**If you choose to self promote in the POTD thread:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.


Record: 27-10-1 (+24.14 units) Streak: 5 W Previous pick: Italy vs Switzerland, Italy to win (1.67) (European Championship) (W) POTD: Belgium vs Denmark, Over 2.0 goals (1.72) (European Championship) Start time: 6pm CET Stake: 4 units Reasoning: Look at Belgium’s starting lineup. Look at it, and tell me how many superstars you see. Belgium are expected to give some playing time in this game to Kevin De Bruyne, and even without him they are fantastic offensively. Those who watched Denmark’s previous game against Finland will recognize that the Danes squandered opportunity after opportunity. They are in need of points here, and they cannot afford to park the bus and just defend against this Belgium team. Denmark have offensive firepower in their squad, they just need to figure out how to use it. I expect this to happen in this game. As a final note – A Belgium game has seen under 2.0 goals ONCE since 08/2018. BOL to anyone who tails.


Belgium and o1.5 goals is +165


I went Belgium and o2.5 at +267. Lets gooooo




I'm not the smartest. But I win more often than I lose thanks to this reddit


Won today 🤑


Well done


Chicken dinner


Took 2.5 at +132 odds. Let’s get this, love your picks


newish to betting, whats the dif between over 2 goals and over 2.5 goals, isnt it the same when you win 3 or more? thanks


Both require 3 to win. But 2 has a safety net involved that 2.5 doesn’t. If the game only has 2 goals scored, you get your money back. You don’t get that for 2.5. You’ll get better odds at 2.5 because of that though.


2.0 means if there is 2 goals your bet is void and you get your money back


well if you have over 2 and it ends with 2 goals, it pushes. if you have 2.5, it loses your bet


TwinSpires has a 50% profit boost for this


Good research. This is now 2x back to back — the #1 team in world has been even money. I bet that’s probably never occurred before.


You are a legend mate


anybody getting over 2.0 on draft kings or is it just 2.5


Game > Spreads / Totals > Asian Totals O2 -139 rn




Lukaku anytime scorer and atleast 1 shots on goal?


Lukaku is a beast – He’s the most likely Belgium player to score. I don’t have any Lukaku-based bets, but I could definitely see him getting a goal or two again. BOL.


9 minutes in and we already got a goal. Got a super good feeling about this, boys. Tailed this at +163. LFG!


I hope this hits wtf wtf wtf


Took Belgium w and btts together +375 since I had a free bet. Let's go!


me2 m8 we did it


Woooo! I put a 20$ free bet on it


Looks like you nailed it again!


Youre the man with these picks bruh.


My man!!


Thank you for the picks lately


Let’s fucking go dolf


Great pick- thank you


Tailed this, thanks for the free pick.


Thanks so much for the pick you legend! 🤑🤑🤑


You're on fire...tailed your last two...


Beautifully accurate


Great stuff man. Keep it up!!


this was a great bet, thank you


Good hit


Send that Venmo sir! Throwing some tips your way!


Send that tip jar sir!


🐶Underdog POTD: 4-1🐶 +6.39u / ROI: 90.90% Rules: - Must be an underdog - betting to win 2u ____________________________________________ Yesterday’s Pick: [Boston Red Sox ML +128](https://reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/o0tcmk/_/h1x136x/?context=1) Holy hell. What a damn game. Red Sox go up early. Braves claw back. Red Sox add on. Braves fight there way back to a 7-6 lead. Top of the 7th Bogaerts gets a lead off double, next guy walks, then a pop out, followed by a walk. Bases loaded 1 out. 8 hitter is up. Fuckin K’s. Pinch hitter for the RP, Christian Arroyo who’s been hot this June. Pitch 1, Swings at a slider way inside. Pitch 2, strike. I’ve lost hope. Pitch 3, ball. Pitch 4, CRACK. Pinch hit Grand slam!!!! I go fuckin nuts, wife yells at me, babies sleeping. Too hype. 10-7 Red Sox in the 7th. They were able to hold on for the win, 10-8 ____________________________________________ **Today’s Pick: CIN Reds ML +154** - 1.30u to win 2u. - 7:41PM US Central Time. This pick is all about hot vs cold. Baseball is the streakiest sport on the planet. The Reds are hot and the Padres are freezing right now. I will say, this is a fantastic pitching matchup. Reds Wade Miley vs Padres Joe Musgrove. Both have sub 3 ERA’s on the year. The offenses will be where this games won, more on that below. The Padres are 4-11 in June and 4-13 in their last 17 games. They have been held to 2 or fewer runs in 8 of 15 games in June. Their offense has lost its steam. The Reds are 11-3 in June and 13-4 in their last 17. Polar opposites of the Padres. Their offense has found it’s footing, scoring 4+ runs in 9 of 13 games in June and they’ve scored double digit runs 3 times in the last 6. Roll with the hot hand. ^If ^you ^love ^the ^picks, ^help ^me ^buy ^me ^a ^pack ^of ^diapers ^for ^my ^newborn. ^[PayPal](https://www.paypal.me/tywat23)


Damn what a record for only jumping on underdogs, I’ll tail this one with you


Hell yeah man. The more the merrier. Let’s get some cash. Red Sox just hit a pinch hit grand slam in the 7th to go up 10-7. If they can lock it down these last 3 innings, we’ll be 4-1 on these underdog picks.


Yeah I just checked the score before, looking real nice FYI I don’t understand baseball at all so I’m just jumping in blindly


Tailinggg yea boii


It ain't much but I just sent you 10. That thing helped my payout on a fairly safe parlay


Hey, I really appreciate it, that’s incredibly generous! I’m just psyched I can help some people make some cash. Let’s keep it rolling


Just wanted to say that your record for picking just underdogs is INSANE. Keep up the good work boss.


Thanks! Same with you. Let’s get these people some $$$


Bro, you have been absolutely nailing it with these key dog baseball picks. I'm mainly bet over/under and tt totals for years but I do like taking notice of key capper on dogs. Excellent job brother had Braves tt over on yesterday's game haha. Very well done. Keep rolling man!


As a San Diegan and Padres fan, I can vouch. Lost plenty on them in the past month. They were 34-20 heading into the series with the Cubs, and I couldn’t stop talking shit to my Chicago friend. Well, they got swept there and it was all downhill since. Tatis Jr. has been off, and the bullpen is likely suffering from the “goo” crackdown going on right now in MLB. Fade those Friars.


tailing thank you so much you legend!


Are you a wizard? This is insanity. What a ninth inning, hopefully they close it out! Thanks a million mate.


4 runs in the 9th holy fuck, great pick! Edit: dang, unfortunate ending. Still appreciate ya


Took your advise along with 4 other POTD $44 to win $838 The jazz fucked me last minute. Thank you for your help. Should have cashed out 😢


**POTD Record:** 9-5-1 **Average Odds:** $1.90 **+11.2U** **Last pick:** Italy ML @1.60 5U **W** **(1W)** I mean, it was never in doubt was it? Seems like the whole sub was on Italy and they delivered for us all! **League:** Euro ‘2020’ (football) **Game** Denmark vs Belgium - 6.00pm local time (14 hours from post) **PICK:** Belgium ML @2.00 (+100) **3U** **Write Up:** This could go one of two ways, which is why I think the odds are so high. This game is at Denmarks home stadium which will be rife with emotion, as will the players. I am liking Belgium due to the comments that have come out from the Danish team and coach, where they have criticised the approach from UEFA in regards to finishing the previous game. They don't seem at all happy with the way it was handled and I think everything thrown together they will sink rather than swim. Added to the fact they are playing current world no. 1 Belgium who beat them home and away in qualifying, and did away with Russia easily in their first game. Belgium haven't lost in 10 games, and interestingly wins 92% of their games where they are at odds of $2. I am happy to drop 3 units on Belgium, maybe looking at a 2/3-1 win. Best of luck to all, tail or fade. I will get back to my old streak levels before I leave a tipping link again.


What do u think of Belgium & o1.5 goals


Should come back, I just didn't go for it as I like how high the odds already are and can see Denmark going for a draw and targeting a win vs Russia, leading to maybe 1 goal for Belgium. Just playing safe personally


Love it. Play it. Win it. Cash it.


Spend it. Mans gotta eat big juicy steaks


This record of 9 5 1, what does it mean?


I'm taking - 1.0 AH on this for 3.2. Gift.


**Record: 57-53-3 (KBO Streak WW) UP 1.99u over 113 KBO picks, 51.8% success rate, 1.81% ROI** Record: 78-65-1 (NBA Streak W) Up 4.99u over 144 NBA picks, 54.5% success rate, 3.49% ROI **Last:** *KT -1.5 +125 at NC* (KT won 7-3.) KT went down 3-0 in the 1st, but, as expected, had little trouble running up the next 7 runs. NC barely threatened again. It was a huge day for KBO as all 7 of my picks hit. That doesn't happen often. I now have three plus money wins in a row. Another rarity... **Pick:** KT at NC **UNDER 2.5 First 3 innings +112 Unibet**, KBO baseball, 5:30am ET This is one of the best pitching matchups of the year. KT's starter has a 2.30 ERA this season. He's allowed 1 or 0 runs in 8 of his last 10 starts. He has 71 K in 74.1 IP. He's allowed 1 ER in 10 IP against NC this year. NC's starter has a 2.63 ERA this season. He's allowed 1 or 0 runs in 5 of his last 6 starts. He has 75 K in 72 IP. However, KT did get to him for 4 ER in 5 IP in their only matchup this year, but that was back in April. He has the 2nd best FIP in the league. I also like under 5.5 first five innings at -139. I'll probably stay away from the full game under 9.5 becauae of how bad NC's bullpen has been (and KT's hasn't been much better). Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck. All bets are one unit.


LG Twins ML - Win 🔥🔥💲 Doosan Bears -1.5 - Win🔥🔥💲 Doosan Bears ML - Win 🔥🔥💲 Hanwa Eagles ML - Loss Kia Tiger TT U4.5 - Win 🔥🔥💲 SSG landers ML - Win 🔥🔥💲 NC dinos vs KT Wiz F5 under 5.5 - Win 🔥🔥💲 6-1 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💲 This is today's result😍❤️🔥🔥 You are awesome, never stop posting KBO .. I don't know how you do it, but we want moreee😂 thanks man!


Yeah my book doesnt offer first 5 for KBO so i went and picked the SSG pick out of the KBO thread.... should have taken all of them lmao


Thank you for a great day yesterday!!! Kids football gear is paid for now!!! Let’s keep it going


For my other KBO picks, check out the KBO thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/o188wy/kbonpbint_discussion_61721_thursday/h21is17?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


My book doesn’t have your POTD. What other would you suggest?


I like Doosan over Samsung. Moneyline is around -160, but there's some value on the runline around +130. Maybe split a unit between the two.


Thanks a lot! Yesterday was unfortunately the one day I was unable to tail and I heard you got a clean sweep? I usually accumulate too so probably would’ve been huge!


Yeah, hit all seven bets. Hoping for another profitable morning!


Good stuff! Well I’m with you, let’s go💪🏻


Absolute beast mode 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and again you proved why you’re the best


Glad we hit!


Straight CASH 💰


My book only has first 5 innings. Would you say under or over 5 runs in the first 5 innings?


I say in the post I'd play under 5.5 first 5 innings, so I'd play under 5 as well.


What do you think about the first five innings under 4.5. That’s all my book has to offer as far as innings wise.


*dances like those cute Korean spectators*


Wish I tailed you the past couple days like I have in the past when I got wrecked! 😆 took your POD here and woke up happy! You the man!


I don’t have 1st 3 or 5 innings. What do you think of 1st inning draw?


That's what I went with, should be pretty safe


**POTD Record 4-2-0 (+2.125u)** **UEFA EURO** **Recap:** Absolute domination by the Italians. There is no doubt that they will be contenders to win the title. **Match:** Netherlands vs Austria **Pick:** Netherlands o1.5 TT @1.65 (2u) **Netherlands** won the game against Ukraine with a 86’ game winner after they almost bottled a 2:0 lead. They played quite well, took a lot of risks, due to the fact that the fullbacks were attacking very high. They are still in Amsterdam in the Johan-Cruyff-Arena with the fans behind them, who give them a lot of energy. They now know that they can't rest on a 1:0 lead and will probably go for the second goal. **Austria** won 3:1 against North Macedonia. The victory was deserved, but the problems in the defense were obvious. Alaba played as a CB and had no part in the game until he switched to the left side where he assisted the second goal. The defense is shaky but they have quality in the offense so I can imagine that they can score a goal. **Prediction:** Netherlands wins 3:1


POTD Record: 89-53 ROI: 16.11% / Avg Odds: 1.87 / Profit: +45.04u [Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17-pZEz3mpEb_zhztunsnjpPk2uS9sJe_7KY9msLbIAA/edit?usp=sharing) POTD: Bucks -5 @ 1.90 (-110) \[NBA\] - 2 units - 01:30 CET I put my money on Bucks again with exact reasons as before + they are at home now + KD and Harden played without single minute rest last game. ***Twitter:*** [*https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips*](https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips) ***Instagram:*** [*https://www.instagram.com/fooxiedtips*](https://www.instagram.com/fooxiedtips) ***Discord:*** [*https://discord.gg/v5qNweJg3x*](https://discord.gg/v5qNweJg3x)


Man the 76ers was just...


15-0 run to end the game.


Philly gonna Philly


Bucks and 76ers choking and fucking us over 2 days in a row. I just can’t anymore lol


Record: 2-0 Last Result: New York Islanders ML +165, WIN **Today's Play: Jon Rahm to win the US Open +900, 9:45 AM EST** My name is Bet A Dime, but you can call me BAD. The New York Islanders won Game 1 of their series against the Lightning as a +165 dog to get us to 2-0. Our third pick won't be settled until Sunday, but I'll look for spots between now and then as well. In the meantime, Jon Rahm is going to win the 2021 US Open. He's a BAD man like yours truly, and he will not be without a major championship for much longer -- four days to be exact. Back when I have more. I'm a BAD man, my friends. See you soon. -BAD


I like your fucking confidence. If this wins I'll send you 50 bucks.


I’ll throw it in BOL


I’m riding wit cha 💪🏽


You're a BAD BAD MAN


Congratz, big win


Nostra-fricken-damus... Tailed at +1000 for 1u...thank you sir...


Absolutely awesome pick well done!!!


Holy fuck he actually won.


betonline has him at +1100


🍕The Italian Pick 🍕 Record: 11-5 (+15.68 U) Streak: (WLLWW) Euro 2020 focus : Turkey v Italy : 2 + Under 3.5 @ 1.95 ✅ Belgium v Russia : 1 @ 1.83 ✅ Netherlands v Ukraine : BTTS @ 2.10 ✅ Poland v Slovakia : Poland ML @ 1.85 ❌ France v Germany : BTTS @ 1.83 ❌ Italy v Switzerland : 1 + Over 1.5 @ 2.20 ✅ Todays Pick : ⚽ EURO 2020 ⚽ **Denmark v Belgium : BELGIUM ML** ( @ 2.05 / +105 ) - 3/4 Units Date / Time : 06/17/21 06:00 PM CET We assume that for some of you I may seem politically incorrect for what I am about to write: I accept it, but my goal is to win money and I think it is yours too. Sorry for what happened to Eriksen, but we cannot take advantage of an evident psychological fall of Denmark, in addition to having lost his best player they also granted 3 points to a modest Finland. I really believe that Belgium will not miss the game, they will play to win also considering the fact that two other teams in their group (Russia & Finland) are at 3 points. Tail or Fade, BOL to you all ! Ciao, Luca.


Agreed, we all love Eriksen, but yeah, elephants in the room, Danes stand hardly a chance. Gz on Italy last night btw Luca


Thank you : Even if half of yesterday's picks were on Italy .. Although I remember that when I proposed the victory of Italy against Turkey, no one else had inserted a pick about it, the same goes for Belgium against Russia. Let's hope it brings good luck, I saw that even today other users have proposed the victory of Belgium.


POTD Record: 2-1 (+1.03 Units) Last Pick: Italy ML (-150) ✅ Italy looked dominant again and easily picked up the W against Switzerland. I think they've established themselves now as a team that should be considered to win the tournament POTD: Belgium vs Denmark - Belgium ML (+100) 2 Units Reasoning: I think these are great odds for a Belgium squad that outclasses an average Denmark team. There are reasons as to why that is but I don't see them as a concern. First, this match will be played in Copenhagen, so Denmark will have a home advantage. Belgium just walked into St. Petersburg and owned Russia in every aspect of the game, so they've shown they can handle a crowd. Another thing I've been seeing is how the Danish squad will be motivated to win for Eriksen after the incident in their first match. However, Eriksen is their best player and they would rely on him to create chances going forward. There's also no telling just how rattled the Denmark players still are. The collapse was only a few days ago and the players weren't themselves when they went back out against Finland. With him out of the squad, I don't see how they can create chances and score goals with the likes of Braithwaite leading the line. Everyone knows how many world class players Belgium has, and I think once again Belgium will dominate as they look to secure first in the group. BOL!


+1. Denmark is generally hyped too much but in reality they have mediocre players only. Solid, but mediocre. The only player of quality to make a difference is eriksen. Poulsen is just Bad because He cant do nothing in his own and dont get me started with Wind. Even russia could dominate vs Finnland and russia is nowhere near top Level play. Denmark might score one here tonight but i cant see them neutralize lukaku.


TB Lightning -135 6/17/21 (would not play worse than -150) TMW: VGK -165 Friday 6/18/21 Reasoning: This is mainly a system play. But combined with ALL models I reference also projecting a TB win I feel good enough to go POTD here. Fact: Since the 2007/2008 NHL season when a playoff series is tied 1-1 betting the higher seeded team every time has lead to a winning record and positive ROI. Also the past 4 seasons alone this has lead to a %18.3 ROI! Higher seed team is 5-0 this season when the series is tied 1-1 (which has not been counted toward win % or ROi % I’m mentioning in this post.. info is based on results from 2007-pre season. Nothing is a lock. The point is if you bet the higher seed EACH time the series is tied 1-1 since 2007 you would have/will likely continue to be profitable. HOWEVER, when the higher seed wins Game One and Loses Game 2, the ROI betting the higher seed for Game 3 grows exponentially to nearly 30% !! Which is why I will be betting VGK for tmw. This is not the case as TB lost game 1 and Won Game 2. BUT I’m still going TB here for Game 3 since when the series is tied 1-1 regardless of Game 1/2 outcome it has still been profitable overall to bet the higher seed. Due to lack of recent H2H here are Historical stats: TB is 13-7 last 20 H2H and 5-3 in NY scoring in all 8 games while shutting out NY twice and allowing only 1 goal twice. 0 H2H in NY this season, Sept 2020 (most recent H2H) NY lost their last 2 home games to TB. Last 61 H2H overall TB avg 33 SOG and 3.0 goals to NY 29 SOG and 2.8 goals TB is outscoring NY by 20% in the 1 & 3 periods But trailing NY by 10% in the 2nd 🚨shit you probably don’t care about POTD Record: 5-1 📬overall 7day record: 20-11 +8.36 unit profit Last POTD: Islanders +170 went bold taking a +170 team as POTD and it cost my first loss. No regrets playing NY under the circumstances, I only regret NOT making the post solely about o5.5 +150 which did hit, so Game 2 still made a profit 💥Transitioning to Twitter at VettedBets = FREE info, leads, leans and official (aka 📬) picks ALSO: Regrets for not sharing MTL +220 Today. Based on the exact same principals/systems that applied to NY/TB Game 2 last night I played MTL. The lesson = always bet the lower seed team Game 2 NHL regardless of the Game 1 outcome & at the end of season you’ll most likely have a positive ROI. Although the ROi actually DOUBLES when the lower seed also won Game 1. However, this did not work in last nights game (as nothing works 100% of the time and there is NO LOCK in sports gambling) In tonight’s game you were able to get MTL +220 pre game which would be a fat profit or they win OR by the end of the first period you could’ve got VGK live at +230. Putting $100 (or the same amount $) wager on each ensures a profit of $120-130 ( >50% ROI) regardless of outcome which is still great in my book. Shoutout to Prof MJ and his students who have compiled all this data which has helped me (&others) find angles like this and more to sports betting and being profitable long term bettors


POTD RECORD 7-5 PGA only POTD RECORD 5-2 The Play: Jason Kokrak top 40 @-110 on FD Last week we got burned but we’re back for one of the biggest tournaments of the year! We’re going back to a guy I hit on an outright bet 3 weeks ago in the Charles Schwab challenge. He fits the bill of former Open champs as a long hitter who is an excellent putter. He’s also a solid iron player and is solid in bogey avoidance which is a stat that I think will be very prominent this week. Getting him almost even for top 40 is a number I love. He’s had success at this course in the past, albeit it a course that will play much different this week. Don’t let that scare you away from this guy who the oddsmakers still aren’t giving his due respect. He’s simply too good for these odds. GL if tailing or fading! Edit: sorry all, I was on fire until last week and this week.


Record: 3-0-0 Previous pick: Giants ML vs diamondbackers ⚾️✅ Potd: Ukraine ML vs North macedonia (1.80)⚽️ Starts at 9:00 AM EST Stake: 3%-5% Reasoning: Ukraine coming off a hard fought 3-2 loss to the groupe favorites the netherlands, will be looking to a win against a much weaker side of northern macedonia. In my opinion they will finish 2nd in the groupe in front of austria who beated northern macedonia. Lets eat 🙏🏼🔥


Was able to live bet it and get it 20 cents cheaper (American odds). Looking good right now! Just scored and they’re getting a lot of chances


Glad you tailed bro 🙏🏼🔥


POTD record 4-1 Last Pick: Bucks Under 113.5 team points. (-110) (Game 5) Pick: Bucks -3 1H (-110) (Game 6) Both home games the Bucks lead by at least 3 points in the end of the 1st half. It seems there’s a pattern where they start off a lot more hotter in the 1st half than the Nets so with that combined with KD and a James Harden at 50% who played horrendous in game 5 look to watch the bucks start off strong.


[**POTD Record:**](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19OsrkFj_I84NWr4bnrmx4zpFvCYVc2qnh_LtqGAq-ks/edit?usp=sharing) 28-10, +16.83u, 35.72% ROI [**Last**](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/o0tcmk/pick_of_the_day_61621_wednesday/h1zjsfv/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)**:** Cardinals -111 ✅✅✅ **Pick:** Nets +5.5 l 8:30 PM EST l NBA **Reasoning**: I run a player-based model-based that accounts for rotations, injuries, home court, etc. We have had a great season, profiting over 40 units with an 11% ROI. Tonight, I have the Bucks as -0.15 point favorites against the Nets. This gives us 5.35 points of value. BOL to all tonight! [Twitter](https://twitter.com/Luciano_Bets)


**Record:** * 8 WIN | 9 LOSS | +5.66 Unit overall (using 5u return strategy) **Previous bets (last 3):** * Ballina R5 - Place Bet (14 June) - **WIN** * Scone R4 - Win Bet (15 June) - **WIN** * Doomben R4 - Same Race Multi (16 June) - **WIN** **POTD:** * Horse Racing (Australia) * Wyong - Same Race Multi * Number #8 (Budhwar) to finish top 3 | and | #3 (General Dubai) to finish top 4 * Only risk here is General Dubai, form as of late hasn't been great, but hoping for a good bounceback at a track that it likes. Last start at Wyong, he tucked into the rail and finished on strong for a 2nd place and the competition here isn't much so i'm going for a little value here * Odds 2.25 on Sportsbet (Australian bookie) * Stake - 2.23 units to return 5 units **Race time is as follows** * 3:45pm Thursday (Australian EST) * 1:45am Thursday (American ET) * 6:45am Thursday (UK time - GMT +0)


Big win again, 1st and 2nd ... doesn't really matter in which order (photo finish), on a roll 4 in a row! :D e: haha was a deat heat


forgot to put the race number in my post It's Wyong R7


that was too easy mate. thank you for this!


1st time betting on the horses. That was quick and awesome. Threw some change on both. Great wins. ✅✅


Nice pick!! Anymore you like?


thabks mate, but Nope, I just post 1 per day excluding weekends


Record 1-1 ATP LONDON Previous pick: Andy Murray ML @ 1.50 Todays pick: **Feliciano Lopez +1.5 handicap sets @ 1.60** vs Shapovalov. (3:00 PM GMT+1) Well first of all hope you guys tailed the Andy Murray pick it was one of the easiest bets ever specially at those odds (1.50) Talking about Feliciano Lopez, the grass expert, he faces Shapovalov a guy that is also really good on grass. Im making this bet because there's so much value on it. They played a week ago and the match ended 2-1 for Shapovalov. Feliciano Lopez won this tourney 2 years ago (last year grass season was canceled) so he is defending his tittle and his ATP points. Lopez played really solid vs Marchenko on his last game winning the 1st set 6-1 and this indicates that he came strong and will try everything to try to win here one more time. Shapovalov played really good too but he couldnt break Vukic once (a guy that is not as good and experienced as Lopez) and Shapovalov needed to comeback in both tiebreaks to win the game. On the second set tiebreak he was losing 6-3 but Vukic couldnt finish it. Shapovalov was clutch when he needed the most. I expect a really close game with possibly another tiebreak like their last match. Im not expecting Feliciano Lopez to dominate Shapovalov but i expect good things from him in a tourney that he loves really much. **(Winning 2 tittles here in 2017 and 2019)** Lets not forget that *6 days ago* when they played each other the odds were close to be a pick'em so this **play** screams "VALUE" all day. I want to say that this bet is based on the value of the odd and not being 100% garanteed so if u tail dont forget about it. Good luck if anyone tails, hope we win some money together. Edit: i want to say sorry to all of you. Im really sad for what happened. Sorry again.


Record 1-0 ( 5 units) Previous pick: CHI @ NYM, NYM -1.5 (MLB) (W) POTD: MIL @ COL, MIL ML (5 units) (MLB) Reasoning: The rockies do not play well against a good pitcher, they had a good series against the terrible padres but the brewers are a much better team at the moment, with their pitcher averaging less than 2 runs in 7 games, the brewers will be able to hold the lead in this low scoring game.


POTD Record: **10-5** (+18u) Today’s pick: Denmark vs **Belgium ML (-106)5u** *(Soccer - Euro 2020, 10 hours from this post)* * This has to be the no-brainer of the century, don't overthink it. * I understand the Danes will be hyped to try and play for Eriksen but they are also missing a massive key player in Eriksen * Maybe bookies will think this will be a draw but Belgium have too much quality they are bound to score. * Kevin DeBruyne returns too Enjoy the game everyone!


Cash out or stay in?


Pick record from 2-2 Belgium ML and the value at even. Logic: Belgium is #1 in the world not for just their talent — but they win — and usually convincing. Game in Copenhagen won’t affect them as they just played in Russia and dominated them. Belgium has 2.7 goals per game over last 10 competitive matches. (8-2) Now let’s get to the fact Of Denmark having to play without their best player and connector of the middle of the park and attacking 1/3 Erikson. Expect a up and down game and likely goals. BTTS is a solid play here too. The H2H has averaged 3.47 goals a game over last 15 matchups. Belgium is playing on another level — better manager IMO too. gl


Tbf, Martinez is a shite manager. Last tournament there was open critique from players in the locker rooms about his performance, surely he has seemed to improve, but I don’t think he’s topclass. Edit; take my upvote tho.




**6-5 POTD (1-3 Unit Picks)** **+5.7 Units POTD** **Last pick Jazz One Unit - Loss** **Even got this line before the Kawhi news, but Jazz still lost.** **77-42 Last 119 NBA Playoffs. +35.4 units equivalent all documented on** [**Twitter.**](https://twitter.com/CoolhandClint7) Basketball-NBA-5:30 PST **Bucks -3.5 Half 1 Unit** \- I could see this game playing out a lot like both the Sixers and Utah games. What I mean by this is the Bucks ride the adrenaline of being at home to a first half lead. Before ultimately their offense becoming stale again and then the Nets having a legitimate chance to win. I would also think that James Harden and the Nets might be better served to mostly let him rest until Game 7. And, being a longtime Celtics fan, I know those types of Jeff Green games all too well-and he rarely goes back to back with really good games. **Otherwise, if I find any props I will post at** [**https://twitter.com/CoolhandClint7**](https://twitter.com/CoolhandClint7)


Mitchs Picks POTD record 10-4 (WWWWL) **Netherlands ML -150 2 units** \*starts in 2 hours from this post\*\*\* \----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Netherlands have won the past 5 meetings, this could be a draw as its a soccer match but i see Netherlands taking the win here as the superior team. take Netherlands moneyline here. Ofcourse this could easily be a draw so please note the unit amount ... ​ Always only bet with what you can afford to lose ​ MitchsPicks on venmo and cash app if your feeling generous[PayPal](https://paypal.me/MitchellGrice970?locale.x=en_US)




POTD Record: 29-21 (W1) Last pick: **Atlanta Hawks +6.5** vs Philadelphia 76ers ✅ The Hawks really made us sweat this one out for the first 42 minutes of the game. A dub is a dub, but my deepest apologies to any 76ers bettors. That's a bad fckn beat. POTD: Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks **u220.5 total pts scored** (-109/NBA/8:40pm EST) Going with what I think is the safest bet for the NBA tonight, although the Nets ML presents *great* value, imo. The pre-tip under is 4-1 so far this series, and the combined total has only gone over this listed one twice (Game 1 & Game 5, by SLIM margins both times). I like the under tonight for a few reasons. For one, Nets offense has taken a hit with Kyrie not playing and Harden playing hurt. It being Game 6 means that there is definitely potential for it being a grinder. I'm going with what seems to be the safest play in the NBA tonight. BOL if you decide to tail!


I like this pick. The game is a real toss up for me but the under seems like a pretty safe bet. I’m putting a bit on the under and also making a smaller bet on nets ML just because the value.


Hi guys, late today, here is the **overall record of the thread**: ​ ||Record (W-L-P)|ROI|Units| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Total POTD Thread|1422-1246-58|\+1.26%|\+34.47| |Top Voted|105-76-0|\+8.36%|\+15.13| |Yesterday's Thread|7-7-0|\+2.33%|\+0.33| Request for anyone that sees this. Please upvote the picks you are tailing or confident in. Last couple of days picks lower than 13 had 3-5 upvotes... Side note: I do not make picks, I tally (or add up) all the picks and summarize it in this post. Around 12 pm Eastern time I select 15 top voted picks and than summarize the results. Token of gratitude is much appreciated Venmo @ Narik101 or Paypal @ [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Thanks all and let me know. BOL!


POTD Record: 6-4-1 Last Pick: Italy ML (-150) W vs Switzerland, nice and easy one, ended my two day listing streak POTD for 6/17/21 : Brazil vs Peru over 2.5 total goals (-140) This Brazil team is on a crazy 8 game WINNING streak out scoring their opponents 22-2. The 2 goals conceded were from no other than Peru. Peru has allowed an average of 2.4 goals in their last 5 matches. The back line of Peru is constantly changing and very few of them play in any of the top 5 leagues in Europe. BOL




sweated that one out 🔥🔥🔥 nice pick


Klown Krew pick of the day: Record: 7-5 ROI: 15.33% Winnings: 3.68 units Last 5 Results: LWWWW Last pick: Blue jays ML ❌ 6/15 Today’s pick: Sport: Baseball - MLB Game: Giants vs Diamondbacks Time: 3:45 pm est Pick: giants -1.5 at 2.04 (DraftKings) for 2 units Today we are playing one of our favorite games when picking. It’s called fade the diamondbacks. They are a bad team so fading them is usually a good option regardless of anything else. What makes this pick look even better is they are playing the giants who are a good team. Also the giants are 5-0 against the diamondbacks this season so far and 3 of those 5 were win by 2+ runs. Then we look at the pitching match up today and it again leans to the giants. The giants have Gausman on the mound who is crushing it this season with a record of 7-1 and an ERA of 1.43 through 81.2 innings pitched. The diamond backs have Gallen on the mound who isn’t bad (1-1 era 3.04) but is not on Guasman’s level. This will also be Gallens first game back from injury so he might not be as sharp as normal. Tail or fade. Good luck everyone! Edit: giants won 10-3 ✅


POTD record: 7-7-1 -2.64u avg odds: -116/1.86 ROI: -10.06% Last POTD: Lopez +1.5 sets -137 2u👎 POTD: Angels -1.5 -102 2u (9:38pm est) - At 23 years of age, Matt Manning is making his debut for the Detroit Tigers. - 2021 was his first season of AAA - He registered 1W and 3Ls - A disgusting ERA of 8.07 across 32.1 IP - Also allowed 40 hits and 11 HRs - Kid is terrible. Played A/AA his whole life, makes it to AAA just THIS year and gets absolutely rocked. His number in A/AA were great but there was INCREDIBLY regression once he started pitching in AAA. - Now the tigers think he’s ready for the MLB!? Are they out of their mind?? Kid was getting bombed in AAA he’s going to get MURDERED by the Angels tonight. - Oh and Shohei is pitching.... at home ;) angels cover -1.5 handily. Best of luck if you tail or fade❤️ Twitter @NathanPicks BetStamp @Nathan.Picks


Record: 2-0 Previous picks: france to win against germany @ 2.80 ✅ italy to win against switzerland @ 1.66 ✅ another easy 3-0 win for italy, as expected bet was never in danger, clean sheet too which i also mentioned and had another smaller bet on! Today: Denmark vs Belgium ( euros / 6 pm cet) **POTD: Belgium Ml @ 2.09** Belgium are a top tier team, had a great start with a 3-0 win against russia while denmark lost their best player for the rest of the tournament in eriksen & also lost their opening game 0-1 to finland. coul see denmark being extra motivated to win now but at these odds belgium is just to good to pass, lets get the 3-0! (i know last 2 pics most of the sub are already on anyways, but it´s still my favorite bet, hopefully soon i will have less popular bets) ​ ​ BOL


Crap I have BEL at 1.95. Odds are dropping now closer to the natch


Been 1.95 for me on bet365 for a good few hours now anyway, if thats consolation.


YeH it's the same for me onWH. I've gone for the 1.95


**2021 MMA POTD's (17-17) +14.27u** last pick: [Brandon Moreno (+187](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/nxv4z3/pick_of_the_day_61221_saturday/h1hi81m?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)) PFL 5:30pm Eastern **Sadibou Sy (+140)** 5u to win 7u his opponent kunchenko is an aging fighter who usually chooses to strike. this is sadibou's world as a previous euro kickboxing champion. sadibou will have a 7 inch height advantage and a 10 inch reach advantage. if he can check kunchenko's stubby leg kicks and keep his back off of the fence we will be in great shape.


tailing...any others you like fighting tonight?


that was it, i'll catch you guys saturday!


nice pick. thanks!!!


letsgo :D


Nice pick. I missed this dammit or I would have been all over it.


I got burned yesterday by an absolutely torrid Philadelphia start (80 percent shooting). I bet they would've traded that start for the absolutely historic collapse in the final 4 minutes of the game though, right? Today, we're going back to the well that is 1Q unders. **Record:** 1-4 **Last:** Game #5: Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers 1Q Total Under 57.5 (1 unit) **LOSS** **Today:** Brooklyn Nets @ Milwaukee Bucks Game #6 8:35pm EST (\~3.5 hours from now) **POTD:** 1Q Total Under 56.5 -115 (1 unit) **Why:** Not to copy and paste, but again - simple analysis here. The games in Milwaukee have seen slow shooting starts in the series. Blame the air conditioner or the good pre-game meals, I don't know. But so far the totals in the 1Q in Milwaukee have been 41 in Game #3 (30-11) and 49 in Game #4 (26-23). I'm going to ride that trend here with the generous 56.5 total, though with the odds at -115 that tells you Vegas also leans under and is going to make you pay a little extra juice. My local book gave me the half point, but I'd be comfortable at 56, nothing less though. Best of luck!


**POTD Record: 3-3 (+10.27 Units)** Yesterday: Navi -1.5 vs Faze @ 2.20, 6 Units, 09:30 A.M EST **L** **Today: Galaxy Racer ML vs. 1WIN @ 2.10 (CSGO), 6 Units, 09:00 A.M EST** Yesterday’s loss was super unfortunate. Navi had Ancient in the mappool and their T-side looked like they had never played on the map Today we have another T3 CS map as the odds for the other games look pretty strong. Galaxy Racer is a strong team made up of three up and coming stars and the duo of disco doplan and plessen. Galaxy Racer is quite an underrated team and have only had losses against strong T2 teams like Fiend and Hyenas (ex-North). 1WIN is a mixed bag CIS team with older players and cannot seem to find a stable fifth. Currently, they have Raven who is a decent player but does not seem to mesh with the team dynamic. This team looks a little lost now without Davcost. In their past couple games, they can only find success against bottom of the barrel teams like VP Prodigy and HONORIS. I think this will be a close game but at the end of the day, Galaxy Racer will pull it out.


>Navi had Ancient in the mappool and their T-side looked like they had never played on the map Had the exact same thought.


POTD record: 7-6-1 +0.1u avg odds: -115/1.87 ROI: -2.65% Last POTD: Phillies F5 ML +140✅ - Kershaw continues to be overrated in the eyes of the oddsmakers POTD: Feliciano Lopez +1.5 sets -137 (pinny) - These two just played last Friday in a fairly close contest in Stuttgart. Feli was able to snag a second set tiebreak but Denis won the 1st and 3rd set more respectably. - Fast forward to tomorrow in London. Feli has a GREAT record at this tournament and has won the trophy twice in 2017 & 2019. He loves playing in London. - Fully expecting Feli to steal at least a set for us and an outright win wouldn’t surprise me either. Best of luck if you tail or fade❤️ Twitter @NathanPicks BetStamp @Nathan.Picks


*POTD Record: 17-7 & 12W Streak ✔️🔥* *Next POTD:* *ENCE vs Hyenas / 17.06.2021 - 13:00* *Odds:1.57* *Amount:5u* ***Bet:Ence*** *Im so hot lately with my esports picks. I hope can keep winning in reddit too* I really like ENCE here because Hyenas been struggling a lot lately especially teams star Aizy switched to awp. *https://twitter.com/shyux2*


POTD record 2-1 MLB pick record: 2-0 Last picks: NY Mets ML (6/15/21) ✅ CLE Indians (6/16/21)✅ Today's pick: NY Mets ML (CHC @ NYM) DK -122 Last night the Mets showed why they are the best home team in baseball, despite losing Degrom after 3 innings, they continued to score and held the Cubs to 3 runs. Stroman is on the mound tonight and like many of the Mets, he pitches better at home (1.88 home ERA) (9th in ERA for the NL at 2.33). The Cubs right now are only scoring on the long ball with all of their runs in the series coming from homers. The Cubs are also striking out at ridiculous rates, 9, 15, and 16 Ks in their last three games. That does not bode well with scoring.


I don't know baseball very well but have been working on a model. My model is showing STL beating ATL today and the line is +163 at sportsinteraction and +173 at pinnacle. I am interested to see what people think about this one.


**Record:** 3-1 **Bankroll:** 1055,70€ (+5.57u | +55,70€) European Championship - 18:00 CEST Denmark - Belgium ML 5u (50€) @ 2.05 to win 102,5€ Belgium is one of the best teams in the tournament and I’m confident that they will win against a mentally crushed Denmark. Their thoughts are on Chris Eriksen. I feel like romelu Lukaku is on fire and will score at least one goal. Good luck! **Record:** 4-1 **Bankroll:** 1107,90€ (+10.79u | +107,90€)


Stats: 225W 7D 200L (success rate 52 %) America MG - Cuiaba / Brazil Seria A / Kick-off 20:00 GMT 0 / Prediction - Under 2.5 Goals @ 1.57 America MG has not scored a single goal in 3 games (0-4 GD). On the other side, Cuiaba scored twice in 2 games and conceded 3 more goals (2-3 GD). H2H stats are in favour of the UNDER (2 out of 3). Good luck!


POTD Record: 5-3 Last pick: Yankees ML W, Chapman had me sweating in that last inning Todays Pick: NY Islanders ML (+130) Vs Lightening Reasoning: The Islanders have proved that they are one of the most difficult teams to beat on their home ice, recording a 21-4-3 record at home this season. The +1.5 line is certainly safer, but I have to take this line with NY as underdogs at home. BOL


I swear I’ve seen at least 4 people here who can’t spell lightning right


**Record**: 5-4-0 // +1.565u // avg odds 1.93/-107 (weighted is the same) **Last Pick/L5 Record**: Mariners ML @ 2.12 (+112) ❌ / LWWWL **POTD**: Belgium vs Denmark, Belgium to win @ 2.00 (+100) [Euros 2020] 4 units - 12:00pm UTC-04:00 **Reason**: I have no idea what this price is. Belgium at even odds to beat a Danish team which is tragically down one of its star players and just lost to Finland? Belgium at even odds after demolishing Russia in its opening, who then went on to beat Finland (who, reminder, *beat Denmark*)? Belgium, with goalscoring phenom Romelu Lukaku, assist king Kevin De Bruyne, plus Real Madrid's Thibaut Cortois and Eden Hazard, *at even odds*??? Yeah I'm loving this pick, loving it *a lot*.


June Record: 6-4 [+81.2$] Last pick: France vs Germany, Euro 2020 Over 9.5 corners @2.15 (Bet 50$, win 57.5$) ❌ Todays game: Netherlands vs Austria, Euro 2020 [ 22:00 UTC+2] Pick: Netherlands -2.5 corner handicap @2.10 [2 units, Bet 100$, win 110$] Reasoning: What a pick this will be. Stats: Netherlands have had more corners than their opponents from March 21,2019 onwards. That’s 19 straight games. Taking their last 10 games, they’ve accumulated 86 corners, an average of 8.6 corners per game. Their opponents in the last 10 games have 20 corners all together, so 2 corners on average. Netherlands has won -2.5 corner handicap on every single game. I liked how Holland played vs Ukraine and am expecting an aggressive style vs Austria. BOL. Result: ❌


Great pick. 0 corners. Edit: 4 corners austria 2 corners netherlands


OTD Record: 3-2 Previous: Everton vs Brighton Pick: Holland vs. Austria Sport: Euros 2020 Reasoning: Just getting back into posting, I think that Holland will easily get past Austria today. In my prediction, the midfield three of De Jong, De Roon, and Gigi will set the tempo and make sure that the Dutch punch their ticket to the knockouts.


Record: 1-1 (-1.3u) Last Pick: Pentanet.gg ML vs Peace @ 1.606 4u ❌ Esports | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Spring Sweet Spring Pick: Hyenas -1.5 vs Honoris @ 1.8 2u Explanation: After yesterday's bad beat, we are going to skip LOL today plus no real good odds. So let's start by saying that this pick is mostly based on the value presented here. Hyenas is the better team, however, they have dropped their last two against teams they should arguably beat nine times out of ten. Honoris on the other hand dropped one of their last two with that lost being a sweep. Hyenas pick Mirage thirty-eight percent of the time as their map pick and are currently on a six map winning streak. Honoris picks Nuke as their map pick twenty-eight percent of the time and currently have a four map losing streak. Due to this and Hyenas being the better team here, I like the chance of Hyenas bouncing back and picking up the sweep @ 1.8 odds. Tail or fade, BOL Twitter: @PerfectionBets Cashapp Tips: $roiparfait8


Record: 4-2-0 Units won = +2.80 (47% ROI) (WWLWLW) **Previous pick:** Wales - Turkey - Most fouls conceded by Turkey @ 2.20 - 1 unit ✔️ Comfortable pick with 10 more fouls by Turkey in the end! **This pick:** Player's fouls won: Over 1.5 (de Jong, Frenkie(Netherlands)) @ 1.9 - 1 unit *Match starts in 13 hours* **Analysis:** • Frenkie de Jong is one of those players for the Netherlands who are extremely sticky on the ball, he will make many dribbles and is hard to get off the ball. Which is very frustrating to play against as midfielder • I expect the Netherlands to have most possession again in this game, like they had against Ukraine and be the dominant team mostly having possession while having Austria trying to get them off of the ball • In the previous game against Ukraine there were 3 official fouls against Frenkie de Jong and another big foul that the ref missed out on, which should also have been given Best of luck to the people tailing!


I like the Frenkie foul bet. Also, De Ligt is comfirmed starter, said De Boer


Record: 1W-1L Previous pick: Over Knicks TT POTD: KBO 2:30AM PT Samsung Lions vs Dooson bears Samsung Lions team total over 3.5 runs The Lions have scored 4 or more runs the last 8 games. The Bears are sending Won-Joon to the mound he’s 6-0 with a 2.57 ERA and he’s due for a loss. Lions average just over 5 runs a game. BOL


POTD Record: 23-12 Profit: +9.58 POTD: EURO 2020 - DENMARK- BELGIUM - Belgium to win or Draw & over 1.5 goals in the match @ 1.96 (-104) Belgium should easily win this one, they are a much better team than Denmark, but take the Belgium or Draw & over 1.5 goals in the match, as it is a safer pick and has a basically the same odd as Belgium win paypal.me/diasgabriel33 For extra picks besides POTD: https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33 BOL if you tailin/not goin against me




All Belgium betters smh. I bet TTO1.5 Belgium. I was speaking for myself as well as all betters but this is clearly irrelevant now. ✅✅💰


It’s 18 minutes in relax bud


I would say relax, but I actually watched the game. Belgium 🇧🇪 just got slaughtered the entire first half, lucky to be down only one. The entire game so far has been spent in the defensive zone of Belgium. If they play like they did in the first, this is a super loss.


Interesting. For Belgium to win still you think?


Could Belgium still win?


It's worrying


Record 0-0 Pick San Francisco Giants ML(-215) The giants are one the best if not the best home team in baseball. Kevin Gausman is one the best pitchers in baseball. The diamonds backs are not a very good team at all and have struggled massively in road games this season, this really easy to me. Giants best pitcher + Being at home(aforementioned best home team)+ facing a a bad team that is flat awful on the road? The D backs have also loss 13 in a row, and 22 on the road. Hammer the giants


Record: 23-25 Bankroll: $448.87 Cashed out: $9.99 Last play: 6/16/21 Phillies ML (+128) Result: [W](https://old.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/o0tcmk/pick_of_the_day_61621_wednesday/h20nxr3/) Phillies win! Easy cash! Onto today’s pick! *Third Eye POD: 3PM EST/Soccer/Euro 2020/Austria +.5 (+130) Risk $23.87 to win $31.03* Austria isn’t as bad as the odds suggest. I have them being highly competitive in this one.


Record: 0-0 POTD: Parlay Lloyd Harris ML (-315) + Anaheim Angels ML(-220) Reasoning: Couple locks parlayed for -109 odds. Lloyd fresh off the monfils win. Big hitter on grass, he should handle Lacko. Angels in a slump but ohtahni is going to pitch and bat. Also the tigers pitcher just got called up from AAA and is making his major league debut tomorrow. I’m riding with goatahni. Another pick I like is Belgium ML. BOL to everyone tomorrow. Edit: 2 units on the parlay by the way


Record: O POTD: Denmark vs Belgium, scoreline 1-1 with Lukaku scoring first. Odds: 31 Write Up: The Danish Squad is much deeper than we give them credit for. Their defense is led by AC Milan's super defender Simon Kjær and one of the best keepers in the world Kasper Schmeichel. Together they direct world reknown players like defender A. Christensen from CL winner Chelsea and their joint efforts will easily hold Belgium to one goal. Lukaku will score and force the Danes to attack setting the stage for their offense. Without Eriksen, it will be an uphill battle but he is far from the only weapon in their arsenal. The young Kasper Dolberg is a monster waiting to awake, Martin Braithway has become even deadlier with his speed doing this last season and Yusuf Poulsen is a fucking machine. Don't sleep. I'm trowing a single unit after this one.


POTD RECORD : 0-2 POTD: MLB - Orioles vs Indians Pick: Orioles score first -140 Baltimore Orioles vs Cleveland Indians 10:10 PST The curse of the sports bettor... Picks winners, gives out losers. Orioles top 4 are hot right now, just overlooked. They have 3 of the top 5 players in this game. Expecting a high scoring game. Best of luck to all.




**Record:** 0-2 (-2.00) **Streak:** LL **Last Pick:** Maccabi Tel-Aviv -7.5 @1.93 Maccabi was asleep in the first quarter. They won the other three, but it was not enough. **Todays Match:** Belgium - Denmark (euro 2020) **Pick:** Belgium ML @2.05 **Reasoning:** I expect Denmark not to be on par, so easy win for Belgium. BOL


**POTD Record** → **13W 19L** * WNBA Picks : 10W 17L * MLB Picks : 3W 2L _________________________________________________________________________ **Last Pick** : L. I picked *PHX Mercury -5.0* in the Mercury vs Sparks game (WNBA). The Sparks won 85-80. * The Mercury had two times more turnovers than the Sparks which led to the Sparks having 17 more field goal attempts. LA had 5 players in double digit scoring, but the Phoenix had just 3. ________________________________________________________________________ 2021, June 17^th game → **(WNBA) SEA Storm vs IND Fever** 2021, June 17^th pick → **IND Fever +16.5** * Odds: 1.90 (bet365) * Starts @ 7:00pm Eastern **Discussion**: Once again, it's the WNBA's best going against the WNBA's worst. Last time they played (2 days ago) I took Indiana +15.5; Seattle won that game by 17 points. If the Fever can shoot better from three than they did last game (they shot 3/17), then they can keep the score somewhat close. Also, it would help if they don't miss 11 free throws this time.