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Almost like Jules Verne was an 1800s guy


yeah what a shocker isn't it


>no women Lmao whaaat


Op forgot about around the world in 80 days


Jules Verne describes places he only read about


Oh damn, I've been reading The Mysterious Island. It's so bad. Smith is literally Nietzsche's *Ubermensch* who can make anything on a desert island, including motherfucking glass, a mill, gunpowder...all of this and more in the space of 2 years. There's this pro-Union throughline whenever they talk about America (it's set at about the end of the Civil War) but at the same time there's some embarassing racism (there's a black guy in the group (Neb), as well as an orangutan (Jip), and at one point someone jokes "Jip is your superior because he doesn't speak!" There was not a drop of conflict for the first 2/3rds of the book, and even now what little there's been (a group of pirates, a storm on their way back from another island) has been resolved extremely quickly. The only thing that keeps me going is my foreknowledge that it's related to a certain other (much more interesting) book. Again up to about 2/3rds there were just two "mysterious" incidents hinting at a bigger reveal, and only now it's finally starting to get a bigger focus. But it's been rough getting here.


i actually kinda liked the mysterious island. not the best of verne, but ok. The racism parts exist, but i feel like its more due to verne's eurocentric view. Personally i actually enjoy conflictless stories, even if they can be a bit boring sometimes, i just really like to dive into the details of the the place and each characterist of the scenario instead of in an adventure. the ubermensch thing for cyrus is 100% true, though. He treats cyrus smith as some kind of magnanimous leader who can literally build infrastructure, houses, boats and farms almost without effort, even if what we know today is that its VERY hard to survive alone like they did.


Reading 20,000 Leagues at the moment. This is so accurate 😆


Based and vernepilled