If you’re sober r u rlly one with the cups

If you’re sober r u rlly one with the cups


I wish i could function properly being high in a workplace. Whats it like being high while working at starbucks?(probably tolerable lmao)


The one time I showed up high it was awful. I was so paranoid about “acting normal” I couldn’t think about anything else.


Shit and your a shift, that’s tough.


I showed up high on monday and it was awful because it was super busy and i’ve only been working this job for a few weeks so I was just *fucking* up


I just started too and have been contemplating doing the same thing lmao. Looks like i’m gonna take a pass on that, I might get some CBD stuff to atleast have something during the day.


does anyone have experience working with just cbd? i’m uncomfortable with smoking n going to work but would like to have less of an anxious stomach :/ third day today


thc makes me anxious asf in public.


same i would like to see how i feel with cbd in public but outside of a shift before i try anything


Cbd gummies make me more talkative, then after an hour or so i get drowsy, they also make it easy to be in a constant state of flow.


Personally cbd helps really really well when I’m anxious. I especially use it in place of my meds when I’m having a panic attack at work because my meds make me super drowsy


It just crashes me out and makes the job a bit harder, at least physically. But ymmv. Maybe a little micro dose here and there to smooth things out until you can smoke.


honestly just smoke a j on your last 10, at the last part of the night when it's super dead. :)


omg why would u do this


had some 9am weed figured I would be okay by 11am was not okay


honestly like a normal work day if you’re used to being high while doing ur typical activities, the higher your tolerance the less it will really affect how u work! (at least in my experience)


That was my experience too


Honestly I’ve been doing the same thing, trick is come on high so they either don’t notice and know your dose, too high and your useless not high enough and it’s actually kinda annoying. Your average Starbucks is so freaking loud that if you hit that sweet spot everything starts feeling more whimsical. Don’t even get me started on the food tho, grilled cheese/ chocolate croissant never bad options!


Well.. I live in Vancouver BC, so the chances of one or two of us being stoned for shift was pretty high (I'll see myself out lol).


i need to move to canada. 😿


I love it here, honestly. I haven't seen much of my country, to be fair - I'm still exploring my province 🥰 there's so much to see in BC, it's wild. From stories I've read on this sub, we are definitely treated better as partners in Canada compared to you guys down there.


Canada sounding better and better! Bless 🙏💨


I find that when I take a 10 and get a bowl in, I come back sooo much more patient and chatty with customers. I’ve smoked almost every day for a few years now, so I’m used to being high and doing normal activities. On my break I leave the floor feeling irritated and overwhelmed, then come back totally unbothered 😂 I will say though when I first started and smoked on one of my shifts it did make things more difficult, before everything was just intuitive and muscle memory like it is now lol


i show up high everyday and smoke on my lunches. i just won barista of the month, no one suspects a thing 😎


#This is the way


My manager literally said that if you work good, she doesn’t care if you come in to our store high


that an awesome fucking manager can i transfer to your store


Believe me you don’t want to. She is an awful manager


Couldn't be worst then a manager that place profit over partners health then talk about partners mental health begin important


You work with me?!?


i plead the fifth


I had an employee before my Starbucks days that would come in high about 20 minutes before his shift, bring me a piece of candy, and chat with me while I did admin. By the time his shift started he had leveled out and was the best worker I had.


All my shifts come to work red eyed and laughing at the egg bites bruh


What happens when [the egg bites are the ones that are high?](https://imgur.com/RfIW247)




Lmfao! Fuck you think I’m in my car doing at lunch? My center console has so many cashed carts lol


LMAO! this is literally me to my coworkers when they ask why i went to my car for lunch 💀


I would've never dreamed of doing it 4 years ago when I started. Now our store has a secret Weed Club that I'm a member of. We only do it to cope, and we keep tabs on one another to make sure we're all doing okay.


Teamwork Makes the DreamWork




I love this energy


dabs dont smell lol 😝


i came here to post this LMAO i was voted partner of the quarter for my 'positive attitude'


So on almost all my shifts I'm constantly blazed to the bone (like I am right now). But I've been smoking so much it just mentally helps with the stress. Plus I got other partners who smoke with me so we all just havin a vibe. I bought our store a bluetooth speaker and we just play our music while we work. It is amazing tbh.


Spent my first shift entirely high a few days ago easily one of the best shifts I've had


For me I just go on CS and the floor runs better than it ever does with anyone else. Trust me doing dishes high is amazing


YES!!!! Someone asks me to do the dishes or break down I’m like sure.... can I take my 10 first real quick?


I had an edible the night before an open once. It was super delayed and actually hit the next day. Dunno how but omg was it awful. As I was driving I went from sober to ohh shit lol. Paranoid and moving in slow mo at warming and register.


I've been working high for a long time and got partner of the quarter lmfao. Just built different ig


Holy fuck LMFAO I’m dying


CBC gummies are great 😊


I thought I was the only one lmao


So at what point do employers want their employees on performance enhancing drugs? Like it’s just normal.


The only time I ever came in high was an opening shift after a smoke sesh the night before. On a Saturday, and I was Cafe bar. It was nuts but at the end our DM and his boss came up to me and complimented my customer connection. So it all worked out. Then I accidently mentioned this story in front of a new SM and lied about having been punished already and he let it go. 🙃


At first when I would go to work blazed it would get overwhelming & I would spill a lot of stuff but now that I’m not so new anymore & pretty much have everything memorized I love going to work high. Hoping I’ll find another partner at my store that smokes soon 😌


I never enjoyed working high, I didn’t smoke while working for starbucks but at past jobs, I felt like a giggly idiot the whole time. And wasn’t as good at my job.


just a heads up - please be very very careful if you do this. if your SM finds out it’s an immediately fireable offence


I hit a dab 2 hours before my shift, was okay for my shift, and was put on the oven. ​ smelling all those coffee cakes was the true test.


It depends on your tolerance. That’s all I’ll say lol


Pretty much everyone in my store runs out and hits their dab pen on their breaks. And we smack zynn the whole time we're working


On some days it's nice and I'm just chilling but on the days it's stupid busy i just get all frazzled and it gets hard to keep up


Why would you go to work high?


Why would you go to work sober?


So I can do a good job.