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Most comments have a debate going on too. You look at one comment and it has 300 replies.


It’s cool because each thread is either upvoted and pro/against cops or downvoted and pro/against cops, it’s like there’s exactly 50/50 pro/against cop people in the comments


And theres always a guy screaming "CONTEXT!!!!!" As if a 20 minute cop cam video wasnt enough of a context.


This heroic/evil act recorded from 3 different body cams clearly isn’t enough evidence for us to make an informed choice, stop saying the police are bad/good because of this video!


I mean, you really shouldn't decide if police as a whole are bad/good based on one video, but everyone does anyways


It's from decades of headlines and articles, not one video


since when did youtube have downvotes for comments


You can get an extension that shows rhem


The comments too??


There’s an extension that brings back comment dislikes? Where?


Really just like real life.


really? it's usually seems like pro-cop threads mostly.


YouTube debates are something else, nothing like Reddit debates. YouTube debates last like literal months with at least 30 participants per thread.


That’s every youtube comment section lol. Usually it’s someone making a dumb joke, then someone denser than lead taking it literally, then the arguing begins.


Is people charging at Cops with knives really that common a thing?


surprisingly it's actually baffling how nobody thinks of the old Behind The Corner ambush


I guess drug addicts and homeless people aren't well known for their tactical knowledge.


>Get out, I got a bomb! >A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat.


I don't know, many of them are vets...


So it would be more accurate to say they are too shit faced to apply their tactical knowledge.


disappointment is rampant in these videos.


How I Met Your Mother


Thank god they don't think of that.


There's a big thing called "Suicide by cop", people who are suicidal, but can't do it themselves, will just give cops a justifiable reason to kill them.... rushing them with an easy to obtain murder weapon like a knife, axe, machete, or meat cleaver, and charge a cop with it to have them shoot them.


it’s becoming increasingly more common as a way to unalive


That's pretty messed up :/


If you can't do it yourself, and you know someone who can with borderline impunity. All you gotta do is make it easy for them. Rough.


Isn't there like a distance someone can charge yo u with a knife before you can either get a shot off? It's a lot farther than you imagine? I'm thinking they did it on mythbusters maybe. Granted most police are already drawn so I'm not sure but I'm sure there's some occasions they aren't.


*In theory* someone can clear roughly 21 feet of distance before someone can draw and fire an aimed shot. This just a general guideline. There's lots of factors that change the equation. How sober is the person, how good of a draw is armed person, does the guy with a gun practice point shooting....




[Surviving Edged Weapons](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ZpyKSmgdE&t=92s) It will explain why cops are paranoid about knives. Informative and a thriller with chills included.


"Shoot the legs"


People seem to forget it’s not that easy to shoot someone in the legs when they’re moving, it’s why cops are trained to shoot center mass


People also forget that you have major blood vessels within your leg as well, and if they’re severed. You’re bleeding out and going to die


Yep the femoral artery


As someone who has a femoral artery I can confirm


my dad almost died when he cut his femoral artery running through a sliding glass door. Only reason he survived was because a doctor lived next door and happened to be leaving his house at that time and saw him bleeding out.


If they are shooting at all its to kill, you don't shoot to wound lol


They shoot to neutralize the danger to their life and others


sure, but they do that by shooting to kill, not a critique, guns just aren’t good weapons for hurting/injuring only on purpose, they’re meant to kill. You’re both right!


Sometimes people fall over and don’t die when they get shot, thus ending the threat


Lotta words to say “kill”


Thats all it boils down to. Same reason they’re instructed to dump the mag into the person too. If you are shooting someone, you chosen to intend to kill that person. If you intend to kill that person you have to make sure you get it done.


They're actually not trained to do that, they keep shooting until the threatening behaviour stops.


It's always so hilarious when cops shoot a guy like 50 times, and then yell "keep your hans down" or "stay down" Yeah like no shit, he's on death's door you dumbarse, what else do you think he's gonna do?


Which is stupid, no shot is a guaranteed kill, even headshots won’t kill sometimes. As I see it, every shot is to wound and maim, and death comes soon after. Ban guns btw, because their widespread usage justifies lethal use against even unarmored folk.


somebody doesn’t know about the medulla oblongata


Better one "why didn't he taser the man that was about to shoot him 50 times?!?!"


The taser is actually much more effective at stopping threatening behaviour, (usually) non-fatally, from a distance, however it's not reliable enough to be recommended in the case of a threat of death or grievous bodily harm.




The obligatory “maybe we should wait to learn the specifics of this encounter” that incites a war in the replies.


CONTEXT!!!!! (under a video of a cop bashing to death an autistic kid because he didnt want to get on the ground)


tbh every time I've seen people ask for context, the context was desperately needed, we had the video of that cop supposedly planting drugs in a guy's car, then it later came out with the bodycam that it was an empty baggy he was placing back in the car after searching it, but before the second clip came out all the lefty twitter-ites and youtubers had already claimed it was a cop planting drugs, Vaush went on an insane tirade saying the cop was trained to do this etc. and there are plenty more, Jacob Blake?


People love confirmation bias. This is my favorite example as well.


Link for that story? Confused how you search someone’s car, find drugs, empty the bag, place the empty bag back then get shown planting the drugs back on the person and announcing you found drugs. Not accusing anything just saying it doesn’t add up to me




sure so the story was two guys were pulled over, officers searched one he had a baggy on him, when they realised it was empty they put the baggie back into the car, which is common policy, they can't keep hold of it, the video that went viral was the other person still in the car recording on his phone saying "you just threw that in here" implying the officer was planting a drug bag after this video with no context and obviously showing only one side was released nearly all the online leftist influencers reacted to it in the expected way, with Acab, saying he was planting it, and the worst one was Vaush going full conspiratorial, saying the cop was secretly trained to plant drugs etc and that he's probably done it before. [this is the officers bodycam](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuH8o0rR6QU) [https://youtu.be/bmNii6Wy39M?t=33](https://youtu.be/bmNii6Wy39M?t=33) this is Vaush's reaction, going full blown conspiracy minded, and saying that from this 13 second out of context clip the officers should be arrested and sentenced to 20 years. [reddit post detailing the entire thing](https://www.reddit.com/r/Destiny/comments/otgo75/great_example_of_the_propagation_of/) and it wasn't just Vaush basically all of the the twitter leftists were saying the same crap on twitter, oh and vaush after the context was released still thought his take was good and posted it onto his second channel. EDIT: also his own community [called him out for this](https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/orft48/the_video_vaush_showed_yesterday_of_a_cop/) because vaush reacting to breaking news and being 100% wrong is soooo common, in fact it's so common that if there's breaking news, the factual stance is usually just the opposite of what ever Vaush said, and he also did a purge banning many of the people criticising him.




Huh? You can be anti-police while accepting that punishment shouldn’t be meted out unless wrongdoing has been duly proven, it doesn’t only work one way


So should cops be subject to punishment without a proper investigation? That sounds like something you’d oppose if it applied to you. Also *advanced* and *101* are pretty much opposites.


And "Play stupid games win stupid prizes!!!!!!"


Forgot “Fuck Around and Find Out”


Talk shit get hit. Equal rights, equal lefts. Something something Darwin Award. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


I hate that line so fking much. Anyone who uses it is an npc


It's one of those "simple down-home wisdom" phrases that actually just make the person saying it sound like a jackass


Exactly. It's like saying "I'm brutally honest" Okay, you're honest but that still doesn't make you not a dick


i upvoted you but then removed it because i hate the lines fuck around and find out and also calling people npcs.


Or a racist in some stage of denial.


Chronically online


Nobody even mentioned skin color. This says way more about you than the people you're calling out.




not really


and they love to make fun of the screaming women in the videos


stupid bitch got what she deserved 🤓 look at her cry after being fined for going one over the speed limit🤓


Fuck around and find out 🤓 Please for the love of everything sacred, shut the fuck up


I’d be completely okay with never seeing that phrase ever again in my entire life. Literally any video with someone facing consequences the comment sections are filled to the brim with “fuck around, find out hurrrr durrrrr”. I honestly thought they were bots at first because of how frequent the phrase was being used.


> I’d be completely okay with never seeing that phrase ever again in my entire life. I have blocked more than a few subreddits from showing up on my /r/popular [er, r/all ]? I cringe at videos that are people getting into fights -- and the reddit commenters wanting to be a part of what they saw, and give commentary. It's gross. I hate it. [R/publicfreakout comes to mind, but, again I have blocked subreddits because I am not interested in watching people fight (or make fun of people in their worst moments) I filter out subreddits that breed assholes.]


Me too!


It's been used by African Americans for decades. But just like almost anything black, it becomes mundane and worn out when it's discovered by internet users.


"Oh look at me! I am not but a holier than thou individual mocking other people who use commonly popular internet jargon."


The origin of the phrase is not the point, when the phrase is associated with assholes with no empathy. I mean, you gave a mediocre history to the phrase. But just like anything black, a 2 sentence summary is deemed fine by... you? Meh. Gil Scott Heron experienced worse. Or do you think a one sentence, off the cuff, summary of the black experience *isn't* patronizing.


Or its cousin, “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes 💁‍♂️” 🤢 🤮


Easily the worst phrase on reddit.


I can imagine the types of people that mindlessly repeat this phrase. Imagine actually saying this and thinking it sounds cool.


Quick reminder to sort comments by controversial for maximum entertainment


oh right


"I'm not surprised because he is %skin\_colour%..."


literally fill in any skin color


like black


white with a heroin needle stickin out maybe


Also comments from people living in safer and/or more civilised countries, “our cops are trained better and would have just tased the guy”


They're not wrong though


I agree. In my country police training is basically a Bachelor’s degree, it takes around 3 years. According to [Wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_academy), “[US] Police academies typically last from 18 to 30 weeks, though there are many variations.”. That sounds *very little* imo, considering how demanding job it is and how much power a police officer has.


In my country cops wont even arrive


How can you forget “play stupid games win stupid prizes”


I think "fuck around and find out" is the one they jerk off to the most these days.


Don’t forget whenever the perp is a non white person the comment section immediately turns into a cesspool of racist shit.


Or if the perp is white, and doesn’t end up dead, people also complain that if he weren’t white he’d be dead.


The last of those videos I watched, it was a white man. He was pulled over for a traffic stop, the police saw he had a warrant for nonpayment of child support so they went to arrest him. The guy pulled an AR-15 and killed two police officers. The comment section is half full of people saying "that poor man, the child support system needs to be reformed."


You forgot the racism...


"of course he's [insert race]"


It's always subtle too, and hidden behind reply sections


Subtle? Nah they be full blown with it.


There's the "black at it again" guys and the "PROTECT THE FUTURE OF THE WHITE RACE" guys


yeah search by new on those comments and at least a couple show up lol


Everytime I see comments like this they are always upvoted. and when you argue against it your downvoted or someone says "are they wrong?"


Don’t forget the rants about race (both racist and not)


Ive seen enough donut operator to confirm


Sometimes I don't really know what to feel about Donut. Sure he does do some good breakdowns, but on the other hand he does seem a bit too biased


forgot the \[removed by reddit\]


It's supposed to be on YT


Im actually quite sad that so many of you have grown up watching videos of people being killed. Its just....fuck man. Kids arent emotionally prepared for a lot of what they will see in the world. Let alone murder vids


As a U.S. Military Policeman, here’s my insight. 1.) Don’t talk to us. At least not without a lawyer present. (Either military or civilian, I don’t care.) Seriously, I don’t even talk to my own squadron and I live in the same barracks. 2.) Sometimes criminals will do things so fast, you don’t know what they’re reaching for and you have no choice but to either deploy your baton (less than lethal,) a taser (less than lethal,) or if you can absolutely justify it, your gun. At the end of the day, it’s our job to protect US national critical infrastructure, US/NATO personnel, and all else in the 8 points. 3.) If we shoot someone, we will be put under investigation and get our gun taken from us, appear in court, mandatory mental health/off days, all that good stuff. It’s a waiting game to see if the shooting was justified or not, and it will be argued heavily in both ways. Sometimes, it’s easier to not shoot someone, even if they can be very dangerous to others. No one wants to go through the headaches of investigations. 4.) Our suspect’s well being is in our hands. If they pretend to trip and fall and they get hurt, guess who gets in trouble. If the cuffs are too tight and they get hurt, guess who gets in trouble. If they are being stubborn and we even bruise them, guess who gets in trouble. I can’t wait to retain. I love my job, but you’re constantly walking on very thin egg shells. One mess up can affect your life for a very long time. With all of this said, I don’t know how civilian law enforcement works. They get a union, we don’t. But we free lawyers (typically Major rank.) I don’t think civilian cops do, I don’t know. I’ve seen civilian cops do some wild stuff on the body camera videos. No way we would be able to get away with any of that without a dishonorable discharge, any administrative punishment, or prison.


Theres people that justify civilian police not doing there job, arresting people because the DA wont prosecute them. The police aso claim this. The union allows them to also get away with this. If you were a coder and working on a project for a boss, and your boss does not end up releasing the product you made, you don’t just get to not work on future products and continue being payed, you get fired if you dont so your job…. Also qualified immunity gives civilian police in the US protection for any errors they committed. Unfortunately it means police don’t have any caution at all unlike military police.


why do people read youtube comments? They’ve been a cesspool since the beginning of youtube.


I could ask you the same about why you read Reddit comments.


because i’ve had interesting discussions here, it’s well moderated, hate speech is removed, there’s awards and algorithms optimized for comment experience. Youtube comments are just people spewing shit.


LMAO right.


“why do you do this?” “candid answer” “lol no” Why the fuck even ask if you’re not going to care about my response


Hahahahaha “Interesting discussions” Hahahahaha


uh yeah. There’s historians, doctors, artists, technologists,people with odd interesting jobs. If you can’t find interesting discussion here then it’s you that is not interesting. Yes there’s a lot of shitposting and joking too, which i enjoy as well. But ya know that’s just me. At least i’m not on here to insult random strangers completely unsolicited.


If you’re never having experiencing interesting discussions on reddit it’s because you follow the wrong communities.


Reddit comment sections are actually formatted for discussions. Threads are organized to allow people to see which comments are replying to what. Parent-Child threads are important. Most other social media comment sections are set up for reactions, but you can’t easily follow a discussion because *all* the replies and sub-replies to a parent comment are listed chronologically.


don't forget "fucked around. found out"


Forgot about that one comment that just says ACAB. I don't like those comments


Not all of us are bastards. In my opinion, I think a lot of us can be. Many people should not be a policeman. However, the good we do is often drowned out by bad people who make terrible decisions. EDIT: changed «are» to «can be.» This is to account for the good cops that are out there and are actually not bad people.


Which I think is the meaning behind the phrase. "Assume all cops are bad, since youre never sure if youre dealing with one or not"


if you aren’t standing up to/calling out the bad cops then you’re one of them to me


But not every department has bad ones


Many do


I wouldn't know since I don't seek out and watch gore. I call it being normal... I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people developed personality disorders over stuff they had seen online.


if they’re seeking it out as regular entertainment they were already unwell


I always find it funny when gore-"fans" make like an essay on why they are actually just naturally curious and mentally stable. Like no, 99% of the population will not even wanna watch that intentionally. You're not normal, just accept it. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily


That's not at all how personality disorders work lol


The thing about these videos is they often add context that the news media leaves out. Case in point is the Makiah Bryant shooting in Ohio 2 years ago. The news headlines simply said "16 year old girl shot and killed by police." Then watching the body cam video, it clearly shows her milliseconds away from stabbing another girl. The cop wouldn't have had time to use his taser as tasers have to be armed before they can be used and even then there's no guarantee it'll work anyway.


that's done intentionally. and it's a legal loophole that news media exploit massively.


gf calls police because bf is having a mental health issue-> bf yells and is a bit unruly -> police unload a whole clip into that poor sucker. I understand why US police are more on edge and deal with more dangerous stuff sometimes, but the fact that their solution to anyone not immediately laying on the ground with arms spread the very moment police are in the area is to shoot them is worrying. There's a middle ground between abolish police and hand out teddy bears and just shoot anyone who crosses your path.


Video is of someone and their family having the worst day of their life, and a police officer having to live with taking a human life Youtube comments: Glad they took out the trash lol!


People get hard over violence, sad truth


I remember this video of a woman being evicted and she was obviously both depressed and mentally ill. She did carry a knife, just as the cop was closiung the door. Now he could hjave just closed the door and said goodbye, and let her landlord handle the situation and maybe wanr him, but not he has to draw his gun, leaving her even more broken and defensive. Then somehow the entire sherrif's department AND police (inclusing a dog for some reason) get involved in this tiny flat builing, where she eventually rushes them, stabs one sherrif, and all of them unload like a 100 rounds into her. If only the cop had maybe left her alone, and just reported her as being potentially dangerous, nobody had to even be hurt that day at all. Also, why the fuck do you need 12 guys, a dog and shotguns to defeat one tiny single lady with a knife American cops are such cowards OMG


Pure facts, ''Without a gun and a badge, what do ya got? A sucka in a uniform waitin' to get shot'' US cops all think they're in a wild west town or busting up mafia rings in 1935. Add to that the horrific lack of training and tendency to employ veterans and you can see why American cops are fucking mental.


Why is it bad to praise the cops?


It all depends. The cops can do good thing, kill someone in heat of moment as desperate measure to save others. But there are also examples of them misusing their power and killing innocents.


so, in other words... some cops are good, and some are bad. It's wrong to both praise and hate them as a whole


Well I mean there’s nobody really praising them on on the George Floyd video. I’m talking about the stuff that’s uploaded to YouTube where everyone can agree that the cops did a decent job getting some maniac driver or mentally unstable crackhead off the streets. A lot of people seem to have a problem with praising the cops in this comment section for some reason.


Those who praise them often like the "legitimate violence" aspect of it, either fantasizing as doing it or using it against people they don't like. Just look at the politicians who speak constantly if the decline of authority and talk of the police/military as the cure for every problem, and you'll get the "cleanest" picture of this mentality.


Personally not from what I’ve seen that’s not the majority of them because I would agree that is weird but maybe you’ve seen majority of those.


Depends of the country I guess. France may be a special case like the US where state authorities are more polarised and are comparatively more heavy handed than in other western democracies.


From a structural stance. Police are state sanctioned force. But in the United States, they have very little liability for their actions. Basically your right to life can be taken away by an unelected official that will see no consequences for whatever they do. This should not sit right with anyone. The police structurally arent your friend. Historically they havent been either. They've got good propaganda though.


You can be charged for neglectful manslaughter, murder, conspiracy, assault and traffic violations... unless you're a cop, then you just get an extended paid vacation


They keep criminals off the street. They are our friends


The world isn’t that black and white, I used to live in a rural town that had no significant crime, our cops didn’t do a whole lot other than bash aboriginal people, drunk teens, and their wives, I wouldn’t say they were our towns friends


So you think a small group of people represent the entirety of the group?


Why do you think that your experience with cops represents the entire group?


I dont


So if you’re opinion on cops isn’t just based on your own positive experiences with them, then why do you like them in spite of the numerous crimes committed by officers around the country


Because I can.


So you have no real explanation for why the police are good. They just *feel* good?


No I don’t, you’re the one saying cops are good, I didn’t say all of them were bad.


They have no legal obligation to protect you. And crimes change all the time. Remember that even just a decade ago you could be jailed in most states for a bag of weed. And remember that there are still people alive who at one point would’ve been committing a crime by sitting to close to the front of the bus, or attending the wrong bar.


Yeah man i hate law enforcement too! I love getting robbed!


Yeah I remember when someone broke into my house and the police showed up 2 hours after the criminals left. If I’m calling the cops for a break in, it’s either to get a report for my insurance, or to come collect the body. They don’t do shit for a break in


tickets, court fees, overinflated wages, more court fees because when a cop fucks up the city (the taxpayer) pays to compensate the victims, dogshit training we also pay for financially and with our lives, vastly over inflated budgets for equipment they will almost never use (bearcats and M113s for kenfukusville Ohio population 2000), robbed of liberty as well given it seems practicing your 2A rights is worthy of a public execution in the eyes of police, attack those exercising the 1st, consistently violate the 4th with no knocks and worse consistently fail to even raid the correct homes resulting in the deaths of innocents, meanwhile in Dansville they protect the site of a collapsed apartment complex that the Mayor has ordered demolished while people are still trapped inside, the police are not your friends, as Uvalade and multiple court rulings suggest they do not need to and will not protect you, they only serve the state and themselves, and you are responsible for your own safety


It’s not, cops are great


This and school fights or street fights


Its funny to me how users from one platform always try to make fun of another, there are always comments like this under every bodycam police post on reddit too, its literally no different


Bootlickers favorite.


police kills a guy that killed 20 people "acab, they killed him because he's \[skin color\]"


Meh, most mass shootings etc don't reallt get a lot of apologists


And theyre all correct. Dont rush at an officer with a knife after stabbing your wife, bitch


Ukrainian combat footage too


Russians can surrender or die. Those are their options.


>Everyone is either praising cops What version of Reddit are _you_ browsing?


Literally says YouTube in the post. Also there are plenty of pro-cop subs


Ah. Hadn't understood "yt vid" in the post. >Also there are plenty of pro-cop subs There are plenty of super-niche pro-cop subs. Any of the more popular subreddits that frequently discuss American cops aren't niche, and have a real specific opinion on police in general. "Approval" not being the main opinion.


When it's a white person shot- Sad it didn't end differently. But Hispanic or African American- One less pos in the world.


that literally every gore video with cops comments


99.9% racists praising the cops


Why are they booing you you're right, lol


There’s a subspecies of edgy racist redditors who love sucking the blue peen. They live among us!




I think they’d pass, redditor


Gotta wait 6 more years bro


That's a little young, don't you think?


ضيز ناتص


wrong lol


Dindu nuffin


"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"


You forgot cops shooting black people and children.


*berserker zombie crackhead running at the cop with a rusty shank, unafraid of god or anything below* "cant believe the cop didnt deescalate instead of shooting"


Don't forget the breakdown videos where some cop goes "yep, would have done the same thing. Just part of training" after the policeman empties 2 whole magazines into some guy


Tons of tit shots