Pocket Cast is the way


I have been using Pocket Casts for years. I'm always very pleasantly surprised to see them mentioned by other podcast listeners.


Been using PocketCasts for years. I switched to Spotify because I liked the idea of having an "all-in-one" app for both music and podcasts, but I just ended up going back after a while.


The best. Used it for years. Having dedicated settings per podcast is the best.


Yeah, I'd like Spotify to have an automatic download at least.


Love everything about pocket casts!


Thank you for this!


Yes i do listen to podcasts on Spotify, i agree. It's a pretty nice thing to have both music and podcasts in one app


I'm straight up not listening a podcast if I can't listen it from either YouTube or Spotify. Oh you are moving your pod to "insert stupidnamePod"? Well I guess you don't want me to listen to your pods. I live in Finland, and there is like huge competition for podcast services recently. Like 5+ apps, and all podcasts signing exclusivity deals. All have subscriptions. I'm not paying 30€/month to listen my pods. So I just won't listen to them. It's just that simple.


Spotify saw the podcast industry growing and grabbed it by the balls. I'm glad they did. I'd hate to see my favorite podcasters use obscure platforms that I don't pay for, or move to Apple Music or something. I think podcasts will become hugely popular in the coming years.


Wow that sounds like that would be annoying


Yea dog. I love podcasts. Pre-pandemic I never listened to ANY. Now? All the time. Podcasts have been a BOOMING industry.


Yep i agree


I literally didn't know what podcast was back then. Spotify changed that.


I honestly wish they would make a separate app for podcasts. Not interested in them at all.


Of course. Don’t understand the weird hate for podcasts.


I just wish they would give us the option to disable them if we want to. I dont need a bunch of podcasts that I will NEVER listen to shoved in my face at every moment. I also have another app that I prefer to use for my podcasts and I only want to use Spotify for music.


Spotify's competitors: Apple, Amazon and Google (Youtube) offer way more services than just podcasts. They will push more products in your face than just podcasts. Stop crying. They're a business trying to turn a profit. All they offer is 2 things. When I listen to music it's either using 1) my lists or 2) someone else's lists - neither of those methods push podcasts in my face. I think you're doing something wrong.


It’s not all about the podcasts themselves, it’s more about spotify forcing them to everyone, podcasts ads even for premium subscribers, changing the focus from music to podcasts and so on. I listen to 2 podcasts regularly but not on Spotify, i don’t support their aggressive marketing. they should remember what made them big (Music) and not podcasts that many people on Spotify aren’t even interested in


Also the very weird ones that get recommended along with the popular ones. Once upon a time I used to scroll down, now I don't because they've cutdown on music exploration quite a bit to promote podcasts.


I can understand that. If I didn’t listen I wouldn’t want to see them everywhere. I’m sure they have to push them to justify their huge contracts they sign people to. I’m surprised there isn’t a setting to hide certain recommendations.


Yeah hide recommendations or something like a „show podcasts in Spotify“ setting would be nice.


so you do understand the hate in its entirety


No not entirely. Why do you hate podcasts?


since this is a Spotify sub i don't have to clarify that we're discussing Spotify. so tell me, why do you think i said i hate podcasts on this subreddit :) editing an addition: I wouldn’t want to see them everywhere. I’m sure they have to push them to justify their huge contracts they sign people to. _I’m surprised there isn’t a setting to hide certain recommendations._


So edgy. Hope you stop projecting your misery


actually no you're a cool person, not having the best time right now you're right I should cut back social interactions still i standby my words with strong dislike for podcasts on Spotify i try to keep my podcasts on pocket casts like most


I appreciate that. Hope things get easier! Never intended any of this to get into a debate


A lot better! Good day to you


Advertisements? Are you a free user? If so, you're complaining about advertisements while using their software for free? for real? When I listen to music it's either using 1) my lists or 2) someone else's lists or 3) searching for artists - neither of those methods push podcasts in my face. I think you're doing something wrong. Spotify literally offers 2 services. That's it. Apple, Amazon and Google (Youtube) offer way more services than just podcasts. Stop crying. They're a business, and a losing one at that - long before offering podcasts.


Please read first. You get Ads while listening to podcasts as a premium user. Premium is only ad free music not podcasts. Homescreen: first row podcast recommendations Search Tab: Second Row podcast recommendations I’m not doing anything wrong, they are everywhere Next time before writing a comment, do some research :)


Ok, I just never use the Home screen (why would i?). I'm always in my library or in search. I don't even see recommendations. I assumed everyone else was like me :)


I don't understand it too. Platforms like Apple, Amazon, or Google (Youtube) offer way more services than just music. Spotify literally only offers music, and now podcasts. Not a big deal. I never used to listen to podcasts before the pandemic, now? All the time. That's an industry that's growing quickly. Also don't understand people who cry about a $1 increase per month on their subscription. Don't like it? Subscribe elsewhere Lol. Spotify is an unprofitable company right now since it's still growing. They lose money each year. Podcasts give them an edge.


Yes i like having everything in one place


I love podcasts - Podcast Addict says I've averaged around 20 days listening time a year since 2015. Hell, I even used to host one. That said, I really don't like the way Spotify pushes them on everyone - especially their exclusives. I don't think the Spotify player and library is best suited for podcasts - great for music, but the player especially misses things that dedicated podcast players get right. The 15 second jumps are nice but, from what I can see, this can't be change - I skip forwards in larger increments for adverts and jingles so I'm stabbing at my phone screen for longer to get to the right place. I also miss having a skip silence option, over the years this has saved me a tonne of time (literally a couple of weeks).


I love podcasts and listen to a ton of them. Despite being a longtime Spotify subscriber for music, I do not listen to podcasts in Spotify – I listen in an app called Overcast, which has only one developer behind it. Here's why: * Spotify's podcast organization system feels like a copy-paste of the music one. In other words, it does not feel like it was built for podcast listening. It is not trivial to arrange episodes in the order that a user wishes to listen to them, especially if the use follows a lot of different shows. * Spotify lacks many of the "smart" features that other podcast players have. For example: trim silence (remove gaps in speech while maintaining a normal overall pace), volume normalization, more granular speed controls. These may not be on the casual listener's radar, but I really enjoy them. For example, I have listened to an extra 18 hours of content due to the silence trimming in my podcast app of choice (Overcast). * Spotify, Apple, etc. are taking podcasts in a direction that I don't like. Podcasting is essentially the only remaining platform not controlled by media giants, and Spotify is participating in their demise by putting certain shows behind a paywall. I do not support this, so I use an independent app and don't bother with shows that go behind a paywall. I am not super educated on this, so I might have said something inaccurate in this comment – feel free to correct me.


There’s no way there’s that many people in the world that listen to podcasts, I barely listen to any


Podcasts are becoming huge. Joe Rogan gets more listens than Fox News and CNN combined - that's unreal. Many great comedians and personalities have moved to podcasts during this pandemic too. It's just been booming big time. I never listened to any of them pre-covid.


Nope > I think having you favourite music and podcasts in one app is pretty neat Nice try Spotify marketing


You got me.


Yep. I listen to a lot of podcasts on spotify.


Podcast Addict is way better for podcasts. IMHO


Yeah, dedicated podcast apps are generally better, but Spotify is more convenient.


Why is it better? Curious. I prefer to use a single app. Then there's obviously exclusive podcasts to Spotify.


Customizable playback speed, sortable categories, hide played podcasts and episodes, skip silence, equalizer, sleep timers and that's just the ad version


I used Pocketcasts for years but have switched to Spotify and am very happy with it. Being able to use Spotify Connect and switch between my Google Home speakers is really useful


Spotify loves promoting podcasts but hates actually working with podcast listeners. The fact that we STILL can't get the new episodes feature on desktop is just ridiculous.


Constantly. I used to have a dedicated podcast player but most of the podcasts I listen to have found their way on to Spotify. No point in having two apps when I could have just one.


I've used Spotify for both for a long time and love it. I just wish I could add RSS feeds. Hell I'd even sign up for Premium just for that feature. Lol


I also listen to podcasts on spotify. But I do not like the fact that my home screen has about 80% podcast recommendations and 20% music. It should be the other way around, or let me choose what is more important.


On my home screen it luckily is the other way around. 85% music and 15% podcasts or something like that.


I do. I went from Pocketcasts to Google Podcasts, and now fully using Spotify for my podcasts.


And you don't miss automatic playlists?


I only use their podcast area for JRE and I use Pocketcasts (iPhone) for the rest I listen to. I wish they separated podcasts into its own app to be honest. The interface for Spotify is already confusing and messy AF.


I listen to several on Spotify.


I switched a while ago to Spotify for all and never looking back. Love the integration…I never listen to music and podcasts at the same time obviously so why not




I do and don't have any issues.


No. I wish I could block them from my Home Screen and suggestions too


I prefer Spotify for podcasts rather than Apple's podcast app--it's way easier to use now that it's a bit more mature. I also enjoy listening while they are sped up.


I almost exclusively listen to podcasts on Spotify now. Used Google podcasts before but the podcast I listen to (the Swedish comedy roleplaying podcast "Rollspelsklubben") made a deal with Spotify so it's the only platform the release new episodes on.


All the time yes, I really like having everything in one place. I prefer the UI to the seperate app I was using too.


I’m one of the few people that don’t care about podcast and music on Spotify. In fact as a podcast listener it helpful to have all my content in one place. And learning from me.


YES. Podcasts are booming, especially during this pandemic. I never listened to podcasts pre-pandemic. Now? All the time. Hope Spotify keeps adding them. "Spotify made an exclusive deal with some of the podcasts, which is kinda unfair to competitors" Lol. Business is unfair. The nature of business is unfair and competitive. Spotify is taking hold of the podcast scene before Apple does.


I listen a lot. I still use pocket cast for that. Spotify gives me a very long loading screen when I’m offline and I’m trying to listen a podcast I have previously download. Don’t know why ? That’s the main reason I still go back to pocket cast


No, and the way that Spotify aggressively pushes it over is a terrible experience


Yup. I like that podcasts on Spotify default to streaming. I hate the way Apple defaults to downloading everything. Spotify is also the only app that lets me resume a podcast on windows. I want my subs, plays, and progress synced across platforms and devices. Let me know an app that does this over windows, iOS, Mac, and android, while also working with smart speakers, and I’ll switch.


I would if you could add custom urls with logins.


Personally, I love podcasts. I listen to probably listen to 8-9 of them fairly regularly. I think it's great that Spotify has them, but I use an app specifically for podcasts. IMO, it's just easier to manage and download them that way.


I don't, I myself just don't like podcasts period, but my partner uses Spotify for both podcasts and music equally.


Yes I do and it's amazing for me.


Hell no


Why is the quality so shitty for podcasts? We are in 2022 and all they offer is sub 128kbs? Wtf


I listen to podcasts on Spotify daily. Having all my "listen to" stuff on the same app is great.


No, the interface isn't great for podcasts, Pocketcasts is far more feature rich.


Over 75% of my listening lately has been podcasts.


Yup, Spotify is the only place I listen to podcasts. It’s just very convenient for me to have my music and podcasts in one app.


Yes I do! I love it


Yup, use it for all podcasts pretty much.


Yes! I listen to podcasts otw to work and I absolutely love the dual platforms in one app too!


I decided to listen to one and now my whole feed is podcasts


I am ALWAYS listening to podcasts, and only on Spotify.


Hell yes, I love having it all in one app!!




Ya I like having it all in one place. Their podcast sections need work but I can see improvements from time to time.


Yep. Not only with Spotify, but in many cases I enjoy them in Spotify.


Yes, definitely use Spotify for podcasts. I love having my music and podcasts cleanly in one app. I queue a lot, so I like to a queue a few songs, a 5 minute NPR news pod, maybe a couple more songs, than a beefier 20+ minute pod. Just cool to mix it up and vary the stuff I’m listening to throughout the day while I’m working.


Sometimes, I just wish there was like a podcast toggle in the app or something


Yes, it's my number one app for podcasts after YouTube.


I do!


I listen to so many podcast!!


I do use it. And I agree, is pretty neat having a single app for both. But Spotify still needs some implements.


Yeah, podcast controls are pretty basic


Yup, I like the podcasts. No one is forcing anyone to listen to the podcasts if all you want is music


i do but its not the best app for that. google podcasts was a good app. but jre moved so i had too. i had Spotify already but still. the whole problem with Spotify is app glitches and performance issues. on pc and android


Not really, though I have listen to a few podcast here and there on the service but I wouldn't consider myself a big listener.


Don't use for podcasts because you can't turn off autoplay.


Yeah, I listen to behind the bastards a lot and it works great, why not?


Until the app crashes. Then again for a minute. Then crash. Then again. Then crash. Again. Crash. Again. Crash. Spotify stealing my money at this point.


No, but Spotify desperately wants me to. The top of my home feed is all podcast recommendations.


I listen to podcast on the app, but have always been annoyed with the ads. Even as a paid subscriber they keep the ads.


No, I don’t listen the so called Podcast in Spotify. I listen to podcast the common way: via RSS with an app on my choice.


Love the old radio shows they have. My local radio station runs them on Sunday nights, but with Spotify, I can listen whenever. One of the benefits of this service, IMO.


I split my podcasts between Spotify and Apple - Spotify is for short-form informative content, using the daily new episodes feed, and then I use Apple for my longer-form entertainment content. Helps me keep work and play separate for suggested content


I use stitcher mostly and spotify for the ones that aren't on stitcher


I don’t even listen to podcasts


I don't have podcasts available. Are they any good? I use Google Podcasts


I primarily use Spotify for music, but I do use it for podcasts when I'm falling asleep.


I don't listen to podcast but i think it's cool that both podcasts and music are available in one place.




I do. I hated Apple Podcasts. it was terrible and slow and wouldn’t even play them in sequential order.


Yes, I use it and while Spotify is far from the best player out there it’s fine enough


I use the podcasts all the time, I love them.


i don’t listen to podcasts at all, but i do think it’s nice feature for anyone who does. i just wish they didn’t try and promote different podcasts to me on my home page when i’ve never listened to one.


I just use the default Apple podcast app Does what it needs to








Yeah, I listen to all my podcasts on Spotify. I pay for premium, so it's just more convenient for me.


Yes I do. And if they would create a way to find interesting podcasts I would listen to a lot more. So far Spotify has not recommended a podcast I would listen.


Yep, listen to Hey Babe every morning on my commute


I do. However, my big frustration is that the "new episodes" feed seems to miss new episodes regularly for a few specific podcasts I follow.


Yes, but not because spotify pushes me to. It's because the podcast I orginally listen to is also on Spotify.


I use it for podcasts daily and I like it over apple music because of the same reason (music and podcasts on one app) (though this is also probably because I'm on android and use spotify connect a lot with my computer + android) Most of the complaining about podcasts that I've seen is based on their recommendations I believe? which I have a tendancy to treat everything on the main/home of spotify as advertisements so I barely even look at them, and instead click on library -> podcast or library -> playlists / songs directly... (Of course I'd probably be pissed off if they started to put in audio adverts for podcasts as I have premium and would probably leave the service if that happened) that said I do have some issues with how podcasts are organized, and especially from a cross platform pov (for example my major gripe is...why can't I just play all new episodes on the pc/web browser like I do on the phone app?) but this is slightly out of the context of "do you use it for podcasts or not currently"


I love the podcast portion of Spotify but I also use apple and Google podcasts as well, but some of my favorite shows are only available on Spotify


A lot, it's great to have a common app for podcasts and music


I do. I do wish they would stop popping up on CarPlay though. I would love separate section for my podcasts.


I love and adore that they have podcasts as well as music!




Tons, yes.


I would like podcasts but they often have annoying ads in them.


I do listen to podcasts but only 1 or 2 the rest are boring ppl


Technically yes. I listen to the daily drive that has short news podcasts mixed in the playlist. For actual podcasts, hell no.


I listen to podcasts in a separate app. I like keeping music stuff and podcast stuff on separate platforms. I wish Spotify would enable a feature to not see podcasts on my Home Screen. Ideally I wouldn’t know podcasts exist on my Spotify account as I just want it for music / music suggestions


No! I don’t do podcasts, PERIOD!


Didn't they just fire a bunch of people fe the podcast department? Yeah I was right - https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/11/22877242/spotify-studios-four-lay-off-original-podcast