Picking top (suggested) POTD record:0-5, -7u


You mean most voted... But SideKick Won


Sidekick is goated


POTD Top pick History. Sunday 30/1: Aaron Donald Over 4.5 Tackles & Assists ❌ Saturday 29/1: Sullivan Cauley ML ✅ Friday 28/1: Boston Bruins & Over 5.5 ❌ Thursday 27/1: Warriors -4.5 ✅ Wednesday 26/1: Anaheim Ducks vs Toronto Maple Leafs | Over 5.5 ✅ Tuesday 25/1: Matteo Berrettini ML ❌ Monday 24/1: Tsitspas ML ✅


this list should be published on a daily basis.......


Great idea! You happy to do it each day?


It used to be


Hey that’s cool but if I don’t bet all the days how do I know which ones to pick?


I take anyone with a posted record better than 63% and minimum record of 15 picks posted (generally)


I pick them all, or slight variations of them.


So it goes win loss win loss.... Today I tail, then fade. You get the idea. You can thank me later and invite me for a sick ass party on your yacht


We should rename the thread FADE of the day


Just an opinion from a casual bettor that has been watching this thread for quite some time. 1. Yes, the first posts on POTD usually get the most upvotes and move to the top of the list by default. This just makes them the most viewed and visible ("top suggested"), but that does not mean they are the best picks. 2. The reason, I suspect, the comments are made first by the same people day after day has more to do with time zone differences than anything else. For example this thread was started at 11pm EST which is 8pm in the West Coast of the US, 3pm in Sidney and 4am in London. I know there are quite a few Aussies on here which have interacted with me in the past so it makes sense they are often first to post. (I could be wrong) 3. For example the times I have posted picks myself are usually a few hours before the event starts because that is when I look at them and have determined something may be worth mentioning. This is a pastime after all, so I have zero inclination to be up at midnight writing this shit. 4. Most of the time, making a bet when there is no reason to do so will end in a loss. There is no obligation to bet on every event. This is something I have struggled with also. But the truth is that those who post every single day out of some sort of sense of obligation, inevitably will try to create something when there is nothing. One could make an argument for either side of any ball game. So just because a pick has a lot of upvotes does not make it a great one. I think after watching and keeping track of many a picker here, I will repeat what others much smarter than I have said before. These picks should be nothing more than suggestions or ideas from which to build your own conclusions. If you read something that looks like it may have value then research it, confirm it and then place your bet in the hopes of grabbing some sort of +EV based on your conclusions. As an example, last week someone suggested taking Benfica to win in the Portuguese League Cup game against rivals Sporting. I follow soccer quite a bit and knew firsthand that many European players are in South America for the world cup qualifiers and others in Africa for Cup of Nations. After a bit of research, even sites like Sportsmole and ESPN had Benfica's best defender Nicolas Otamendi in their starting lineup. However, Otamendi was thousands of miles away in Argentina playing for country. There was other misinformation as well regarding other players. Guess what, Benfica lost as their squad was fairly depleted. So tailing indiscriminately is never a good strategy. Take a few minutes and verify what is being written.


Thank you for this thoughtful and lengthy response. Yes, totally agree one of the shortfalls is coming in looking for easy locks without proper research. As far as POTD that I agree with and am confident in, those losses have just been unlucky. Despite my post and misfortunes I appreciate the work that everyone puts in and people are clearly benefitting.


Top picks yesterday was Cauley to win and that’s exactly what he did


Top pick was Aaron Donald +4.5 tackles+assists which didn’t hit


Yeah don’t know why a user that is 1-1 was top pick


Good write up, everyone knew the niners were run heavy, and most importantly we are degenerates.


Niners only had like 18 run attempts today. In their other games against the Rams this year they had 30 and 40 run attempts and in those games Donald had 7 and 8 tackles. It was a solid pick that didn't pan out unfortunately.


They stopped running the ball because they couldn’t


I know they couldn't but the logic behind the pick was solid because they were able to run the ball against them no problem in the last 2 games and the Niners love to run the ball


Because it was the first comment made in the entire thread. When I found the POTD thread yesterday it was only that comment and the automod comment. On Reddit, the overwhelming majority of highly upvoted comments are almost always the first comments to be made in a thread.


Which does not necessarily make them good picks


If you’re not scrolling all the way through this thread for picks you’re not doing it right.


It was a god damn blood bath 😂


I have to admit it’s nice to come back to the sub and feel the pain together. My settled bets page is depressing.


I’m just waiting on the esports guys. They’ve been killing it!


Doing gods work


These pickers typically have positive ROIs. If people are taking random POTDs every few days, you’re probably going to lose money. If you consistently stick with solid posters you will make money. Math is your friend.


Someone did the math on this already: https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/o34z0g/pick_of_the_day_61921_saturday/h2ad3c8/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 However just saying “stick with solid posters” is the gambler’s fallacy. You are assuming their past record has an effect on future performance but (1) many people delete their accounts and start over when they get cold and (2) over a long enough period of time everyone will regress to the mean, so these records are just hot streaks.


It’s betting… tomorrow the top picks could go 5-0. Delete this stupid shit.


Do you have records of this. I’m curious


Aaron Donald, Xavier a few weeks ago, some random Series A Corners over, some EPL over goals, another NCAABB I can’t remember


Last 5 top 1 voted POTD is ✅✅🚫✅🚫


POTD Record: 10-3 (+5.1 Units) Last Pick: Minnesota Wild ML (-135/1.74) vs NY Islanders ✅ POTD: Vancouver Canucks ML (-105/1.95) vs Chicago Blackhawks Wild didn't make it easy but nice to get a pick right again. Feels good....Today we will pick the Canucks to beat the Blackhawks. IMO Canucks are the better team here. Hawks aren't very good to begin with and they have some injuries including Toews out with a concussion. Canucks are mostly healthy except Pearson who might be back for this game. These teams played earlier this season and Hawks won 1-0 but that was under old Canucks coach. Canucks record under new coach is 11-4-4. Please double the check the game yourself before tailing. Only risk what you are willing to lose. I hope this hits and BOL to all. EDIT: Canucks just announced that Halak will be starting tonight not Demko. I still like the Canucks to win this game. EDIT 2: ✅


Blindly tailing


BRUCE THERE IT IS. Slapping 100 down


Blindly tailing


Tailing again today! I had the Wild parlayed with Bengals ML! Great pick


Parlayed Canucks PL with Grizzlies ML for +135 odds lehgoo


**Record: 28-10 Units: +13.41** Last POTD: Chicago Bulls money line ❌ **POTD: Memphis Grizzlies +4 vs Philadelphia 76ers (-115) ✅✅✅** * Steven Adams will be on Embiid and Ja Morant should be able to run loose against Curry, Maxey and Isiah Joe expect for Morant to have a good game here * Both teams on a win streak here \* If Tyus Jones plays, I expect the spread to swing a couple points he's currently questionable I like the value without him anyways though * I think Grizzlies are the better squad and if they play good defense and Embiid isn't ridiculously hot again I don't see the 76ers covering *Tail or fade BOL everyone!!!* Cash App: $coco6616 Venmo: Coco111 EDIT: man that was fucking nerve racking... oh well spread hits!!!! [Twitter](https://twitter.com/OjCapper)


Lifetime Sixer fan. This line makes no sense to me either. Grizz +4 and ML both look good


Embiid is now ruled out. So all of us that got this line last night have now been blessed


as well as memphis is playing and as dominant as embiid has been, grizz ML at -165 is still a pretty decent value IMO. i'd guess that goes up to around -180 by game time


Hmm already saw and bet this one, which means I should be worried.


As someone that watches every grizzlies game, this is a solid pick. I'm honestly surprised the 76ers are favored. Ja has been in beast mode since bring named an all-star, posting 35+ pts and a triple double in the last 4 games


If the 76ers struggled against the Kings, then boy are they in for a drubbing versus the Grizzlies.


You would think this logic makes sense but usually the exact opposite happens. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sixers win easily today lol


agreed, unless basketball gods decide to intervene as they did with the dallas game today, this should be a no brainer.


Bought +4 on caesars yesterday and now it is showing -4 there, what a big move.


Lifetime sixers fan as well - going to take the Memphis ML. Agreed w most of the other comments in this reply thread.


Line got taken down and now put back up at Memphis -3.5 on FanDuel. Dang.


The line has moved to the Grizzlies -4 now. That's quite a change in a few hours.


Took them ML before Embidd was ruled out . This one hurt lol. On to the next .


absolutely nonsense performance from grizzlies other than bane and morant, everyone else seemed to show up for an office job. Jaren jackson singlehandedly tried to lost the game by making horrible shots throughout the game and zero intent.


**Edit/Update: 💰💰💰 WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER 💰💰💰** **WE MANAGED TO GET ANOTHER HUGE W!! Congrats to you all, we ended the month phenomenally. Tomorrow's sort of a new beginning, actually everyday is. I will be here for next POTD, don't worry. Meanwhile if you're interested there are banger picks for today in my betting community. Thank you all for the support and enjoy your day 😎** ​ **🚨⚠️VERY EARLY POTD MATCH TODAY, GET ON IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 🚨⚠️** ​ >**Overall POTD record** since like 2020: **96W-66L** (162 bets) **+6,50% ROI**, **+38.8 units profit**, total stake 595u, 1.84 average odds✅ ^((Since there are some rules, I can't break them and I need to be transparent and clear. I've been posting here like a year ago. We were doing absolutely phenomenally with like 14 win streak but also had some very stupid losses. Even though a lot of time has passed, I need to have the overall record here though it might not be as relevant.)) ​ **2022 POTD RECORD**: 11W-1L 🔥🔥 **LAST PICK**: KOVA 1x2 @ 1.75 5u (VERY HIGH BET) ✅ **MOST RECENT (UN)SUCCESS**: ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅❌✅✅ **TOTAL PROFIT**: +32,20 units 📈 **TOTAL STAKE**: 57,00 units **AVERAGE ODDS**: 1.73 **ROI**: +56,40% 📈 ​ **We ended last week in a great fashion with 2 big wins during the weekend. Today is the last day of January, it's been a huge month, let's make it even more successful. There is a very early pick for today, I am posting it as fast as I can, I've just woken up at 5 am. There are also more banger matches today, hopefully we get the Ws everywhere. Have a great Monday, guys 💪** ​ 🎮GAME: CS:GO 🚨TIME: 09:00 CET (GMT+1) - 3 hours 30 minutes from the post Event: Pinnacle Winter Series 1 Match: Sprout vs K23 Pick: **K23 ML @ 1.62 5u (VERY HIGH BET) 💣💣💣💣💣** ​ >**Sprout vs K23** I like this matchup so much. I might be wrong on this one, but I see insane value in my eyes. The bookies and I feel like everybody is hyping Sprout, giving them solid chances against strong tier 2 teams. They used to play well before the break, but they changed their roster - added two youngsters Staehr and Marix who basically have no experience. I am not saying they are bad or anything, I just think they will need way more time to become relevant and start beating great teams as a unit. All their wins have been super close so far, even lost against BLINK and Tricked. That shouldn't be happening. They are facing K23 here who are supposed to be steps ahead of them. Those guys have been together for a much longer time, they are better overall. There were some questionable performances, the game against Endpoint was disgusting, but I could forget about it as it was their 2nd match that day, and they had a more important one before. However, no such thing is happening here as it's super important for K23 to win as it's a playoffs match. People might get fooled by the map win rates of Sprout, but it's exaggerated on HLTV as it's not the same team. K23 should be the favorites on every single map. Even on Sprout's map pick, it should be at the very most a 50/50. Also, a good thing to point out is that it's a 9 AM match for the Sprout side. Since K23 are based in Russia, it will not be that early game and they will have more time to warm up and prepare. Every small detail counts here. After all, Sprout are not favored in any kind of way. I expect K23 to come strong here and win this 2-0. However, the odds on ML are juicy, and let's say Sprout somehow could win a map. K23 should win this one way or another though. I highly recommend betting on **K23 ML @1.62 5u (VERY HIGH BET) 💣💣💣💣💣** ​ (If you are interested, you can join my [Discord](https://discord.gg/ubsMQzN) CS betting community where I post some other picks which cannot be posted here on Reddit. You can always come for a great chat too. Everything is for FREE, I do NOT sell picks. I also have all the detailed stats there and everything.) BOL! ✌️


Bro, you are the e-GOAT, unfolding exactly as you called it. Great pick, managed to get it at the juiced 1.77. I know you don't sell picks but do you have a venmo or Paypal? I want large and happy to chuck some your way to show my appreciation.


Just wanted to say thanks Pepo for everything you have openly offered all if us. I'm sure I speaking for most as they would definitely agree!


Blinding tailing! Awful night of football for me. Hopefully I'll wake up to some money in the mornings 😄😄


This guy you are tailing is solid bro. As you can tell by his record but what's even more solid is his details and analysis of these games. He pays attention to detail and also helps the community win $ without trying to charge for business. Wish everybody was cut from that cloth. Goodluck guys!


Easy midnight dubs


Midnight, morning, whatever it is, it's a dub 💪


Thanks, legend 🍺


Ur a fuckin legend. Took the -1.5 @ +165 and cashed big.


Fuck it putting $200 down. Love me some CSGO


Finally a POTD that was worth a shit. Big thanks my dude 🙏


showing 1.77 on my book. any cause for concern?


my only concern is the poor book which is getting robbed








Damn, they crushed em! Great pick!


Thank you 💰💰💰


Thanks so much bro! Got killed on NBA/NFL today and for the second day straight you have come in clutch.


**POTD RECORD:** 5-1 Units won: +6 Streak ✅✅✅✅ *Last: Cincinnati Bengals +7.5* [*Joe Brrrrr*🥶💎] **POTD = (Southern -1.5) (-104) ** ✅ League/Time: NCAAB, 7:30pm CST At stake: 1u **Reasoning…** Game: Southern University @ Jackson St To start off, Southern is the better basketball team by far. They are 11-9 (6-2) while JSU is 4-15 (2-6). Southern has a high powered offense averaging 75 pts/game and JSU averages 58 pts/game. Southern has the 20th best pace while JSU is 275th. While both defenses are meh, Southern will score at will and they have some shooters. JSU will put up a fight but I see Southern winning by 5-8 points. Best of luck everyone! [cash app](https://cash.app/$tresgravois7) tips are appreciated!


are u sure bro? they just lost to an 8-13 Alcorn State. we were talking about that in the gc earlier


Look at that alcorn record more in depth though. They’re dominating in conference. But got smoked early on by Houston, Baylor etc. conference play is a different thing. Alcorn is having one of their best years of late.


Alcorn is 6-2 in conference also… southern lost by 4 to them @ Alcorn. You can’t look at overall record because these smaller teams get beat up by top D1 teams. Am I sure? No, it’s betting. Tail at your own risk!


Thank you!!! Great pick! ✅


Yessir 🤝


Record: 6-1 (+4.9 u) ✅❌✅✅✅✅✅ | Hockey | NHL | 7:30 EST | Pick: Ducks -105 vs Red Wings Write Up: Ducks got bailed out by their goalie last game, but that’s why I’m comfortable continuing to ride them. They’re healthier than they’ve been in months, and they’ve got enough talent to out score the other team most nights. When they have an off game, it seems like Gibson decides to stand on his head 9 times out of 10


As a Red Wings fan I don’t see us beating the ducks.


POTD Record: 6-3 Last POTD: (ATP Australian Open) Medvedev vs. Nadal O3.5 Sets for 5u ✅ Result: 5 sets What an electric game. For a second Nadal looked like he was gonna lose in straight sets, but he showed why he's one of the greatest to ever do it and won outright. **POTD: (ATP Montpellier Qualifiers) Gilles Simon ML vs. Antoine Hoang (-155 on DK)** ✅ Units: 1u Reasoning: To keep a long story short, this is a battle between a washed-up, but experienced veteran (Simon), and an inexperienced nobody (Hoang). Simon is definitely struggling lately (3-3 in 2022), but Hoang is struggling much more (1-3 in 2022). Simon is also 1-0 against Hoang. Simon is currently ranked 123rd in the world while Hoang is ranked 200. Simon's highest ranking was 6th in the world while Hoang's highest ranking was 98th. Their rankings don't really matter, they both suck, but I am betting on the guy who sucks less and has more experience under his belt. Look at what Rafa did last night. Experience kills. Oh, and Simon plays his best ball on hard courts. Hoang is the opposite, he sucks on hard courts and is best on clay. This is a hard court tourney. **TAIL OR FADE, BOL** *If you ever think it's deserved:* Venmo: N\_Azara Cash App: NikoAza


Nice one. Made a nice chunk on this one. Straight sets, no sweat.


Hoang also plays doubles later in the day if I'm not mistaken. He could lose in straight sets here


Blindingly tailing at -161 about 15 mins before the match lol. Happy Monday, BOL!


Monday Morning Money Maker


ya love to see it


POTD 9-3 Last pick: New York Rangers ML ✅ **Today’s pick: UNCW -1.5 (-110) vs Drexel** ✅ Men’s college basketball. 7:00PM EST GREAT value here. The Seahawks have covered 11 straight and are sitting at 8-0 in the conference playing a 4-4 team at home. They were projected a bottom team in the Colonial Conference which is why I think the lines are not in their favor, but they continue to produce and sit atop the conference. The disrespect is palpable. Zero reason to believe they won’t cover the 2 points at home tonight. This team will be dancing in March +3.81 units. 31.7% ROI. Average odds -118 https://twitter.com/drmoneyline


Tailing. (Drexel alum too I know we always blow lmfao)


Tailing, thanks


POTD Record: 7-22-2 ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌✅❌❌❌✅✅❌✅❌❌❌✅❌✅❌❌❌❌❌✅❌ Average Odds: -110 Streak: 1L Last Pick: Ohio State vs Purdue under 147.5 total points (-108) - L This model is the space heater on freeze guard mode. 🥶BOL if tailing, smart call if fading. 🥶 Today's POTD is Iowa vs Penn State over 140 total points (-110) Game Info: NCAAB 7:00pm Both teams NEED this conference win = fast paced, get-to-the-basket basketball. Iowa is averaging 82.6 points per game + a lot of fouls will be called as the Iowa guards will be able to drive to the basket and get calls. Penn State's offense has struggled, but they will feel much more comfortable shooting 3s at home tonight ! EASY $$$. 🥶BOL! Tip jar - [email protected] / BTC: 3LrCVKp8jKWThBVCoWMH1gWXtANjaZfBgT


This man is 22-7-2 as far as I'm concerned


That’s all that matters, not sure why he’s not higher up. He is one of the greats!


So the play is the under correct ?


See that record? Smart to fade. BOL if not.


My grandfather once told me seeing Babe Ruth play live was the best thing that ever happened to him, I am fairly certain I will be telling my grandkids about the days when u/jbangbangpickz reigned supreme over this sub. Fuck Isaac Newton, I have truly stood on the shoulders of a giant.


Im sitting today out, but ive made more money tailing and fading this guy at random than any actual capper here rofl


Well that’s a brutal beat.


We had it. The under was sealed and they can’t block out properly


Horrifying. Just horrifying.


The fade is on ...3u under 140 ...BOL


Never stop posting


OT fucked us


Unless it's top secret...I would love to hear where you get your analysis of the games from. Thank you for your service.


He is due for a win loss win 😁


i bet on the under 140 this game and this comforts me, if i lose this bet I'll quit betting


Oof OT hurts


That was the most ridiculous play to force OT


nothing like overtime to get that over


What a lucky night for the tailers!


Record: 6-2 ( +3.46 units) Streak (1W - ✅❌✅❌✅✅✅✅) Last pick: 49ers/Rams under 45.5 ✅ Recap: this game ended up going exactly as I thought, disappointed the Niners couldn't pull out the W tho. Next.. NCAAB Time: 7:00 pm EST Game: Iowa Hawkeyes @ Penn State Nittany Lions POTD: Under 140**(-110) Why: Iowa boasts an impressive 14-5 O/U record on the season, averaging an impressive 82 ppg, 7th best in the country. PSU is respectable on D, allowing just 65 ppg, top 85 in the country. Penn State's offense isn't anything special, and Iowa should have no problem locking them down. Trends: The under is 10-3 in Iowa's last 13 road games, and the under is 9-3 in their last 12 against a team with a home winning % greater than .600. The under is 9-2 in Penn State's last 11 Monday games, the under is 4-1 in their last five against a team with a losing road record, and the under is the under is 4-1 in their last five home games against a team with a road winning percentage less than .400. I expect a hard-fought, tough B1G basketball game. BOL Edit** Total adjusted to 140 from 139 -- Went to place my bet, and Bovada has odds at -140 (-110).


Absolutely hate OT man


Was a good pick. Of course it goes OT.


I’m tailing, but wondering why the total jumped 10 points?


Man, that was in the bag until OT. Can’t blame you there. Solid pick.


i got 139 -110


Record: 1-0 - Units: +1.78 ✅ Last Pick: Minnesota Timberwolves -2 vs Utah Jazz (2u) **NBA** **POTD: Memphis Grizzlies +4 @ Philadelphia 76ers (3u) - (-108) - 7:00 PM EST** Clash between two of the NBAs hottest teams tonight, with the Grizzlies having won 16 of their last 19 and the winning 76ers 14 of their last 19. The difference in theses streaks, however is that the Grizzlies have simply faced tougher opponents and seem much more impressive. I fully expect for Emiid to get his 30 points this game, but I see very little chance that the 76ers cover. The lack of support for Embiid, and the relatively strong interior Memphis defensive favor the Griz, along with the fact that the 76ers are coming off a mere 2 point win against Sacramento, one of the worst teams in the league. If they struggle against an 18 win team, then I am confident that the Grizzlies can take care of business. BOL!!


POTD record: 9-5-0 Units won: 6u Last Pick: Paksi v Zalaegerszegi TE - Over 2.5 goals and BTTS @1.61 ✅✅✅ Today's pick: Al-Wakrah v Al-Sadd - BTTS @1.80 Football, Qatar, Stars League, 13:30 GMT Units staked: 4 The last bet has probably been our easiest one so far, it came in within the first 30 minutes of the match. This time we are visiting Qatar, it was between this or a match in Belgium. The Belgium league has been awful for me recently so here we go. This a battle between 3rd and 1st place. Al-Wakrah are in third and are having a good season. Their last 6 of 8 games have seen BTTS. At home, their last 4 matches have seen BTTS. At home Wikrah score on average 1.7 goals a game and concede 1.3. They've scored in 5 of their 7 home games and have conceded in 6 of them. It is clear Al-Wikrah have great potential for both scoring and conceding. Al-Sadd are top the league. 7 of their last 9 league games have seen BTTS. Also, away from home 5 of their 7 matches have seen BTTS. Away from home they've scored a staggering 3.4 goals a game and concede 1.1 per game. They've scored in every away game this season and they've conceded in 5 of their 7 away games. Some may be nervous about Al-Wikrahs ability to score in this game but they have scored in the last 12 meetings between these 2 sides. 9 of the last 10 meetings between these 2 sides have also seen BTTS. You can visit my twitter for the rest of my bets, in plays, accas and booking bets. We made a profit of 27.98 units over the weekend. Good luck to all those backing and with all your other bets. Cash App: £Morganman50 Twitter: @mgsbets


Tailed at -149. Don't know much about the league but enjoyed the write up


That guy specializes in obscure soccer picks.


Can’t see this happenin, al wakrah are getting banged 4-0 at the min. They don’t look like scoring. But then I kno fuck all so as soon as I press send they will equalise hopefully… plz.


Al-Sadd takes the game 6-0. Tough one but had plenty of potential. Could've gone either way


Record: 3-2 ❌️ Last pick: Loyola Chicago -3 @ Drake (-110) here--> [Yesterday's pick](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/sfy81q/pick_of_the_day_13022_sunday/husz3n2?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) Loyola Chicago was never able to take control of that game.  They were able to get up by 7 in the first half but was never consistent.  They were held to 26.% from 3PT, shooting 6-23 compared to 6-14.  On top of that, Drake made 17 more total free throws than them.  Not a great game.. but on to the next! Today's pick: Norfolk State -2.5 @ North Carolina Central (-110) Norfolk State is coming in on a 6 game win streak, with 4/6 games being by double digits.  They are 6-0 in the MEAC, atop NCCU at 2-1.  Norfolk State is 2nd in the nation ATS at 12-3-1, holding a 80% cover percentage (according to [TeamRankings](https://www.teamrankings.com/ncb/trends/ats_trends/?group=0&sc=all_games)).  Norfolk State is 10-2-1 ATS following a win, where NCCU is 2-4 ATS following a loss.  Norfolk State is 7-3 overall in their last 10 games, averaging 6.1 more ppg, 6.5 more rbg and 1.1 more apg than the 5-5 NCCU, respectively.  In addition, NCCU has allowed 4.9 more ppg over that same span.  Norfolk State is the better team and has been dominant ATS all season long.  Let's get back on track. Go Spartans. BOL!


Last time I bet Norfolk State, they lost straight up to a conference rival on the road after putting together a long win streak. Decisions, decisions. (EDIT: Line already moved to -3 on FD)


Tailing let's get it


**POTD Record:** 8-5 (+3.18 units) **ROI:** 22.73% **Units Wagered:** 14 **Units Won:** 17.18 **Average Odds:** -110 **Last Pick:** Bengals @ Chiefs U 54.5 ✅ What a 2nd half performance by the Bengals D... and a poor 2H performance from Mahomes. Great game and we still got the under. **Last 10 Picks:** ❌❌✅✅❌❌✅✅❌✅ **Event:** NCAAM, Duke @ Notre Dame, 7:00PM EST **Bet:** Duke -5.5 **Bet Size:** 2 units I've said it before and I'll say it again, Duke is the best team in the ACC by a wide margin. I'll gladly take Duke by 2 possessions on the road against the Fighting Irish. I think this line should be closer to Duke -8.5. I predict Notre Dame's defense will run out of steam in the 2nd half and Duke to run away with a double digit win.


BOL. Not playing this one. Duke dominated 1H but barely covered against a trash Louisville squad last game.


Notre Dame are also undefeated at home this season


Louisville has better talent than ND. Also the players hated the last coach they came out motivated to play against duke. I add the fact they hated there last coach because many of the games prior most the players weren’t trying for Louisville, they were quite literally trying to get there coach fired.


not touching this one. ND plays very well at home in these types of games, so tread lightly.


Big fat win. Thanx!


POTD Record 24-18 Last POTD Bryant -4✅ Today’s POTD Iowa -3.5 (-110) Rocking with the hawkeyes in this Big 10 matchup. This season Iowa has been up and down but still have a solid record of 14-6. Penn St on the other hand has not had a great go at it this far compiling a record of 8-9. Last week Iowa beat the Lions by 18 in Iowa. I think they will do the same even though they are away. Offensively, Iowa is just way better than Penn St on pretty much all levels. They are averaging almost 18 points more a game than PSU. If this comes down to a shootout, Iowa should be able to handle them. Iowa’s Keegan Murray is having a stellar year so far averaging over 22 a game along with 8 rebounds. I’m expecting him to put up a good stat line. As long as they come out to play they should be be able to put the work on Penn st. Let’s get another. Tip if you would like, much appreciated. Venmo: brendan-campbell-15 CA: $brendancampbell8


I got an odds boost for Iowa and Duke to both win at +160. I know people are scared of ND at home but I like the odds.


POTD Record: 6-0 Last Pick (1/30): Marquette +4.5 (Alternate Spread) 💸 Wow, I love Marquette and I love Big East basketball this season. Sad that Shaka didn't get to pull out the win, but they still covered at least. Today’s Pick (1/31): TCU +8.5 (Alternate Spread) @ 1u Reasoning: TCU has straight up been snubbed this year. They are one of those teams that you assume is mediocre at best until you watch them play. They are in the top half of the Big 12 rankings, they have wins over ranked LSU and ranked ISU, they have quality wins over teams that have since proven their worth (K State and A&M), AND they've already beat OU this year. They're playing AT OU for this game which is always a concern, but coming off their win over LSU, they should be looking to keep the train rolling. A win today is crucial for their Big 12 standing.


good shit on the record bro, tailing this




POTD RECORD 10-3 (+6.8u) Streak:🔥 Average odds: 1.90 Last pick: Spain- Sweden under 56.5 goals✅ 2 units on all my picks! |Football| |Coupe de France|21:15 GMT | Todays pick: PSG- Nice BTTS Odds: 1.80 PSG with their insane Squad should bag a goal or two for sure but they have Been struggling a bit and Nice are Being underestimated by the bookies, Here i think Nice could bag one behind the net too this season they are playing really well and have a very good attack underestimated by the bookies for sure BTTS very likely with good odds and Nice could even win this game i would not be shocked. BOL!


POTD record: 0-0 POTD: Northern Arizona +13 v Southern Utah (6pm central) 1u Been a long-time snooper, figured I’d try my hand in some of my system plays. The play:Double digit road underdogs who are coming off a loss by more than 15 as a favorite SUU has not covered a spread when they are 13 point or more favorites this season. Both of these teams are God awful ATS (SUU 4-12 & NAU 5-14). However, it’s worth noting that SUU is 1-9 ATS in their last 10 and NAU is 4-6 (honestly, not great numbers either side)This will be a game where a lot of shots will go up as SUU is averaging almost 80 per game, but allowing almost 75. NAU should look to keep up and keep close and have a bounce back performance after a tough loss. I’m riding the system play as SUU isn’t a super talented heavy favorite and NAU is looking to get back on track. I appreciate you taking the time to read and BOL everyone


You son of a bitch, I’m in. Tailing


Snoo sold me, but Groovy closed the deal. Blindly tailing


POTD Record: 33½-15 Event: Football > Romania > **FC CFR 1907 Cluj v FC Botosani** (starting in 04h30min) Pick: **Cluj ML** @ 1.56 Cluj has a perfect record at home (11W-0D-0L, GD 19:4) and they are currently leaders on the league with a significant point difference over the next teams. This is also the team that received the fewest goals at home. Cluj did not lose any important players during the winter transfer window. On the other hand, Botosani lost quite a few key players during the break (either sold or ended contracts) and it is still questionable if they found good enough replacements. Botosani has a decent record on the road (5W-5D-1L), but in their 12 visits at Cluj (H2H) they never managed to win. In short, Cluj is the best host in the league and should take advantage of the changes in the roster at Botosani and claim the win at home. GL!


3-1+7.33 units POTD: 5 units on PSG moneyline @ -200 Even the weakened PSG squad should be too much for Nice in the capital. They are the defending Coupe De France champions and have won it a record 14 times. They currently have an 11 point lead above the 2nd place team in Ligue 1 and will most likely win the the coupe and ligue this year. The Parisians haven't lost at the Parc Des Princes since last years champions league loss to Man city. Take the champions to win again today and put 5 units on it. Good luck all!


Nice have won 5 straight, just putting this out there for people staking a lot on a -200 bet... ​ PSG will likely win but this isn't an easy match.I'm staying away.


Yeah not my favorite type of game to put 5u on. Nice are tough and cup games are wildly unpredictable. I’d rather put money on Nice @ +550 but that’s just me.




This is some next-level degen shit. Tailing.


they have madden dfs on dk


This has to be the most degen pick I've ever seen in here. Holy shit.


You simming this or something?


I looked at this last night after I lost, Rams -3.5 and Rams over 20.5 … guess I have to play it now..


To all those wondering this is on Bovada.


**POTD RECORD** - 36W-20L(+35.65U) ;   **ROI** - 23.6% **Units waggered**: 151U     ;                  **Units won**:186.65U **Streak**:🔥 **Average odds**:1.75 **Last Potd**----- Kortrijk vs Club Brugge---- Club Brugge to [email protected]✅ Football---->Portugese League-----> 20:00 CET **Today's pick** ---- Estoril vs Pacos Fereira ----- Pacos de Fereira or draw double [email protected] **BET SIZE**: 3U Estoril is in freefall and is in a very bad shape. 4 lossess from 5 games while last game they threw the lead in the last minutes. Pacos de Fereira is fighting for survival and in the recent games has shown character, even in the games it lost. I can see Estoril not taking risks and trying to avoid defeat while Pacos is capable of reaching a positive result. **Tips are really helpful.[Paypal](https://www.paypal.me/K4ccci)**


First Potd 0-0 Potd: Toronto Maple Leafs -1.5 v NJ Devils -125 DraftKings Reason for this pick- The Maple Leafs, at home, not enough juice on the -340 home favorite. So we look at the puck line, where they are going against a New Jersey devils team that they beat down regularly. They have won 5 straight over the devils with an average margin of 3.2 goals per game. Even better the Leafs have their number 1 goalie tonight and cede and average of 1 goal per game at home. The Devils have also lost 5 straight on the road. Last reason I am high on this pick, is both goalies are out for the devils, and they will again turn to Jon Gillies in net, who is 1-5, this year allowing just under 3 goals per game and a save percentage of .904. I am starting with a 2 unit bet to kick off my Potd picks. Edit: looks like Akira Schmid will actually be starting in net for The Devils. His last appearance he gave up 3 goals on 7 shots vs the Dallas Stars last week. He is 0-3 on the season, allowing 5 GAA, with a .824 save percentage. Too much firepower from the leafs and bad goaltending from NJ will lead to a long night for the devils.


POTD Record: 28-21 Average Odds: 1.90 ​ **Todays Pick: Andre Drummond over 11.5 rebounds vs Grizzlies @ 1.90** * Embiid is out for this one and this should mean Drummond is bolstered into a starting role. In 11 games without Embiid this season Drummond averages 13.5 rebounds (2 above this line). * Drummond is one of the best rebounders in the league and back in his days as a starter he was averaging 15-16 rebounds per game. He still remains an elite rebounder and as he will start tonight and hopefully get 25+ minutes we should expect him to clear this number.


**POTD Record: 3-0** **Last pick:** Saint Louis @ Duquesne MCBB, Saint Louis -6 (-110), Final: St. Louis 77, Duquesne 53 **Pick:** University of North Carolina Wilmington vs Drexel MCBB, UNCW -1.5 (-120) **Reasoning:** With a 1.5 spread, this is basically a pick'em, but I think UNCW has the edge here. The Seahawks have been the surprise of the Colonial Athletic Conference, as they are alone at the top of the conference standings. UNCW is riding a 10-game winning streak and is 8-0 in conference play and 14-5 overall. Drexel, on the other hand is a .500 team with a 9-9 overall record and 4-4 in the CAA. This is a game that was rescheduled from earlier in the season, and finds both teams playing their third game in five days. However, UNCW is playing at home, where they are 8-1 this year. Drexel, on average, does score more, as the Dragons average 74.7 ppg, while giving up 71.7. Conversely, UNCW averages 69.8 ppg, while giving up 67.6. This will probably be a close game, as the spread suggests, but UNCW is the better defensive team, forcing 14.2 turnovers and 7.4 steals per game. I think UNCW will control the tempo and push their winning streak to 11 games with a home win tonight. **Random fact that does not matter:** Drexel hasn't won in Wilmington since 2013-2014.


**POTD Record**: 2½-1-2 (W-L-P) **Last 5**: ✅🔘❌☑️🔘 **Last POTD**: Reggiana vs Siena, home asian handicap -1 @1.7 🔘 (final result 1-0) *If the first goal had been onside it could've been it, I expected more goals but like I said, football's unpredictable sometimes, even if you analyze every statistic possible.* **Today's POTD**: CFR Cluj vs Botosani, home to win @1.56 // Romania, Liga I 18:00 GMT ❌ (final result 1-1) Edit: [this](https://imgur.com/a/0B5AfVz) hurts to see, such an unfair draw, I can't believe it, sorry if anyone tailed, they literally dominated the whole game. **Reasoning**: not many games today, still want to try this one. Cluj (1st place) will face Botosani (4th place) at home. Cluj have won 7 of the last 8 matches, on average they concede 0.50 goals (0.38 in last 8) which is 24% lower than season's average. Out of 22 games since the league started they only lost 2, one of them against Botosani (1-0), but the thing is, in every home match they always won (11 games, 4-1 against 2nd placed FCSB and 1-0 against 3rd placed Voluntari), clearly they have a good home advantage, draw has only occured once against FCSB. On average they score 1.59 goals per game which is really high considering this is a low scoring league (1.05 average). Botosani is not in great form but not awful either, on average they concede 0.86 goals (1 in the last 8 matches), scoring wise they're pretty bad, 1 goals scored which as you saw before is slightly lower than league's average, and you wouldn't expect that from a team at 4th place. I think Cluj should be able to defend easily and score at least one. My result prediction is 1-0 win for Cluj. BOL everyone. *If you're feeling generous: [PayPal](https://paypal.me/fralauu)*


POTD Record: 13-8-1 Last Pick: Honduras vs El Salvador Total under 2.5✅ Today's event: Casa Pia vs Penafiel 17:00GMT Pick: Casa Pia to win at least one half ✅ Half time and we've won the bet already. Reasoning: After a slip from Benfica B last game, Casa Pia will be trying as hard as they can to win this so they can go first and equal on points with them. 2nd placed Casa Pia against Penafiel in 9th so. Casa Pia are coming from 3 wins and 2 losses in their last 5 games and Penafiel are coming from 3 losses, 1 win and 1 draw in their last 5


Record 3-2 ❌✅❌✅✅ + .33 Last pick : Anfernee Simons o19.5 Points -112 ✅ Simons is a shooter! Comes through for me once again! Todays Pick: Trailblazers -3.5 -112 Risk: 5 Units to Win 4.46 Units This is strictly a fade of OKC. No SGA their leading scorer. Thunder are 0-5 this season without Gilgeous-Alexander in the lineup, currently on a 7 game losing streak, losing 12 out of their last 13. Over the past two seasons, they're 6-36 without their leading scorer. Cj McCollum, Powell, & Simons all should score 20+ in this game & if the 3’s are falling this one might be over early. Expect Nurkic to bounce back after a bad game with a season low 4 rebounds & only 5 shot attempts. Best of Luck to all! Blazers are officially BANNED!


Record: 1-2 Last pick: Los Angeles Rams ML It’s nice to finally get into the win column. I lost a little faith in the Rams in the second half, but what a comeback. Match: NCABB: Iowa Hawkeyes at Penn State Pick: Iowa Hawkeyes -3.5 (-110) Reasoning: These teams met just 9 days ago and Iowa earned a comfortable 68-51 win. The Hawkeyes can’t compete with the top of the Big Ten (losses to Purdue x2, Illinois and Wisconsin) but have gone 4-1 against the rest of the conference. Meanwhile, Penn State has lost 3 straight games, including a double-digit loss to Indiana in its last game where it shot sub-40 percent from the field for a 3rd straight game. It’s a battle of opposing strengths, and I’m siding with Iowa to pick up another win over Penn State. The Hawkeyes are 2nd in scoring and 1st in turnover margin, but 13th in points allowed per game. Penn State is last in turnover margin and scoring, while ranking 2nd in points allowed per game. Tail or fade BOL to everyone!


Record: 2-4 Last POTD: Charlotte Hornets ML vs LA Clippers (L) Event: NBA 8:00 pm eastern Monday Tip-off POTD: Portland Trailblazers -3 vs Oklahoma Thunder Units: 5 units 🔒 Reason: Despite coming off a tough loss against the bulls, the Trailblazers will be ready to destroy OKC in Oklahoma. OKC is missing SGA who is their key guy and can control the game for okc. CJ McCollum is also back and has been balling out in the last 5 games, he will be a big difference maker for Portland. Y’all tailing or fading ⁉️


2-4, 5 unit lock? For serious? Lol


It's a free pick, if you don't like it then scroll down.


I did, I’d rather bet on the nfl sims… lol


POTD Record: 10-8 POTD Profit: 3.29u Pick: Ja Morant o26.5 Points vs Philadelphia 76ers Odds: $1.90 Widely available Bet Amount: 2u Reasoning- Riding the hot hand. If he shots 3s like he has been recently you can go collect your money now.


Record: 2-1-1 Last POTD: Loyola (MD) -4 @ -102 🚫 Today’s POTD: Santa Clara -13 @ -106 Bucknell played probably their best game of the year, and got a career performance to pull out a surprise W. Can’t win ‘em all I guess. For todays pick, we’re going out west to the WCC. Santa Clara faces off with Pacific for the second time this year, previously winning by 14 on the road. Santa Clara is a fringe tournament team and fighting to boost their resume. SC is kenpom ranked 75th compared to Pacific at 260. Pacific is a terrible 3-14 ATS this year while SC is 10-9-2 ATS. The big trend I’m look at is rest. Both teams have had more than a week off since their last game. SC is covering 100% of the time this year on 4+ days of rest, while Pacific is 0-5 ATS with the same amount of rest. Please comment and provide feedback! BOL. Event: CBB: Pacific @ Santa Clara 9:00 PM EST


POTD: Toronto Maple Leafs PL @ -140 2Units POTD Record: 11-10 Units: +2.5Units Weekly POTD: 4-3 Previous POTD: Minnesota Timberwolves ML @ -113 2Units Good clean win to close out the week and get us 2.5Units up for first week with units. Onto today first pick of the week always good to start on a win and I think I’ve found us a winner here. NJD are 4-12 since starting Jan and 2-8 in last 10. With Blackwood still healing from his heel injury I don’t think he plays tomorrow which brings in Jon Gillies again. He is 1-5-1 with an avg of 3Goals scored a game. If Blackwood plays I’m still confident with his last two starts allowing 4 goals each. Leafs should have Campbell in tomorrow who is 20-6-3 this season with a 2.26 GAA. Leafs are also 15-4-1 at home this season. They are also racking up offensive stats with 5th in goals, 1st in power play percentage and 1st in face off percentage. I see this game being 4-2 or 5-2 game with leafs getting the W easy tonight. Let me know if you follow and hope we start the week on a win.


POTD 0-0 Soccer Paris SG - Nice , over 3.5 yellow cards @1.67, 3u Simple reason - the referee will be Pignard, who averagely gives 4.42 yellow cards in the league and even gave 2 red cards in 1 match. He whistled 4 matches of the teams and have given 5,4,6,8 cards. BOL edit: easy cash, match ending with 8 yellow cards lets get it boys


POTD Record: 3-0 (+4.5 Units) Last Pick: Timberwolves ML(-140) ✅ POTD: Iowa Hawkeyes -4 (-114) vs Penn State Iowa won by 17 last time these 2 played each other. Penn State is coming off a 17 Point loss to Indiana and have lost last 4/5. Iowa’s offense seems too strong for Penn State to handle even at home.


POTD Record 0-2 Not having much luck with my first couple of picks here but I'll try again. Soccer - Spain Segunda - Ibiza - Zaragoza **Ibiza Over 1.5 TT @ 2.50** I don't think the odds reflect how Ibiza have found their shooting boots since the winter break. Zaragoza have looked terrible and I feel this match comes at the wrong time for them. I think Ibiza win but I prefer giving them the goals just in case Zaragoza decide to give it a go.


POTD Record 18-9 Last Pick: World Cup Qualifier Venezuela – Bolivia : Pick: Venezuela Double Chance & Over 2.5 goals @ +123 (2.23) - Result: (WIN) New Pick: Coupe de France – PSG vs Nice : Pick: Nice +1.5 Asian Handicap @ -162 (1.60) Yes PSG are the star studded squad and they have some of the best players in the world. But the odds shown by the bookies reflect as if they were playing with a full squad which they are not. ~~Messi has covid,~~ Georginio Wijnaldum and Neymar remain sidelined with ankle injuries, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes are away representing Argentina, Keylor Navas (goalkeeper) is on duty with Costa Rica and Marquinhos is away with the Brazil squad. Also their star defender Sergio Ramos is out with an injury again and will not play. Meanwhile, Nice have not a single injury or suspension concern to worry about this weekend. Nice sits #2 on the table in French competition League One. Right atop of them is PSG. PSG and Nice played on Jan 12 of this year and tied 0-0. That was PSG at almost full strength. Nice has been waiting for a chance like this to hit PSG where it hurts. This is that chance. They definitely have the talent and desire to win this one outright. But just to be cautious I am choosing +1.5 on Asian Handicap meaning if Nice wins, ties, or loses by 1 goal, we win the bet. If they lose by 2 or more then we lose. The books seem to have a premium on this PSG side just because of the name. In soccer this happens quite a bit with the big teams since they are always expected to win. Correction: Messi has been cleared to play. I'm still on Nice.


POTD Record: 14-8 Total: +9.95 units Streak: 1W Last Pick: DAL Mavericks 1Q ML (-145) WIN +2u Strong starts from the Mavs as they win the quarter by 11. They fell apart in the 2nd though, glad I didn't have 1H or FG. **\*\*POTD: POR Trailblazers 1Q ML (-135) @ OKC Thunder- 8:10pm EST\*\*** 2.7 units to win 2 units Reasoning: Only concern here is that the Blazers are away. The Blazers are 8-2 ATS L10 1Qs, with an average margin of victory of 2.7 points. That may not seem like much, but considering the Blazers are often the underdog, it's been impressive what they have been doing of late. The Thunder are the 2nd worst 1Q team in the NBA, with a total record of 18-27-2 ATS, with an average loss margin of -4.36. L10 they are 4-6 with a loss margin of -4.2. Blazers are a bit worse on the road and the Thunder are a bit better at home, but I'm not sure that should have too much effect here. Blazers have been playing well in the 1Q and against the 2nd worst 1Q team, they should be able to muster a win. BOL everyone!


POTD Record (0-0) I’ve decided to give it a try lol POTD: Nccab🏀Oklahoma- 6(-110)vs TCU 9pm Reasoning: In the last meeting(1/15) TCU won 59-58 at home. Now Oklahoma is back at home and I see a revenge spot here for them. Interestingly Oklahoma has never loss to TCU in Norman. I expect Oklahoma to lead most of the game and win by 8+


It's been a while for me on this page. Past two weeks I've been red hot. Today's Picks, I have 3 specifically: New Jersey Devils/Toronto Maple Leafs O 6.5 (+105) Anaheim Ducks ML (-115) Florida Panthers/Columbus Blue Jackets O6.5 (-130) Reasoning: In New Jersey's 43 games, the over has hit in over half of their games, going 23-18-2. On the season 58.0% of New Jersey's games have gone for at least 6 goals or more, with 45.0% of the scoring coming from the Devils. In Toronto's 40 games, the over has hit in over half of their games, going 20-19-1. 57.0% of Toronto's games have gone for at least 6 goals or more, with 54.0% of the scoring coming from the Maple Leafs. The Anaheim Ducks are 6-3-1 in the last ten of the series, winning by an average score of 2.9 to 2.6 in those games. The Ducks are also 2-0-1 in the last three games and have won by an average score of 3.33 to 2.67 in those contests. The Red Wings have started to fade this season after a hot start, while the Ducks are one of the better teams in the Western Conference and are on a two-game winning streak. The Panthers are an offensive powerhouse, ranking second in the league in scoring with 4.04 goals per game. The Over is 7-0 in the Blue Jackets' last seven games playing on zero days' rest. The Blue jackets will likely have Elvis Merzlikins in net tonight. He allowed four goals on just 15 shots before getting pulled in the first period against the Panthers two weeks ago and had a 3.46 GAA in four starts versus Florida last season.


**Record** 53W-50L-4P **Form** 1W **BRAUNSCHWEIG VS VERL** Date: 31th January 2022 at 19:00 \- Verl are missing some key players : Lasse Jürgensen, Daniel Mikic, Cottrell Ezekwem and Schäfer. \- Braunschweig are without central defenders Brian Behrendt and Michael Schultz also Niko Kijewski will still be missing. Schiele (Braun Coach) : “We regenerated after the Zwickau game and then attacked again in training. The focus is back, we are hot to eradicate the defeat. We meet an opponent who also has to score, who wants to get out below. They have a very offensive style of play, which they have shown a number of times in the past. Good individual players are coming our way, but there is also homogeneity in the team. We're looking at ourselves again and this time we'll push the ball over the line. \- We expect open game from both sides. My prediction : **Over +2.50** / Odd : 1.86 [More value games](https://www.scorpiobets.com/p/archive.html)


Honest question how do you pick your games? Not to be rude but you somehow have the most incredibly average win rate.


What do you mean exactly ?


I mean no disrespect at all but, I feel like your model that you use or however you pick your games is basically 50/50 all the time. I have followed your picks for awhile and I’m just curious as how you pick and also why not change maybe for a higher success rate?


Thank you for following my games. I can see by your question that you're focusing only on the records and not on the detailed write-up on every game posted. As you said, lately was W-L-W-L streak here, even blowing 44W-31L record, many loses are totally unexpected but that's the betting sometimes red cards and penalties may ruin your bets. Lately i avoided posting cause whenever i post here weird results follows, i remenber even before the game someone predicted a lost. Don't want to promote my shit but this month, we're on profit. So your question must be why this record here.


This is a good response - additionally a lot of people only see the face value of wins vs losses but don’t delve deeper into odds of each of those wins and losses which make you profitable. As an example I’ve been tracking the last month heavily as an experiment and my own personal picks are only hitting 34% of the time (abismal) however my average odds are ~+300 indicating that over that period of time I’m profitable with an ROI of 25-30%.. The average bettor will almost never understand the intricacies of real profitable betting. Once again great response and back up of your picks!


Finally someone understand how betting works. Thank you 💯


Ahh I understand! Sorry if I came off rude no offense intended!


At all mate ☺️❤️




POTD Record: 0-2 Last POTD: (Bengals @ Chiefs) (Chiefs -7.5) ❌ Chiefs blew it, plain and simple. POTD: Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets (Wiggins Over 17.5) (Odds +100) Great value here at +100, Wiggins has been the Warriors key offensive player if you've watched any of their games this past month. With Steph and Klay out of form I see this trend continuing for the time being. BOL!


2W-1L-0P Last Pick: POTD: (NHL) Avalanche vs. Blackhawks - Avalanche ML (-188) ✅ Today’s POTD: Toronto Maple Leafs vs New Jersey Devils - Toronto Maple Leafs & Over 5.5 (+115) This is a Moneyline & Total Goals Bet, not counting OT or Push. Reason: Maple Leafs are 27-10 (2nd in the eastern conference) while NJ Devils are 15-23 (Last place in the Metropolitan Conference). The original over being offered is 6.5 on Fanduel. Maple Leafs: 3 win streak currently NJ Devils: 4 Losing streak currently Maple Leafs have hit the Over 5.5 points during regulation time in 17 of their last 20 games. Devils have hit the Over 5.5 during regulation time in 11 of their last 20games! BOL!


**If you choose to self promote in the POTD thread:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.
**Respond to this comment with POTD META discussion**


Record: 25-18½-1½ Net: +40.76u Average odds: +116 Previous Pick: Nottingham Forest -0.25 AH ❌ Game: Primeira Liga- Famalicão vs Arouca Pick: **Arouca double chance (-117)** Bet: 1 unit Gonna try something different here. I know very little about the Portuguese league, so I just picked a team that's higher up the table, without any major injuries, and is a heavy underdog. Let's see what happens.


**Record: 1-0-0** Last pick: Phoenix Suns -8.5 **W** Today's Pick: **Notre Dame + 5** Still don't trust Duke and I think they are a little overvalued here. This Irish team has some grit and are significantly better than Mike Brey's teams the past few seasons. If the Irish are getting 5 at home I'm taking it. Might sprinkle the ML too. BOL


Im on the same page here but took the alt spread at +8.5 (-190) BOL


POTD Record: 0-0 Last Pick: N/A POTD: Notre Dame +5.5 vs Duke (-110) Reasoning: This is a massive game for Notre Dame’s tournament hopes. This is the first time in a long time that the Purcell Pavilion will be sold out and tonight will be an electric atmosphere. Mike Brey always has his guys ready for these massive games and I expect a Notre Dame win. They are led by 5 seniors and a lottery-pick freshman, Blake Wesley. Look for Wesley to have a coming out game and the Irish to win this outright, although I’m taking them +5.5 to be safe.


First time posting wish me luck my potd Grizzle’s ml Bane 14+ points Morant 20+ points No embiid today shouldn’t be a problem for these guys to score


Hey Y'all. Trying to get my name out there late in the season but I specifically cap NBA/CBB will be posting free plays until end of basketball season. POTD Record: 0-0 (0 Units) POTD: Raptors / Hawks o55.5 1Q (-120) 1st Q bets are usually a gamble, but the Raps are coming off an 3OT game on Saturday. Although it is not a B2B i fully expect Toronto to come up short on defense to start the game. The Raptors are averaging 32PPG in the 1st Q and the Hawks are averaging 26PPG, Wouldn't be surprised to see this go over unless they shoot mediocre. Tail at your own risk and please bet responsibly, BOL. I also post plays on twitter here and there: @ InkyBets. Would greatly appreciate a follow.


RECORD: 2-1 Last pick- RAMS ML Todays Pick- BOS vs MIA O 208 Miami heat over have been money and the books have not adjusted. Jimmy is out tonight but the heat have still scored well without him. The Celtics will come out shooting expecting this to be closer to 215-220 when it’s all said and done