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I don’t understand why we don’t choose to diversify. Stop investing all the money we have into the primary sectors. Invest at least a small part of it into the secondary sector’s surprise economies


Exactly. When South Korea emerged from the Korean war, they were one of the poorest nations in the world. they invested in technology and heavy industries. They kept good relations with japan, China and US and obtained funding. It was a struggle but today, they are one of the leading economies and host the largest manufacturing facilities for computer chips. Sri Lanka is in a position to emulate such action. If we invest our money in industry and services rather than to build roads or temples, we can generate more reliable revenue from the secondary sector.


i agree with your point, but building roads and improving infrastructure is important before heading into industrialization economy. i mean only 20% of the population is urbanised and our country cant go into 100% urbanisation. we must create multiple industrialised cities all around the country and keep the nature safe as well. like mid Europe countries.


Yeah but investing in industrialization will result in urbanization. Rather than the government using its money to directly influence growth, it should try to increase earnings. Government jobs obviously don’t provide that much income meaning people working in factories or other industrial workplaces can earn a sufficient amount. Besides that will also improve foreign direct investment meaning that the currency will appreciate


\>i mean only 20% of the population is urbanised not true thats using urban region data from the 1980s so many of those rural areas are urban now


for your note... srilanka is famous for its spices in the past times... but now we mostly depend on the tea... idk what's happend


One thing is we never really implemented newer more innovative methods of cultivation. We always used the traditional method but that won’t suffice to a growing market internationally. Besides have u seen any advertising campaigns for spices? Not any big ones for sure. That’s cause our government or the regulatory bodies don’t really know wtf they are doing. I feel like we’re so obsessed with our past and tradition we choose to avoid modernization. I’m not saying that we should completely forget about the past but that’s thing thing, the past is the past… SL really needs something new


other than that, graphite (world best graphite).. ilmenite (world most biggest exporter) those are the biggest resources we have... bt we not gonna make use of that we never produce the end product here... we're not even have proper processing methods here... we only export those are as "RAW MATERIAL"


Positive vibes




We should start planting and exporting canabis too




Can we really have more of this please....


Why we cant export more. Agriculture is the best way to develop sri lanka


No it isn't there isn't a single developed country with an agricultural economy like Sri Lanka


Don’t look up New Zealand


How about Australia? One of their main things is agriculture.


No. Agriculture contributes only a 3% of their economy. Source - https://www.ruralhealth.org.au/book/economic-contribution-regional-rural-and-remote-australia#:~:text=agriculture%20contributes%203%25%20(about%20%2450,(National%20Farmers%20Federation)%3B They have Trillions of Dollars worth of natural resources.




No it isn't, agriculture is low profit generating. Mining and education are our big things.


I don't get your point Are you saying agriculture is not a good way to develop the economy?


Are you sure. What about india


India is poor


Not really. They’re the fastest growing economy in the world.


Agriculture is not what's making it grow


Yeah I know that, India has a large manufacturing industry. I’m not sure abt this but idt agriculture is even a significant export.


Coconut farmer here, after the fertilizer ban, production fell through the floor, organic fertilizers are bulky and hard to come by in numbers, especially when its in demand now, we mostly used organic fertilizers when ploughing the land to keep the soil rich, which it is best used for, gota kicked himself in the nuts with this Ban


Have heard of Chas Organic Coconuts from Sri Lanka? They are famous all over the world, and in Canada that's the only Sri Lankan coconut milk people would buy since it's organic and great quality. People don't want to eat poison period.


Poison huh? Bro if you got no clue, just keep it to yourself and do some study on the issue, I have nothing against organic fertilizers, it's cheaper and if used correctly, is very reliable, but completely banning the chemical fertilizers with no effort to improve supply on the organic ones, it clearly shows Gota was trying to save the 400 mil$ they spend on fertiliser imports rather than give a shit about the environment


Why can't you make your own organic compost? It will take time.


You need a lot of material to make organic fertiliser. Which is again not sustainable at scale.


To use for many acres of land? Yeah nah.. you are basically asking to start a cottage industry in my backyard, people have a hard enough time maintaining their farmlands, now they got to manufacture their own fertilizer too because their government is too incompetent?


Look up Chas organic coconut from Sri Lanka.


with natural fertiliser uh no way


organic fertilizer are good in long term and it can be achieve with proper implementation.


no. I challenge you to show somescientific evidence to back your claims


cinnamon is greatly affected by lack of fertilizers


We need to export more services than products! We need encourage freelancers by integrating paypal in sri lanka.


This is most likely offset by losses from the fertilizer ban