Also a YT Premium subscriber and have never considered YT Music. It’s horrible. The UI is poor, the focus on videos is annoying and I don’t enjoy having my music tastes encroach on my viewing habits.


This. I moved to Spotify in 2020 because they forced Google Play into YT Music, and it was terrible. They got rid of the features that kept me on Google Play and added features no one wanted.


I changed YTM from Apple Music and couldnt bare it. I am still paying for YT Premium but I stopped using YTM after 2 months and switch to Spotify.


I get a lot of emails from Amazon nagging me that I’m not using all my Amazon benefits by totally ignoring Amazon music. So I guess the answer is yes.


They can’t pay me to use Amazon music. Fcuk that “benefit” Jeff!


No, and if I wanted a different version/higher quality thing or something that wasn’t on there, I would just buy the music. No point in having 2 music subscriptions


I'm already doing that. I have Spotify. But recently, I got equipment to stream HD Audio, so I've done all the free trials and am using Amazon Music for HD now... with the hopes that Spotify will introduce HD and that the products I use will support it swiftly. I use Spotify in the car. And I use Amazon for listening to specific albums in HD and a couple playlists I imported from Spotify.


I've been paying for Spotify on top of YTM as I have obscure music tastes (drone, soundscape). I have a massive playlist in Spotify built partly from Drone genre playlists in Spotify and another massive playlist in YouTube built from different playlists there. Each list has over 3000 tracks many of them different. I like to switch between them so I pay for both. I also get YouTube Premium for free. If it came down to a choice I'd stick with YTM because I have hundreds of tracks uploaded there which are not on any streaming service.


Apple Music is included with my cell plan and I pay for Spotify. I like using the Spotify app built into my car’s head unit for short trips when I don’t feel like plugging in my phone. Plus I like having the option of using whichever service I want on any of my devices.


I do. I'm invested in the Spotify system. I like it better. That's what I use to listen all my favorites. I pay for YT premium for ad free YouTube. I only use YTM to explore other genres (Christmas music, movie soundtracks) or artists that I don't want messing up my Spotify feed or recommendations.


I pay for both Amazon premium and apple one. Haven’t touched Amazon music in years besides that one time I tried it for the first time. Deleted it in 15 mins. Horrible Ui. Apple Music handles 70% of my audio needs. Love the album first approach. Clean UI. Works well with my HomePods. Spotify handles my podcasts needs, and their daily mixes is my mainstay for playlists on the fly. Audio still sucks compared to Apple Music though. If Apple Music bothers to compete and add in features- like collaborative playlists, baked in sleep timer, private sessions and the sorts (shit that their users actually care about), I’ll leave Spotify for good. Until then I use both.


I would never leave Spotify especially as a student where it’s only 5$/month.?There are minor problems here and there but the discoverability for new artists is nuts, it’s really ez to use. And I love the release radar feature it’s something I look forward to every Friday. However since u already have it for free it does make some sense to just switch YTM but I’ve never used it so idk


Isn't YTM just videos on YT with the videos disabled? I can't really see it as a viable replacement for Spotify regardless of my access. Now if we're talking about Deezer, Qobuz, or anything else that offers hifi 👀


No it's not. It's a full music service, with YouTube videos on top in case tracks are unavailable/unreleased for streaming but have been uploaded by users. 12" extended mixes from the 80s which never got reissued are a good example. Or stuff like [this](https://youtu.be/xq2oNxjSH2k). This will never show up in Spotify, but it's available in YouTube Music. Also, unlike Spotify, YouTube music lets you upload music from your PC, also useful if stuff in your collection is not up for streaming. I have plenty of that. You can upload up to 50,000 tracks of your own. Each to their own. Many people probably wouldn't have much use for these features. But there's so much music out there that will never be licensed to streaming services. I have a lot of use for these extra features.




I have youtube premium so, yes, because I have had spotify for years and I just can't bear to part with it. And I can't stand ads anywhere. Plus there are a songs on youtube music that I can't get on spotify, so that works for me. I draw the line at having three music subscriptions, though, so no amazon music for me!


I’m paying Spotify premium because my family and my wife only use Spotify, however I personally prefer Apple Music . The music quality is way better and I like how they manage the music library


I don't like YTM either, I was still paying for spotify up until I got Apple Music for free with my phone plan.


Spotify is super cheap especially on a student rate (which I have) and it helps you find new music you’ll love according to your listening habits so nothing gets stale (music you’d never find on your own because the artists who make it are often still relative unknowns who haven’t been discovered by mass audiences) and the podcasts are great. That’s why I left Apple Music and I haven’t used my Amazon music sub that came with Prime. Spotify should really pay me for these testimonials. PS Also, I can’t say whether the other services do this, but I download music and podcasts before I leave my home Wi-Fi network, so listening doesn’t cost me data while I’m out and about.


I use yt music because it has all the music in the world not like Spotify which lacks half of the songs I like


well spotify is pretty much the best option for streaming music (although its missing alot of the obscure stuff and popular stuff like all of Agent Orange - Sodom), YouTube was always mediocre music wise and physical media can get pricey (depending on your format) and i dont think theres even any competition to Spotify aside from YouTube Music