spotify was so good 6 years ago but it fell off man, I only use netease cloud music now


Apple Music is horrendous though. What option do you have?


I dunno. I have a Sonos system and access to like a hundred different music services on there. I think I’ll survive withou…BUFFERING.


Spotify shitting their pants after reading this


Spotify’s timber’s are shivered.


This isn’t an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure


Spotify just lost $4 billion in market value and you’re recycling old jokes. We’re like the kids from Captain Planet over here!


No one cares


Spotify just went bankrupt after this crucial announcement


Upvote for the fish comment! Some of you may eventually find out that spotify has always sucked once you sign up for a service with better compression standards. Check out deezer and tidal if sound quality matters to you.


[Try the ABX test if you so insist](http://abx.digitalfeed.net/)


You know that "I don't think about you at all" meme that's been circulating recently? This is exactly that.


I canceled my subscription and deleted the app a while ago.


Newsflash: Every company puts their profits before public health! Did Pfizer offer the damn vaccine for free? HELL NO! And why not leave YouTube while you at it? That’s where Rogan is still going viral with Elon smoking a joint and the whole platform is riddled with conspiracy nuts who’ve already damaged our public consensus beyond repair.


1) Blatant “whataboutism”. Just because one wrong still exists doesn’t mean you can’t address another 2)You’re assuming OP and others haven’t already done left/avoid YouTube. 3) There’s a difference between generically monetizing all providers of content and activity paying an arrogantly ignorant source of inaccurate and deadly medical misinformation.


1. “Well what about whataboutism?” What about Joe Rogan on Spotify; a micro level problem whereas YouTube is the macro level in comparison? 2. Good for them! It’s worth noting tho boycotts are historically ineffective and most often end up just generating more publicity for it’s adversary like Joe Rogan is more famous now than ever. 3. No there’s no difference, both are making money out of whatever horse shit comes out of people’s mouths, except Spotify only has one. 4. At least Spotify is not part of the already too big tech 5; Google, Apple, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft. 5. Spotify is the main reason the music industry is experiencing growth for the first time in decades. 6. Dumb artists only whine about Spotify’s payouts because it pays them the most and they have a shitty deal with a major label taking 70% of their profits.


Boycot Spotify !


You’ll be back.


Do you think Spotify is the best option or something? It was the first of its kind and it was really popular but it's going to go the way of Digg. I don't know if you noticed but on top of the Joe thing it's just kind of crappy. I switched to a new one today and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.


I'm in the same boat. Switched to Tidal personally.


I switched to apple music. Sound quality is so much better! I also love how they blend songs together when I'm listening on shuffle. I will miss my yearly wrapped tho lol.


Which one did you go with?


I went with Tidal.


But yet you were fine with Spotify paying out the least amount of money to artists before this. Gtfo of here..


Dont’t tell me you actually think Napster is the best paying streaming service as stated in this “[cool guide](https://twitter.com/tpain/status/1476032631255060490?s=21)?”


Cancel culture can go fcuk itself.






Amen to that. https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephenlaconte/conservatives-love-cancel-culture


You do realize there’s more than 2 political ideologies right? Just because someone doesn’t like liberals or cancel culture doesn’t automatically make them a conservative 💀


“Cancel Culture” is a bogeyman created by Conservatives to demonize anybody trying to hold Conservatives accountable for their actions. And, in typical GQP hypocrisy, they dish it out like hot cakes at a church fundraiser, but scream bloody murder when it happens to one of their own.


That’s a helluva lot of Kool-aid.


I agree... freedom of speech is of the utmost importance, especially when it's speech that you don't like--that's why you have to rise to the occasion.


There’s a difference between freedom of speech and avoiding the repercussions of what you say. That’s why we have the legal concepts of slander, libel, fraud, liability, etc. Also, there’s a difference between an opinion and spewing easily(and frequently) disproven medical nonsense that has resulted in people’s death. I agree there’s definitely a slippery slope argument if the government wants to step in and ban dangerous speech like Rogan’s — Especially since GOP state governments have banned/restricted negative reporting of their inept COVID responses and teaching of accurate US history by misapplying the label “CRT” and demonizing the label. “Freedom of speech” doesn’t require anybody to listen, doesn’t prohibit comment, critique or correction and it sure as hell doesn’t protect Spotify from losing artists, customers and/or sponsors. The real solution is for every individual that has lost a loved one due to them being antivax, taking ivermectin and/or mefloquine, etc. sue the content provider and publisher using basic liability standards. Medical advice this deadly and unsupported by evidence/reality is not a political statement or an opinion.


One of the interesting problems of late is that speech that does not tow the party line is being canceled. For instance when you said: >Also, there’s a difference between an opinion and spewing easily(and frequently) disproven medical nonsense that has resulted in people’s death. By way of example, there are actual studies in PubMed that show promise with Ivermectin therapies--meaning clinical trials, actual science. It's not disproven--it's evolving. Just like there are studies that go both ways on drugs like statins. But the very discussion is not allowed anymore. That is actually anti-science behavior. It's a form of Fascism from the left. I don't have a great solution for this, but clamping down on civil liberties when people are afraid has always been disastrous and has led to bitter consequences historically.


There’s a thing called “civil suits”. You can always go legal. But ofcourse, then cancel culture wouldn’t be a thing.


[Here’s where you can cancel your subscription. I canceled mine tonight and let them know why](https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/sdgz3z/spotify_to_take_down_neil_youngs_music_after_his/hucz5dt/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)




One day when you lose your freedoms you'll understand the importance of freedom of speech and how it's not about to hear what you want.


Agreed on all fronts. My views don't always align with Rogan and his guests but I still find the conversations interesting and entertaining. Same goes for the recent r/antiwork debacle. I don't share that sub's views but it still upsets me that it was taken down. Can't we all just call a truce and stop trying to ban everything?!? The world would be boring as fuck if we all thought alike.


Thank you.


Wait untill the op finds out about Moderna Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson have been doing for the last few years




I think you arent the only one... *click* I deleted Spotify too.




Nooooo, please stay


I know. It’s hard for you. We’ve been through so much, together, u/runcaps. I will never forget the first time you touched me, you know, *down there.* I’ll always miss you and who knows, maybe, someday, you and I will meet again on Reddit and pick up where we left off—but without Spotify playing in the background.


You know, we can still touch each other to Joe Rogans special on Netflix. Or are you done with that too?


This shit is cringe. Good luck supporting literally anything in a capitalist society with this attitude.


I know, right? Can you believe someone had the audacity to put their opinion of a music service on the internet? That, like, never happens, ever.


What’s cringe is selectively boycotting things just because they trend. Doubt you’re filtering all your consumed products through this filter. But sure, whatever makes you feel good, right?


I mean, do people do anything other than selectively boycott? I’ve never even thought about just randomly boycotting something. I’m not really sure why you’re all butt hurt about my decision to say no more. I simply moved to a different streaming service that doesn’t openly support things that I find destructive to American society.


Lmao. You don’t seem to know what I mean. You’re just boycotting this one thing because they did a thing you didn’t agree with. You have no idea clearly about the awful things the other companies you support do. Like what, did you switch to Apple Music, the paragon of ethics lmao? You really thought you did something? My point is if you research every product Or company you buy from, you will find something horrifying or uncomfortable or whatever, something you don’t agree with. It’s a stupid way to live life and you think you’re taking some kind of stand but its meaningless.


With all the talk about President Biden on podcasts on Spotify, the President should say he’ll resign if Rogan is not removed from the platform. He shouldn’t agree to be “associated” with misinformation.


Hope you cancelled all your Google stuff and stop using Google services too? Or do you not care \*that\* much?


I did it around 6 months ago with my family and migrating into Deezer and YT Music. It was VERY GOOD DECISION. BTW: but in this case Spotify is right. Strange, but they are right.




Russia is going to invade Ukraine in a month and we’re worried about a freaking music streaming service lol


If you stop giving Spotify your money, and enough people join you in doing so, there’s a chance that Spotify’s board will change their behavior. They are dependent on your money. Unless you’re Vladimir Putin, there’s nothing you can do to stop the invasion of Ukraine. Regardless of how insignificant my individual choice may be to Spotify’s bottom line, I am at least taking action by not giving them more capital to spend on booking more conservative talk show hosts while supporting militarism.