Reddit's triggers starter pack

Reddit's triggers starter pack


Talking about tipping gets redditors HEATED


You got me hot..go on


I'm gonna advocate for a living wage while tipping 18%, and no one can stop me 😤😤


Isn't 18% too hard to calculate? I just do 20% because i'm lazy


You can advocate for whatever and use your own money. That’s cool.


This is blasphemous


What is the green+shield logo?


It's a symbol for subreddit moderators


And what's the green square with the feather (please)? Edit: Nvm you already answered that down here!


It's a stock market app called Robinhood. They did some stuff during the whole Gamestop thing which I thought I had a decent understanding of but apparently I'm more biased than I thought since I learned what happened from Reddit so you'd have to look into yourself since I don't understand any stock market jargon.


Oh I don't understand it either! Thanks tho'!


Yeah but whats with nestle? Why people hate that? Edit: I understand why bad they are now, thank you, I don't buy nestle stuff anyways. Weird, no one IRL has ever talk about it. And I live around people who are usually concerned about this kind of stuff.


There's a good rundown in the ["Controversy and Criticisms" section of the Wikipedia Nestle page.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nestl%C3%A9#Controversy_and_criticisms)


r/FuckNestle Pinned post pretty much explains it all


They’ve been hated on since forever, like pre-internet time, I think the main thing was pushing infant formula to developing countries that didn’t have clean water (which meant dirty water was getting mixed with the formula and getting kids sick/killed) and pushing out disinformation that breast milk was worse for kids than their formula. It was seen as putting profits over kids lives. Probably some other stuff too, slavery/exploitation issues, and monopoly/price fixing/manipulation stuff


Fuck you nestle, just in general fuck you


Yep. Saw this and said, "oh... cute dogs... yeah yeah capitalism in general... and Nestle--fuck Nestle..."


The way the pushed the formula was gross too. They'd put idiots in lab coats at parent centers to make people think they had medical training. They would then advise new mothers that they need to use formula because breastfeeding wouldn't give their children enough nutrients.


It wasn't just dirty water, it was the fact that the formula was completely lacking in nutrition and stunting the growth of babies. Because it has almost no actual nutrition, it is banned in the united states and European union, but you can't expect a developing country to have such thorough laws, so nestle just sells it there and pushes the advertising on the uneducated populations like it's absolutely necessary to raise a healthy baby. Also, they, along with coca-cola, are some of the worst perpetrators in the water wars in South America. They have successfully claimed rain water is their property and have impoverished citizens arrested for collecting rain water. Fuck Nestle.


old.reddit.com race stand strong, hold fast. I thought that was norton


Old reddit+reddit enhancement suite is best reddit


You forgot Amazon


There's always a post where Amazon abuses it's workers or "big box for smol product" with Amazon wasting space


Anything negative about weed




Also a lot of Reddit gets really upset when someone brings up that weed made their anxiety or depression worse, even though it is a well-known side effect. In fact I’ve seen comments upvoted that actually encourage those with bipolar disorder using weed to replace mood stabilizers, which is incredibly dangerous advice. I’m not anti-weed at all, I haven’t personally smoked in years, but that shit is fun! That being said, it isn’t 100% harmless either.


Yeah. I don’t care if people smoke and I voted for legalization in my state, but weed does not agree with me *at all*. Almost all my experiences with the stuff have been downright terrible. Yet there are plenty of idiots on this site who completely deny any negative effects of it whatsoever. It’s beyond irritating.


It's because reddi's majority is from the US and you've turned it into a political issue. If you highlight the negative side effects of weed at all you're a right wing boomer or conservative


If you try to point out that there's middle ground on some issue, some asshole will link the Enlightened Centrist subreddit too. A lot of people on this site are so politically polarized that they view centrist takes as threats to their own personhood.


I'm an active pot smoker and advocate for the stuff, but as someone suffering from bipolar disorder, I can't imagine ever thinking weed would be a suitable substitute for my mood stabilizers. Jesus, that's horrifying that people would push that narrative.


Yeah I love weed and used to smoke it daily for a couple of years, but it's not some kind of miracle drug. It fucked up my lungs and I didn't progress anywhere in life in the meantime, it made me lazy and not ambitious. I quit weed, got a new job and restarted my life and am much happier now about who I am. I still see it do the same thing to some people around me, they are constantly unhappy but instead of doing something about their lives they just get high and feel fine for a sec, but next day they are back to point 0. I still support weed being legal, but it feels like people forget sometimes that you can still overdo it.


I smoked every day for about 5 years. Not just one of two in the evening, but I would literally wake up, smoke, and continue to smoke throughout the day. By myself I was fine, but around others my anxiety got really bad and it held me back from making friends. My own fault, but I don’t think it’s fair to get mad at people when they’re honest about their experiences.


Ive stopped smoking for this reason, bad anxiety. Didnt happen always but when it did... And the fact so many people say they smoke it for their health. No you dont, you smoke it to get high. I know it helps relive the pain and those who smoke it for this reason dont brag and advocate it like best shit ever. I smoked it to get high and nothing more. And anyone who wants to tell me how it helped them, good for you. Now try to get help sober, did wonders for me.


r/trees when you point out that smoking weed 24/7 is an addiction.


"You can't be addicted to weed" Smokes weed when stressed. Smokes weed to celebrate. Smokes weed to sleep. Smokes weed after waking up. Wears clothes with weed on it.


My girlfriend’s sister can’t eat without having a joint first. She maintains she’s not addicted.


Smokes weed to eat. Smokes weed to watch TV. Smokes weed to play video games. Smoking weed and doing any of those things is fine. But if you need to smoke weed to enjoy everyday activities, yeah you are definitely at least psychologically addicted to it.


Or that you shouldn’t drive under the influence. Hoo boy, bring on the downvotes. “I drive better when I’m high” “Your tolerance is obviously low”


"We need new studies to fully understand medical applications of cannabis" *Negative sounding paper comes out that says there are minor risks* THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY INFKUENCED THE STUDY


"It's not addictive! I should know, I've been smoking it every day for 25 years!" Before I get the usual response "iTs nOT pHySicaLly aDDicTivE!" it releases dopamine from your brain when you smoke/consume it, that can absolutely become addictive and fuck you up in the long term.




Anyone who thinks addiction is purely physical is ignorant and arrogant.


There is a comment right now on the front page where someone has bragged about operating heavy machinery whilst getting high everyday, it has 1.2k upvotes. These guys are going to cause serious damage or harm to someone in thier life. P.S. Don't even get me started on the "WeLl I'lL, JuSt Do CoKe/MetH IStEaD" Excuse either.




You don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone say “I drive faded all the time and I’ve never crashed.”


r/science has become nothing but “weed gives you superpowers” and “republicans are stupid” Edit: maybe not quite as dramatic as I explained, but any science post that gets to the front page is one of those two




Dude almost certainly is running a PR front on Reddit, and not a doctor/lawyer/judge/scientist superhuman




Or god forbid you crack a joke in that sub.


and smokes weed everyday


Don’t forget a shrooms. According to r/science those will cure cancer, world hunger and the economy


I think you forgot "Being an athiest means your iq is over 9000"


Also reddit. We hate reddit.


Maybe redditors project their self hatred onto the platform because they associate Reddit with their identity


For me it's the fucking hivemind. I am always amazed at this site's ability to grab these random opinion soundbites, unanimously agree on them (often without any research or critical thought whatsoever), and absolutely beat them to death for weeks on end. People here also place an insanely naive amount of trust and goodwill into this site. Redditors (including myself, once upon a time) almost aggressively delude themselves into thinking this place is different from social media like Facebook and Twitter, and less riddled with misinformation/ignorance/bad takes. Which leads it to becoming almost MORE toxic than those apps at times.


Reddit is becoming the new Twitter, statistically Twitter lost a fuck ton of users over the last year and Reddit gained just about as many...so theres that


What bugs me is the fake scientific mentality, the snarky egoistic behavior about self-employment and not going to college, the lack of etiquette, and the pseudoskepticism. I get it's the internet but sheesh.


Do you have irrefutable scientific evidence to back up your claim? Minimum of 4 sources please. Edit: Wait shit I said please I'm not doing it right


Yeah, for a long time I thought Reddit was way better than Facebook and Twitter, but now I know that the thing about reddit that makes me like here is the semi-anonymity. Tried it to use Twitter and it creeps me the hell out of it following someone incessantly, knowing every thought they have. On reddit everyone is just a post or comment, and whether I agree or disagree with they, everything ends in one single thread.


You're not totally off, but I think this site can be just as bad or worse. Reddit's anonymity is its biggest issue in some ways. Like, this is the only place where an articulate 14-year-old who reads a lot of food blogs will likely receive more visibility than an experienced nutrition scientist who dares to challenge the safety of the keto diet. Say what you will about Twitter, but at least you'd be able to deduce which is the more trustworthy person on a site like that. As long as everyone's biases are being confirmed, most people here will just take anyone at their word.


You got a downvote already 😂,looks like one elite Redditor didn't like that


Lol, it's true. People constantly bitch about Reddit on here, but for some reason those same people think that the reddit "hive mind" is super pro Reddit. Edit: r/notliketheotherredditors


“Hey man I dislike this thing and here’s why” -10 upvotes “I dislike like this thing and will not tell you why, go educate yourself and shut up” 1000+ upvotes s o c i e t y /s


Where's grandpa joe?


Also missing circumcision, Rick and Morty, and OnlyFans spammers.


A lot of good porn subs were taken over by OnlyFans spammers 😤


Not actively looking for these subreddits since there is so much better porn out there than what's posted on Reddit but I do notice a trend whenever one of those subs pop up in my /r/all They now make titles such as: "Would you like to breed with me?" Do some men find it attractive these girls pretend they want to have your baby? It used to be just "Would you like to fuck me?" EDIT: To the people wondering why I got them in my /r/all feed: > o0undi asked the same. I now checked on my webbrowser with Reddit Enhancement Suite and indeed don't see it either, not even in the top 300 or so of /r/all > > I do see it on my mobile with Reddit is Fun. I didn't sign up for those but you see stuff like /r/rule34 as well and other weird stuff. > > [Current examples...sidenote I'm not even logged in there](https://imgur.com/a/8yOyC30) > > Lol, one even has Breed in the title although that's the specific breeding sub. I've seen it in other subs as well that are about boobs or asses.


I think before, the posters were mainly women who would use reddit regularly and understood the community. Now the posters are women who have only heard of reddit in terms of weird lonely men hanging out there, and are just here to advertise.


> the posters were mainly women who would use reddit regularly and understood the community. Seriously, not enough butthole these days


This is oddly accurate


I really hadn't noticed, but you're absolutely correct.


Wait, you get porn on r/all ? I thought they removed it from showing up. And i miss going into the 100th page or on r/all/new and looking for new small porn subs.


I've seen NSFW posts on r/all but not NSFW/porn subs.


I hate OnlyFans spammers. This is why I only to hentai subreddits to be a hipocrite and degenerate


And fondant




Ligma balls


Who's Candice?








The Grandpa Joe thing shits me so much. Like, haven’t we been having this exact same conversation since 2007? So I guess I am triggered by Grandpa Joe then.


Am I crazy or did it make a huge resurgence in the past week? I remember it being a funny thing years ago, then pretty much being unheard of, then in the past week it's all over the place. I guess just a resurgence?


definitely missing facebook


Damn, you included Blizzard but forgot the end all be all most evil company of all time according to Reddit - EA.


Evil Association


Can confirm am triggered


One one hand, yes, a lot of Redditors do hate capitalism. On the other hand, I swear to god my feed is cluttered with some new meme stock subreddit every goddamn day.


Somehow those become anti-capitalist too as cultist types turn it into a WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER STICKING IT TO THE MAN thing and the small holders buy into that sentiment


it's pyramids, it has always been pyramids, stupid sexy triangles


Ancient astronaut theorists say: yes


Easy there, Erich von Daniken


It's so weird, too, because it didn't really morph *into* anti-capitalist stuff, but adopted the anti-capitalist stuff while *retaining* all the stuff about how everyone is going to get filthy rich and take private planes to the Bahamas.


All those “I sold a bit of shitcoin to pay for my parents healthcare, saving their lives, and a home for me and my family “ posts seem so manipulative.


Some of them think they are in a communist revolution, others just want to get rich. It's a weird dichotomy.


I'd describe them as anti-corporatist more than anything else


Which also doesn’t make any fucking sense because they’re pumping up massive corporations


Ah yes, populism.


The culmination of internet meme culture is that everything must be turned into an obnoxious cult of idiots repeating the same shit over and over and over again. Internet meme culture is leading to internet meme cults.




Because redditors are fundamentally insecure and greedy sonsabitches who are pissed that the vast amounts of money, wealth, and power are going to these other guys and not them. The concern for the poor and disenfranchised is only partly genuine, and a bit of a sham, I kinda think they want out of their shitty IT jobs and are bitter about the system that won’t allow them to own the world’s largest gaming PC idk. They wanna be the 1% because they’re “poor” so they deserve it, and I fail to see how that makes them any different from the entitled redneck fundamentalist “embarrassed millionaire” boomers who they hate.


What’s the deal with blizzard?


They changed their game to appeal to China I think, or they refused to recognize Hong Kong as independent so they could keep selling to the mainland. Either way, a lot of Redditors tried to turn an Overwatch character into a symbol of Hong Kong resistance so that Blizzard couldn't sell their games to them anymore. That's mostly stopped now though.


I remember seeing a post that was a parody of the Tank Man photograph but with Mei and the payload.






What's the deal with the pug?


Whenever I see a picture of a pug on Reddit, regardless of context, I always find debates in the comments over the ethics of dog breeding. Could just be me though.


I see this all the time too


Oh yeah. I was wondering this too. So much being and their nose gets messed up so they can't breathe


It's not just with those dog breeds either, it's the fact that "purebred" dog shows are popular competitive events, and make those types highly valued. From what I understand when the parents of an offspring have very similar genetic makeups, it's the same as inbreeding. That's why purebred dogs have some of the worst health problems out of all dogs.


Nah, Reddit absolutely adores purebred dogs, just as long as they have long snouts, undocked ears, a goofy looking smile, and wolf like proportions. They couldn’t care less about purebred vs mutt.


Short version—we fucked up it’s ability to breathe well bc we wanted some cute smooshed faces


This is pretty much it. Pugs, chihuahuas, and many other breeds have been inbred all in the name of cosmetics. Lots of these breeds suffer from extreme genetic disorders and won't live long or be able to survive without significant suffering.


Some chihuahuas have issues (like the ones that are bred to be extra small), but overall it’s one of the healthiest and longest living breeds because they were bred by humans a long time ago.


I like hearing this cause that means my little angel can live with me for a long time.


Lol, furries


I thought the furry hate was a meme, but nope, it's real. Same with people hating on weebs and shippers etc. To me, it's just a "haha funneh inside joke" in communities that interact with them a lot, like how most weebs bash other weebs. But outsiders come in and see the memes and take it freaking SERIOUSLY. Like legit sending death threats to weebs or acting like shippers are so unwanted that they need to be beaten IRL. Edit: Haters gonna hate below, but at least most of the replies to this are sane people who's entire personality isn't built around bullying other people to feel better about themselves


Yeah I've seen people take the jokes too far as well, and the taking it seriously too.


What the fuck is a shipper?


People who are fans of a specific romantic relationSHIP in a given fandom, can be used as a verb or noun. E.g. "Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson? Yeah, I ship them" or "Yeah, they're my favorite ship."


Kinda sounds like a human smuggling plot ngl


Uh may be wrong but I assume someone who ships random pop culture figures, or two characters from a show or group, it’s called a ship Some people take it way too far, and it’s just in general weird to ship two actual people as their characters Like for example BTS, I can not imagine how many people ship two of the people on that band, probably really uncomfortable for those people


Furry hate was *much* worse about 15 years ago. Now it's mostly teens that don't have a proper outlet for their aggression. Or folks with a severe lack of comprehension.


Depends what side of Reddit you’re on, but overall agree.


Half the content here these days from tiktok


Tru tru


Also any parent pranking their kids redditors think a harmless prank would lead years Worth of therapy




I'm convinced those people were raised in foster care or by nannies.


that would apply to most of reddit.


You forgot "critic doesn't like video game we like" And "Critic likes video game we don't like"


No, it's "someone has a different opinion about anything, regardless of importance"


I'm surprised trump isn't in there.


Luckly interest in him has died down.


Not on the racially segregated twitter subreddits! Where they just wont let go of trump! Its like theyre obsessed with him. They hate him but in an obsessive way.


Thank God, no more Americans spamming him everywhere on this site


no more Americans spamming him everywhere on this site *YET* you just wait until 2024


I thought about it but I didn't want to get too overtly political and didn't have room lol


Aye fair enough


The emoji thing is so strange to me




hates capitalism but will scream "TOO THE MOON" when a scummy billionaire promotes a meme stock


r/wallstreetbets steadily devolved into a land of NPCs. Quite sad.


It did yes but I am starting to see more idiots posting 100k+ daily losses again which is why i followed in the first place


This happens when anything gets that popular overnight. Everyone wants to be a part of it and they go for the lowest common denominator. It's why Rick and Morty, a fantastic show, quickly developed the most toxic and obnoxious fanbase. It became massively popular overnight. I can only imagine how unbearable Simpsons fans would've been if the internet had been more commonplace when it first aired. I have to admit I was party to running every funny line of the first season of South Park into the ground, but thankfully not online.


> steadily devolved into a land of NPCs As is tradition for popular subreddits.


female pop musician


I hate Billie Eillish so much let me make multiple posts about her on unpopular opinion to show how much I don't care


r/music : Billie Eilish bad, now here's Mazzy Star - Fade Into You for the hundredth time


More like “now here’s Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin” for the hundredth time. They have the absolute most shallow musical taste.


Tbh it's the community of 14 year old girls which idolise and even degrade her, but think of when Kurt Cobain was popular in the 90s and when he was being idolised by the same age group. It's pretty much "if it's mainstream, it sucks."


I swear, people love to hate on teenage girls and anything they might like.


Also Brie Larson for some reason


Cardi B


true 😂😂


Oh no you've used the forbidden symbol


Pretty sure that if it's less then 4 forbidden symbols then it's acceptable


ok 😎 😎 😎 😎 👌


Hide. Before they come.


Imagine the people who downvote comments just because it has an emoji 😂


You left cops out




Fucking _bikes_, really? They're perfectly valid for getting around in your own city.




>Zack Snyder I think you mean Zaddy


Twitter and tiktok provide a lot of content across so many subs so not sure why it’s hated on so much


Elon Musk?


Oh yeah reddit did turn on him a few months ago right


Forgot fr*nce and br*ain


What about pre built pc’s too


Eh, opinion towards prebuilts have shifted due to the graphics card shortage, now it’s cheaper to buy a prebuilt than to buy each component separately and build it yourself. Of course YMMV but that’s been the general consensus on r/buildapc and r/pcmasterrace for a bit


I wanted to build my own. Went with prebuilt as they had the 3080 graphics card I wanted. 10/10 do not regret it. Waited 4 months and it arrived yesterday.


You forgot about fake pockets. I swear to god, every clothes discussion boils down to women clothes having fake/super small pockets.


Fuck fake pockets tho


bro, you forgot to add fat people on here. those were fun times.


Oh yeah, definitely. It's weird especially since I'd bet that a large(hah) portion of reddit is overweight.


It's definitely a bet you'd win. In most of Europe and America where I guess the largest part of reddits users live more than half of all adults are overweight.


I hate nestle so much dude and I think people who don't just don't know what they do.


As someone who drinks milo on a pretty frequent basis, I'm at a dilemma.


Ima be honest sanpelligrino slaps but I'd gladly give that up than support child labor




they own [a *lot* of stuff](https://i.imgur.com/qorLzSB.png) this isn't unique to Nestlé either. There are 11 companies which produce almost all branded products in the grocery store. Nestlé Unilever PepsiCo Coca-Cola P&G Kelloggs KraftHeinz General Mills Johnson&Johnson Mars Mondelez International even when you think you found an alternative to one of these big names it is almost always owned by one of them.






You forgot circumcised penises. Reddit hates circumcised penises


Ngl ever since I discovered r/FuckNestle, I stopped eating Cheerios. Not fully bc Nestle sucks and I don't wanna knowingly support it but bc Cornflakes in my area are cheaper like hell, I even eat Frosties sometimes and those are like 30 cents more. (Cheerios being € 3. 69 and Frosties at € 3.99, Cornfalkes being € 2.99) Not that picky when eating cereal but I'll usually stick to those bc they taste alright and aren't very costly.


Try Joe’s O’s from Trader Joe’s if you have one in your area. Way better than Cheerios :)


Thanks, may look out for those


i dont hate furries, emojis, tik tok, vegans, women and minorities making accomplishments or christianity guess im not a redditor😔


Smh nerd


Get off Reddit and go back to TikTok where you belong. Furries are bad, emojis are evil, TikTok is the worst thing ever created, vegans are killing plants, women and minorities should not deserve to achieve things, and Christianity is bad. /s


blizzard entertainment omegalul


Honestly the people who hate TikTok for being a stupid dance and influencer app need to chill. There are some amazing creators on there who don't do any of the content that triggers all the hate.


Unironically half the fucking content in this app that is highly upvoted comes from there


Or is just as cringe/content farming. Some of the big subs have become bogged down with the same reposts from 1yo accounts with 2,00,000 karma


I just hate seeing faces.