thing is real, but other than that it's more a narcissist thing and american thing. I don't know a single person who would get upset at a friend "sharing the spotlight" at their birthday party


I can’t imagine getting mad at my friend for finally managing to get pregnant after struggling to. It’s just additional happiness and something extra to celebrate. That whole sub infuriates me.


The top post this month is about someone who broke up with their boyfriend because he refused to charge his family member with fraud. All the posts in the original post are suggesting this because the guy doens't want to be the reason his own family member goes to jail. People on that sub are totally unable to see that someone can find themself in an impossible situation.


“Aita for bringing a woman into my house and killing and raping her?” “Nta, your house your rules.”


She clearly knew the risks of going home with a strange man, she probably let you murder her for attention anyway.




This is the opposite of the top/hot posts you see on that sub. For some reason people downvote when OP is the asshole. It’s more like “AITA for getting a tad bit angry and cussing at my in-law after they raped and killed a woman?” 45.5k upvotes, triple platinum


Spot on. “AITA for embarrassing my neighbor by telling him racism is bad?” 18k upvoted 9k awards. Yuck. Most of the comments I leave there are like “are you really unsure about your behavior? It seems pretty obvious”




A lot of them dont seem to realize that relationships, family. romantic, friends, ext, will have problems but are still work it, obviously there is a line but it shouldn't be "we disagreed about one thing so im never speaking to them again". They also seem to struggle with the idea that you might want to be friends with someone for reasons other then personal gain


I got downvoted to shit there one time for being the only one not telling someone to immediately break up with their SO and run for the hills, and instead suggesting they sit down and work out their issues.


Stuff like relationships so complicated that its basically impossible to get good advice for them online


I also don't know why people think they'll get decent advice on a website that's mostly full of teens and shitposters, or as is often the case on that sub especially, a whole lot of LARPers.


A woman posted yesterday a picture of her car in mildlyinfuriating after her partner borrowed it for a couple of days, it was full of trash. There was a awful amount of people in the comments suggesting she should break up right away. Like tf


> nuclear option That's a funny way to spell "best way of dealing with any interpersonal conflict" /s But yeah, it's a dumpster fire of a community that somehow manages to combine the cattiness of a gossip sub with the lust for violence of one of the justice/karma/revenge subs


There’s also a huge mismatch in terms of life experience ~~in that sub~~ in Reddit. There will be folks with relatively little life experience giving advice to very weighty topics, as if they were experts or have gone through something similar.


>people on that sub are extremely quick to suggest 'no contact' with family members That's because everybody there is 16 years old.


It's also because the internet does not do nuance or long term solutions very well People want short solutions with immediately recognizable results. Telling someone to try couples therapy, to try to sit down with the other party in a different, more serious environment, ect... is nuanced/complicated, it takes a long time, and there is no guarantee of success. Telling someone to break up, no go contact, ect. is short, it has an immediate effect, and 'solves' the issue of the angry parent, the annoying SO, or the over the top coworker.


It's not an American thing, it's a reddit thing. Most of the advice given on this site is from people with no life experience. Any legitimate advice gets downvoted because it's not dramatic enough. If anyone ever thinks of turning to reddit for help with their relationship, just keep in mind that your "words of wisdom" will likely be from a hormonal 15 year old.


I think part of the problem is that for a very long time, people dealing with abusive family members were always told "but they're FAMILY you have to forgive them and keep them in your life forever" and it was taboo to ever cut a family member out of your life. Now that people realize that thats total bullshit the pendulum has kind of swung a little too far in the other direction


> from what I gather it's becoming more and more common in the US to go full no contact with your family? Not really, that’s only a thing I’ve seen talked about online


one time i posted on their after having a small argument with my mom. everyone was calling her a narcissist and saying i should go NC. definitely not denying that there are situations where it's best to go NC with family members for your own sake, but like, don't armchair diagnose my mom because of a single conversation


The only asshole i've seen that people furiously hated was the dad who deleted his son's minecraft world


That sub used to be good actually until they got rid of the rule that prevented obvious karma whoring.


Which rule?


It used to be a rule against validation seeking but they scrapped it


Rule 1: No Validation Seeking Posts. I joined that sub when it existed, it changed almost overnight when they removed it. You actually had more nuanced situations getting to the front page when it was in place.


I did too. I commented on the mod post that it would be bad if they removed it, but they didn't. The mods on AITA are spineless jellyfish.


"No validation" rule and mods decided not to act against clearly fake posts.


“AITA for relentlessly beating a kid and throwing him off a cliff for saying that Naruto was from Fortnite?” *gets thousands of upvotes and gold*


Nta, your Naruto, your rules.


AITA for not inviting my mom to my wedding because she literally murdered my dog


Of course you are! What kind of monster doesn't invite their mother after doing that to their dog?!


(Un)Creative writing sub for the narcissistic and mundane of the brain matter


You forgot telling everyone that they are being abused. "My single mom warks 16 hour days to afford food and rent, and I have to watch my litle brother for three hours a night." "Omg, this is parentification and it's ABUSE."


And gaslighted and manipulated.


There must be a r/Youretheasshole with is like AITA but the oppposite


There's r/amitheangel which I'll let you check out yourself... good stuff!


Also r/AmITheDevil


Also leaving out important key details in their stories.


AITA for getting my sister a puppy? I got my sister a puppy and now my whole family hates me and my parents kicked me out. AITA? Edit: yes my sister just had a stillbirth and I gave the puppy the same name as the dead baby to make her stop moping and whining about it, but I think my whole family overreacted


AITA for being a literally perfect person? English is my fourth language and I'm writing this on my phone with a throwaway account using only my toes while reading Kierkegaard so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes. :) So, a little backstory. I'm a 24-year-old female, 5'10, white (thank God), skinny with DD breasts and an ass that barely fits in skinny jeans. People often say that I'm the most stunningly gorgeous person they've ever met and I should consider modeling but I dunno lol. I'm childfree, an atheist, a meat lover, and strictly heterosexual. Anyway, both my parents died in a Muslim terrorist attack when I was 12 along with all my aunts, uncles, and grandparents so I took it upon myself to raise all twenty of my siblings and cousins singlehandedly, working four full-time jobs while going to school, leading eight clubs, captaining the varsity volleyball, water polo, and basketball teams, and volunteering at a hospital all while maintaining a healthy social life. I'm currently working on my fifth Ph.D. in between running my successful non-profit to end global poverty, writing my eleventh novel, starring in the final Tarantino film, streaming Minecraft, protesting in Hong Kong, and phone banking for Bernie Sanders. So I was at the hardware store picking out a chandelier to put in the house I'm building for the homeless when this fat, smelly, repulsive, gay, transgender "woman" walks up to me and shrieks, "you're oppressing me by being thin! Eat a fucking vegan burger you skinny slut!" I hit her with the "okay boomer," and she responded, "that's literally as offensive as calling me a n*gger!" Then she threw her slimy crotch goblin at me and screamed, "get her, Jayden! Infect her with your polio that you got because I refuse to vaccinate you!" I didn't wanna be a Karen and call the manager over to settle this so I took it upon myself to personally vaccinate her child right on the spot and saved his life. The "woman" then tried to convert me to Christianity so I kicked her in the balls and dragged her out of the store. Everyone clapped, the manager gave me $1,000 (which I donated to TeamTrees), and Obama reached out to thank me for my bravery. So reddit. Fellow redditors. People of reddit. Denizens of reddit.com. Wise sages of the internet. Tell me the truth. Am I the asshole? Edit: Wow, this got a lot more attention than I thought it would! Since a lot of people are asking, yes, I am a Navy SEAL and no, I have never pooped in my entire life. I was a quadriplegic after this incident but I overcame the paralysis very quickly because I'm not a little bitch. Also, because it seems to be relevant, here are the details of my sex life: I get plowed three to four times a day by my perfect lover, I'm into every kink imaginable, I have no gag reflex, and my tubes are tied so no worries there. Apparently sex with me cures all diseases and causes a bigger dopamine hit than heroin, but I dunno.


I’m in tears reading this lol.




You forgot the bait in the other direction. Eg "Am I the asshole for not allowing my Latino neighbor in my house?". Then halfway through their post they say "because he always spills grape juice in my carpet" or something. They set it up line they're being unreasonable, racist, sexist, whatever. Then they go on to explain that it's for a different justifiable reason.


AITA for burning down a orphanage after stepping on a lego


burn down the Lego after stepping into an orphanage


NTA. Divorce! Now!!1


I love how every single fucking thing in this site is a Red Flag.


_A friend of mine doesn't like the way my headphones fit over my ears, AITA?_


(29)LCD(55)F(20)BBS(32)GPS(16)HDTV(14) HUT HUT HIKE!


Anyone else remember that r/dataisbeautiful post basically showing if you were a parent or a boyfriend you were much more likely to be called the asshole? That subs a joke


I actually have seen that, can you link the graph though?


[Here you go hombre](https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/mw2w3q/oc_if_you_post_on_ramitheasshole_about_these/)


why I left that sub


My mum (82F) told me (12M) to do the dishes (16) but I (12M) was too busy playing Fortnite (3 kills) so I (12M) grabbed my controller (DualShock 4) and threw it at her (138kph). She fucking died, and I (12M) went to prison (18 years). While in prison I (12M) incited several riots (3) and assumed leadership of a gang responsible for smuggling drugs (cocaine) into the country. I (12M) also ordered the assassination of several celebrities (Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Jeffrey Epstein) and planned a terrorist attack (9/11). Reddit, AITA?


The sub is broken because people are more likely to upvote people they perceive as in the right than people they view as assholes. It’s fundamentally the same problem that /r/UnpopularOpinion has. You can go over to /r/amitheasshole, look through the top 10-20 posts at any given time and scroll the top 10-20 comments on those posts and you’ll barely see any variation in opinions because NTA posts inevitably crowd the top. This, in turn, incentivizes people to post more stories that lack the moral ambiguity that the sub claims to trade in. Another related problem is that the person telling the story will generally tell it in terms most favorable to them. To “pitch” your story in a way that makes you sound like an asshole requires a complete lack of self-awareness or a situation that is so morally suspect that you probably don’t really need to ask. Tl;dr: it’s a self-righteous circlejerk.


Don't forget made up story to make x group look bad.


Trying to conjure up the kinda person that would actually sit down and write one of those cockamamie BS stories for that sub.


+ "am I the asshole for " + "I'm going to get downvoted for this but " + "guys this is my first attempt, don't be too cruel" ---> proceeds to post a flawless thing that obviously the person took months or even years to perfect their skill . Optionally "my gf did this, she thinks it's not very good, give her some love". + Any story longer than 3 lines in /r/ChoosingBeggars , or any text message log screenshot. In fact anything in that subreddit reeks of fake. This is like the "seeking validation from strangers" starterpack. Post-edit: these are relatively innocent, and they are just karma whoring/seeking validation. What I find the absolute worst are the ones using pictures of the last moments of their loved ones in ICU's and hospitals to get karma. There has to be a special place in hell for people like that.


I remember a post where a girl once asked her dad to go get her tampons because she had cramps and didn’t want to get them herself. She had 1 spare left. Her father told her to wait for a few minutes because he was having a severe pain from a medical condition (i don’t remember what), but she asked him again 3 times in 10 minutes so he snapped and told her to wait. According to that sub, he was an abusive father and he wanted her to die from toxic shock syndrome, and his pain didn’t matter because he decided to have kids. 😂


Also, fuck kids and men.


Not to mention a whole lot of fake shit that never happened


AITA for feeding on 3 homeless children?


You forgot "NTA! OMG OP break up with them immediately!"


A lot of people assume people are just trying to farm karma with that sub but I think some people just truly lack confidence. I remember I once almost posted in AITA- I typed out the entire story, looked over the draft, but before I hit send, something clicked in me (probably something therapeutic about writing it out and then rereading it) and I thought "You know what? No. There's absolutely no fucking way I'm the asshole here. I don't need random people online to support me because I fucking know I'm in the right here." And I deleted the whole draft.